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Kai Greene "THE MINDSET"

Backward Static Lunge

January 2015 Underground Strength Session PREVIEW

Billy Beck III interviews the Great Zach Even-Esh aka Underground Strength Coach - Billy reads a ton of books so he knows a great book and a great trainer and coach when he sees one. This interview will inspire yo...

Thib Lat Pulldown

Cable Lateral Raise

Intensity Block AMRAP Testing Days

AMRAP = As Many Reps As Possible 600 squat X 5 365 bench X 3 675 deadlift X 4 Bodyweight: 205 8 weeks out from the Arnold Classic Pro Meet w...

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Pound for Pound Boxer's Workout

"Yeah, that's what I was going to get," I replied, but he knew different. He knew I was done. A beaten man on my first day. But that's what he does—he takes men to the point where they're sure they can't possibly continue and then has them work harder. It's what separates winners from losers in the ring and can make the difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars for a man in his line of work. Feigning resilience, I gloved up and got back in the ring.

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Tune into @ESPN today anytime between 11:30am – 12:30pm (Eastern Time) #KaiGreene #ESPN #NFL #PostSeason #Countdown

Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, January 11, 2015

Monday, January 12, 2015 - Gaining clarity on your wildest dreams can be enlightening now because if you make the right choices, they might actually come true. Naturally, it's not quite that simple, but you do have the potential to lay a foundation for your future by sharing your goals with friends and coworkers today. Don't waste this moment on meaningless fantasies. Being conscious of your true intentions prepares you to step into the next chapter of your life.

$200,000 Transformation Challenge Presented by Dymatize Nutrition and

A committee of judges from and Dymatize will choose two Grand Prize winners and 20 runners up who have achieved the best overall transformations. There will also be one People's Choice Winner that will be voted on and picked by visitors out of the top 20 runners up who also exhibited impressive results. Winners will be chosen based upon physical improvement visible in "before" and "after" pictures and according to his/her body-composition stats submitted via BodySpace. Judges' decisions are final. Winner will be notified via email or telephone on or before May 11, 2015.

Build a Bigger Back with the Wing-Man Workout

The back is a very complex group of muscles and for full development you must assault it from unique positions and angles as well as utilize the effects that different grips provide. You should include one exercise in which you pull vertically (pulldowns, pullups), one in which you pull horizontally (seated pully rows, seated machine rows, Hammer rows), and one in which you pull from the floor in a “bent” position (bent barbell rows, T-bar rows, dumbell rows, spider rows). In addition, perform one exercise with an underhand grip, one with an overhand grip, and one with a parallel grip.

The Only 5 Exercises You'll Ever Need

Still, there can be too much of a good thing. "It's stressful to the entire body," says Jason Hartman, trainer to many U.S. Olympic bobsled and skeleton athletes and the U.S. Army Special Forces. "That means that if you overdo them, you'll just beat yourself up. Do this style of workout no more than three or four times a week." Mix and match the moves and feel okay about taking the less-time-consuming way out.

Show Off Muscles: Neck, Forearms, and Calves

In the gym, you’re only as strong as your weakest link, so you can’t expect massive leg development or a huge squat without a solid set of calves . Likewise, you’re going to have a tough time developing solid pecs if you have weak hands and skinny forearms. And that barn-door shoulder width and V-taper we’re all after can’t possibly be attained with a pencil-thin neck as your foundation. These muscles need work, especially if you haven’t been hitting them directly, and the benefits of training the “ancillary” muscle groups are myriad. In fact, your body wants to maintain some level of equilibrium when it comes to size, so if you focus on these forgotten groups, your toil will result in quick gains in both strength and mass.

10 At-Home Workouts to Build Muscle in Under 20 Minutes

Designed by Los Angeles based personal trainers Ben Bruno and Anthony Yeung for getting fit from home fast, these time crunch workouts use bodyweight and dumbbells to get you ripped in your room. Build muscle in under 20 minutes with these 10 effective at-home workouts.

The Best Workout Songs of 2014

FIT Radio knows it could take until 2016 for you to search and download all the latest music, so they’ve taken all the guesswork—and legwork—out of the equation. They did the same for us, too. Below are their top 29 workout songs of 2014. Click the links below to start the playlists (1 and 2). You don’t even need a subscription; you’ll start off with a free trial of FIT Radio’s Premium version for three listening hours.

