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New Chest training ideas

Chest growth is the intention, here is teh way!

CCC: 5 Weeks Out

Getting into the wraps!

The final 'Logan' trailer is here, and oh man, is it violent

Hugh Jackman makes sure his (likely) Wolverine send-off is a good one—and just wait till you’ve seen the red band version of the trailer.

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CLA by Foundation Series - Lowest Price on CLA!

Here at, our goal is to help people like you meet your health, fitness and appearance goals through information, motivation and supplementation. We want you to have every possible tool at your disposal, so we constantly add more articles, videos, workouts, diet plans and transformation stories to our website. We've also developed a full line of our own nutritional supplements that—when combined with the right workout and nutrition program—will help you reach your goals. All products have been formulated to the highest standards with high-quality, effective ingredients that produce real results. If you aren't completely satisfied with any product, return it any time for a full refund.

Get Strong: Follow This Program To Maximize Strength Gains

If you want to focus on strength instead of size, it's time to rethink your workouts. Here's are 8 guidelines and a solid program to help you build all-over strength.

Body-Part Splits Are Dead | T Nation

Lifting weights is a skill, a skill that only gets better with practice. Ask any world-class pianist, ballerina, or artist, and they would agree: You can't just show up once a week and expect to perfect your craft. Yet by working each muscle only once a week, as with a body-part split, that's exactly what you're doing. On the flip side, by increasing frequency, you give yourself more opportunities to practice.

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Push-Ups for Real Strength | T Nation

This part is easy. Just keep the lower body tight. Sure, you can squeeze the glutes and flex the quads, but you don't need to go full-blown high-threshold when you're doing a standard push-up. Instead, find a normal amount of tension for the task at hand. Save all those high-tension strategies for when you're doing those single-arm, blindfolded push-ups on a medicine ball.

Tip: A Better Way to Build Pecs | T Nation

One way to do that is to raise the resistance curve at the point where it starts to decline so that the muscles are at a disadvantage for a longer period of time. This is where accommodating resistance comes into play, like using bands to increase the resistance where it normally would descend.

Tip: The Bodysaw for Real Core Strength | T Nation

Go back only as far as you can handle while still maintaining your original spine position. If you start to arch excessively and/or feel them in your lower back, you've gone too far. They're a lot tougher than they look, so it probably won't take much range of motion to feel them working.

Your 3 Biggest Flaxseed Questions Answered

Flaxseed can be purchased in it's natural whole-seed form or as a ground option (also called flax meal). Whole seeds have a shiny coat on the outside that can keep their nutritional goodness sealed inside all the way through your digestive system. Grinding them up into a powder will free up the nutrients and allow your body to absorb them. A coffee or spice grinder will do the trick, so you can put it to use right away.

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Broke Man's Guide to Muscle-Building Groceries

Do you truly use all the food you buy? You probably don't. Before stepping out of the house to buy more food, take an inventory of what you already have. Condiments, spices, frozen and canned food items should be on at that inventory list; this can easily slash your weekly food bill. Next on the list should be leftovers. Last night’s dinner can be today’s lunch, freeze it and it could be next week's lunch too. If you’re one to toss food after a meal, then you are that average American who’s a national statistic. That stat: 28 to 43 dollars of about 20 pounds of food a month gets tossed. So lesson learned here, learn to love your leftovers.

Tip: The Plank for Strong People | T Nation

Most T Nation coaches agree that the standard plank doesn't do much for you once you can hold it for 30 or 40 seconds. But here's a way to ramp it up.

Train Like A Titan With Mike O’Hearn

Thanks for signing up. You'll get an email when my Fitplan launches on January 29. Looking forward to training together!

The Rock flips off Kevin Hart at the People’s Choice Awards

Dwayne Johnson might be slick, but not slick enough to avoid getting caught giving the famous comedian the one finger salute.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Part 2! Bodybuilding, Investing, and Online Battles

This podcast is brought to you by Wealthfront. Wealthfront is a massively disruptive (in a good way) set-it-and-forget-it investing service, led by technologists from places like Apple and world-famous investors. It has exploded in popularity in the last two years and now has more than $2.5B under management. In fact, some of my good investor friends in Silicon Valley have millions of their own money in Wealthfront. Why? Because you can get services previously limited to the ultra-wealthy and only pay pennies on the dollar for them, and it’s all through smarter software instead of retail locations and bloated sales teams.

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New Year, New You 2017

New Year's has a way of getting you amped up to make some serious health and fitness changes while simultaneously bog you down with the pressure to fulfill such resolutions. You're intimidated, a little confused, and probably reeling from weeks of holiday party binging.

