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Titan Angry!!! Titan Smash!!!

A set I designed and built for a new TV show

Dumbbell Tricep Extensions #PowerBodybuilding

I usually hit these at the very end of the work out just to finish off the triceps. Stay in the range of 12 to 15 reps ... Let's keep pushing each other my W...

BioLayne Training Summary Including Taper and Test Days - 1-10-2015

This week's training summary includes my final hard week of training from block, as well as footage from my taper week. Also included is a workout with my fr...


60 Seconds with Flex: Tip 1

Cable Bicep Curls

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Thursday, January 15, 2015

Friday, January 16, 2015 - You do not want to waste precious energy on a communication mix-up today. Nor do you want to be misled by anyone because your feelings are strong and your patience is short. You just don't have time for playing games now; you expect everyone to get right to the point. Your emotions may be raw, so give yourself time to process inwardly before revealing any insecurities to those who have not already earned your trust. Following your intuition, rather than other people's expectations, leaves little chance for regret.

Report: Bears to hire John Fox as head coach

He was the top boss of the Rhein Fire of NFL Europe in 2006. He has been with the 49ers since 2007 as coach of the defensive line, but was named interim coach on Dec. 27, 2010, following the firing of Mike Singletary. The team chose to go with Jim Harbaugh four years ago and now Tomsula will be Harbaugh's successor in San Francisco this time around. He did not reveal who he'll keep on staff during his presser. 

60 Days to Fit: The Workout Plan

This plan is that better way and was formulated by one of the most respected individuals in the fitness industry, James Grage, co-founder and executive vice president of BPI Sports in Hollywood, FL. Grage isn’t just a successful businessman, he’s also a gym rat in the trenches who’s been pounding the iron for decades with a shredded physique to show for it.

Ultimate Core Bolstering Move

Get into a push-up position with your feet spread wide. Place your left hand on a firm medicine ball. Perform a push-up. Explode upward from the bottom and push your left hand into the ball so that it supports your body. Quickly reach your arm out in front of you. Do not allow your hips to rotate. Try to hold the up position for a moment. Switch sides and repeat.

101 Ways to Burn Belly Fat Fast

The average man's body houses 43.2 pounds of fat. And at any one moment, that number is either increasing or decreasing—it's never stagnant. Spend more of each day burning fat than you do storing it, and over time, you'll bury your belly forever. Sound simple? It is. You see, there's no single secret formula for losing fat. In fact, find 100 successful losers and they'll give you 100 different ways to win the battle of the bulge. But we did them one better. On the following pages, you'll find 101 tips designed to help you lose your love handles, bust your gut, and define your abs . Simply incorporate three or four into your life every day, and you'll finish off your fat easier and faster than you ever imagined possible.

9 Things Guys Do That Can Give Them Man Boobs

But don’t buy stock in the bro (thanks, Kramer!) just yet. Assuming you aren’t born with a genetic disorder like Klinefelter syndrome that can cause the condition, bra-ready jugs are pretty simple to avoid if you heed the causes. Breast tissue—which both women and men possess—feeds off of estrogen hormones. While women naturally have more estrogen, and men naturally have more androgen hormones, men can easily get their estrogens-to-androgens ratio out of whack. The result: Sprouting boobs faster than your high school’s head cheerleader.

8 Things You Should Do Before Every Workout

A solid pre-workout routine begins long before you step into gym shorts or break a sweat. And like everything else, sloppy prep translates to sloppy execution. That can lead to uninspired training sessions or injury, both of which inhibit strength and muscle gains , or weight loss. So to help you craft a sound pre-training regimen, we asked Patrick Solano CSCS, strength and conditioning specialist at the UFC Gym in Torrance, California for his pre-workout necessities.

The Get Lean for Life Diet

When you eat healthy foods, you don’t have to worry much about calories. In fact, in the early stages of your diet, we suggest you don’t focus on calories at all—it will only make you hate the process. Still, you need some measure of what you’re taking in so you don’t overeat—or undereat, which can slow your metabolism.  You must estimate your portion sizes, which you can do with a wave of your hand. A three ounce serving of lean meat (your main source of protein on this plan) is about the size of your palm. A cup of starchy carbs, such as from potatoes or rice, is the size of your clenched fist, while a serving of fruit is one whole piece or one cup. A tablespoon of healthy fats from oils like olive or coconut is roughly the area of your thumbnail, and a serving of nuts or seeds amounts to a handful. Aim for about 10 total servings of protein .

