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John Hansen Interview Part 1

John Hansen Interview Part 1

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Thursday, January 1, 2015

Friday, January 2, 2015 - Relationship dynamics are in the spotlight today and others might be the source of excitement or irritation, depending on the circumstances. More likely, someone is both pleasant and bothersome at the same time. Although you want to enjoy the company, it's difficult to stick to your agenda when other people keep pulling you off track. There isn't a simple solution to this dilemma, but being adaptable enables you to maintain a positive attitude. Your willingness to meet the opposition halfway opens the door to a whole new world of possibilities.

Instant Muscle: Abs & Delt Blast

If you’ve got a strong core already, side planks are a joke to you. But combine them with a lateral raise and both your shoulders and abs will be shocked—especially because you don’t need a heavy weight for either.


Mistake #4: Getting Rest Intervals Wrong. First, a rookie mistake that both men and women make is to choose machine-based exercises and then sit on the machines while they are resting. This is all-around bad: Bad etiquette, bad choice of exercises, and bad for your body since you’re not working hard enough to benefit from a passive rest.

5 At-Home Cardio Workouts for Fat Loss

With temperatures dropping and schedules packing, you may find yourself frequenting the gym less this winter. On gym-less days, get your heart rate up at home, a task that requires nothing more than your body weight and a couple of fitness tools . Designed by Anthony Feliz, NESTA CPT, MMACA, PES, and Fitness Director at UFC Gym in New York, these full-body conditioning workouts will leave you sweating in just a few minutes.

The Mesomorph Dilemma

Even those who are genetically blessed stand to lose it all without proper upkeep. Here’s a look at the tortured lives of the lean and well-muscled.


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Planning a paleo diet for the new year? Check out the pros and cons: …

20 Fittest Foods for Men

19) Olive Oil 119 calories per tbsp Eat 2 tbsp per day Olive oil is rich in good monounsaturated fat, making it an ideal food for heart health. In fact, studies show that replacing two tablespoons of saturated fat (found in butter and lard) with monounsaturated fat may reduce the risk of heart disease. But that's not the only reason to eat it. A study in the journal Nature reports that olive oil also has potent anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it can help reduce pain and swelling just like a dose of ibuprofen. In addition to cooking with olive oil and using it as a dressing for your salad, you can get even more in your diet by mixing a tablespoon or two into your daily protein shake.

6 Signs You're Lifting Wrong

If you're experiencing any of these things, it may be time to change the way you train.

102 Ways to Burn Fat Fast

The ultimate tip list to losing weight and keeping it off.

Saturated Fat: Fact vs. Fiction

Your grandparents never thought twice about eating foods that were loaded with saturated fat. Not long ago, people drank milk with cream on the top, ate whole eggs for breakfast, and enjoyed steak for dinner—and led normal, healthy lives. Yet today, despite all the warnings we’re told to heed about saturated fat and its deleterious effects on the heart, cardiovascular disease is more prevalent than ever. We corralled some of our most trusted nutritionists and asked for their best advice on saturated fat.

15-Minute Feast: Sweet Muscle

This recipe for sweet potato pancakes is high in protein and clean carbs—and it’s still as satisfying as anything from IHOP.

Four New Training Strategies to Try in 2015

Compared with the traditional approach of performing straight sets, utilizing cluster sets—where you implement the rest-pause method—can be a more efficient way to perform more work in the same time frame.

What Should I Take?

We take the no-nonsense approach at Get enough protein, take some creatine, and make sure you get enough sleep. It absolutely boggles my mind how often people get only five hours of sleep a night and then ask us "What supplements should I take?"

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This classic T Nation diet is extreme and not for everyone, but it works shockingly fast: …

Seal Walks | MuscleMag

Over the past few years, the plank has become more and more popular in gyms, and for good reason. It’s a great addition to crunches and leg raises and is a worthy exercise for beginners or anyone who has neglected developing core stability. If you can effectively hold a plank for 60 to 90 seconds, it may be time to increase the challenge. This can be done by adding external load (weight vest), external stimulus (planking on an unstable surface) or movement. Enter the “seal walk,” which is essentially a moving plank. Generally speaking, you are “walking” around in a push-up position on your hands with your feet sliding behind you.

Back to Basics: The Best Bodyweight Exercises

We see it time and time again; you join the gym, hop on the bench press, or even worse *gulp* the machine chest press, and you start pushing away. But can you even do a proper pushup? If you can't do a good pushup without the help of your knees, then you should really avoid loading up the barbell to max out every week. Or how about the guy who loads up the leg press and has his friend hop on top, yet he can’t do a regular barbell squat. Let me guess, he has bad knees.

