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I prefer powder form, while taking BPI Sports Best BCAA I noticed I was feeling “fresher” While taking BPI Sports Best BCAA I noticed I was feeling “fresher” between one workout and the next, and it also made the muscle soreness go away faster which is always a plus, I used this product once a day directly during my workout and opted not to take it during non-training days. I consumed 5g of BCAA, but make sure you add enough water as i found that unless you fill your bottle or shaker (700ml) the taste would be too strong and sugary! To add that i would add 2 capsules of Gutamine and 5g of creatine Mono. Midweek i train in the morning and sometimes use Grenades as a fat burner and pre workout as i train before work and i am up at 5am. BPI’s BCAA Should Be Taken To: Nourish your muscles & Support Lean mass While Dieting to Burn More Calories Intra Workout to Fuel Endurance and Jump Start Repair Post Workout to Quickly Infuse BCAAs I found this product didn't bloat, keeps me going through a workout, tastes good, refreshing, does shoot through me in terms of needing to pee, but its the best Amino Acid supplements i have tried and since continued to buy and utilise. I do feel it aids recovery and does what it needs too. Its easy to mix, easy to drink. Great supplement and brand to use alongside your training programme and diet. I read the body starts to cannibalize quite quickly and this product certainly prevents this.

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