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Paul Potts sings Nessun Dorma

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Alyssa: High School Dropout - Friday I Wake Up Call I TNT

Dwayne “The Rock Johnson” and teen expert Josh Shipp must cut through the tension in this caustic mother-daughter relationship. But first, they challenge you...

BioLayne Video Log 32 - Understanding What 'Toxic' Really Means

The word 'toxic', 'toxins', and 'toxicity' get thrown around a lot in the fitness industry. But what makes something toxic? In this video log we discuss toxi...

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, January 2, 2015

Saturday, January 3, 2015 - You are driven to succeed today, but it's helpful to acknowledge that honoring your core values is more important than achieving material satisfaction. You might reconsider a recent decision and want to modify your behavior, but this sudden turn can be complicated if you're already in motion. You didn't get to this point overnight, and you won't be able to change direction in a moment's notice, either. Fortunately, there's no need to panic, so take your time and carefully map out your strategy. You still need a song in mind if you want to march to your own drummer.


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7 Ways to Make Your Biceps Workout Harder

“Volume, reps, intensity, weights, hand position , and the types of resistance you're using are all areas that require attention,” says Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute Expert Adam Friedman, CSCS, CN. “There are a bunch of ways you can do that, including moving from free weight to machine, or machine to cable.”

3 Rules You Have to Break to Make Gains

There’s a reason skinny punks call lifters “meatheads” and why some of the dumbest guys in your gym are also the biggest: building muscle ain’t that complicated . Sure, there’s a science to it, but hard work and consistency will take you further than any one program, diet, or exercise can. In an effort to sell more products, the fitness industry has tried to convince you that you need to follow certain rules in order to get big and strong and lean, making the process of transforming your body far more complex, arduous (and, consequently, much less fun) than it has to be.

The 30 Best Abs Exercises of All Time

Everyone is different; some may get abs from soley working the belly to exhaustion while others may get their abs to pop without a single situp. But to train the core effectively, it comes down to the three planes of motion: frontal, sagittal, and transerve. Doing abs exercises in a circuit style keeps the intensity high and will likely lead to more fat loss.

The No Squat Leg Workout

After completing the workout, do full body static stretching, spending 1-2 minutes on each bodypart with extra time spent on trouble areas like tight hips and upper back. If possible, drink a protein shake with simple carbs at this time too, if not shortly after, to promote proper muscle recovery.

6 Things You Should Know About Creatine

The jury has been in on creatine for a while — it works. Here's what you should know about this muscle building supplement.

101 Ways to Burn Belly Fat Fast

The average man's body houses 43.2 pounds of fat. And at any one moment, that number is either increasing or decreasing—it's never stagnant. Spend more of each day burning fat than you do storing it, and over time, you'll bury your belly forever. Sound simple? It is. You see, there's no single secret formula for losing fat. In fact, find 100 successful losers and they'll give you 100 different ways to win the battle of the bulge. But we did them one better. On the following pages, you'll find 101 tips designed to help you lose your love handles, bust your gut, and define your abs . Simply incorporate three or four into your life every day, and you'll finish off your fat easier and faster than you ever imagined possible.

A WOD with the Champ

We've got some brave editors here at Men's Fitness. Not always smart, but certainly brave. I am one of them. So I'll take the credit—or blame—for volunteering to jump in a CrossFit WOD (Workout of the Day) with 2014 CrossFit Games women's champion Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet. At 5'2", 125 pounds, the 25 year-old Canadian-born athlete has earned the title "Fittest Women on Earth" with her incredible strength and gymnastic ability. CBL, who works out twice-a-day, three times a week, earned her first CrossFit title last August at CrossFit Games in Carson, Calif. She did all that while still completing her degree in chemical engineering.

How to Lose Your Gut in 10 Days

A headline like that screams, “bullshit”, but truth be told, it’s actually quite possible to do some serious damage. The key to success will be in the details, and you’ll need to follow them meticulously. But don’t stress, this is a short-lived emergency shred, not a long-term lifestyle plan. Party, vacation, we’ve got you covered.

