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Bikini International Prejuding

Bikini prejudging comparisons and call outs at the 2014 Bikini International in Columbus, Ohio.

Hyght Dumbbell Fly

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Are You Really Overtraining? (Or Just A Little Sore) - Born Fitness

If you’re concerned that you’re not recovering correctly, test your heart rate again. If your resting heart rate is significantly elevated, there’s a good chance you’re pushing too hard and need a break. Or, you can try HRV (such as the product by BioForce), which assesses your heart rate variability and provides biofeedback on your stress levels and recovery. It can indicate what days are best to push hard or back off. It’s new technology that makes it much easier to “listen to your body.”

Sagittarius Horoscope for Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 - Hopefully, the relationship work you have recently done begins to pay off, even if your partner or companion hasn't yet noticed the difference in your behavior. It's easy to get discouraged today waiting for recognition, especially if others appear to have an easier time than you in the romance department. Don't let your impatience spoil the positive changes that are right around the next corner. Your good intentions and a solid commitment to authenticity are enough to keep you on the right path.

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'Brought the thunder down'! Gary Sinise SLAMS Howard Dean over 'American Sniper' remarks

To Howard Dean, I saw American Sniper and would not consider myself to be an angry person. You certainly have a right to make stupid blanket statements, suggesting that all people who see this film are angry, but how is that helpful sir? Do you also suggest that everyone at Warner Brothers is angry because they released the film? That Clint Eastwood, Jason Hall, Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller and the rest of the cast and crew are angry because they made the film? Chris Kyle’s story deserved to be told. It tells a story of the stress that multiple deployments have on one military family, a family representative of thousands of military families. It helps to communicate the toll that the war on terror has taken on our defenders. Defenders and families who need our support. I will admit that perhaps somewhere among the masses of people who are going to see the film there may be a few that might have some anger or have been angry at some point in their lives, but, with all due respect, what the hell are you talking about?

5 Exercises to Work Your Abs to Exhaustion

Looking to push past the standard crunch? Skip the sit-ups and sculpt your stomach with these super tough exercises.

3 Reasons You're Not Ripped

But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do isolation exercises. Calf raises, concentration curls and dumbbell kickbacks will always have their place in bringing out the finer points of a physique, but they’re not what’s going to make you shredded. Compound (multi-joint) movements need to be the foundation of your program, since they’re the exercises that will build the most muscle, and hence keep your metabolism revving.

Two Supersets to Six-Pack Abs

Sets – 5 Reps – Hold 30 sec. Plank it up: The plank may not be as alluring as dragon flags or inverted situps, but it holds value beyond the gym’s flavor of the week or your favorite Rocky training montage. Because planks increase positional strength along your transverse abdominis, they condition your abs to hold closer to your spine at rest. This will leave you with a flatter stomach and, probably, a few pairs of saggy jeans to chuck into the Goodwill bag. By supersetting this with the ab wheel for 30 seconds at a time, your transverse abs—the deep core muscles—get a double dose of gruesome but waistline-whittling work.

Go Back for Bigger Triceps

The most popular triceps exercises are skull crushers, pushdowns , and dumbbell kickbacks —all of which emphasize development of the lateral and medial heads of your tri’s. Those two form the outer part of the muscle, the area most visible when people look at you from the side. But the long head is equally important, and makes up a considerable portion of the upper arm. If yours is lacking, you can target it directly by moving your arms overhead—and that’s where the overhead cable extension comes in.

4 Best Exercises for Stronger Hamstrings

The reason many sprinters injure themselves is because of their hamstrings’ poor ability to decelerate the lower leg to stop it from extending. Exercises that focus on the eccentric strength of the hamstrings are a crucial strength tool. The best news is that you can achieve this using bodyweight only. Assume a tall kneeling position, with your heels secured under anything immovable. Without bending forward at the waist, contract your hamstrings and dig in hard with your heels as you slowly let your body descend toward the floor for a 5-8 second negative rep. You should land gently on the ground in a push up position. At this point, push yourself back up to the start position using your hands to help, and repeat. Focus on no more than 6 reps.

