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What To Eat Before Your Morning Workout

Any low-fat source of protein is a great option. Examples: egg whites, chicken breast, and lean deli meat. However, you may prefer a faster-digesting protein source, such as a BCAA supplement or whey protein, to minimize any risk of stomach discomfort heading into your workout. The choice is yours, but choose a whey protein supplement in place of a BCAA supplement if you drink rather than eat this first meal.

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The Arm Alphabet

Class is in session. The subject is everyone’s favorite: arms. The teacher is Roelly Winklaar, fresh of a breakout year and owner of arguably the two best arms in the world. Anyone who wants to debate his arm superiority, raise your hand and wait to be called on. (We see you, Phil Heath.) Now, take careful notes as our teacher explains his arm alphabet. With a few digressions as the lecture progresses, these are the tenets of Winklaar’s bi and tri construction from A to Z.

Tip: To Lose Fat, Stop Being a Pantywaist | T Nation

This may hurt your feelings, but it'll also solve your fat loss problem. Step away from your safe space and check it out.

Ditch Your Diet. Stay Ripped. | T Nation

It's easy to decide on specific calories and macros to shoot for as you end your diet, but hunger can end up getting the best of you. One spoonful of ice cream may turn into the whole pint. If this scenario plays out habitually, you'll experience rapid fat gain, a softer physique, digestive issues, poor energy, and decreased motivation.

The new year total-body reconstruction plan

This will be the year you dramatically change the composition of your body. A couple weeks in, take a look into the mirror, you’ll see noticeable differences in all the right places. Your face and jawline will show signs thinning; your shirts will tighten up in your chest, back, and shoulders. You’ll have visible veins in your arms, and you start to see those abs you never knew you had. The best part? It works for every guy at every level (hey, it’ll even work for your girlfriend.) The program is built around the basics, making it beginner-friendly. But, don’t let the word “basic” fool you—you’ll be drenched in sweat after every session. If you’re already highly experienced around the weights, this program forces you to slow things down and reset your thinking and approach to building muscle.

Tip: Do Cardio Separate From Lifting | T Nation

You'll build more muscle. Here are a few ways to do it, and some ideas to try if that's just not possible for you.

The 8 Worst Things to Do After a Workout

In a perfect world all of us would be able to grab about an hour’s nap right after training to help our muscles and nervous system recover, but for most this is just not possible. I recommend that at the very least you avoid physically strenuous activity after working out. You should take at least a little time to just sit, relax and comfortably consume your post-workout meal. Weight training will only be effective if the body gets adequate rest to allow for the rebuilding process to take place.

Get Athletic: Your Complete Guide To Improving Performance!

If you've followed the other three phases of this year-long plan and have built strength, gained size, and gotten lean, then a phase where you focus on pure athleticism is a reward you've earned. If you do it right and follow this plan, you'll reap the benefits of everything else you've done this year. You'll also be better prepared after this phase to get even stronger, more muscular, and leaner. That's the beauty of athletic training.

Tip: The Minimalist Approach | T Nation

If you're not happy with your progress in the gym and your motivation is lagging, don't add more to your workout plan. Instead, simplify. Take a look at how you've been training the last couple of months. There's a chance you've been overdoing it, either by having done way too much work or way too much shitty work.

The Missing Movement | T Nation

I know, it's not necessarily a "missing" exercise, but it is if you consider all the variations you're NOT doing but could be doing. Between high bar, low bar, yoke bar, goblet, box squats, and front squats – the options are endless. Add tempo manipulation, depth, and rep options and you can literally build your whole lower body with just this movement. I had an athlete who broke her arm. All she could do was squat for two months. Despite this, she didn't lose an ounce of muscle from her upper body.

Tip: The Forgotten Way to Build Legs | T Nation

Or maybe it's more simple than that. Maybe it's because high-rep quad work burns more than anything else. Most lifters would much rather pile on the plates and do single-digit reps. That hurts, but it's a different kind of pain and strain. But 20 reps of an exercise that targets the quads, taken to failure or close to it? That's some soul-grinding, hypertrophy-inducing pain.