10 Reasons to Dump Your Gym

Before deciding to get your membership, you had a look around the gym to see what kind of machinery and equipment they had. You didn’t join thinking you would never be able to use some of it. As soon as something breaks, the staff should take notice and take strides to get it fixed as soon as possible. Even if it isn’t a piece of equipment you usually use, or if there are other working machines, it reflects poorly on a gym if something is out of commission for more than a few days. “Nowadays, you can get parts over night and service people in a day or two,” trainer Mike Duffy says. “So if your treadmill is out for more than a week or your lat pull-down cable has been twisted around the weight stack for weeks it's time to look for a new gym.” Duffy goes on to say that this is often a sign of an apathetic gym owner or of a gym that simply cannot afford the repairs and may go under soon. Either way, it’s a sign to take your workouts elsewhere.

The 6 Best Ways to Recover from Your Workout

We know we don’t have to tell you to get your ass in the gym, but we might have to tell you that spending hours lifting day-in-and-day-out will stall your progress. Rest and recovery are essential components to any strength and conditioning program and most coaches and trainers would argue it’s just as or more important than the lifting itself. Recovery must occur before progress can be made. It’s important for staying injury free, long-term consistent training, and maxing out from time to time.

The Million Dollar Arm Workout

It might be a long shot developing a 95mph fastball to make the big bucks in the big leagues, but you certaintly can build yourself some solid beach muscles. Here's the only 30-minute arm workout you'll ever need.

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5 Tips for Cold Weather Training

Cold weather training is common in hockey players, skiers, snow boarders and winter-sport endurance athletes. Battling the elements during training or competition can wreak havoc on your body and reduce your ability to perform at your highest level if the proper precautions are not taken. Preventing cold weather injuries and training effects should be of primary importance, especially as the temperature drops below 0°C (32°F).

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What happens when a bodybuilder does CrossFit for 3 months? You may be surprised: …

The Best Swiss Ball Ab Workout

The Swiss ball gives some distinct advantages over other pieces of equipment or bodyweight  alone. It can extend the range of motion on the crunch, activating more ab muscle. It can also create instability, which forces your abs to contract harder to brace your body, and even serve as a source of resistance itself—like a weight—if you lift it. (Don’t think it’s heavy enough to give you a good workout? Try the V-up and pass on the next page and then tell us.)

Dominate Your Morning Workouts

Step away from the treadmill, says Charlie Cates, a Chicago-based performance enhancement specialist. “You need something that’s going to excite your nervous system and major muscle groups.” Try burpees instead. From a standing position, squat down and touch your hands to the floor. Then shoot your legs out behind you so you end up in a pushup position. Reverse the motion quickly as you come back up. Continue for 15 seconds, rest 30 seconds, and repeat for five minutes.

The Body Shocker Workout

Thomas Jefferson said, “It’s a poor mind that can think of only one way to spell a word.” Had our founding father known his way around a gym, he’d surely have found the same to be true of how we use a piece of exercise equipment. Just because a tool is designed for one purpose doesn’t mean it can’t serve others. Here’s how to get more out of common training equipment to hit your muscles in new ways, work around injuries , and cut minutes off your workouts.

17 Foods You'll Find in Any Fit Guy's Fridge

17 Foods You'll Find in Any Fit Guy's Fridge

10 Foods that Fill You Up While You Trim Down

Cutting calories? No need to subside on spinach and egg whites alone. Stock your kitchen with a variety of healthy foods that are high in protein and fiber and you’ll feel satisfied enough to stick to a weight loss plan past January.

How to Use Free Weights for Ripped Six Pack Abs

Free Weight Ab Lifts: Lay flat on your back holding a dumbbell. Put your feet together and raise your legs up as while keeping them straight. Engage your abs and use them to pull your upper body off the floor as close to your legs as possible. Hold for 3 seconds before returning to rest position. 3 Sets of 10 reps

The 30 Best Abs Exercises of All Time

Everyone is different; some may get abs from soley working the belly to exhaustion while others may get their abs to pop without a single situp. But to train the core effectively, it comes down to the three planes of motion: frontal, sagittal, and transerve. Doing abs exercises in a circuit style keeps the intensity high and will likely lead to more fat loss.

