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The 20,000 Calorie Strongman Diet

They say you have to eat big to be big and for Robert Oberst nothing could be closer to the truth. Watch as Robert shares what a day of eating looks like for a strongman competitor

Tossing Kegs on Seven Meals a Day: The Story of the World's Strongest Man

Brian Shaw went from small town Colorado to becoming a three-time winner of the World’s Strongest Man contest. What does the life of a man who can throw kegs as high as the roof of a house look like day to day?

2013 Worlds Strongest Man Finals

The 2013 World's Strongest Man was the 36th edition of World's Strongest Man. The event was held in Haitang Bay,Sanya, China. The finals were held on Aug. 23 & 24. Brian Shaw from the USA placed first, winning his second WSM title after winning in 2011. Zydrunas Savickas from Lithuania was second after finishing 1st the year before, and Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson from Iceland was third for the second year in a row.

2012 Worlds Strongest Man Finals

The 2012 World's Strongest Man was the 35th edition of World's Strongest Man hosted at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, California. The qualifying heats were held from September 24–27, and the finals took place Sept. 30 & Oct. 1, 2012. The winner was Žydrūnas Savickas, it was his third WSM title. Vytautas Lalas of Lithuania was second, and Iceland's Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson was third.

Derek Poundstone and Mark Bell at Poundstone Performance Training Center

Derek Poundstone and Mark Bell doing a crazy full body workout with heavy weight and working sets.

How to Get Six Pack Abs - Core Workout

Lets face it, it doesn't matter if you are the strongest man if you have a pot belly no one is going to be impressed by your physique. It is summer time after all and there is nothing more impressive than pealing away the shirt to reveal abs of steal.

Mike O'Hearn Power Bodybuilding Workout Routine

Mike O'Hearn follows what is called a power bodybuilding workout program which focuses on building muscle by first building strength. If you can increase your strength then you will be able to increase the amount of weight you can lift for reps and in turn you will force your body to grow so that it can compensate for the increase in weights being lifted.

2011 Worlds Strongest Man Finals

After the five time world's strongest man champion Mariusz Pudzianowski left the competition after his 2009 runner up placement Zydrunas Savickas went on a 2 year run and in 2011 was hoping to land his 3rd championship in a row. Brian Shaw a promising young american competitor would share the lead with Savickas going into the final event (the atlas stones). The champion is decided in world's strongest man fashion with a winner take all race to the finish.

Branch Warren Shoulder Workout

In 2011 he placed 1st in the Arnold Classic. Branch Warren has also been featured in many bodybuilding magazines, as well as appearing on the magazine cover of Muscular Development. In this workout you will find that following the basics can get you far when it comes to shoulder development.

Jay Cutler Back Workout

Jay Cutler has won the Mr. Olympia competition 4 times and is known for his great back. This is the workout Jay has stated that he has used since he was a teenager to achieve the massive back he has today.

World's Strongest Bodybuilder Benching with World's Strongest Bencher

If you are looking to increase your bench press then there is nothing better that watching those who bench press heavy weight. You will not find a stronger pro bodybuilder than Stan "The White Rhino" Efferding and Ryan Kennelly is the current record holder for the most weight ever bench pressed in competition.

Stan Efferding & Joe DeRousie Workout Chest and Triceps

Efferding is the #1 ranked raw powerlifter in America, he currently holds the Raw Record for the Squat and Total of 2,226lbs. In this video you will find Stan & Joe performing a Chest and Tricep workout routine as Joe DeRousie approaches the 2011 USA Championships.

Winifred Pristell a 70 Year Old Powerlifting Great Grandmother

Winifred Pristell is 70 years-young, great-grandmother of 3, with fingers twisted by arthritis who benches, squats and deadlifts more weight than many young men you find in the gym. Winifred has set two world records for her age and weight by dead lifting 288lbs and bench pressing 188lbs.

Terry Crews Workout

Below you will find the 7 day workout routine that Terry Crews followed while preparing for the expendables movie. This workout routine is no joke and is not for the faint of heart.

Jerome Mayberry - 10 Commandments of the Weight Room

Ain't no such thing as a muscle pull, playa!

Lou Ferrigno Workout

Not only did Lou Ferrigno Compete in the original Worlds Strongest Man Competition but he was also an elite level bodybuilder and a movie star to boot. If you want to be the strongest man you can be then you should have a look at Lou Ferrigno for inspiration.

300 Workout

The original 300 Workout which might look basic but if performed properly with no rest in between station this workout is quite difficult to complete on the first attempt. This workout is a type of circuit training program which minimizes rest periods to improve your over all muscular endurance as well as help you burn fat in the process. If you can complete this workout without resting then you are well on your way to becoming the strongest man that you can be.

Jeff Monson's Workout

Strongest Man Failures

This video is a compilation of gym mishaps which showcase what can go wrong when you lift heavy weights and in some cases when weak people try to lift not so heavy weights. This represents AFV strongest man edition. Let this be a reminder to us all to respect the weight!

Worlds Strongest Man 30 Years of Pain

The following video series is an in-depth look at the strongman competition beginning with the early days of the worlds strongest man competition to the most dominant strong man of all time Mariusz Pudzianowski.

So you think you can bench?

To be the strongest man you can be technique is key, trust me no matter how long you have been performing the bench press you will learn something from this video series on bench press.

What else is in your protein shake?

Have you ever wondered what you were really getting out of your favorite brand of protein shake? Now you will no longer need to wonder because Consumer Reports has gone to the trouble for you. The results are alarming to say the least and scary if you consume more than 3 servings a day.

What does it mean to be the strongest man?

So what does it mean to be the strongest man? Here it means never quitting, never giving up, never neglecting all aspects of athletic performance and always giving 100% effort. I have no doubt Mariusz will improve because he has proven in the past to have the heart and determination to push himself to the next level of performance.

Dwayne Johnson Workout Video

Are you looking for inspiration or motivation to get into the gym and get bigger and stronger? This video of Dewayne "The Rock" Johnson presented by Muscle and Fitness Magazine should give you some ideas and a little inspiration to get you working toward being the strongest man you can be.

Derek Poundstone training for strongman competition

Derek Poundstone training for the 2010 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Strongman competition. In this video you will see why Derek Poundstone in one of the strongest men on the planet. Derek trains like a monster and he gets monster results.

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