4 Easy Tricks to Lift More Weight Instantly

Here’s how it works: before your main lift, quickly expose your muscles to a heavy, non-fatiguing weight for a single set. Before you back squat 250 lbs. for 10 reps, for example, try a heavy set of 2 reps (at around 90% of your 1-rep max). Or you can use a set of heavy kettlebell swings to fire your glutes, activate your hip drive from the bottom, and spike your central nervous system.

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5/3/1 workouts by Jim Wendler, supplements for serious athletes by Biotest. Check it out:

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5 things we can learn from Arnold about building muscle (which are now backed by science): …

Lift Doctor: Prescription for a Better Deadlift

1. First, getting set up in a good position on the bar – before the initial pull – will determine how well you perform each repetition and how much weight you can lift safely. Your back should be straight from your hips to the top of your head and the bar should be as close to your body as possible.

The 30 Best Arms Exercises of All Time

Doing compound barbell movements is necessary for getting strong. However, squats and deadlifts alone just won't get you signficantly bigger arms because they aren't targeting the triceps, biceps forearms and shoulders. For massive strength and size gains , you'll have to use a combination of compound and targeted assistance exercises. Regardless of how you train, you'll feel an awesome pump and get jacked in no time with these 30 arms exercises. 

The Best Full-Body Muscle Workout

Any kind of pressing exercise will train your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Any pulling movement (a row or chinup variation) recruits your back, rear delts, biceps, and forearms. Squatting movements (and deadlifts, which aren’t quite a squat but require all the same muscles) take care of the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Even your calves get some stimulation as they help to stabilize your squat. Your abs, of course, get worked on all these movement patterns, provided they’re done with free weights rather than machines, and work to brace your spine throughout. The workout at right contains everything you need to put on size fast—a squat, press, and pullup—done with heavy weights, and you should be able to wrap it up within 45 minutes.

Form Check for Five Basic Lifts

We asked Tommy Caldwell, a certified personal trainer and owner of Hybrid Fitness Centre for his "self-talk" cues for some of the most basic exercises.

One-Leg Leg Press

No two legs are created equal, not even your own. Chances are, one’s stronger and/or bigger than the other, even if just slightly. The goal, then, is to make them as close to identical as possible, to seek balanced development from side to side, which is where unilateral training comes into play. A leg-training program in which every exercise is done both legs at a time is an incomplete one. You need to get your legs working independently of each other on a regular basis, and doing leg presses one leg at a time is one of many great ways to do this.

Breakfast Before or After a Workout?

The takeaway: Exercise routines in this study were very intense 60- to 90-minute sessions. Yet the researchers have said even less intense workouts could have similar results. The old something-is-better-than-nothing way of thinking! “I recommend exercising before breakfast, of course,” says Van Proeyen. But she can’t recommend an ideal breakfast menu: “Based on our findings we cannot say what the best breakfast is. However, a healthy, well-balanced fiber-rich breakfast—mainly consisting of carbohydrates—is the most optimal breakfast to maintain a good health in normal fit individuals.” We wanted to know if this trick would work with lunchtime workouts too. Turns out, it doesn’t. “Our subjects always performed the exercise after a 10- to 12-hour overnight fast, which is likely the most convenient way to stimulate fat oxidation.” The time between breakfast and lunch is only about 4 to 6 hours and that’s not enough time to maximize fat oxidation before the workout. Moral of the story: Set your alarm earlier each morning. Get your daily run out of the way, eat breakfast at your desk and enjoy a long, gym-free lunch break.

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Advanced German Volume Training: … Because regular GVT was just too easy... or something.

6 Keys to Warming Up Properly

A proper, progressive warm-up is essential to both preventing injury and enabling you to get the most out of your time spent training. This is particularly important when beginning a new training program or coming back after a long layoff. Unfortunately, in the rush to dive into sets and reps, warming up is a phase of training that is very often overlooked.

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

5 Physical Signs You’re At Risk for Health Problems

You stare at your face every day so pay attention—here’s what the mirror could be trying to tell you about your body.

