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The 5 Worst Lifts for Beginners

Just getting started with the iron? You'll want to avoid these lifts early on.

$250,000 Transformation Challenge - Presented By Optimum Nutrition

Become a leaner, stronger you in just 12 weeks!

The High-Flying Push-Up You'll Be Dying To Learn

Soar past your excuses and take your push-ups in a whole new direction: spinning around in a 180! This will take time and a plan. Here's your plan.

WATCH: Table Talk Compilation Series — JL Holdsworth

Stories of Westside, vomit, blood, cysts, spine health, circa max training, pizza, and more...

2017 Bodybuilding Predictions - Shawn Ray Unleashed Ep 14

In episode 14 of Shawn Ray Unleashed, Shawn makes predictions about the bodybuilding world in 2017. Who will have a break out year, who will continue winning, who will be finished after its conclusion & more.

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How To Transform Your Body Forever

If you're planning to change your body and life in the new year, your mind needs to start changing right now. Our holiday gift to you is this one-stop transformation mindset plan!

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Best Protein by BPI Sports at - Best Prices on Best Protein!

Protein provides your body and muscles with fuel for lean muscle building and post exercise recovery. Proper protein intake is vital for any muscle building or weight loss program. BEST PROTEIN™ is the best combination of quality and overall value on a cost per serving basis. BEST PROTEIN is the perfect blend of high quality, 100% whey proteins without any fillers or maltodextrin — a food additive. It’s just 24 grams per scoop of high quality whey protein designed to support strength and lean muscle mass. Not to mention, it tastes amazing!

Tip: Does Your Sweat Turn Women On? | T Nation

But then there's this. Men's sweat smells different when they're aroused, and women can unconsciously tell the difference according to another study from The Journal of Neuroscience. The study involved collecting the armpit sweat of men as they watched either erotic movies or non-erotic movies, then having women sniff the sweat while their brains were monitored with MRI. (Science is fun.)

Tip: Shuttle Calories to Muscle, Not Fat | T Nation

Insulin sensitivity largely determines how lean you are and how muscular you are. It improves the way your body partitions energy so that food calories are preferentially shuttled to muscle instead of fat. If insulin sensitivity is poor, you might look and feel squishy, or you might be reasonably lean everywhere except for a layer of overflowing fat around your waist that reminds everyone of the miniature volcano you once made for a school science project.

Tip: Nuts. You're Eating Them Wrong | T Nation

Here's why, plus much healthier ways to buy your nuts and make them taste awesome.

Tip: Two Vegetables That Grow Muscle | T Nation

Glucoraphanin is a chemical found in broccoli, cauliflower, and, in particular, the young sprouts (microgreens) of these two vegetables of the Brassica family. When humans eat and digest these vegetables, the glucoraphanin is converted to a substance named sulforaphane, which has long been known to have anti-cancer and anti-microbial properties.

Bench Press Without a Bench | T Nation

Got a sharp pain deep inside your shoulder? Trying to bench press anyway? It's common among lifters. And they'll keep the area irritated by continuing to bench. It's time to modify your pressing routine. How? By benching without a bench. Here are six floor press variations that'll allow you to go heavy, and more importantly, allow your shoulders to heal.

The Single Biggest Diet Mistake | T Nation

First, we have to look at what most fat-loss diets have in common. Diets make you stop (or greatly reduce) eating what we'll call "obvious crap" – the junk food, the treats, etc. You know, the stuff that everyone knows isn't doing them any good, and the stuff they only seem to stop stuffing down their gullets when they're "on a diet."

The Best Workout for YOUR Body | T Nation

Keep a detailed training log. Record sets, reps, poundage, body weight, waist size, and the like. Also keep track of how you feel before and after the workout, how visible your abs are, how tight your shirt feels, joint pain, sleep quality, and anything it takes to determine how well the program is working.

UFC 207 Live Blog: Ronda Rousey vs. Amanda Nunes updates and fight results

Rousey would love to earn back the bantamweight title she lost against Holm, which has changed hands from Miesha Tate to Nunes since that stunning result back at UFC 184. This will be the first title defense for Nunes and she’ll have to do it against one of the best in the sport.

