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Australian Pro | Tony Doherty and David Baye

Promoter of the Australian Pro, Tony Doherty, and Muscular Development's David Baye discuss the Australian Pro and the accompanying expo.

Beltless Squat Training w/

Chad Wesley Smith takes you set by set through his squat training as he works up to 710x3 beltless.

Australian Pro | Dana Linn Bailey & Rob Bailey

Muscular Development's David Baye catches up with Dana Linn Bailey and Rob Bailey at the expo of Tony Doherty's Australian Pro.

FD Butt Bible Volume 3 (Athlete)

IFBB Pro Jamie Pinder and Gordon Falcetti Train Back

IFBB Pro Jamie Pinder and Gordon Falcetti Train Back Mountain Dog Style

Becoming STRONG [Mind, Body, Spirit] - Subscribe for 3 FREE Training Courses: The Bodyweight Muscle Manifesto (Special Report), Bodyweight Bodybuilding Video &...

Arnold Classic | GEAR Booth Highlights

Check out the action from the GEAR Booth at the Arnold Sports Festival Expo.

St. Louis Pro | Preview with Dan Ray and Ann Titone

Muscular Development Photographer and IFBB Figure Pro Ann Titone and Dan Ray preview the IFBB St. Louis Pro Show. All St. Louis Pro content originally posted...

Jay Cutler trains calves and chest

Jay Cutler trains chest, calves, and makes an announcement! Watch the video to see what he says....

High-Cable Low Crossover

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New ingredient set to give caffeine a run for its money, supplier says

Titlow said the ingredient does not promote an anxious, jittery feel as caffeine can in some users.  The duration of action differs, too, and can be as much as six to eight hours with Teacrine.  Titlow also said that the data indicates that theacrine users do not become habituated to the ingredient as caffeine users do, so the dosage does not need to be increased over time to acheive the desired effect as is the case with caffeine.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 - Hopefully, the relationship work you have recently done begins to pay off, even if your partner or companion hasn't yet noticed the difference in your behavior. It's easy to get discouraged today waiting for recognition, especially if others appear to have an easier time than you in the romance department. Don't let your impatience spoil the positive changes that are right around the next corner. Your good intentions and a solid commitment to authenticity are enough to keep you on the right path.


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Ultimate Recovery Guide: 6 Keys to Recovery

You cannot, as many people think, “catch up on” sleep. The body doesn’t work that way. You need to get at least eight hours of sleep every night - 10 if you can. Consider it part of your workout, and schedule it just as you would a training session.

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Add an inch to your arms and build a solid upper body in 8 weeks with this chin-up plan: …

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Female lifters: Adjust your training around your hormone cycle for better progress -- …

Flip Your Grip for New Gains

The impact of the reverse grip depends on the muscle group being trained. Consider a recent study concerning the effect of hand-grip position on the activities of specific muscles during the lat pulldown. The outcome revealed that the traditional wide-grip pulldown to the front actually recruited more latissimus dorsi muscle fibers than the reverse-grip variation. However, this may be explained by the fact that a reverse grip puts the muscle under a far greater stretch. Hence, you wouldn’t make reverse-grip training the backbone of your workout, but you could use it as a substitute exercise or at the end of your workout - when you typically go a bit lighter and pump out the muscle.

6 Weightlifting Tips for Getting Jacked

Consuming a large amount of calories is a must if you want to pack on muscle mass for a larger, stronger, more powerful frame. However, food alone won't get you to the promised land. To achieve this sought-after balance of muscular harmony, you need to build quality muscle mass through a combination of diet and exercise.

Torch Fat with a Heavy Dose of Iron

Since we are focusing on burning body fat you want to keep reps in the medium to medium/high range, or about 10-12 for upper body exercises and 12-20 for the lower half. By doing so you will burn more calories, push out more lactic acid (which increases GH production), and stimulate the metabolism, while still giving your muscles a challenging enough workout to foster growth.

3 Ways to Torch Fat Without Traditional Cardio

The only feeling worse than realizing you’ve just inhaled two days’ worth of calories in one holiday meal is the panic that sinks in once you calculate what it’ll take to burn it all off. But don’t think jogging is the only way to go. While it’s true that raising your heart rate for prolonged periods increases calorie burn—which in turn promotes weight loss —there’s no set rule for how it has to be done.

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Need a new workout plan? Here are 92 different ones to choose from, all free:  #NoExcuses

10 Best Meatfree Muscle Builders

Incorporate alternative proteins, like seitan, sea vegetables, and chia seeds into your diet—our expert teaches you how.