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“ @T_Nation : Observe these laws to build muscle, lose fat, and win the mind game: ” #preach

Winter Strongman Challenge 2015 at Bluewater Glow

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

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5 Rules of Fast Fat Loss

There’s a lot of information out there on how to lose weight and get a ripped six-pack, and much of it is contradicting. Forget it all. Learn these five essential rules for fat loss, and the rest is just details.

Lean Muscle Cardio Workout

There’s a name for this. It’s called “getting in shape,” and it should be done at least four days per week. You can use any machine you want, but my favorite method of doing steady state is to simply jack up a treadmill to the highest possible incline and walk at a pace that keeps my heart rate between 125 and 140 beats per minute. I measure this by placing my hands on the sensors that come with most modern treadmills. I’ll do this for 30 minutes each day, usually before I lift weights, and the benefits of this work have been incredible in terms of improved body composition, better sleep and an improved feeling of overall well being. Best of all, I’m recovering faster than ever, and I’m capable of doing a lot more work in the gym.

Dead Simple: Add 100 Pounds to Your Deadlift

Power bodybuilding transcends lifting. It’s a philosophy. Any workouts I prescribe here need more than the right math to work properly. The caveat to all my programs is always the same: Unless you’re looking for a war when you go into the gym and you’re ready to attack the iron, it won’t work. This is doubly true for the off-season deadlift program I’ve got for you. You’re going to deadlift twice a week for four weeks, working up to 80% of your new target PR each time. After a deload in the fifth week, in which you’ll do some light lifting or other recreational physical activity, you’ll be primed to hit your new PR in Week 6. In addition to requiring a warrior’s mentality, this program demands that you eat a lot and get plenty of sleep to ensure proper recovery. Bear down and get after it. A 100-pound strength gain is just a few short weeks away.

The Facts on Fat

F-A-T-S...yeah, it’s a four-letter word, but — as you’re about to see — the right kinds of fats actually do a body(builder) good. Whether your goal is getting huge or getting shredded, fats can be your ally. You just have to know which ones to eat, which ones to avoid, how much to eat and the best times to eat them. So put away your fears and get the full skinny on fats, your new BFFs. GOOD FATS: Polyunsaturated Fats WHAT: Fats that have more than one double-bonded carbon in the molecule. Polyunsaturated fats stay liquid at room temperature and when chilled. They also include the essential fatty acids that the body needs but can’t produce, namely omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. BENEFITS: 1- Fights the breakdown of muscle tissue 2- Conserves branched-chain amino acids 3- Offers anti-inflammatory properties (reduces muscle soreness, enhances joint recovery) 4- Enhances fat loss (shown to be true of omega-3s) SOURCES:  Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines, Trout, White Tuna, Flaxseeds and Walnuts, plus Safflower, Corn, Canola, Soybean and Fish Oils

The New Army Fitness Playbook

Known as Conditioning Drill 3 in the pages of FM 7-22, this workout is designed to improve power, coordination, muscular strength, endurance, and agility. It is a more advanced drill not typically done by new recruits, which, if done to the letter, is certain to challenge all but the most elite athlete. "The sequence of exercises is important because the early moves prepare muscles for the later ones," says PRD chief of doctrine Steve Van Camp. "You’ll move from one exercise to another without rest. It’s very P90X-ish in nature." This drill encompasses many of the WTBDs—warrior tasks and battle drills—that have been identified as crucial to mission success

The Truth About the 7-Minute Workout - Born Fitness

OK i think I’m going to put this 7 min workout to the test, just sitting here thinking about it makes me wonder how many pushups i can do in 30 sec. Ive bin working out now blindly for one month with incredible results in strength and body fat loss, without a how to guide or diet plan, i plan to have a six pack by this summer, that’s my goal and i have bin eating healthy foods meaning; no Chocolates, chips, sodas and what ever else is out there that is sinfully delicious. My best friend Lee told me he would do it with me DAILY! with one days rest in a week so muscles can recover. And right now me and lee are devising a diet plan, im also thinking about making you tube Video about the scientific 7 min workout plan for one month + results with 1 before and after photo, now this doesn’t mean i WONT!! mix my workout up a bit…after 1 week or so, i don’t want to get bored with it so I’ll get creative and add weights maybe even a weight vest some day, we shall see just to mix it up a tid bit…ive heard so much about this 7 min shenanigans some good some bad so i said F**** it!! im gonna give this plan/idea a roll on the wagon.

