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Those kettlebell conditioning drills are helping tremendously! In the first match I still had strength and gas left in the tank in the third period! Enjoy the rest of the weekend and hopefully I’ll see you at the gym for another kick ass session!

F❎CK Mike O’Hearn | The Hardest Working Man In Fitness | By Stan Efferding

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Velocity Diet® Plan - The New Science of Rapid Body Transformation - Biotest

I soon asked Chad Waterbury to write a custom training plan, specially designed just for those on this diet. To test out the latest version of the plan, I put T Nation reader Gus Pancho on the latest version of the V-Diet. Gus is 37 years old and lost 40 pounds and nine inches from his belly during and after his Velocity Diet experience.

Tip: Do This First Thing in the AM | T Nation

Your life may depend on doing one simple thing as soon as you wake up in the morning, especially if you're over 40.

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Be sure to avoid these 5 common back training mistakes:

Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday, January 14, 2018 - Your nerves are all fired up, but you can’t put your finger on the cause of your jumpiness. You wish you could settle down today, but it feels as if the cosmos has other plans for you. You’re ready to burst at the seams, yet a deep sense of purpose prevents you from losing your temper needlessly. Nevertheless, pent-up feelings could explode if you feel too constrained. Step back and calm down before confronting the source of your agitation. Channel your passion into something constructive or prepare for the consequences.


First Gymnastics Competition Of The Season| Rachel Marie

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They see the ties of friendship but don’t know the bonds of our brotherhood. The friendship rose from similarities but the battles are what bonded a brotherhood. When I was beat down, it was your strength that lifted me. Thanks brother @Shadbeast Happy Bday Luke Cage & He-Man

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Tip: Go Heavy or Go... Make Gains Anyway | T Nation

Having a lot of muscle is like having a factory with lots of employees. On paper it should make the factory more productive. But if the employees are lazy, or if they don't work together well, the factory won't live up to its potential and a smaller, better run factory will out-produce them. It's the foreman's job to make sure the employees work to their full potential.

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#Jumanji is such a terrific movie. Seen it twice now. My son, Ryan, and I convinced my wife, Kelly, to go with us again last night. This was her first movie since suffering a stroke in August. She had such a great time. It's so nice to laugh as a family again. Thank you!

Tip: Two Surprising Exercises for Shoulder Health | T Nation

The limiting factor will be grip strength, so begin by hanging a few seconds each day and work your way up to three sets of 30 seconds throughout the day. You can also use a Smith machine or a squat rack and set the bar at the height of the top of your reach. Adjust the pressure by bending the knees and allowing part of your weight to rest on a bench or the floor.

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Zack moves out of his comfort zone to take on the Spartan Super at Lake Tahoe in Part I of 'Challenge Accepted.' @bpi_sports

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Avoid these and hit your 2018 #NewYearsResolution . If you're trying to get rid of your love handles, ban these foods from your diet—and check out these healthier alternatives. The 25 worst foods for fat loss: 

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I love these stories, they show the respect and appreciation, these greats of this industry, have for the Titan and his dedication to, focused, hard work, over 40 plus years, sure he has genetics, but how many others have genetics and do so much less, if anything with them.

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No meat? No problem. Make the gains you want and keep your #diet . 10 meat-free recipes that make use of the healthiest, protein-packed vegetables, grains, and fruits. How to go vegan and still gain muscle: 

Tip: Painful Training: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly | T Nation

The accumulation of lactic acid CAN contribute to muscle growth. It stimulates the release of local growth factors. And the type of work that leads to it is conducive to hypertrophy – sets lasting 40-60 seconds using fairly decent weights. This approach causes a lot of muscle fiber fatigue, which is a stimulus for adaptation and growth. So there's some value in this mindset.


