Ed Coan Seminars and THAT Federation Video Description

This isn't about leaving the IPF or not competing there. Everyone gets that. This is about a governing sports federation making a very public statement about an individual conducting a seminar not related to the IPF in any way, and as I read it, noted it was a non-IPF event. This statement named Ed by name and brought up his lifetime ban 30 years after the fact. This hurts the speaker's credibility and can be seen as an attempt to make these events fail. These seminars were not targeted to any specific federation lifters and if they were it was the WPC not IPF lifters. Meanwhile the IPF throws this out why? Because their lifters don't know the rules? Or to take another shot at Ed and destroy a seminar business he's been busting his ass to build? People bitch online about fake Internet coaches and here is the real deal and the IPF is trying to take him out and destroy his business. If I did this to any former employee of mine my ass would be sued quicker than shit and I'd lose. Why does a sports federation not have to abide by the same rules as any small business or corporation? Is it right that they get to play by a different set of rules? My point is that this isn't just about not lifting in the IPF or Seminars - not at all.

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