5 Moves for Leaner Abs and A Stronger Core

Lay on your back with a kettlebell in your right hand. Raise the kettlebell up, positioning it above your shoulder, and bend your right leg keeping foot on ground. Push the kettlebell into the air with your right arm, lifting chest and upper back off ground while shifting your body to let your left elbow and forearm rest on the ground. Raise left side of body up by pushing up with left hand and right leg. Swing left leg behind body and rest left foot and knee on the ground. Raise up off left hand using core to support and stabilize. Now, stand up straight by pushing down with right leg bringing left leg forward. Finally, slowly reverse all moves until you are laying back on the ground again.

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10 Signs You're Whipped

We’ve all seen it in action, and we most certainly know the victims: the submissive brother and the compliant co-worker, the passive neighbor and the obedient best friend. Being ‘whipped’ knows no age limit, nor any other boundary of such kind. All a (domineering) woman needs to do is plant her roots and the freedom days are over. But take a look at your own relationship. Would you be able to tell if you were her whipping boy?

Benny the Bull Steals Celtics Fan’s Girlfriend on Kiss Cam (Video)

And that brings us to the latest Kiss Cam gimmick, which comes from Saturday’s game between the Chicago Bulls and the Boston Celtics at the United Center, and features Benny the Bull stealing a Celtics fan’s (fake!) girlfriend…

Kai's 10 Big Back Principles

He’s No. 2 now. In all of the world, there is only one bodybuilder ahead of Kai Greene,and that’s the man he finished second to at the last two Olympias: Phil Heath. No. 2’s greatest advantage over No. 1 is lat width. It wins him the rear-relaxed shot. On theother hand, one of the things the current Mr. O has over the top contender is backseparation—especially in the lower traps. That and Heath’s fuller delts win him the rear double biceps. Rear lat spread is a toss-up—Greene is wider, Heath features more density and details, especially mid-back.

Mr. Olympia's Places to Crush in 2015 -

Warning: Objects on your screen are probably much larger than they appear. This is the size, shape and chiseled physique of four-time Mr. Olympia winner (and current titleholder), Phil Heath a.k.a. &#34;The Gift.&#34; As America's top bodybuilder, the Seattle-born Heath (now a Colorado resident) has a way of showing off muscles most of us didn't even realize exist. <br/><br/>But he wasn't always this mountain-like. In fact, he played college basketball on a full scholarship for the University of Denver before entering his first bodybuilding competition in 2002. Now, 13 years later Heath's physical prowess puts him in the company of lifting legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lee Haney. Call him a legend if you want. He's also a business owner now. In 2014, Heath founded <a href="">Gifted Nutrition</a> with an elite squad of nutrition and fitness industry specialists. <br/><br/>Here are the places that Heath is super-pumped about in 2015. And remember, if you want to one day look like something Michelangelo might sculpt.

How to Build the Body of an NBA Baller

A 43-year-old former lawyer whose own playing career peaked at the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School in Rockville, MD, Ravin has managed—despite an almost complete lack of formal basketball credentials—to go from being a pro-bono youth-league coach moonlighting at his local YMCA to the most sought-after private trainer in the NBA. Called “the hoops whisperer” by pretty much everyone including himself, he has earned a reputation as a generous but unsparing instructor and lifestyle guru, helping many of the world’s greatest athletes—LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Stephen Curry, and Dwight Howard among them—not only shoot better, run faster, and jump higher, but also eat better and hone their “mental edge.”