Hypertrophy - a new summary of the research

Research has been conducted into a small number of myostatin inhibitors in both animals and in humans in order find treatments for cachexia, muscular dystrophies, and sarcopenia (see review by Smith and Li, 2013). In humans, Campbell et al. (2012) performed a double-blind, placebo-controlled study to assess the safety of two doses (0.5 and 1mg per kg of bodyweight) of ACE-031 (a soluble form of activin receptor type IIB), which binds to myostatin and other negative regulators of muscle mass. The population tested comprised cohorts of boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (mean age: 10.3 years). The researchers reported no severe adverse events although there were reversible nosebleeds and the spontaneous appearance of telangiectasias (dilated blood vessels in the skin). Nevertheless, total lean body mass as measured by DEXA increased significantly and thigh muscle volume displayed a trend in the same direction. Attie et al. (2013) similarly performed a double-blind, placebo-controlled study to assess the safety of much lower doses (0.02 – 0.03mg per kg of bodyweight) of ACE-031 in 48 healthy, postmenopausal women randomized to receive 1 dose of ACE-031.

Healthy Recipes: No-bake Protein Cookies and Egg Nog - Born Fitness

And yet, for some people the ability to indulge is limited by the fear of undoing your hard work. Or guilt and anxiety results by the mere the thought of limitation, especially during times of celebration. Even if you know you should “Enjoy these cookies,” the well-intentioned freedom and encouragement is met with resistance and stress. In my approach, dessert doesn’t happen every day, so there’s no need to hold back when you eat something that isn’t healthy. But snacking does happen enough that sometimes it’s good to have healthy variations that trick your taste buds into enjoying what you eat without a second thought.

Warning for the Health Obsessed - Born Fitness

We went to Disneyland and I tried to convince her to go into the Haunted Mansion (and failed), and then settled for Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride—which somehow still left her a little terrified. We ate fried foods and what allegedly were chicken skewers (mystery meat would be more accurate), discovered that the “Fast Pass” is really the only way to go for the main attractions, and learned that walking around Disneyland all day is surprisingly tiring. (I can only imagine what it’s like with children.)

12 Kitchen Swaps All Athletes Make

What they trash and what they hoard to perform at their best.

How Much Fat Should I Eat? - Born Fitness

When it comes to cooking, butter, olive and coconut oil are all great options. While each individual is different, a good rule of thumb is that you the higher level of your fat intake will be around .4 to .5 grams per pound of your target body weight. (For example, if you want to weigh 180 pounds, you could eat as much as 90 grams of fat.) The number might initially seem like a lot, but when adjusted for how many calories you should take in per day, it’s exactly right.

Get Crushed: Back Squat/Front Squat Combo

Lucky for you, we’re here to help. Each week we’ll give you a tough, one-off workout that you can try when you are looking for the ultimate training challenge of just feel like you need a break from your regular routine. But be warned, this training program will leave you totally CRUSHED.

Are You Too Busy to Work Out? Me Too. - Born Fitness

Not a #GetShredded member, but a #StartStrong member; and I seriously couldn’t echo the comments of “pjthiel” more. One of the most selfless trainers out there. I cant tell you how many times I’ve told people how happy I am that I get to work with you. I know that if I have a problem, you’ll respond quickly. I know that if I have a success to share, you will be happy and excited with me. I can honestly say that when I get your emails, I know that you’re actually happy for me – and I can feel your smile all the way from California. That’s something you can’t fake. For your support, I genuinely thank you from the bottom of my fit little heart (that is currently housed inside my “built by #BornFitness abs” – well, close to, anyway. You know what I mean). Hope your next gym sess is wonderful – and that you give yourself as many Bulgarian squats as you give me

4 Reasons You're Not Getting Stronger - Born Fitness

There is nothing in strength training that will pay higher dividends than simply lifting a heavier weight, or lifting the heaviest weights you can for more repetitions. And then making sure each week you try to add to this amount. There’s a place for speed/high rep days. There’s also a day for grip days. (Yes, grip can be a big barrier.) But if you don’t have a day (or an exercise) dedicated to simply adding more weight to the bar, you won’t become stronger.