T NATION on Twitter

“ @T_Nation : Ladies, time to fill out those yoga pants with muscle. The exercises to do it: … ”

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Torch Fat with a Heavy Dose of Iron

Since we are focusing on burning body fat you want to keep reps in the medium to medium/high range, or about 10-12 for upper body exercises and 12-20 for the lower half. By doing so you will burn more calories, push out more lactic acid (which increases GH production), and stimulate the metabolism, while still giving your muscles a challenging enough workout to foster growth.

61 Ways to Fight Fat

How do I lose thee? Let me count the ways. We give you 61 (plus a few bonus tips for you dedicated online readers). Losing those last few inches, bringing out that six-pack or moving the slider to the left on the scale are among the hardest things for people to do — even you crafty gym veterans. But with this compilation of tips, unwanted bodyfat could be a thing of the past.

Joe Manganiello's Upper-Body Workout

At 32 total sets, it’s a lot of work—and, like the TV show that made Manganiello famous, it’s not for the squeamish. But it will put hair (or fur?) on your chest, as well as make it bigger. Perform the bench press as straight sets. For the paired exercises (marked “a” and “b”), do one set of “a,” rest, then one set of “b,” and repeat the pair until all sets are complete. Rest 60–90 seconds after every set in the workout.

Abs & Arms Supersets

Two of the main muscle groups that every guy in the gym wants to show off are the abs and arms, so the perfect solution is to annihilate both muscle groups in the same workout session. In this second installment of Abs & Arms, we give you two excellent superset exercises to shred your stomach and add size to your pipes. It's a fast way to knock out some targetted exercises for maximum results. Be sure to complete 3 sets, and 12-15 reps for each exercise. Lastly, try to limit your rest period to between 30-60 seconds. Now get supersetting for some killer abs and arms!

This Pup Swims Everyday To Visit His Friend. At 0.40 You'll Be Shocked To Find Out Who It Is - GodFruits

The last friend we thought this golden retriever would have is a dolphin! Somehow this unlikely pair has found common ground and become great pals.

How to Lose Your Gut in 10 Days

A headline like that screams, “bullshit”, but truth be told, it’s actually quite possible to do some serious damage. The key to success will be in the details, and you’ll need to follow them meticulously. But don’t stress, this is a short-lived emergency shred, not a long-term lifestyle plan. Party, vacation, we’ve got you covered.

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T NATION on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

A Man Goes On ‘Shark Tank’ and Gets His Life’s Work Ripped to Shreds. Now Watch Him Turn the Tables.

Farmer Gets His Life’s Work Ripped Apart By Investors. But What He Says Next Turns It All Around.

Top 10 Dangerous Kettlebell Mistakes

Before you grab a kettlebell, make sure you're not risking serious injury.

More Muscle in Less Time

In the dawn of the New Year, you’ve probably got your hands full realizing lots of  resolutions.  And while one of them may be to get in better shape, that doesn’t necessarily mean spending more time in the gym. If you’re busy and stressed and need all the free time you can get, or you’re just trying to establish the habit of working out and are tired of committing to a full gym schedule, this is the routine for you. It needs to be done only twice a week, and can be completed in well under an hour. As you’ll soon find out, that’s plenty of time to change your body.

Top 10 Workout Fails of All Time: Funny Video Clips

Fact: 98 percent of all amateur workout videos are recorded by guys in their underwear. Why? Who knows why anyone does anything? Why didn’t this guy stabilize this door with a couple of doorstops and some cinderblocks? He does understand how doors work, right? The basic function of a door is that it both opens and closes. It is not, by nature, a stable barrier. And that ladder—it’s designed to support weight vertically, not horizontally. This guy is a Darwin Award waiting to happen. But let’s not be too hard on him. Give it up to homeboy for trying to turn his room into a Gold’s Gym—hey, we were all 15 once—but there’s a way to do it where you don’t end up on your ass.