5 Smarter Ways to Do Cardio

Many guys in the gym lack specificity within their cardio program. When it comes to lifting weights, they have detailed notes of sets, reps, personal records, and arm growth progressions. For cardio, they slough off the numbers and progressions in favor of 20-30 minutes at a moderate intensity. Your cardio training should be approached with the same precision and details as a well-executed weight training program. By paying closer attention to intensity levels and duration, gym-goers can reap the benefits of an intense session without wasting away their day slogging miles on the treadmill.

Pushing Past Muscle Failure

1) Cheat Reps - This is when you loosen up your form a bit and use some body english or momentum to complete a few more full repetitions. For example, if doing a set of barbell curls, when you reach the point where another strict rep is impossible, you begin to “swing” the weight up using a slight bend of the torso at the beginning of each rep, and perhaps lean back a bit to complete the rep. The point here is to use the LEAST amount of cheating possible to complete the rep. 2) Forced Reps - This is when you have a spotter help you complete one or more reps once you cannot complete any more on your own. For example, during a bench press, when you get stuck at the midway point in the range of motion your spotter will pull up on the bar just enough to allow you to complete the rep. Your spotter should apply the LEAST amount of pressure possible to help you finish the rep(s). 3) Negatives - This is when you have reached failure and a spotter helps you complete the positive portion of the next rep or reps (unlike a forced rep, the spotter helps you get the bar back to the top with you using the least amount of force possible) so that you can lower the bar as slowly and with as much control as possible.

Six Bodyweight Workouts That Actually Build Muscle

Pack on muscle to your frame with these low-impact routines.

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America's Hot Girls of the Gym: 3

ANGT (America's Next Great Trainer) presents the 3rd installment of America’s Hot Girls of the Gym. We hit gyms across America to catch some of the hottest, fitttest girls in action. In this 3rd series, we pick up where we left off by showcasing those fit and sexy ladies who have put their time in at the weightroom to build a rockin' physique. So check these hardbodies out and get inspired to build your own masterpiece in the gym.

60 Days to Fit: The Workout Plan

This plan is that better way and was formulated by one of the most respected individuals in the fitness industry, James Grage, co-founder and executive vice president of BPI Sports in Hollywood, FL. Grage isn’t just a successful businessman, he’s also a gym rat in the trenches who’s been pounding the iron for decades with a shredded physique to show for it.

Master Your Mid-Back Construction

Bend over at the waist so that your torso is basically parallel to the ground. Make sure there is a slight bend in the knees to take some pressure off the low back. Pick up a pair of light dumbbells and allow them to hang down in front of you. With your arms almost completely straight, raise your arms out to the sides in a path that is perpendicular to your torso. At the peak of the movement your elbows should be at shoulder height, and you should aggressively squeeze your middle back. This is not an exercise where heavy weight should be used, or form will be compromised. This movement can be performed seated, standing, lying face down on an incline bench, and on certain chest flye machines.

15 Minutes to Bigger Arms

It doesn’t take long to blast your arms and spark new gun growth. The below six exercises are to be performed as two separate giant sets (three exercises per giant set) repeated twice, which, according to my math (see below) will take you a mere 15 minutes. All the best mass-building moves for arms are included here—from chins to dips to close-grip bench. To maximize efficiency, set up all of the exercises/stations before you start the workout so you can transition quickly between them.

Shredded Abs in a Hurry

Getting ripped is, for lack of a better word, easy. It just takes time. Follow this three-step plan for shredded abs.

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

On Stands Now: The FLEX Magazine February 2015 Issue

Be sure to pick up your February 2015 issue of FLEX Magazine, on stands now! Here's a sneak peek of what we have waiting for you:

The 8 Best Things You Can Do For Your Metabolism

Metabolism is a fancy word for how your body regulates energy consumption. Someone with a higher metabolism burns more calories even at rest than someone with a lower metabolism, and can therefore get away with eating more food —even junk food. But a high metabolism isn’t a privilege reserved for a select few who were lucky enough to be born with it. You can raise yours and reap the benefits. Here are the 8 best things you can do.

6 Ways to Not Ruin Your First Marathon

The former 1996 Olympic marathoner and current New Balance running coach does not want the same to happen to you on your marathon debut. He’s offered this veteran advice to keep you from making a rookie mistake on race day.

Zach Even - Esh

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14 Boxer Briefs She Wants to See You Wear

Make your underwear something she’ll want to see. Better yet, make them something she’ll want to take off (she can appreciate them later). Here are the 14 boxer briefs she wants to see you in this year.