Kai Greene Explains the Jefferson Squat

To do it, take a wide stance and hold the bar between your legs with one hand in front of your body and one hand behind it. Keep your glutes tensed while you squat down 
in the bucket (below parallel). Use smaller plates on the bar, no more than 25s, so you can get down deep enough. The key is to force your knees out—when you do that, it activates your glutes so you keep them under continuous contraction throughout the set. The better I became at doing Jeffersons, the more proficient I got at squatting. I learned how to activate my qlutes, hams, and quads better. Doing Jeffersons then the adduction machine one after the other has been crucial to my glute and hip-flexor development. Jefferson squats—that’s one of my secrets I’m giving away for free.

The 10 best workouts for weight loss

The definition of high intensity, tabatas have you alternating 20 seconds of hard effort with 10 seconds of rest, straight through for four minutes. “The best thing about the Tabata workout is that you can perform these short, intense routines with your own body weight in the comfort of your own home,” Reed says. “Tabata raises your heart rate, pumps up your muscles, and increases your fitness level.” These ones will have you alternating two exercises targeting the same muscle groups, and going from one to the next provides a kickbutt workout in 24 minutes.

Velocity Diet® Plan - The New Science of Rapid Body Transformation - Biotest

The Velocity Diet is a science based, rapid body-transformation program that's so powerful and so effective that results border on being unbelievable. But this system is not for everyone.*

Tip: Build Muscle and Lose Fat at the Same Time | T Nation

The science tells us that the more fat and the less muscle you have, the greater your ability to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. This doesn't mean you should go get fat. It just means your biology is working in your favor when you want to pack more muscle on, but have some fat to lose.

Tip: Get Instant Endurance With This Pill | T Nation

Run, swim, or lift longer with just one or two capsules of this plant compound.

Men's Fitness on Twitter

3 strict splits. 1 high-intensity circuit. The 4-week Reconstruction plan with @Mike_Simone_ + @humanfitproject :

7 Things Successful Lifters Do | T Nation

Keep in mind that human similarities greatly outweigh the differences between individuals. In other words, think twice before you conclude that you're a special snowflake who needs some sort of exotic approach in order to succeed. You probably don't, and even if you do, that's not the most logical starting point anyway.

7 Tips for Burning Fat and Building Muscle

This is something that was driven home by Alwyn Cosgrove’s Periodization Design Bible . In it, Alwyn teaches how to design a sound program on the foundation that movements and movement patterns should be balanced. The volume for a push movement has to be balanced with the volume of the pull movements. This will ensure that muscle groups and joints (kinetic chain linkage) are antagonistically strong and the body creates appropriate tension when presented with the opportunity to overcome a weight.

5 Critical Tips for a Better Workout

Finally, I know that every time I go into the gym, I am determining by how I feel and how I move in the warm-up what I am going to have to adjust in the workout for that day. If the workout calls for heavy deadlifts, but during the warm-up, my hips feel really tight and I can't get into a good starting position or the movement doesn't feel good on that day, I need to make a game time decision to pick another exercise that will train the same muscle groups or the same movement pattern, and I'm able to use better technique. This type of instinctive training is really the key to you training smarter. If you can keep these critical tips in mind every time you train, you'll be able to train smarter and pain-free for years to come.

3 Chip-Away Workouts For Muscle, Conditioning, And Grit

However, most people won't do my style of chip-away workout in 4 sets like that; they'll do something else in between. I prefer to leave exercise order up to the lifter, which is another big difference between this model and the Filthy 50-style chipper. I just give you a list. You choose how to attack it. If you like the "program as written" approach, we can do that. If you want to do all the rows first, fine. If you want spread them throughout, superset them with something else, or save them for the end, that's your choice.