Top 25 Fitness Tips and Strategies from the Experts

Are you tired of putting in the effort at the gym and not seeing results? Many people show the drive, determination, and consistent effort, but don’t reach their goals. If this sounds familiar, the next logical step is usually to find an educated personal trainer with proven experience. But, if you’re not ready to take that step, or if you’d prefer to go it alone, rest assured, we spoke to some of the nation’s finest personal trainers who gave us 25 insightful tips and strategies specifically designed to help you build strength, gain muscle mass, lose fat, enhance your endurance and maintain healthy eating habits.

Torso Sculpting Circuit Workout

The cornerstone of this routine, which consist of mostly familiar moves, is the hand-to-thigh plank. This exercise is performed by positioning your hands and feet at shoulder width apart, arms at full extension, just as you would in the top of a push-up. While keeping your body straight and core tight, you will bring one arm at a time into slap your same-side thigh. Alternate hand slaps on each side being careful not to sway or drop your hips.

The 2014 Men's Fitness Cover Guy Workouts

If you’re wondering how these movie stars, professional athletes and successful businessman get ripped then look no further. We ask these guys how they train and share their tricks and tips for all to try. Train like your favorite celebrity with these five exclusive workouts from our 2014 cover guys.

2014's Hottest Gym Girls on Instagram

Instagram is basically a virtual look book for models, celebrities and ordinary women who happen to be insanely gorgeous, fit, and fun to follow (on social media that is ... please don’t literally follow anyone). But finding these gems among the 150 million Instagram accounts is a daunting task. So, we did all the hard work for you. For those of you who are reading—and soon to be looking—through this list of the hottest gym girls on Instagram who don’t have an Instagram, well, get ‘gramming.

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

Man Starts To Tell A Blonde Joke In A Bar Full Of Girls - Seriously, For Real?

Man Starts To Tell A Blonde Joke In A Bar Full Of Girls


At Team Flex Wheeler, our mission is to provide expert knowledge and advice for people to develop a lifestyle, exceed their goals, and feel great about themselves. We want to eliminate excuses and defeated mindsets by using each individual's strengths and weaknesses to make them successful. Living a healthy lifestyle is what we are passionate about and helping people whether you want to lose weight, gain muscles, or to be healthy for your family. We provide a service that's not just one-of-a-kind, but legendary and we want to pay forward all of our years of education and experiences so that you are successful in obtaining your health and fitness goals. 

New Year, New You!

Ever look back at home movies and barely recognize yourself? Aside from the dated clothes and shaky footage, usually the first thing you notice is your physique. Within seconds of turning on the video, you’re saying things to yourself like, “I was so skinny,” “I was so fat” or “I had no calves.” Maybe one year you lost a good amount of weight. Another could have been the time you started eating everything in sight and lifted like a maniac. Still another could have been your “Hey, why don’t I try to run a marathon?” phase (which in retrospect you describe as “Holy crap, I was too thin”). The catalyst for many such changes may have been the coming of a new year and a little thing called New Year’s resolutions — that common societal moment when millions of people take stock of their lives and resolve to make changes. Thus, how you look year in and year out could be a direct result of either sticking to a resolution, or starting with great intentions but soon veering completely off course. This year can be different, because now you have the ultimate three-month guidebook to help you get stronger , leaner and more muscular.

Six Ways Fitness is Changing in 2015

CrossFit.  Spinning. P90X. These days, the new, new thing in fitness seems to pop up faster than you can say “Fitbit.” Meanwhile, working out has never been so scientific, technologically sophisticated, and just plain engaging. And that, of course, is a good thing: The more workout options you have, the better those options are, the lesser the chance you’ll burn out from boredom. (Just one…more…mile.) To help you make sense of this new, new world, we compared where fitness has been with where it’s headed. Here, we present the most  innovative workout trends  and technologies most likely to succeed and help take your game to new levels—in 2015 and beyond.

Eight Ways to Drink Like an Athlete

Face it, gents: Despite all of your  healthy choices , the threat of the beer gut isn’t enough to stand between you and a booze-soaked social calendar. You know you’re going to do it anyway so you might as well approach the bar just like you approach the  bench : as a health-conscious athlete. The good news is, it’s not all hangovers and empty caloric intake; there’s plenty of science behind the health benefits of alcohol. A  study  published in the  American Journal of Epidemiology  linked moderate drinkers to healthier weights than those who binge or abstain from alcohol all together. And the perks of imbibing don’t stop there. Stay fit and even gain some fringe benefits with these healthy drinking habits.