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The 6 Most Brutal CrossFit WODs

A CrossFit staple, the Filthy 50 is a brutal series of taxing exercises that’s likely to seem endless if you’ve never done it before. The circuit includes 50 reps of 10 different exercises, all done as quickly as possible. Do 50 box jumps with a 24-inch box, 50 jumping pullups, 50 kettlebell swings, 50 walking lunge steps, 50 knees to elbows, 50 reps of push press with 45 pounds, 50 back extensions, 50 wallballs using a 20-pound ball, 50 burpees (dropping all the way to the floor), 50 double-unders.

4 Things You Should Always Have in Your Gym Bag

In most commercial gyms this stuff is banned, and for good reason. It gets everywhere. However, chalk can help improve your grip to the bar. When we workout our hands can get moist from sweat. That little bit of moisture can cause you to lose your grip on the barbell or dumbbell. Less grip means less muscle activation. The advantage to using chalk is that it protects your hands from cuts and burns when gripping the barbell. Chalk also dries up the sweat on your hands giving you a better grip. If you decide to use chalk make sure you wipe off the equipment after using. Have proper gym etiquette when using chalk.

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The Renaissance Diet

Dr. Israetel, Dr. Case and Dr. Hoffman not only have PhDs and are actively serving as professors and researchers, they are also high level competitors and coaches in powerlifting, bodybuilding, rugby, and combat sports. This combination of scientific knowledge and practical experience is the best in helping you achieve your goals.

15 Exercises to Remove from Your Routine

WHY: The combination of spinal rotation and the fixed position of your hips leads to a position where you’re applying too much rotational force to the spine, which can create a disk injury. Oblique exercises that keep the spine stable and allow for the opening/rotation of the hips will help get rid of love handles safely.

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"Avoid labels that make you a victim. Perceived helplessness will keep you fat." Article: …

Safety Bar Squats for Jacked Quads

Basically, you get the advantage of continuous tension on the muscle throughout the entire range of motion like a cable offers, but while squatting! Compounded by the fact that one needn’t use their hands to hold the bar on the shoulders eliminates wrist, shoulder and elbow discomfort, and that’s a good thing. The pad on the safety bar ads an element of comfort; heavy squatting is not about comfort, but it certainly doesn’t take away from the experience. Because you can use your hands to regulate body position, your posture under the bar can be adapted to suit your leverages so that you can literally “tailor” your squatting style to afford maximum overload.


Organic, pasture-raised meat, on the other hand, is more nutritious and doesn’t come with a high toxic load. Organic beef, chicken, goat , and pork all consistently have a higher concentration of omega-3 fats compared to grain-fed animals. For example, grass-fed beef provides a more favorable omega-6 to omega-3 fat ratio between 1.4 and 2.75.

7 Surprising Sugar Bombs

So you think steering clear of soda and candy keeps your sugar intake down? Beware of these seven sneaky sources of the sweet stuff.

Men's Fitness

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10 Ways to Lose Muscle

Yes, extra calories can mean extra belly fat, but if you’re lifting consistently and correctly, most of what you’re taking in should be converted to muscle. The truth is your muscles will never grow without a surplus of calories. For a lean guy looking to put on muscle mass, 2,000 calories a day won’t cut it. In fact, this kind of restricted diet is actually the ideal recipe for losing muscle tis- sue and sparing fat, as it causes the body to shift into starvation mode and shed calorie-consuming muscle. It also makes you store fat for emergency energy. And the less protein you eat, the less of a chance you give your muscles to recover after a workout.

12 Ways to Build Muscle with Your Diet

The following compilation of sound nutritional tips is for those who already know the difference between carbs, fat and protein and who are looking for a dietary edge that will help them to maximize their muscle gains. That, we're guessing, is you.

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

Seven-Minute Wonders: Fast Muscle Meals

It can be hard enough to get to the gym after a long day at work, never mind banging around pots and pans in the kitchen to cook a healthy meal from scratch. You’ve probably experimented with cooking all or most of your meals for the week on Sunday, and storing everything in resealable plastic containers until you’re ready to eat. This is a fine solution but too often yields mixed results: Grilled chicken and steak store in the fridge well enough, but the moment the recipe gets any more complicated than plain meat, a once-tasty dish can morph into an inedible disaster.