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Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

Dwayne Johnson on Twitter

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10 At-Home Workouts to Build Muscle in Under 20 Minutes

Designed by Los Angeles based personal trainers Ben Bruno and Anthony Yeung for getting fit from home fast, these time crunch workouts use bodyweight and dumbbells to get you ripped in your room. Build muscle in under 20 minutes with these 10 effective at-home workouts.

A Unilateral Approach to Muscle Mass

Is one of your arms stronger than the other? I am guessing the answer is yes. We all have strength imbalances from one side to the other. While doing bilateral exercises we can trick ourselves into thinking we are symmetrical; the stronger limb can pick up some of the slack of the weaker one. This is impossible to do with unilateral exercises, if one side is weaker the weight will not go up. With unilateral lifts we can attack our asymmetrical weaknesses.

5 Ways to Burn Body Fat Without Cardio

Use lighter weight than you normally would when lifting for strength or mass in traditional fashion. And don't go to failure on each set, as this causes too much fatigue and likely won't allow you to complete the circuit. Choose a weight that will leave you 2-3 reps short of failure. You'll be able to gain strength and size with this rep range once your endurance and cardiovascular fitness improve.

Muscle Man's Protein Pancakes Recipe

We all grew up on pancakes, but once we became more conscious of our physiques, we ditched them. Now’s the time, however, to bring this childhood favorite back to the breakfast table. These pancakes contain slow-digesting carbs, plenty of fiber, and a hefty dose of protein, making them diet-friendly and at the same time a good break- fast for those looking to bulk up cleanly.

Old School Muscle

As you work to give your extra 1% this year—whether that’s starting your journey to a better body or making a push to become better than ever—the first place you should look is the history books. Here are some of the best bodybuilding tips developed back in the day that today’s best fitness coaches think could use a refresh in the gym. Add these to your fitness plan—including a favorite technique  from Arnold —and the only thing that will be old is the body you used to have.

5 Essential Rules For an Effective Bulking Season

Nobody cares about abs when it’s cold out. They can’t be seen through your sweater—but your chest, shoulders, and arms can, which is why winter is the perfect time to go on a bulking program. Nevertheless, eating too much too fast can leave you with a lot of weight to lose come springtime. Follow these rules for an effective bulking season so you can get big while staying lean.

18 Easy Paleo Diet Recipes

With its attention to lean proteins and fresh produce, you don’t have to be on the full Paleo plan to reap the diet's rewards. Time to get cooking.

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Forskolin increases metabolism, burns fat and increases lean-body mass. Info:

Fitness Reborn: Faster Fat Loss

COLUMN: Renowned fitness author and journalist Adam Bornstein separates fact from fiction when it comes to interval training and provides a custom plan to get you burning fat with almost any activity.

Better Barbell Curls: Cheat to Win

Sometimes bending the rules is the only way to get what you want. Barbell curls done strictly should be the go-to exercise for anyone seeking bigger arms , but there comes a time when doing them with textbook form won’t be enough to bring new growth. By using a little momentum and the right technique, you can actually make your biceps work harder while making the exercise safer.

$200,000 Transformation Challenge Presented by Dymatize Nutrition and

You're putting in hours at the gym, but that's only half the equation: Big change starts with what you eat! Show us your fave meal of the day. Maybe it's your beastly breakfast, your smart snack, or your lean-and-mean lunch. Post a pic to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by February 1 for a crack at $200 in-store credit ! Tag your entry #200ktransform @dymatize @bodybuildingcom so we can see your entry. Good luck!

