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Episode 3: Will The Travel Ban Destroy Hadi Choopan's Career? | The Breakdown

Breaking down the upcoming Arnold Classic 2018 lineup & how the travel ban can affect Hadi Choopan and other promising bodybuilders. Believe it or not but we are not very far away from the Arnold Classic 2018 in Columbus, Ohio. One of the biggest bodybuilding events of the year, 2018 looks to be perhaps the best lineup in quite some time. You can feel the excitement in the air - and it's definitely sparking between our hosts on The Breakdown. With special guest Stanimal De Longeaux, Shawn Ray and Tifanny Urrea break down the Arnold Classic 2018 line up and what we can expect from the big competition. One big talking point regarding the Arnold Classic is also Hadi Choopan - an Iranian bodybuilder who almost beat Flex Lewis (and many people believe DID beat Flex Lewis). Choopan has a major uphill battle due to President Donald Trump's continuing efforts with the travel ban. With immigration and visas becoming harder to get (especially for those in Iran), Hadi Choopan has found himself unable to compete in some truly big competitions. And if Hadi can't compete against the best of the best.

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Training chest today? Then avoid these 6 common mistakes:

The Perfect Biceps Curl | T Nation

To make sure there's always resistance (torque) that your biceps has to work against, the line of force from the bar must always remain anterior to your elbow. Once the line of force either lines up with the elbow joint or passes posteriorly to it, the moment arm relative to the biceps is gone and all resistance and mechanical tension is lost. Not so good for the gains. The biceps curl is really all about keeping the line of force anterior to the elbow to preserve mechanical tension.


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Velocity Diet® Plan - The New Science of Rapid Body Transformation - Biotest

I soon asked Chad Waterbury to write a custom training plan, specially designed just for those on this diet. To test out the latest version of the plan, I put T Nation reader Gus Pancho on the latest version of the V-Diet. Gus is 37 years old and lost 40 pounds and nine inches from his belly during and after his Velocity Diet experience.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Saturday, January 13, 2018

Saturday, January 13, 2018 - People may be amused but rarely shocked when you do something that they would never dream of doing. Your brute honesty and bald antics are expected, yet you can go too far in your drive for authenticity today. Others might not realize that your actions represent your exploration of new ideas and not a firm conviction. Someone may try on different styles to see which clothes make the best appearance. You are putting on a variety of personalities now, so you can decide which one serves you the best. Author Lisa Mangum wrote, “Sometimes wearing a mask is the best way to show our true selves.”

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Here are @strongsupps top 10 pre-workout supplements for 2018. #sponsored #staystrong


Anyone brave enough to venture into the unknown and take on their demons will discover their true power. This is a gift that must be honed. Each book comes with a 10% off coupon for Kai Greene’s Personalized Coaching Service. Your journey is just beginning...

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Lifters are discussing the old school, time-tested bodybuilding methods they use to build muscle: …

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1991 Arnold Classic Winners 28 years ago Shawn Ray & Tonya Knight celebrating 30 Years of the Arnold Sports Festival this March 1-4th in Columbus, Ohio! Join us! @GenerationIron @ArnoldSports

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Thank ya man. Glad you loved #JUMANJI as much as I did making it. And for the record, “The Man I want to Be” came along at the perfect time. Helped me get thru some tough times but that’s for another conversation over tequila . …

Tip: Pros and Cons of Training to Failure | T Nation

First, the reps preceding the last few painful ones can be just as important. They increase neural activation and are fatiguing to the muscle fibers. Both of these lead to greater fiber recruitment in the last part of the set. Without the earlier reps you can't reach the fatigued state. It's the bulk of the set that puts you in the physical state to make those last two reps so hard.

Tip: Do This First Thing in the AM | T Nation

Your life may depend on doing one simple thing as soon as you wake up in the morning, especially if you're over 40.


二頭筋、上腕筋強化のためにファットグリップを手に入れた。二頭、上腕筋を刺激する種目をさらに効果的にする! ボディカフェで買えます。

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Look for these 6 muscle-building ingredients in your supps:

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Always feel like your too busy for a #workout ? Struggling to start your #NewYearsResolution ? Here's how to get it done—and get fit. 6 workouts that melt fat in under 20 minutes: 


Just when you think you have carbs all figured out, more information comes to light. Conventional wis-dom has recommended tapering carb intake through your day (consume more in the morning and fewer as the day progresses), but a study out of Israel has shown some impressive fat-loss results from flipping the script on carbs. In the experiment, 78 overweight police officers went on a weight-loss diet for six months. Half of the subjects ate a traditional calo-rie-restricted diet while the other half ate the same amount of food but ingested most of their daily carbs with their evening meal. After six months, the second group lost more weight and experienced greater reductions in waist circumference and body fat. They also enjoyed some significant metabolic benefit as well, including lower levels of insulin and cholesterol. Several factors influence carb consumption (such as the timing of your workout), but if your fat-loss efforts have stalled, try shifting the bulk of your carbs from breakfast to dinner.

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One kettlebell, three exercises, less than 10 minutes. Check out this high-intensity finisher: …

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Arnold Schwarzenegger's workouts for every body part:


Flabby jowls and batwings for triceps not only make you look more feminine on the outside, but carrying that extra body fat makes you more ladylike on the inside, too. Since body fat is responsible for aromatizing testosterone into estrogen, the more fat you have on you, the more estrogen will be circulating in your body. Danish endocrinologists at Aarhus University recently tracked several changes in 43 men who underwent a 14-week diet and exercise program. As the pounds came off, and body mass index improved, estrogen levels dropped and testosterone started to climb. Additionally, sperm health and sperm quantity improved dramatically. By the end of the experiment, the subjects were not only leaner and more fertile. IM

21 Shawn Ray

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You don't have to bench to build a big chest:

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Beef up your chicken legs and take your leg development to a whole new level in just 45 minutes a week.