弁当を持ち歩く時以前はバックの中でぐちゃぐちゃになってなんか良い方法はないかといつも思っていたけれど、6パックバッグをはじめて見たときなんで俺にこのアイデアが浮かばなかったんだと悲しくなったもんだ。それぐらい重宝している。 いくつかのスタイルを使ってるけど毎日使うのはこの2種類、 シンプルに弁当と飲み物のみ収納するイノベーター300かバックパックで5食収納のエクスペディション500、(この2つのデザインはカスタムメイドで販売はされてない) ボディカフェに新デザインが入荷したので、1月スペシャルとしてどのスタイルにもサイクロンカップを無料進呈。 ご注文は下のリンクから

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Not on Twitter? Sign up, tune into the things you care about, and get updates as they happen.

Instagram post by UndergroundStrengthGym • Jan 15, 2018 at 12:58am UTC

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Returning to Honolulu, Hawaii November 2018! "Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey!" - Barbara Hoffman SRHawaiianClassic. Com @GenerationIron

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Chris, Glad you LOVED #Jumanji  . Just between us two manly dudes, as I know no one else is reading this... I always get teary eyed at the end too when @ColinHanks shows up with his newborn baby girl. This isn’t a spoiler since this Twitter thing is private right? …

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First attempt with 32kg bell, one round 10xoverhead swings 5xL snatch 5xL high pull 5xR snatch 5xR high pull 10xsquats 5xL clean press 5xL high row 5xR clean press 5xR high row 10xrockaway 5xL windmill 5xR windmill @ZEvenEsh #Motorbreath

Mark Bell's SuperTraining Classic | Push-Pull Powerlifting Meet - Day 2

Watch Mark Bell bench press & deadlift at the SuperTraining Classic! This push-pull meet also includes big names such as Brian Shaw, Jen Widerstrom, Furious Pete, and Kelly Starrett. Shop Sling Shot Equipment from Mark Bell ► Signature Supplements ► Support Mark Bell and the SuperTraining Gym Sling Shot on ► YouTube ► Website ► | Athletes | Mark Bell Instagram @marksmellybell ► YouTube ► 4x World's Strongest Man Brian Shaw Instagram @shawstrength ► YouTube ► Jen Widerstrom Instagram @jenwiderstrom ► YouTube ► Matt Vincent Instagram @ihviiimattvincent ► YouTube ► Kelly Starrett Instagram @mobilitywod ► YouTube ►

Tip: Cardio for Very Big Lifters | T Nation

 When you kick and punch with proper technique, anywhere from 200-1000 kicks and punches of all styles and angles in one session, you'll move and open up those joints. Over time, your joints will just feel less "sticky" or flat-out "stuck" as happens with many heavy lifters over the years. Everything will move, rotate, and glide more easily.

Instagram post by Flex Wheeler • Jan 14, 2018 at 6:02am UTC

Tip: Supersize Your Dumbbells and Barbells | T Nation

This one's probably a no-brainer, but training the grip will transfer over to grappling sports like judo and wrestling quite nicely. And, as Poliquin points out, most strength programs for sport chronically neglect forearm and grip training, so if you beef that up through fat-grip training, you'll automatically be able to do your sport better.

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I know I've said this before but.... Fuck you Mike O'Hearn I'll be there at the end of the month! #WillSomeOneGetMeSomeDuckEggs #FuckMikeOhearn …

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FLEX is the biggest authority on everything bodybuilding. Your source on training, diet, IFBB and NPC athlete profiles, contest coverage, and more.

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The Truth About the 7-Minute Workout

Another issue is that these exercises are all bodyweight moves. That’s not to say bodyweight exercise can’t be effective. I’ve seen enough crazy YouTube videos to know that bodyweight moves does a body good. And they are also extremely convenient for anyone without access to a gym. But the greatest benefit of high intensity training—not to mention the circuit training study mentioned–wasn’t performed with bodyweight exercises; they were done with added resistance, says Schoenfeld, where the weight could be manipulated to correspond to a given rep-max. (In other words, a percentage of your max strength.) The use of bodyweight does not afford this benefit, and for those who are fairly fit it would be difficult to achieve a consistent maximum level of intensity for 30 seconds that would compare to doing a similar length of time with added resistance. To use the squat example: Doing 80% of your 1-rep max on squats for a similar period of time would be much more difficult than doing 7-minutes of bodyweight squats.