VIDEO: The Arm Bomb Workout

Blow up your arms with just two moves. Find a weight you can complete between 15-20 repetitions of the dumbbell curl and dumbbell skullcrusher. Perform a set of dumbbell curls for 15 repeitions, and then a set of 15 dumbbell skullcrushers shortly thereafter (watch the video for helpful hints on correct form). Then do 14 reps of each move, 13 reps of each move, and so on until you get down to 5 reps. After that, work your way back up to 15 reps of curls and 15 reps of skullcrushers.

Muscle & Fitness on Twitter

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How to Build the Body of an NBA Baller

A 43-year-old former lawyer whose own playing career peaked at the Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School in Rockville, MD, Ravin has managed—despite an almost complete lack of formal basketball credentials—to go from being a pro-bono youth-league coach moonlighting at his local YMCA to the most sought-after private trainer in the NBA. Called “the hoops whisperer” by pretty much everyone including himself, he has earned a reputation as a generous but unsparing instructor and lifestyle guru, helping many of the world’s greatest athletes—LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Stephen Curry, and Dwight Howard among them—not only shoot better, run faster, and jump higher, but also eat better and hone their “mental edge.”

The Four-Move Workout for Your Lower Abs

The lower part of the abs is the most stubborn area to remove excess bodyfat. There are some diet and training tricks to help the process along, but you'll need a workout to compliment your other efforts.

10 Dirty Talking Dos and Don’ts

Talking dirty is a skill that all men should master; it’s a great way to turn her on or spice things up in the bedroom. But it’s not easy, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it because every relationship is different and every woman likes different things. There’s a fine line between dirty talk and disgusting talk, and it’s hard to find a balance. To help you find the right words to say, we spoke with a handful of dirty-talking ladies about erotic conversation and found that there are some dos and don’ts that most women can agree on.

Total Body Conditioning with CrossFit Wall Balls

When you descend into the wall ball squat, the idea is to get proper depth the same way you would with a back squat. Keep your weight over your heels with your knees tracking your toes, and aim to lower the crease of your hips below your knees. Make sure to hold the ball at chest height throughout the downward movement, as letting it dip will cause you to round your back and shift your weight forward. Drive through your heels on the way up, using hip action to throw the ball into the wall. Catch it on the rebound, squat again, and repeat for reps.

Do You Need Sports Drinks? - Born Fitness

In fact, for most weekend warriors, the  need  for Gatorade isn’t as real as the ads will make it seem. Yes, there are benefits to the sports drink. But those benefits are only derived when you deplete your body of certain nutrients. Meaning, if you’re the type of person who goes to the gym, pounds weights for 45 minutes, and then slugs back a Gatorade or two, you’re probably not doing your body any favors. And if you’re focusing on appearance, you’re definitely not going a to help promote progress. In this situation, water can do the hydration trick. But when you’re working out at a high intensity and crushing your body? No doubt you need more than water. You can refuel with “real” food, but something like Gatorade will help. And maybe more importantly, is both easy and efficient. When you’re trying to decide if you need a little liquid recovery, here’s what you should consider.

The Facts on Fasted Cardio

That’s been the prevailing theory for a while, and it looks good on paper: Food provides fuel for energy , so if there’s nothing available in your stomach, it makes sense that your body would tap into its stored energy—mainly fat—to power exercise. The trouble is, the store it seems to go after first is protein, in the form of your hard-earned muscle mass. According to research published in Strength and Conditioning Journal in 2012, protein breakdown can actually double when you do cardio on an empty stomach.

The natural muscular potential of women

This article was to help women learn that they actually can achieve much greater potential in exercise and possess much greater characteristics than what is commonly believed and be more effective, as well as bashing or “shaming” the myth that they are weaklings that cannot make good gains (gym progress) like men. It is very tragic to see an insecure unsatisfied, and negative mentality so ingrained and ready to fight/defend themselves that you even attack information that is, if anything, only benefiting your advancement. The information is for learning, completely unbiased. If what is provided truly offends you no need to worry, the pink dumbbells and treadmills aren’t going anywhere if you think that their use is your optimal solution and they may agree with your views.