The 30 best back exercises of all time

Start by holding the bar against your body with your hands at shoulder-width on the bar. Keeping your back in its natural curve, bend your hips and knees (as you would in a squat), lowering the bar to just above your knees. Explosively extend your hips as if jumping, while at the same time shrugging your shoulders and pulling the bar straight up in front of your torso. As the bar reaches chest level, bend your elbows and flip your wrists to catch the bar at shoulder level.

Muscle & Fitness on Twitter

This workout will take your body to a whole new level. Will you accept the challenge? @NutrexResearch

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Tip: A New Way to Build Rear Delts | T Nation

This exercise makes it impossible to cheat, and it'll hit your glutes and hams too. Take a look.

Tip: Body-Build For Brute Athleticism | T Nation

The muscle-bound myth is dead, or at least it should be. Here's why even athletes need some meathead hypertrophy training.

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3 Things All Successful Diets Have in Common | T Nation

Most of them, bizarre or not, work... at least for a little while. What we need to do is sift through this morass of diets and maybe find, like errant pieces of monkey chow lodged in a dieter's teeth, any grains of truth or effective strategies that these diets might have in common.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tuesday, December 20, 2016 - There are so many details to manage this time of year that it's tempting to just surrender control and let someone else deal with all the facts and figures. The last thing you want to do is crunch numbers now, but you feel the tense pull between what you know must be done, and where your heart is calling you to go. Fortunately, the Moon's shift from analytical Virgo to affable Libra makes it easier to see things from a more peaceful perspective. Honest hearts produce honest actions.

Tip: When To Change Everything | T Nation

Building explosive power through martial arts training can benefit your lifting and will probably increase your enthusiasm about training in general. It can add new meaning to movements and muscles. This doesn't mean you need to step into the ring or cage and be hit in the head. There's nothing saying you need to compete to reap the benefits.

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6 essential yoga poses for lifters

Whether you're a complete beginner or a legend of the weight room, no one is immune to sore muscles and tight joints. It's simply a part of the game. One quick and easy fix for these ailments is adding a few targeted yoga poses at the end of your workout or on "off days." NYC-based yoga instructor Juan Gamboa recently shared some of the following six, easy-to-follow moves in a Facebook Live segment covering the biggest problem areas: the low back, shoulders, hips, and legs. Watch him string them all together in the Instagram video demo below.

Bodybuilding Contest-Prep Disasters Solved!

From hidden junk-food binging to misunderstanding how to lose fat, here are a few of the most common and avoidable ways people sabotage their fitness success.

4 Easy Metabolic Boosters

Bonus tip: Adding a few sessions of cardio to ramp up your heart rate will guarantee an elevated metabolism during your day too. Add a few cardio sessions first in the morning to really get your metabolic furnace going. Intervals have been shown to elevate your metabolism higher and for longer than steady state cardio. Heavy weight training (6-8 reps) also jacks your metabolism up for longer than training with lighter weights (12 reps or more).

Instagram photo by Mr. Olympia LLC • Jan 8, 2017 at 2:51am UTC

6 Simple Rules For Recapturing Your Pre-Pregnancy Belly!

There will be days you don't feel like doing anything but sleeping, and that's understandable. But if retrieving your pre-pregnancy belly is a top goal of yours, you need to muster the energy and willpower to move, at least a little. Not only will moving more help you return to your pre-pregnancy body, but it will also help you feel more energized throughout the day.

6 Tips for a Better Deadlift

Taking the slack out of the bar is huge for setting your full body tension and pulling yourself down to the starting position. If there is 225 lbs on the bar, you should be pulling up on the bar with 224 lbs of force before the weight even moves. There has to be that much tension on the bar.

15 Cheap Muscle-Building Foods That Aren't Chicken

If you’re trying to build muscle, you’ve surely been told that you should load up on chicken—and with good reason; each serving of chicken breast has about 28 grams of protein. But it’s certainly not your only option if you’re trying to supplement all of the hard work you do at the gym by stocking your kitchen properly. We consulted with several experts to get their best suggestions for other foods that help you bulk up—without draining your wallet.