The Hangover Workout

One bottle of beer is about 100 worthless calories. It offers no value—it's just junk. Throw back two, three, or four more and you're putting an awfully big dent in your recommended total caloric intake when you add them on top of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But the followers and believers of balance and moderation like to chill out and have a beer here and there. And if you're a bro, you probably like to pound 30-packs with your fellow brosephs, bromies, and brodudes. Regardless of whether you're a clean-eatin', non-drinkin' fitness freak, or a habitual party-hoppin', liquor-lovin' lunatic, this workout is here to help you wipe the slate clean. Is it probably a better idea to take the day off, pound water, sleep in, and save the training for another day? Probably. But, whatever, just work off the crap now.

5 Kettlebell Exercises for Beginners

Ask any trainer and they’ll tell you — kettlebells are here to stay and they work . Here’s why: kettlebell exercises demand the use of multiple joints, which engages all the larger muscles of the body. This burns calories faster than isolation moves, which only work one muscle. “Kettlebells are also effective because they target all aspects of fitness, including strength, endurance and power,” says Mike Bell, a personal trainer at willSpace, a New York-based gym. So if you haven’t picked up a kettlebell yet, it’s time you do. Here are Bell’s five beginner-friendly exercises that are simple enough to master and will no doubt juice up your gym routine.

Small Steps, Big Results

20 Small Changes That Yielded Big Results

Back to Basics: Creating a Healthy Diet Plan

Diets are often overly complicated and make it unrealistic for most people to follow them. Seeing results from a diet is extremely easy but sticking with one and keeping all the results is a different story. Stick with these realistic basics and you can expect: a healthy metabolism, more energy, more muscle, less fat, increased testosterone and, more importantly, a different mentality when it comes to eating.

The Beginners Workout: Top Muscle-Building Moves

Returning to the gym after a long time away—or hitting the weight room for the first time? Check out our intimidation-free beginner's workout plan, packed with need-to-know moves for a better body.

FLEX Online

James ‘Flex’ Lewis’ love for bodybuilding started at age 12 when he came across a book on Tom Platz. It was Platz's legs that blew away Lewis. He remembers...

Are You Drinking Yourself Fat This Season?

You know liquid diets can help you take off pounds, but that’s not the case when you’re knocking back eggnog and winter ales at holiday parties and festive get-togethers. Consider this: the average partygoer guzzles nearly 4,000 calories in liquids during the holiday season, according to a Cancer Research UK poll.

Have Better Workout with the Right Balance of Amino Acids

Taking the right balance of amino acids before you train leads to better workouts and jump-starts  the results that intense weight training and a high-protein diet deliver. Here are four amino acid  supps we recommend to improve your workouts—and your results.

H.U.G.E. Superiority Complex

Well, supersetting is not the be-all and end-all of training techniques, but it’s certainly in the conversation when you’re talking about the most effective ways to increase your intensity. Supersets are simply two sets of different exercises performed one after the other without resting between the two. Officially, under the Weider Training Principles vernacular, “supersets” refers to sets done alternately for opposing muscle groups, such as triceps and biceps, and “compound sets” refers to doing two movements for the same muscle group; these days, however, “supersets” is the more commonly used term for any back-to-back exercise combo.

5 Ways To Get More Out Of Bodyweight Training

Try telling a guy who squats 315 for reps to do bodyweight squats. He just doesn’t see the point. But have that same lifter try doing 315 bodyweight squats in a single session and he’ll get it: There’s more than one way to grow muscle. Super high-volume days can help you recruit dormant muscle fibers in a way that is less stressful on joints. And research shows that “lighter” training can help trigger new growth just as well as heavy iron, although it won’t have the same impact on strength. Aim for 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups or 300 squats in separate sessions, or try them all in that order in a single workout to rediscover what “sore” is really like.

3D Bi's: 4 Elbow Positions for Massive Biceps

It should probably go without saying that you should keep your elbows quiet and still on any exercise where you’re trying to isolate your biceps. And it is important to note that while you can’t isolate any particular area of your biceps—inner head, outer head, lower third, etc.—you can slightly emphasize certain areas with the right elbow positioning. Here are four must-do elbow positions you should include to max out biceps growth.