21 Y/O 5 and a Half Years Training

it is a brotip. and it’s not backed by science. You’ve provided exactly 2 people, including yourself, who make the claim. That does not equate to ‘it works’. It’s actually EXACTLY how a brotip is defined. 2 bros did a thing and decided it works. Do you have any evidence of Artemus Dolgin ever having a large waist? Or that the reason it is small is the belt? This is a great example of the logical fallacy of mistaking correlation with causation. Have you considered the fact that the lifters who are most notorious for wearing very tight belts in all of their training are powerlifters? Shouldn’t we see a lot of powerlifters with very small waists if your claim is true?


“Boulder shoulders” is a popular phrase in the fitness industry, today more than ever. Shoulders seem to be having a pop fitness renaissance. In the the ’80s, mainstream fitness culture was all about a big chest. The ’90s was the decade of the guns. The ’00s were obsessed with abs. (Abs never go out of style, but back then fitness bros thought you could be skinny and weak as long as you had abs.) Shoulders are taking their turn in the spotlight, and for good reason: Nothing shows off the shape of a physique like a broad set of shoulders that taper into a narrow waist. It creates a primal sense of attraction from both sexes. When humans see an optimal shoulder-to-waist ratio, the brain (and other parts) spontaneously starts getting excited.


Caffeine has typically been given credit for the way coffee smashes a case of the munchies, but new research shows that decaffeinated coffee might be an even better ally when you’re cutting calories. In a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, scientists examined the effects of coffee, decaf coffee, and caffeinated water on perceived hunger and hormones related to satiety. Of the three beverages, decaf coffee proved to be the most effective in blunting hunger and promoting levels of peptide YY, a hormone in the gut that signals the brain to regulate appetite. Caffeinated coffee was not as effective as decaf but performed significantly better than the caffeinated water, which had almost zero effect on hunger. Scientists concluded that substances in the coffee other than caffeine are resposible for acutely decreasing hunger. If you like coffee while dieting, brew up a pot of decaf and save the caffeine for your pre-workout. Your central nervous system will thank you.

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Haven't kept up with your #NewYearsResolution or 2018 #FitnessGoals ? It's not too late to change things up. 7 simple resolutions you can stick to: 

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You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

Instagram post by The TITAN MIKE O'HEARN • Jan 17, 2018 at 1:13pm UTC

This DOG



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Build a massive back with our "row to grow" training guide:

Tip: Try the Kettlebell Krusher | T Nation

Don't read this unless you want to get bummed out about how you've been training the wrong grips, rep ranges, and exercises for your biceps, your back, and your entire lower body.

34 Shawn Ray

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Will you be at the American Society for Nutrition conference? Abstracts due today. All the best & brightest in nutrition research will be there - would love to chat in person.

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Alicia Vikander is ready to kick some ass as #LaraCroft in #TombRaider . Here are her best looks as the iconic character. Alicia Vikander looks absolutely badass as Lara Croft in @TombRaiderMoviephotos: 

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Get The Biceps Pump Of Your Life! Stretch sleeves? Forget that. Go with a tank top for this one. #Bodybuildingcom #BuildYourBody @MuscleTech Read more:

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This lifter is working for his best-ever condition this year as part of a physique transformation challenge. See more: …

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Shawn Ray

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Why restrict carbohydrates?? Why is keto even a thing when a less drastic approach would most likely be EQUALLY as effective for your reaching your weight loss goals. Check out this new Biolayne article to find out the actual purpose of low-carb diets. …

Beware of Testosterone Replacement Mills | T Nation

I recognize that I'm preaching to a well-educated choir. Many of you come to T Nation with a PhD-level understanding of hormone replacement therapy. You know that there's a multitude of healthy approaches to testosterone enhancement through proper nutrition and various weightlifting/bodybuilding regimens. You also realize that TRT is a serious business.

Tip: A Better Way to RDL | T Nation

You should initially reduce the weight as you adjust to the new technique, but it shouldn't take long before you're back up to using just as much weight as you could with regular RDLs – only now you'll be feeling them in all the right places, keeping yourself healthy, and using a full range of motion on every rep.

Tip: A Murderous Barbell Clean Complex | T Nation

Then progress to 3-4 hackey pulls. Begin with an RDL position and the bar just below knee-level. Accelerate the bar as it passes the knees, aggressively extending the hips forward, in effect "popping" the bar off the thighs. This movement teaches you to reach full-hip extension before breaking at the elbows during the pull. This also helps you "feel" your glutes working.

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Start your next leg or back workout this old school deadlift variation for more glute, hamstring, upper back and grip work. Named after one of the greatest bodybuilders of his day: …

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You'll probably want the answers to some of these. 10 of the most common weight-loss questions, answered by our experts: 

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Photo: @RossEdgley swims 100km in 48 hours, transforms hands and feet into mush. Could you do it?

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Ok so then you're admiting it's also not inferior then? Secondly, that study has a sample size of 20

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Want to join our team here at #Bodybuildingcom ? We are currently hiring a rockstar Digital Media Specialist/Paid Search. Think you you'd be the perfect fit? Apply here:

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63 Why I Don’t Drink Alcohol
64 The 5 Most Worthless Exercises of All Time | T Nation
65 Tip: Find Your Lats, Enhance Your Training | T Nation
66 Tip: Go Heavy or Go... Make Gains Anyway | T Nation
67 Tip: Two Surprising Exercises for Shoulder Health | T Nation
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70 Tip: Painful Training: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly | T Nation
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83 Instagram post by Flex Lewis™ • Jan 19, 2018 at 4:25am UTC
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