29 John Hansen - John Hansen's Photos | Facebook

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Dairy Protein Without the Stomach Ache

You may think that if you’re lactose intolerant, you just have to sacrifice the benefits of dairy. Yet there’s an alternative: Popping a couple of lactase enzyme supplements right before consuming dairy could help ensure that all the nutrients wind up in your muscles, not the toilet. Lactase enzymes have been shown in several clinical trials to effectively increase lactose digestion; these studies indicate that even subjects who are considered highly lactose intolerant can consume dairy products if they take enzyme supplements. When choosing a lactase enzyme supplement, look for a product standardized for Food Chemical Codex (FCC) lactase units. This signifies the product is produced according to FCC standards to break the bonds holding lactose together. Each person’s ability to digest lactose varies, so you have to experiment to find out how much supplemental lactase your body needs. If you consider yourself to be moderately lactose intolerant, start by taking 2,500–5,000 FCC units of lactase when consuming dairy-based protein supplements or foods. Those who are more sensitive to dairy should start with 10,000–20,000 FCC units.

Reap the Rewards of True Functional Training

Functional training has become popular because it is an important concept, and a recreational gym goer should be training with everyday activities in mind. It's just that the modalities commonly associated with functional training (bosu balls, battle ropes, etc.) are not functional. If you are around the fitness industry long enough you will see fads come and go. But the truly functional and effective exercises weather each one of these storms.

6 Steps to the Tire Flip for Strongman Training

4 Things Athletes Think (Or Don't Think) While Performing at Their Best

“As a recent athlete said to me, ‘thinking is horrible,’” Dr. Fader says. “In situations when people choke or when they are not performing at their best, it’s usually because they are overthinking.”

WWE Elects Arnold to Its Hall of Fame

Our executive editor will be inducted to the celebrity wing of WWE's Hall of Fame before Wresltemania.

Zero Belly, Zero Excuses

In an exclusive adaptation from his latest book, "Zero Belly Diet," MEN'S FITNESS Editorial Director David Zinczenko explains how to lose the spare tire, turn off your fat genes and stay lean for life.

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A Workout for Every Holiday Time Crunch

Sometimes, like during the holidays, it can be hard to schedule a typical 60-minute gym routine. Fortunately, you don’t have to—that is, not if you’re willing to go all out. Put these three workouts on your to-do list this month and prove to yourself just how little time you actually need to look like an athlete and perform at your very best.

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Ask The Muscle Prof: Transformation Check-In #1 - Google+

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Weights More Effective Than Cardio at Fending Off Stomach Fat

Weights More Effective Than Cardio at Fending Off Stomach Fat

Freakmode Volume Training: Train Like A Ripped Freak! -

#FREAKMODE volume training shocks your body into burning tons of fat and growing at the same time. Use it before a competition or add it to your training to stay ripped year-round.

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Our most popular diet plan, newly updated. Get the free ebook here:

The 11 Most Intimidating Foods and How to Prepare Them

What's to fear?  The slime factor of seeing people eat them raw. There’s also the whole ordeal of getting the damn things out of their shell. Get over it:  Always buy oysters the day you plan on serving them. There’s an old saying that you should buy oysters only during a month with the letter ‘R’ in it, because oysters spawn during the warm months, a process that takes a lot of energy and yields a tired, mushy mollusk. The key to shucking an oyster is having the right tool—an oyster knife with a short, stubby blade. Take the tip and push it into the hinge of the oyster shell (as opposed to the side that opens) because the shell is thicker there and is less inclined to crack. Separate the top and bottom halves, but make sure you don’t lose the flavorful liquid that’s inside. Use the curved part of the knife to separate the oyster from the shell. Serve fresh oysters over a pile of shaved ice.

6 Workouts For Chiseled Abs -

Great article, straight to the point and really provided a variety of exercises to help build a strong core! Loved to hear the emphasis on training your abs using weighted exercises and a lower rep range (8-12) in order to build those "bricks" in the Workout for Size section. Often times I feel people are mislead in their core training by doing rep after rep of a crunch thinking that the light at the end of the tunnel is a chiseled, deep-cut six-pack. Also, the different emphasis sections provide ways to target and bring up weak areas of your core.

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Getting just the right amount of EFAs within the context of your total fat intake is key to peak health. This article will start by giving you ten easy steps for optimizing your fat intake. Then it will discuss some of the issues you need to consider in relation to dietary fat and the EFAs.

6 days to go! Probiota 2015 unveils game-changing innovation in pre- & probiotics

Probiota 2015 in Amsterdam is less than a week a way - a rare place where business leaders and leading researchers gather to transfer knowledge and innovation in the dynamic field of prebiotics and probiotics. 

4 Ways to Break Hugh Jackman's Deadlift Personal Record

If you haven't heard by now, Hugh Jackman posted his personal record for the deadlift last Friday. Now you can't quite make out how much he's hoisting up, but it's certainly well-above the 405 for 5 reps that he posted back in October. Pretty damn impressive for the 46 year old star.

21 Things to Add to Your Home Gym in 2015

You probably have a few training products at home. Here are 21 more for reaching any fitness goal.

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