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Tip: The Farmer's Carry Is Essential | T Nation

For long-term orthopedic and functional success, you should be able to pick up a heavy object, stabilize, then walk with it. The inability to do so is a sign your grip is fragile and that you're susceptible to chronic issues in places like the lower back, shoulders, and elbows. So don't neglect these.

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Time to make fitness a priority this year! Register now for 2017 #250KChallenge ! #Bodybuildingcom Register here:

10 Things Every Skinny Guy Needs to Know About Getting Big

“You don’t have to spend 2+ hours in the gym every day,” Matthews says. Instead, he recommends getting to the gym on the regular. “You can gain muscle and strength lifting just once or twice per week,” Matthews says. “But if you want to maximize your gains, 5 to 6 days per week is optimal because it allows you to do shorter, more intense workouts and achieve optimal weekly volume for each major muscle group.” That means splitting ‘em up by day, so you’re not overworking or neglecting any: Day 1 could be chest/abs; Day 2, back/calves; Day 3, shoulders/abs; Day 4, legs; and Day 5, upper body with arms emphasis/abs.

The 7 Best Arm Moves Of All Time

So are the following 7 exercises the best arm moves of all time? Yes, according to Eraldo Maglara NSCA-CPT — because they’ve been the most effective at helping him and his clients sculpt bigger, stronger guns. Are they the best arm exercises for you? Let us know in the comments.

Tip: To Lose Fat, Stop Being a Pantywaist | T Nation

This may hurt your feelings, but it'll also solve your fat loss problem. Step away from your safe space and check it out.

The 5 best testosterone-boosting supplements

Light a fire under your gym routine (and your sex life) with these 5 supps that are proven to amp up your testosterone.

Tip: Stop Sabotaging Yourself on Weekends | T Nation

Veggies fill you up, and you can eat a ton without blowing your diet. You'll never need to check into a fat loss clinic because of your broccoli habit. If you're attending a get-together, bring a vegetable tray that everyone hates and eat it all by yourself. After that, go to the protein sources. This at least gives you a fighting chance at not ingesting 10,000 calories at the neighbor's barbeque.

Tip: 4 Reasons to Keep a Food Log | T Nation

Sometimes subtle shifts are all that's necessary to start the fat loss process, or to keep it progressing. Some people will jump to extremes when it's not necessary. Maybe all you need is to cut your carbs down by 10% to spark some fat loss. By tracking, testing, and assessing, you can do that instead of cutting your calories in half and carbs to zero, then suffering all of the negative metabolic and hormonal consequences of those extremes.

Tip: How to Lunge for Big Quads & Glutes | T Nation

The forward lean ensures the hips are pushed back posteriorly and actively engaged throughout the exercise. A good lunge involves solid hip hinge mechanics. An upright torso places greater stress on the knees and low back while minimizing stress to the glutes and upper thighs ­– not what you want.

4 Ways to Avoid Injury

It is an absolute must to have great form when you’re lifting heavy and to use a full range of motion. Try to remember that building strength is a marathon and not a sprint. Learn to love the journey and the process of getting stronger. Use great form and push yourself until your form breaks down (which represents your safety limit), then stop. Using this method will keep you coming back to the gym healthy and will help you get stronger week after week.

Your Secret Weapon For Muscle Gain And Fat Loss

Don't finish your next workout with the same old set of curls. If you're looking for a simple way to burn fat, add muscle, and boost your strength, just pick up the nearest heavy object and take a walk!

7 Best Barbell Moves for Building a Big Back

Grab a barbell and either place it into a landmine station (if available) or position it firmly into a corner. Begin adding the desired number of plates to the outward facing side of the barbell. Stand over the middle of the bar slightly bending the knees and maintaining a neutral spine (the starting position may be similar to the setup for a deadlift). Preferably grab a seated row attachment and place it underneath the bar against the side with the plates. If one is not available you can simply grab the bar itself. Maintain a tight core, neutral spine, and begin rowing the bar upwards to the middle portion of your abdomen. Make sure to retract the scapula prior to beginning the movement and focus on engaging the lats eliminating bicep activation.