The Winter Bulk Up: How to gain muscle in 4 weeks

3. The Bulk Up plan revolves around "straight sets" versus the use of "super-sets" or "tri-sets". Once you complete a set of an exercise you will rest, then repeat for the prescribed number of sets that follow. This is another strategy to allow for ample recovery. The only time "tri-sets" will be used are for short ab/core workouts at the end.

5 things every guy should know about weight loss

I do not suggest intermittent fasting to people whose diet is not based on whole foods. In my experience, someone who is not in optimal health often has a sluggish metabolism. If the metabolism is sluggish, spacing all your meals into a six- to nine-hour window will not make the body burn fuel and fat optimally, thus slowing fat burning and decreasing energy. You may lose weight and even sometimes feel more energetic for a week or so, but at the price of wasting muscle. In fat-loss terms, breaking down muscle often leads to long-term failure. I recommend first building a strong foundation, then trying some quick results—stuff like intermittent fasting if you really want to.

GAT PMP at - Best Prices on PMP!

Warnings: Consult your health care professional before use. This product is strictly intended for use by healthy persons 18 years of age or older. Each serving (1 scoop) contains 325 mg of caffeine. Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing or trying to become pregnant. Do not use if you are currently unaware of your health status or if you have a medical condition. Do not use if you are taking prescription or non-prescription medication of any kind. Do not use if you are prone to overheating or dehydration. Discontinue at least 2 weeks prior to surgery or if you experience rapid heartbeat, dizziness, severe headache or shortness of breath. This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN

The Popular Squat Tip You Need To Ditch Now!

One of the most popular squat cues could be exactly the thing that's getting you hurt! Here's the real story about how to squat safely.

Tip: 2 Weight Belt Mistakes | T Nation

Top deadlifters know how to use a belt to stay safer and lift heavier. Here are two common mistakes to avoid.

Tip: Make Pullovers More Effective | T Nation

But if you don't have access to antique strength training equipment, then the dumbbell pullover is a solid alternative. Problem is, once the dumbbell crosses over your face there's basically zero resistance in the movement. Here's how to solve that problem.

01-19-2017 - Don't squat until you do THIS!

Don't squat until you do THIS! Sent Thursday, January 19, 2017 View as plaintext

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Don't miss the latest @tferriss show with @Schwarzenegger taking questions from Tim's fans on everything from investments to clean energy. …


Shawn Ray Interviews Samir Bannout on Saturday at the 2017 Fit Expo in Downtown Los Angeles.

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The only major awards show voted on entirely by the fans! Tune in for People's Choice Awards 2017 on Jan. 18 at 9/8c on CBS! #PCAs Snapchat: @peopleschoice

Sagittarius Horoscope for Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thursday, January 19, 2017 - Reality reins you in now and you probably won't like having your wings clipped if you recently took an issue too far. Although you can't fly freely today, retreating won't help the situation either. The stress from assertive Mars' dynamic square to repressive Saturn in your sign can be irritating, especially if you're itching for a little adventure. But it's not useful to blindly ignore the signs; instead, postpone any new activities until you address the current blockages. If you are persistent without forcing the issue, the resistance will play out on its own.

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Instagram photo by Mr. Olympia LLC • Jan 19, 2017 at 5:05am UTC

Instagram photo by Zach Even - Esh • Jan 19, 2017 at 2:09am UTC

Former UFC champion Anderson Silva: I want to fight ‘dwarf’ Conor McGregor

Even though Silva is 41, he sounds pretty confident that he would hold his own against the 28-year-old McGregor. “The Notorious” has been going back and forth in social media with boxer Floyd Mayweather about a potential bout—even UFC president Dana White has gotten involved—but that’s looking very unlikely at this point.

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Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner look sporty heading into Madison Square Garden

Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner are seen heading to Madison Square Garden to see ASAP Rocky. Kendall goes sporty wearing a graphic tee layered over a fishnet turtleneck paired with sweatpants, white sneakers, and a gold puffer jacket. Bella is wearing Gucci pants and a cropped hippie paired with white sneakers and a sporty jacket.

25 Ways to Get Stronger Now

If you can't lock out your elbows on the bench press, try setting the safety rails in a power rack at about your sticking point on the lift. Put roughly 100 pounds more than your one-rep maximum weight on the bar and then try to press it — naturally, you won't be able to move the bar but try hard anyway for six to 10 seconds. Do four to six reps, resting a few seconds in between, and then lighten the load to the weight you usually have trouble locking out. Your central nervous system should now be sufficiently fired up for you to lift it.

Instagram photo by Zach Even - Esh • Jan 20, 2017 at 2:48am UTC

10 Tips For Endurance Training

Just buying a workout shoe you found on the sale rack at your local sporting goods store is not always the best option. You need to find a shoe that fits your foot correctly and that is right for your respective endurance sport. Instead, find a store that has someone who can help you get set up with the right shoe. Depending on your training level, you may need anything from a minimalist shoe to a stability shoe. In order to optimize performance, make sure the shoe fits you.