5 Sex-Position Tweaks to Help Give Her an Orgasm Tonight

You get a great view and women like this position because they’re in control of the speed of the thrusting and the angle. To make it even more intense, have her get on her knees while bending forward so she's leaning toward your face, and then she can move in and out of you nice and slow. “This will help your penis hit her G spot while allowing her to angle her clit on your shaft as she uses her arms to hold onto you for balance,” says Patricia Taylor, Ph.D., sex educator and author of the newly revised Expanded Orgasm . Starting off slow and increasing the speed is key because it helps her really get warmed up, and when she's really excited, her clit grows larger as it becomes engorged and the larger area of sensation increases her ability to orgasm. Plus this slightly shifted position allows her to move however she likes. “If you’re in the mood for experimenting, wear a vibrating cock ring to really increase the sensation,” Taylor says.

Motivation is Bullshit

I struggled to write these words because meant admitting something that isn’t supposed to be a problem for someone in my “position.” But if we don’t have honesty, then we don’t have anything at all.

17 Foods You'll Find in Any Fit Guy's Fridge

You’re no dummy—you know that processed food is a no-go, and that whole foods are essential. You understand that cereal every morning won’t build you a six-pack and pasta for dinner isn’t going to sustain any kind of muscle definition. But in case you tend to wander aimlessly up and down grocery store aisles, we’ve consulted a few experts to round up specific foods every fit guy should keep in his fridge.  Forecasting 2015: We Predict the Top 10 Nutrition Trends for the New Year >>>

Ultimate Chest Routine for More Size and Strength

Between each set, walk eight feet across your “cell”, keeping in the spirit that this routine evolved out of the penitentiary. The goal is to complete this sequence in less than 10 minutes. Perform the Juarez Valley at the end of this chest routine (below). It can be done for any number of reps, but we have a good knowledge of standards with the Juarez Valley 20. Only full range of motion counts.

LA Fit Expo 2015 -

This is your chance to pick up the best swag in the game, including T-shirts, samples of your favorite supps, and other free gifts. You'll also have a chance to meet your favorite TEAM athletes and grab an autograph. When you're done, see some of the top up-and-coming athletes at the 2015 BodySpace Spokesmodel Search competition—we'll be crowning our two newest winners during the Fit Expo!

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HSC classic wrist wraps 24"

Strength Shop Odin Wrist Wraps - 24" 3...

3 Ways to Build a Bigger Bench Press (Without Benching!)

Must See Strength Training Videos Coming Up Real Workouts: Paul Rabil Some things never change. Sundays will always be better with football, repeat episodes of Seinfeld will still be funny, and the Bench Press will always be the exercise that guys want to improve the most. Maybe it’s because pressing strength is slower to increase than the other big exercises like Rows, Squats and Deadlifts. Or maybe it's an expression of some sort of evolutionary gym trait. Whatever the reason, the bench is so popular that it’s become cliché to ask, “What’s your bench?” While many guys spend Monday (and Wednesday and sometimes Friday) pressing away, hoping to get stronger, it’s often the non-bench exercises that make the biggest difference in your strength gains.


Troubleshooting training can be hard to do on your own. That’s why we put together this list that identifies some of the most common but completely avoidable, mistakes people make when trying to put on muscle and get lean.

The Unique Health Benefits of Eight Different Nuts

But this isn’t a free pass to eat peanuts and pistachios by the bagful. “The key is portion size,” says Maureen Tarnus, M.S., R.D., executive director of the International Tree Nut Council Nutrition Research & Education Foundation. “The FDA-qualified health claim for nuts and heart disease recommends 1.5 ounces (about 1/3 cup) per day, and much of the research on nuts and diabetes, weight, and so on, has looked at that same amount.”

12 Outdoor Survival Skills Every Guy Should Master

Think fast: You’re stranded in the woods with darkness falling and no help in sight. Can you to get safety before the elements (or wild animals) get to you? Wilderness guru Creek Stewart checks in to help you determine if your outdoor skills are really

Ask The Muscle Prof: Transformation Check-In #1 - Google+

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