Training Style: Volume Training

Learn how to crank up your workout and turn up your muscle-building gains

Supplements for Serious Athletes™ - Biotest

Primes the Body for Faster Muscle Gains and Easier Fat Loss

25 Ways to Get Stronger Now

If you can't lock out your elbows on the bench press, try setting the safety rails in a power rack at about your sticking point on the lift. Put roughly 100 pounds more than your one-rep maximum weight on the bar and then try to press it — naturally, you won't be able to move the bar but try hard anyway for six to 10 seconds. Do four to six reps, resting a few seconds in between, and then lighten the load to the weight you usually have trouble locking out. Your central nervous system should now be sufficiently fired up for you to lift it.

Jay Cutler's 7 Tips for Building Huge Triceps

Jay Cutler's 7 Tips for Building Huge Triceps

The top 5 fantasy football busts for week 17

It's been a tough season already for Dalton and the Bengals and in Week 17 he’s not expected to have A.J. Green and Tyler Eifert in the lineup. With Giovani Bernard already out and Jeremy Hill slowing down at the end of the season, the pressure is going to be on Dalton even more for this game against the Ravens. Dalton had 268 yards and a touchdown against a stingy Texans defense last week and now he’ll face off against one of the best in the league in the Ravens. Stay away from Dalton this week.

The 10 Worst Things You’re Doing for Your Muscles

But sometimes our habits in and out of the gym unknowingly can sabotage our hard work—or at least make us less efficient in producing the results we’re striving so hard to achieve. Here are the 10 worst things you’re doing for your muscles and what you can do instead.

Tip: Do Cardio Separate From Lifting | T Nation

You'll build more muscle. Here are a few ways to do it, and some ideas to try if that's just not possible for you.


Aim to get 1 to 3 grams of EPA and DHA daily. Quality is very important when it comes to fish oil because reports show that many fish oil brands are contaminated, rancid, or don’t meet label claims. To test for rancidity, take a capsule and chew it up when you first open the bottle. Safe fish oil should have a mild taste, but rancid fish oil will taste acidic.

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tuesday, December 20, 2016 - There are so many details to manage this time of year that it's tempting to just surrender control and let someone else deal with all the facts and figures. The last thing you want to do is crunch numbers now, but you feel the tense pull between what you know must be done, and where your heart is calling you to go. Fortunately, the Moon's shift from analytical Virgo to affable Libra makes it easier to see things from a more peaceful perspective. Honest hearts produce honest actions.

Weider Principle #19: Quality

This Weider principle has both the best and worst name. It’s the best because everyone loves quality. The principle’s moniker sells it better than any advertising slogan could. But it’s the worst because “quality” could just as easily apply to any other Weider principle. The name tells you nothing about shorter rest periods between sets. Calling it the Weider reduced-rest principle would be much more appropriate, but once you get the quality seal, it’s not coming of. This month, we’ll explain the advantages and disadvantages of the Weider quality principle and show you how to best use abbreviated rests to spur muscle growth.

Instagram photo by Dave Tate - • Dec 31, 2016 at 2:23pm UTC

The best winter running gear for ice, snow, sleet, and rain

Saucony outfitted its award-winning trail runners with a fleece-lined, weatherproof upper that seals out slush and snow. But the soles are the true standout: The Vibram Arctic Grip, a cutting-edge rubber tread, latches on to slick, wet ice without the use of carbide studs, so you can go from black ice to bare pavement without slowing down.

Z-12™ Deep, Refreshing, Restful Sleep Formula - Biotest

Obviously, rest is crucial. We all know it. Now it's time we applied the inestimable creativity of Biotest researchers to addressing it. Enter the latest Biotest product. Enter blissful rest without a sleep hangover. Enter calmness without loss of strength or focus.

One-Dimensional Attack

Here, we rehabilitate the reputation of “one” with 10 unilateral exercises you probably aren’t doing so you can take a “one-sided” approach for better gains.

Get Stubborn Muscles to Grow

Different muscles have different muscle fiber ratios, and hitting different rep ranges allows you to target them all far more efficiently. My Y3T training system is tailor-made for this and works with its three-week rotation in which you move between low, moderate, and high reps in a cyclical format. Also, a key benefit of higher rep ranges is that you are forcing more blood into the area, which helps stretch out the fascia that surrounds the muscles.