Tip: Shorten Your Cold by 42% With This Mineral | T Nation

My recommendation would be to have some zinc lozenges on hand. If and when you start noticing sniffles, start sucking on them right away. Make sure the dosage is 80 to 92 milligrams per day. (There's yet no evidence that larger dosages will help. Besides, larger doses can cause side effects.) Continue with the lozenges for two weeks.

Offseason Diet Strategies for Training Days, Caloric Density, IIFYM, Gluten - The Incredible Bulk. The First and Only Scientifically Customized Bulking Program That Tells You Precisely When to Transition From Phase to Phase So You Can Eat Like a Lion and Maintain Your Sixpack. Offseason Diet Strategies for Training Days, Caloric Density, IIFYM, Gluten - Download the 6 Essentials of Exercise Click here for the MI40 Program. Muscle Intelligence Training Logic - MI40 Program Transformation contest information & link: (register here), pick up your primer phase program here: Maximize Your Transformation #1 - Avoid This Massive Mistake - click to enroll (FREE) and get a FULL list of ALL the other #MI40University muscle building videos. If you are looking for bodybuilding guidance, videos, workouts, the proper training split to build muscle, see how IFBB PRO Ben Pakulski builds big muscle through the best online program here http://www.

Best Powerlifting Program Ever?

OP, if you mean "program" in the sense of a discrete training cycle or anything, obviously the question doesn't make sense. If instead you mean general training system of philosophy, the question isn't as bad. I like systems that emphasize the lifts without a ton of assistance, and that involve some degree of year-round exposure to heavy weights. Powerlifting is a simple sport and the ability to strain with good technique is the most important quality by a very very wide margin. So I think training that skill should be present all the time.

Online Coaching

If you order the wrong size (see the sizing chart), it's on you. If we send you the wrong thing or it is messed up (printing, hole, etc), it's on us.

Small Resolutions For Big Gains In 2017

"Set a goal for the number of minutes you want to perform cardio—keep it on the conservative side when first starting out—or the distance that you'd like to cover on a given number of days," suggests Dorsey, a master trainer and fitness director at Sportscenter Athletic Club in High Point, North Carolina. "Now you have a target you can consistently and repetitively hit; this will get you started. From there, consistently try to exceed that goal. Remember, if it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you."

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CrossFit Games Competitor Tito Raymond's Killer Chest Workout

After 30 years of pushing his body to its limits, the cartilage in Raymond’s right hip wore away to the point where it was bone on bone. He underwent a total hip replacement last August. “I got 47 years out of it,” he says of his old hip. Still, Raymond plans to compete in the 2017 CrossFit Games.

3 Exercises for a Strong Lower Back

One of the easiest body parts to injure is most certainly the lower lumbar (lower back). The word lumbar is derived from the latin word lumbus, meaning lion, which is fitting since many guys get injured while trying to unleash their inner jungle cat - allowing their egos to push more weight than their bodies can handle. Throw in a dose of bad form and you've got the perfect storm for a weightlifting related injury.

5 Rules for Building Bigger Triceps

The man who wants  bigger triceps  cannot live on pressdowns alone. Too often, we see guys in the gym—and maybe you're one of them—working his triceps to death at the cable pressdown station. Ten sets, 15 sets... whatever it takes to get them sore. But what the pressdown-happy masses don't seem to realize is that this exercise emphasizes the lateral (outer) head of the triceps. So if that's all you do, the other two heads of your tri's are going to be underdeveloped and you'll never get the kind of growth you're hoping for.

6 Weighted Abs Exercises for a Shredded Stomach

This is a great gymnastic movement that is an advanced version of traditional hanging leg raises . It utilizes the lats, core, hip flexors, biceps and smaller muscles in the back. This exercise requires the body to bow from a global extension (hanging hollow body position) to a global flexion (pike position). I don't recommend this exercise for everyone. You must master the hanging straight leg raise first. Once you get strong enough, I recommend doing low reps with NO kip action. Start by gripping a small dumbbell with your feet and perform 3 sets of 8 reps and then add weight as you progress.

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