The McDonald's Quiz: Guess What's in Your Chicken Nuggets

When your mascot is a clown, your patrons are bound to confront some tomfoolery—and maybe even some terror. But horseplay and mischief were never expected to play a part in food quality, preparation, and practices until the infamous "pink slime" debacle oozed its way past the Golden Arches and before our horrified eyes. Yes, McDonald’s is on the table—and we’re not eating it; we’re exposing its juicy secrets.

How To Deal With The New Year’s Gym Rush

The most popular New Year’s resolution for 2014 was to lose weight, according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology. And because of that you’ll see droves of new faces and out-of-shape bodies at your gym during the month of January. And while we should all applaud someone’s efforts to shed extra pounds and live healthier, it’s impossible to overlook the fact that a billion extra bodies cramming into a confined space isn’t a major disruption to us regulars.


Problems arise when cheat meals get out of hand. For example, have you wondered what happens to your body if  you eat a high-carb, high-fat cheat meal or, simply have a standard high-fat, low-carb dinner but top it off with a higher carb treat (wine or chocolate)?

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Need some new exercises to try in 2015 or a refresher on your favorites? Here are 184: …

The Texas Chest Massacre

In more than 20 years of bodybuilding, I’ve watched six Mr. Olympias and dozens of other pro bodybuilders and world-champion powerlifters train, not to mention all varieties of unknown meatheads willing to do anything to get big. My fellow Warren witness, photographer Kevin “Hardcore” Horton, has observed a similar quantity and quality of trainers, and he concurs that for raw intensity, brutal atmosphere and ludicrous feats of strength on nearly no carbs, this was as good as it gets.

Six Spirits That Will Save Your Holiday Season

Any schmo can run to the liquor store 10 minutes before a party and pick up a bottle of booze—and that’s fine if you’re just partying with your buddies. But when the occasion is fancier and warrants a more refined gift, you need to step up the presentation. Dinner with the in-laws? After-work drinks at your boss’ pad? A romantic meal at home with your significant other? You need a bottle that’s as classy as the occasion. 

Have Scientists Created a Cure for Binge Drinking?

The result is a better-protected brain as you stumble back to bed. But don’t go asking for another few rounds just yet; the pill has only been tested on rats and isn’t ready for public consumption – and likely never will. Researchers are rightly concerned it might encourage binge drinking, which even with a brain-protecting pill still wreaks havoc on the body.

Rock Solid and Ripped

Since being ripped is all about the visual—and, no doubt, like me, you’re constantly checking yourself out in the mirror then grabbing your skin to check fat and water—it’s important to understand that auto regulation is occurring. And while that maybe frustrating, it’s somewhat predictable. When shredding up, don’t expect the miracle to happen immediately; but over a period of a few days or even weeks, you should see some sizable gains in muscle while improving your definition.

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The Man Who Transformed Bodybuilding & Fitness

“One day he came back, and he brought this axel from a train and some wheels,” Ben remembered. A rail yard worker had welded flywheels to an axel so Joe could exercise with the approximately 75-pound bar. “If you’re born to the iron, you know it the first time you lift a weight. I knew it,” Joe stated. Unable to afford a set of adjustable weights, he purchased one on layaway. Soon, he was winning weightlifting contests, and, when a primitive gym opened in Montreal, he joined. “I took up bodybuilding because I was weak and frightened,” he said. “Weights made me strong, made me secure in myself, and really made me feel special.”

Kevin English’s Off-Season Arm Routine

He’s a huge proponent of ignoring the scale because he thinks too many bodybuilders get caught up in numbers. “Doing it this way depends on your goals and metabolism and how you absorb carbs and fats. You see a lot of nutritionists putting people on a standard contest diet, but everyone reacts differently to foods and the scheduling of those foods,” English says, “so you have to constantly assess your own physique.” His cardinal rule for dieting is eating a meal every 2.5 hours, paying particular attention to the one eaten post-workout, a time when your body is in an anabolic state. Off-season, however, his rules are very fluid. He eats only four meals a day with a couple of not-so-healthy snacks in between. With a laugh, he admits that he sometimes eats half a coffee cake for one snack and saves the other for later.

One-on-One with ESPN's Jalen Rose

Jalen Rose is a renowned trash talker from his days as freshman star as part of the Michigan Fab Five through his 12-year NBA career. His quick wit and access to information, no doubt a reason why he’s one of the most successful basketball analysts on TV.

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