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You can build plenty of muscle without going heavy, so drop the ego and make sure you're training smart: …

Instagram post by Flex Lewis™ • Jan 16, 2018 at 3:48am UTC

Instagram post by Miryah Jade Scott • Jan 16, 2018 at 3:16am UTC

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NFL Pro Bowler Brian Orakpo's Upper-Body Workout Brian doesn't spend all his time "clangin' and bangin'" at the gym. Check out his surprising outdoor upper-body routine. #Bodybuildingcom #BuildYourBody Learn more:

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"But the pros do it!" The pros can get away with a lot of things you can't. It's still a useless exercise. Here's why: …

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Could you handle this workout? Camille Leblanc-Bazinet's specialized CrossFit-style workout for winter sports athletes: 

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Tom, you bet your ass all of us would have done something. I’m shocked and saddened for Eliza but I am also proud of her - beyond being a great talent and an amazing woman, she is so courageous. …

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Like Aida's joke? Get tickets to see her tomorrow night at 9:30 at The World Famous Laugh Factory!

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Forget all those gimmicky fad workouts and crash diets. With this comprehensive workout program, you can get on the path to a leaner, healthier body in just 1 month. The 4-week workout plan to lose weight and burn away belly fat: 

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Farmer's walks are great for building strength and dropping fat. See why they can also improve shoulder health: …


“Boulder shoulders” is a popular phrase in the fitness industry, today more than ever. Shoulders seem to be having a pop fitness renaissance. In the the ’80s, mainstream fitness culture was all about a big chest. The ’90s was the decade of the guns. The ’00s were obsessed with abs. (Abs never go out of style, but back then fitness bros thought you could be skinny and weak as long as you had abs.) Shoulders are taking their turn in the spotlight, and for good reason: Nothing shows off the shape of a physique like a broad set of shoulders that taper into a narrow waist. It creates a primal sense of attraction from both sexes. When humans see an optimal shoulder-to-waist ratio, the brain (and other parts) spontaneously starts getting excited.

Instagram post by Pauline Nordin • Jan 16, 2018 at 1:37am UTC

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Ha well thank ya for the compliment. Stress & pressure “to deliver” on a daily basis we all go thru. I’m about a 90/10 ratio - 90% I have the aptitude to handle high level stress and pressure and 10% where I go head first down that dark rabbit hole. #ComplicatedBunny …

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Just because you lift heavy doesn’t mean you don’t have a few areas that could use some work. 5 common weak spots in men—and how to fix them: 

Instagram post by @therock • Jan 15, 2018 at 2:36am UTC

To Hell and Back: The Untold Story of Male Eating Disorders

“If you had looked at me, especially during that time, and I told you I had an eating disorder, you wouldn’t have believed me in a million years,” he says. “I still looked physical great, and look in the pantry — it’s all healthy food. But what I was doing behind closed doors – because I wouldn’t do this in front of anybody –was so secretive. But everything that you can’t judge with your eyes was horrible. My stomach was destroyed. My hormones, too. No matter how much I ate or exercised, I was running on fumes at all times.”

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65 Instagram post by Ronnie Coleman • Jan 15, 2018 at 10:17pm UTC
67 ZMA® Anabolic Mineral Support Formula - Biotest
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71 Why Eating the Same Thing Every Day Does Not Cause Food Allergies
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76 The Massive List Of Recovery Modalities: 50 Tips To Get You Back In Top Form Faster
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81 Coconut Curry Cauliflower Fried Rice
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88 The Very Best Push-Up For Pecs and Power | T Nation
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