Hardcore Approach to More Muscle

Another way is a principle I have been using for many years. The Istvan Javorek complexes. Coach Javorek is a retired head strength and conditioning coach. Two of his more famous athletes were Dragomir Cioroslan (bronze medalist in Weightlifting at the 1984 Olympics) and Istvan Tasnadi (silver medalist in weightlifting at the 1984 Olympics). It was also during this time that he presented his revolutionary training methods, the Javorek Complex #1 and Javorek Complex #2 (performed with dumbbells or barbells). He felt that the main purpose of these exercises was to figure out an easier way to do an exercise complex and at the same time have a greater influence on the neuro-muscular and osteo-muscular system.

Chest Training on the Smith Machine

Although research confirms that the free-weight bench press allows you to use more weight than the Smith machine version of the exercise (due to the unnatural path of the bar on the Smith), we still recommend you make use of the latter because it places greater focus on the pecs.

Increase Your Grip & Forearm Strength

After twenty years of playing contact sports, lifting and coaching, I’ve realized that Arnold was, and still is, absolutely correct. Sure, there’s a place for straps in your training - particularly when you’re deadlifting or rowing ridiculous amounts of weight like professional strongmen do - but most of us simply don’t train with heavy enough loads on these exercises to justify the use of straps and an avoidance of the benefits strap-free training will offer your forearm and grip development.

Lean Legs Pak 2 (Athlete)

Fighter Diet followers are becoming famous for lean legs! Yeah we're doing it! Let me take you on a tour on how to do it! Step 1: Build the dense muscle mass which gives your legs SHAPE Pauline Nordin Without muscle you can't shape up. I know you might be scared of getting bulky thighs, but you will not when you do Fighter Diet combined with my Lean Legs concept. Lean legs are not made over night. Start with sticking to it for three months without questioning 'is it happening?'. it is happening, don't worry about it. Step 2: Use a Fighter Diet diet plan which helps your body shed fat while building muscle. When you want to get tight and firm instead of jiggly, you need to provide enough good food without adding too many calories from unnecessary extras. Step 3: Melt off the layer of bod

The 7 Granddaddy Laws of Training

So, when you are creating a program for yourself or your athletes you need to make sure that all of these laws are being followed. The art of programming is knowing how and when to adjust variables, while still adhering to the laws of training. This is why I am in constant communication with my online clients, feedback is crucial to the process.

The Tragedies and Triumphs of Kris Dim

This isn’t always a happy story, but it is an inspirational one . Kris Dim was born in 1973 in Cambodia, a country ravaged by war and soon decimated by a murderous regime. His family fled to America in 1977 and eventually settled in Sacramento, CA, where he’s resided ever since. Dim initially took up weight training to help improve his high school wrestling but was soon winning teenage bodybuilding shows. But success came slow in national NPC contests. It took 11 pro qualifiers and more than seven years before he finally won the light-heavy class of the 2003 NPC Nationals. “My drive now is to be the best Asian bodybuilder ever,” Dim said in 2004. And then, as a rookie pro, the 31-year-old achieved just that. Defying all odds, the 5'5" 205-pounder finished in the posedown in three of his first four pro shows.  The only exception was the 2004 Mr. Olympia, where he placed a respectable 12th out of 19. Along the way, he slew giants, including twice defeating Markus Rühl, shortly afer Rühl was fifth at the Mr. O. Noted for his back width, arm girth, and vast V-taper, Dim was at his best at the 2006 Ironman Pro, where he finished fourth in a stacked field of 29.


Ehhh I would disagree. You've been in that fasting state all night long while you were sleeping, so eating shortly after waking up will kick up your metabolism again and keep it going for the rest of the day, providing you still eat small meals the rest of the day. If you skip breakfast, your metabolism will be skewed for the rest of the day. Your energy levels and your fat burning will be significantly lower. It is basically this: Eat now and a medium amount of fat for the rest of the day, or skip breakfast and burn a high amount of fat for about an hour, and then burn no fat for the rest of the day.


We'’ve all heard the saying "“ you are what you eat ". Assuming the axiom is true, it stands to reason that if you want to get big and strong, you have to eat with those goals in mind.

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Training Mistakes Part 1

Westside Barbell receives lots of calls and e-mails seeking lifting advice: from technique, to periodization, to how to use lifting gear. We always respond with an answer based on a strong foundation of knowledge and experience. Here are some of the most common mistakes being made by lifters that we have corrected.

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