Bodybuilding Day: High Volume Quad Crushing

After coming off my best meet performance of my career, I am now taking some time to focus on competing in bodybuilding over the spring of 2017. My nutrition coaching is through Cliff Wilson, and I have not yet determined the shows I'm competing in at this time.

An AB-solute Must!

When I think of great abdominal development, one of the first men to come to mind is my friend Frank Zane. He had such a tiny waist and a midsection that was so well balanced — from serratus to obliques to intercostals to rectus abdominis — that he looked like the living, breathing incarnation of Michelangelo’s David. I remember it seemed like I saw Frank on a Roman chair every workout, both at the beginning and at the end. He would go for 500 reps each workout. I used to chide him about all that time he spent training his abs, but I couldn’t deny that it did the trick.

10 ways to look better instantly

A lot can be said for a solid sock in a bold color. Once it gets busy with a lot of stripes, designs or polka dots, it can get distracting and take you from modern to messy. If you're not sure, I suggest sticking to a classic, simple sock choice in a bold color. Personally, I have made my go-to sock: a nice cherry red. I put it with everything and just say it matches. Because it's a primary color, it tends to be bold without contrasting from most outfits. Don't like red? That's fine. Find something you like and try it out. If it doesn't work, try something else. Luckily socks tend to be an inexpensive way to have fun with an outfit. An easy way to mix and match is to go with UniQlo solid socks priced at an easy to obtain four for $12.90.

How to eat to get lean

“As you get leaner your brain will do two things to avoid starvation: It will make you hungrier since it thinks you are losing potentially beneficial fat and wants to restore it, and it will slow down your metabolism to try to slow or stop further fat loss,” St. Pierre explains. These systems were beneficial for the hundreds of thousands of years that we needed fat to stay alive, but not so much in today’s world. If you follow the rest of our plan, hopefully you won’t have to come face-to-face with the ravenous monster too often. But when you do, just remember it’s mostly a psychological game.

Plazma™ Brutal Workout Formula for Enhanced Growth & Recovery - Biotest

Plazma™ contains a unique blend of fast-acting di- and tripeptides that produce biological activities and effects in muscle for performance, growth and recovery that go far beyond other proteins and amino acids. The formula also contains a special carbohydrate complex that in addition to increasing metabolic rate, drives the formula's di- and tripeptides and other key nutrients into muscle cells to the point of creating a high-performance effect.

Instagram photo by Arsenal Strength • Jan 1, 2017 at 8:54pm UTC

Rob's Road to Hercules: Contest Prep

lol thanks man. Originally back in October I just wanted to pull back and lose a few pounds to start my prep around 160, so I did and then saw I could maintain it pretty easily, so why not start in an even better spot and keep going. Ultimately and most importantly, I want to leave no doubt, no room for error, that I will reach the level of conditioning needed to bring my best. Knowing how much I stressed my body last year in the last 8 weeks of prep and how I still had to lose a few more pounds, that means this year tapering cardio out before the show, letting my legs relax and not be so inflamed, and arriving at my conditioning early as possible. Last year was a stressful prep, I felt like My Cousin Vinny, spinning my wheels in the mud. So, before the prep starts now I really wanted to be sure I knew how to lose a pound a week without stressing too much, and figured it out with the method I'm using now. I'm super motivated to have found a method that works well consistently for me and that I feel good executing.


Fighter Diet is proud to offer superlative excellence in customer service and support to our global customer base. Our product lines are perpetually expanding and we welcome your inquiries for improvement. We value your loyalty and thank you for your continued support.

The Ultimate Protein-Food Meal Plan for Bodybuilders

With all that said, it’s time to start considering other protein options… ones that aren’t as mainstream. Enter: protein bread, protein chips, protein ice cream, and more. As for the protein chips and ice cream, they won’t destroy your fat or carb macros, containing little as 2 grams of fat and 5 grams of carbs. For once you’ll enjoy eating several times a day. Click on through to find out more about these protein alternatives and how to incorporate them into your daily eats, sample meal plan provided.

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