The 20 fittest foods

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Salmon is also an excellent source of protein. A three-ounce cooked serving contains 20 grams-making it ideal for building muscle and trimming fat. Besides helping stimulate your metabolism three to four times more than carbs or fat, protein is the absolute best food for helping fill you up, so you take in fewer calories and burn more. And that's what being a fit food is all about.

Rows vs. Pulldowns

Starting most of your back workouts with rows will help you place more overload on the lats (resulting in increased muscle size). Although the Canadian study used the seated cable row, we suggest that you use the barbell or dumbbell row at the beginning of your workouts when you are strongest and include other versions of rows later in the workout. You should also do a variety of pulldowns and/or pullups and, occasionally, start your back workouts with pulldowns or pullups. If you can’t do more than 10 pullups, do them first in the workout (before you’re fatigued), so that you’ll be able to complete an adequate number of reps for stimulating muscle growth. – FLEX

Really, Old-School Bodybuilder Turns 99 this Year

Joseph Maschio was a dedicated weightlifter at an early age. As you'll see from these classic photographs, Joseph built quite an impressive physique way back in the day (check out the car in the background of photo above), which earned him top honors in a variety of competitions. In 1944 he was named Mr. Brooklyn and won Best Arms and Best Back during that same year. The avid lifter even recalls being sponsored by non other than Joe Weider during his prominence in the sport of bodybuilding. Even during his duties in the military at the onset of WWII, Maschio found the means to maintain his chiseled physique.

3 workout finishers that'll push your program to the next level

You’re drenched with sweat, you’re starving, and your muscles ache all over, but the blood’s still pumping and you know you’ve got a bit left in the tank. You also know that whether you’re lifting, running, cycling, or doing CrossFit, that last bit of effort you put into any workout program can really push it to the next level—it’s what separates a six-pack from, you know, a six-pack . So make your training really count using these proven workout finishers, customized for every fitness goal.

Four Keys to Gaining Quality Mass

GH spares the body from tearing down its own muscle tissue for energy during training. The net effect: if you tear down less tissue, it’s easier to work the other way and build up more tissue. You can’t underestimate the impact nitric oxide boosters (i.e., arginine supplements) have on GH levels. Put in the simplest terms, arginine is a noted GH releaser, and the more GH you can release, the more you’ll grow. – FLEX

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Will Star in Solo ‘Black Adam’ Superhero Film

The highest-paid actor in the world is set to join the DC movie universe in a standalone movie, according to a new report from The Hollywood Reporter. Is a battle with Batman and Superman next?

Instagram photo by Ronnie Coleman • Jan 20, 2017 at 12:18am UTC

How to Build the Perfect Program

Lie down on a bench, reach over your head, and grab hold of the bench with your elbows pointing up. Raise your legs so that your thighs are perpendicular to the floor and your shins are parallel, creating a 90-degree angle at your hips and knees. Press your lower back flat into the bench and don’t let it arch at all for the entire exercise. While keeping your back flat, extend your legs out straight. Slowly bring your legs back in to the starting position and then continue to roll your hips off of the bench one vertebrae at a time. Slowly lower your hips with control. Perform 10 full reps, then another 10 with just the hip-roll up and down but not the leg extension.

5 satisfying beef, pork, and lamb tenderloin recipes that'll fuel your muscles

Cooking for yourself, a date, or a party? Sink your teeth into these simple, satisfying tenderloin meals. Juicy, lean, and loaded with protein, the following 5 recipes—provided by Lindsay Brown—have 40g of protein or more to help you satisfy hunger and fuel muscles.

Randy Orton Reacts To Altercation With WWE Fan

This picture was taken moments before WWE Superstar Randy Orton had an altercation with a fan at a local gym before this past Monday’s Smackdown event in Jonesboro, Arkansas, home of Arkansas State University. The fan (Anthony Martin), an adult male who was clearly enraged by the incident, gave his side of the story to the Northeast Arkansas Report.

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How to make Steak Diane

Flambé is a dish-finishing technique where a chef ignites high-proof alcohol to add a final flash of heat to a dish. A good rule of thumb is don’t light the dish over an open flame. Move the dish to an unused burner or remove it from the heat altogether before using a long stick or stove lighter to ignite a spirit. The technique will work with anything in the 80-100 proof range. For Steak Diane, the finishing spirit is brandy or cognac, and about ¼ cup is added to a pan sauce served alongside filet mignon.

Randy Orton absolutely blew up at a WWE fan who took his picture in the gym

Former WWE and WCW superstar Lance Storm also weighed in on Orton's run-in, defending his fellow wrestling star and arguing that the fan's behavior was "ignorant gym etiquette and straight up rude."

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