10 Whiskeys Every Man Should Know

Everyone is drinking whiskey these days, but not everyone seems to know what it is. Most of us know that Scotch is, indeed, a whiskey. And some of us know that bourbon doesn’t have to be made in Kentucky. Beyond that, there’s confusion. What used to be made by a few mist-wrapped distilleries in Scotland and Kentucky is now made all over the world, from Taiwan to San Diego; what used to be distilled from a few familiar grains is now made with everything from amaranth to quinoa. Don’t let the diversity scare you: If you want to become a whiskey master, start with these basics.

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Five Foods to Eliminate from Breakfast

Whether you have time for a home-cooked breakfast or you're grabbing something on the go, you want to choose foods that keep your energy up and excess weight off. Here are five foods to eliminate from breakfast—and ban from your pantry altogether. 

Pullups: The King of Back Development

An easy way to begin to add these to your regimen is the Pyramid Method.  To do this you pick a top number, for a beginner it may be ten. You start by doing one pull-up, then rest 30 seconds, then do 2 pullups, then rest 30 seconds, then do 3 pullups, and so on until you get to ten, then you start heading back down the pyramid by doing 9, then 8, etc. until you are back down to 1.

Kissing Helps Boost Your Immune System

Turns out your 5-year-old self was right all along: Girls do have cooties. But so do you. And for every 10 seconds you spend kissing, you pass along 80 million bacteria.

Rip it Good

There are many different types of “fat burner” supplements on the market, but perhaps the most popular and effective category is thermogenics. Thermogenics work by boosting the body’s metabolism. That is, you burn more calories during a given activity, even if you’re just sitting on your butt watching Pumping Iron again. Most products achieve this effect by increasing norepinephrine (a neurotransmitter that the nervous system releases; it is basically a form of adrenaline). Synephrine is one supplement that raises norepinephrine. Try doses of five to 20 milligrams (mg), from a standardized Citrus aurantium extract, once or twice daily for amaximum of 40 mg per day.

4 Best Exercises for Stronger Hamstrings

The reason many sprinters injure themselves is because of their hamstrings’ poor ability to decelerate the lower leg to stop it from extending. Exercises that focus on the eccentric strength of the hamstrings are a crucial strength tool. The best news is that you can achieve this using bodyweight only. Assume a tall kneeling position, with your heels secured under anything immovable. Without bending forward at the waist, contract your hamstrings and dig in hard with your heels as you slowly let your body descend toward the floor for a 5-8 second negative rep. You should land gently on the ground in a push up position. At this point, push yourself back up to the start position using your hands to help, and repeat. Focus on no more than 6 reps.

I Am Not a Weight Lifter

It’s equally impossible to nail him down on a general chest workout, since the exercises, the order in which they’re performed, and the number of reps and sets is constantly changing. Maybe he can tell you what he did in his last chest workout; there aren’t a lot of straight answers with Greene. Most of the explanation is going to be about his mental state and how he hopes other weight trainers are thinking and little to none of the usual nuts-and-bolts, three-sets-of-10 palaver.

The Pros of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are a group of compounds that “fight” free radicals, which are harmful to the immune system and other physiological functions. Several different substances are grouped together and categorized as antioxidants. Some of the most well known include beta carotene (closely related to vitamin A), vitamin C and vitamin E. In addition, several minerals, including copper, magnesium, selenium and zinc, also function in an antioxidant role. Many bodybuilders use antioxidants for their potential to enhance recovery from training or other athletic endeavors.

Get Yoked with the Yoke

You will grow, plain and simple. Remember, big compound movements that use the largest amount of muscle cause the greatest muscle gains and fat loss; the yoke epitomizes this type of movement. Furthermore, heavy yoke training will make heavy squats lighter, increase core strength and stability and add an exciting, new element to your training routine. Time to get yolked with the yoke!