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17 Foods You'll Find in Any Fit Guy's Fridge

You’re no dummy—you know that processed food is a no-go, and that whole foods are essential. You understand that cereal every morning won’t build you a six-pack and pasta for dinner isn’t going to sustain any kind of muscle definition. But in case you tend to wander aimlessly up and down grocery store aisles, we’ve consulted a few experts to round up specific foods every fit guy should keep in his fridge.  Forecasting 2015: We Predict the Top 10 Nutrition Trends for the New Year >>>

Top Moves for Monster Quads

Perform leg extensions as you normally would, but as you near the top of your concentric contraction, turn your feet outward. Squeeze hard at the peak of the contraction. EMG studies have shown that this turning outward of the feet can stimulate greater electrical activity in the vastus medialis than normal extensions, which in turn may lead to greater growth in that region of the muscle. I feel this exercise is especially effective done one leg at a time.

Asia Monet Ray: My January Dog of the Month

My first dog pick of 2015 is...the AKITA INU! Over the holiday, I met this amazing dog named Charlie and I had so much fun. Charlie was so lovable, loved walks, and was so gentle...even though he was more than 100 pounds. Charlie inspired me to write about this dog breed for my January pick. Thank you, Charlie, for the amazing play date!


We have at least two functionally different types of adipose tissue in our bodies. Brown Adipose Tissue and White Adipose Tissue (WAT).  WAT is the primary place in the body where energy is stored. It is also involved in the release of hormones and cytokines that are involved in both metabolism and modulation of insulin resistance. The simplest way to describe the difference between these two types of fat is to describe the difference between gaining and losing weight as it is well known at this point that excess WAT = overweight! BAT, although a fat cell as well, is functionally very different. BAT is important for basal body temperature, the temperature you essentially wake up at before moving or eating. In addition BAT is important for thermogenesis mediated by UCP-1. 2,15 BAT is the mechanism by which the sympathetic nervous system produces heat during non-shivering thermogenesis. 11,15

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Bill Phillips Back To Fit 12-Week Trainer -

The Production of this video was exceptional. The quality, the colors, incredible. Having followed Bill Phillips for 15 years i had learnt many new and insightful stuff here. Bill keeps giving and the last 3 years his lovely wife Maria is following suit and if i may say is setting the bar pretty high. The uniqueness of this program is the transformation from the inside OUT! That's what makes it so unique and effective. Its NOT a quick fix but it works. Bill struck a cord when he said "you need to put he facts in ACTION" that's so true with any program, only with this one you have hands on help from the creators to actually get this done. I am very excited to follow this program on Thank you Bill and Maria.

7 Signs Your Transformation Will Fail -

First, she makes a living off of the way she looks. This means she probably has ample time in her daily schedule to train, with a coach guiding her through every workout. Then there's the nutritionist, the personal chef, and a food budget that would make your head explode like an egg in a microwave. Plus, you have no idea how healthy she is—or how good she feels. Who knows about the secret extreme measures that may have been taken to meet a deadline?

Nutrex Outlift at

OUTLIFT™ introduces a new class of pre-workout. In recent years the trend in the pre-workout category was to rely heavily on less expensive stimulating formulas to hype you up with very little focus on practical ingredients that effectively improve your performance. OUTLIFT’s ground-breaking, complete, pre-workout formula contains 10 clinically dosed ingredients with NO fluff, NO proprietary blend and NO hype…just PROVEN INGREDIENTS for PROVEN RESULTS!*

The 25 Most Powerful Exercises from the 21-Day Shred

Our most powerful weight loss program is back, and better than ever. We've expanded and upgraded the original edition to pack in more workouts, challenges, and special recipes, and now it's available for both iPhone and iPad devices. No iOS? No stress, you can still get a copy of the PDF.

Your Guide to Eating Clean in 2015

We’ve all had it drummed into our heads for as long as we can remember: Processed foods are bad for you and whole, natural ones are good. Yet for some reason, “clean eating”—it’s really as simple as that—has recently become a trend. Frankly, calling it a “trend,” a word that implies temporary interest, is probably doing more harm than good, because if there’s one eating philosophy you’ll want to stick with for the rest of your life, clean eating is it. And the benefits extend far beyond mere weight loss.

Bodies Of Work Volume 3 -

Our third edition of the Bodies of Work gallery is every bit as beautiful, inspiring, and uplifting as the two before it. Scroll through these 43 incredible photos and prepare to be amazed!

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