50 Ways to Boost Your Energy

What do booze, an aching back , and a bad mood have in common? They all suck away your energy. But you can fight back. We mined hundreds of specific studies and interviewed dozens of experts to compile 50 of the very best tips to rev your engines—right now!

The Get Lean for Life Diet

When you eat healthy foods, you don’t have to worry much about calories. In fact, in the early stages of your diet, we suggest you don’t focus on calories at all—it will only make you hate the process. Still, you need some measure of what you’re taking in so you don’t overeat—or undereat, which can slow your metabolism.  You must estimate your portion sizes, which you can do with a wave of your hand. A three ounce serving of lean meat (your main source of protein on this plan) is about the size of your palm. A cup of starchy carbs, such as from potatoes or rice, is the size of your clenched fist, while a serving of fruit is one whole piece or one cup. A tablespoon of healthy fats from oils like olive or coconut is roughly the area of your thumbnail, and a serving of nuts or seeds amounts to a handful. Aim for about 10 total servings of protein .

Ronnie's Monster Weights

Yes, but only as a consequence of other factors — not as a goal in themselves. Everyone else seems to know more than I do about the specific pounds I’m lifting; that’s because my mind is elsewhere. I’m aware of all the talk about my 200-pound curls and my 800-pound squats and deadlifts, but those are only temporary numbers. The weights increase as my muscle mass increases; they don’t precede it.


爺さんだと思って舐めすぎてると酷い目に合うことも...。お爺ちゃんとボクシングの手合わせに挑んだ男が迎えた顛末が悲惨すぎるとネット上で話題となっている。 リングに意気揚々と入ってきたお爺ちゃん、相手の男は一回りも小さい老人に油断しまくりで、ヘラヘラしながらスパーリングに臨んでいる。しかしこの爺ちゃんタダモノじゃなかった。電光石火のパンチを繰り出す姿はもはや殺人マシーン。強烈なパンチを次々と繰り出し、男はたまらずダウン...結構大振りなんだけど、とにかくパンチが速い。 【動画】 スパーリングを始めて40秒でお手上げ状態の男、完敗でした。

6 Foods That Could Be Giving You Acne

Though clinical studies relate that food and acne do not have a significant correlation, more and more dermatologists are beginning to recognize that the cleaner diet you have, the clearer your skin will be. Along with drinking plenty of water, diets high in fruits vegetables provide your body with the vitamins that are crucial in the development of an acne-free face. On the other hand, foods high in fat and sugar can mess with your complexion. Cut the following items out of your diet in order to keep zits at bay.

Strong and Lean in 2015: What to Know About the Program

Strong and Lean in 2015: What to Know About the Program

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Burn It: Score the Cheapest Airline Ticket Possible

Airline ticket prices are governed by supercomputers employing algorithms that take advantage of dynamic pricing, which means that costs are never fixed. Instead, they rise and fall in response to demand and a host of other factors. Believe it or not, the very same seat on a given flight is typically offered at around 20 different prices. On average, 92% of passengers snag their ticket at some type of discount, although rarely the same one. Why? Apparently this is the best way to maximize profit in a bankruptcy-prone industry where every cent matters—but that’s another column.

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Nutrient Timing


The Rock Ends 2014 Working Hard in the Gym

One mantra often quoted by The Rock is the goal to always strive to be the hardest working guy in the room. Looks like he is practicing what he preaches again this New Year’s Eve. While most of us might be trying to wrap things up to get away and celebrate the arrival of 2015, Dwayne Johnson is down at the gym clanging and banging.

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Jim Wendler. 5/3/1. Biotest. 'Nuf said. …

4 Easy Healthy Winter Recipes -

When winter rolls around, I like to warm up by making hearty meals. Although it's tempting to use heavy cream, lots of butter, and all the pasta I can, it's just not conducive to my healthy lifestyle or fitness goals. So, I came up with these healthier versions of yummy winter dishes to satisfy my need for comfort food without also delivering a giant dose of calories.

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