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Dave Tate's Six-Week Bench Press Cure

"This is the United States of America," he bellows. "Like it or not, the bench press will always be the most popular exercise. Too bad everyone sucks at it."...

Hide Yamagishi Trains Back, February 2013

From: Hidetada Yamagishi trains back with Iris Kyle for his Arnold Classic 2013 prep. Here he is in Las Vegas, Nevada, fou...

Education Problems in America

Look, quite frankly, it's never been less valuable to be information-smart than today. The current state of education in the U.S. is a thing of the past and ...

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Thursday, January 8, 2015

Friday, January 9, 2015 - You may be climbing the walls today, especially if your creativity is being restrained in any manner. You are so eager for adventure that you could overlook your current responsibilities to pursue your eclectic ideas. Unfortunately, you're still expected to play according to the rules, and your brilliance might not have a chance to shine if you end up offending others. Don't give up; your persistence enables you to work within accepted conventions while also expressing your unique outlook on life.


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Back to the Bench Press

ANSWER: Rotator cuff injuries can be devastating to anyone who enjoys benching. By understanding the function of the rotator cuff and learning to protect it, you can make rotator cuff injuries a nonissue. The tendons of the four rotator cuff muscles grip the head of your arm bone and dynamically hold it in the socket during shoulder movement. If this mechanism fails, the shoulder becomes unstable, resulting in weakness and injuries. Once your doctor and physical therapist clear you to return to bench-pressing, it’s important to take these steps to protect your rotator cuff .

6 Things You Should Know About Creatine

The jury has been in on creatine for a while — it works. Here's what you should know about this muscle building supplement.

10 Old School Exercises

"What we would do is superset flat bench dumbbell flyes with decline pushups. We'd put our feet pup on a bench and then there were these low wooden boxes—maybe 4" tall—that we would place our hands on to get that extra stretch at the bottom. This is a killer—really pumps up the pecs. Four sets of 8-12 reps done this way burns your chest out pretty well."

9 Tricks to Burn Fat Fast

If you want to get ripped, you know the well-established dietary rules that need to be followed: eat six to eight meals every day, keep your carbs in check and your protein intake high. And then there are the not-so-well-established rules, the ones that may seem counterproductive but have been proven to work, either scientifically, anecdotally or both. We like to call them “tricks” for the simple reason that not everyone has caught on to them yet. Incorporate them into your nutrition regimen and you’ll be hooked — not to mention shredded — in short order.

The Gun Show Workout

You’ll finish the giant set with a high-rep flush on the overhead rope extension, which also targets the triceps’ long head. Using a slow, rhythmic style, the set should take at least 60 seconds to complete – ideally between 90 seconds and two minutes. Do not stop -- keep continuous tension on the triceps. Make sure you get a good stretch each rep to maximize muscle fatigue. This is a long range of motion move designed to enhance the size and appearance of your tri’s, so don’t cheat with partials. If you fail before 40 reps, turn around, set the pin to a lower weight and continue immediately.

$200,000 Transformation Challenge Presented by Dymatize Nutrition and

A committee of judges from and Dymatize will choose two Grand Prize winners and 20 runners up who have achieved the best overall transformations. There will also be one People's Choice Winner that will be voted on and picked by visitors out of the top 20 runners up who also exhibited impressive results. Winners will be chosen based upon physical improvement visible in "before" and "after" pictures and according to his/her body-composition stats submitted via BodySpace. Judges' decisions are final. Winner will be notified via email or telephone on or before May 11, 2015.

25 Tips for Greatness

9.   Build with basics. Afer his stunning second to Coleman at the 2001 Mr. Olympia, it seemed inevitable Cutler would soon have a Sandow on his mantel. He sat out the 2002 Mr. O when an undersized Coleman looked especially vulnerable. Then came 2003, when a nearly 300-pound Ronnie Coleman shocked the bodybuilding world. Cutler was second again, but the gap between him and first had widened. In the aftermath, Cutler, who had been relying increasingly on machines andcables to refine what he assumed was enough size, went back to the basics. He knew he had to pack on pounds to hang with Ronnie, so he trained Ronnie-style: deadlifts, barbell rows, T-bar rows, barbell bench presses. Free-weight basics formed the core of his routines in 2004 and have remained there ever since.

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Here's a shoulder workout for you to try! For more workouts join my members section at

12 Healthy Foods and Drinks That Can Make You Fat

While they’re packed with antioxidants, protein, and healthy fat, these nutrition powerhouses can pile on serious calories if you’re not careful.

The Science Behind the 1-Rep Max

To figure out your 1RM without actually attempting it, estimate it by doing a set of 5–10 reps with lower weight. Then, find this weight and locate your 1RM estimation on a 1RM chart that lists the amount of weight you can lift 10 times as about 75% of your 1RM. Another way to estimate 1RM is to use websites and mobile applications that use equations to predict your maximum strength.

15 Best Bodyweight Exercises for Men

When you walk into the gym and every single bench and squat rack is taken by a bigger, stronger guy or by that “bro” doing curls in the squat rack, you could just turn around and walk out and say you’ll come back later. However, that isn’t an option when you’re trying to be your best you, because you know consistency is key. That one day off can lead to a week, which can lead to a month, and so on. Add these moves to your arsenal and watch the fat melt off your midsection all while building muscle, without skipping a day.

The 6 Best Ways to Recover from Your Workout

We know we don’t have to tell you to get your ass in the gym, but we might have to tell you that spending hours lifting day-in-and-day-out will stall your progress. Rest and recovery are essential components to any strength and conditioning program and most coaches and trainers would argue it’s just as or more important than the lifting itself. Recovery must occur before progress can be made. It’s important for staying injury free, long-term consistent training, and maxing out from time to time.

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To reach the pinnacle in fitness, it’s not enough to stand on the shoulders of giants. You need to create your own monument. Witness Pauline Nordin.

Which Supplements Are Truly Safe?

So when you combine a lack of experience with a rushing deadline—as most journalists have—things get lost in translation. It takes some time to even understand the basic language of studies: p-values, intention-to-treat analysis, etc. If someone understands some of those terms and reads an abstract, it's natural to overestimate one's understanding of the topic at hand. But biomedical research is a complex combination of biostatistics, epidemiology, physiology, and a ton of other interesting but intricate fields.

15 Exercises to Remove from Your Routine

WHY: The combination of spinal rotation and the fixed position of your hips leads to a position where you’re applying too much rotational force to the spine, which can create a disk injury. Oblique exercises that keep the spine stable and allow for the opening/rotation of the hips will help get rid of love handles safely.

Bust Out Bigger Guns With the Incline Biceps Curl

Flexor incline dumbbell curls are designed to completely isolate the biceps muscles. Another good thing about this dumbbell exercise is that the incline puts an isolation emphasis on the bicep brachii. Because of the angle, you can really notice an increase in the peak of your bicep brachii short and long head.

Get Psyched to Lift Big

In addition to this, another factor that affects your optimal arousal level is your technical proficiency in the task. A novice lifter cannot get as aroused as a seasoned veteran and still hope to have success. As we get more and more reps doing a lift with good technique it becomes ingrained in our motor pattern. There comes a point where we can stop “thinking” when we lift, our body just knows what to do. Once this point is reached, the optimal arousal curve can be moved further to the right.

Flippin' Tractor Tires

Unlike purchasing the latest trendy machine that requires taking out a second mortgage and parting with your kid’s college fund—tires are totally free.  Any junk yard or tire yard that has tractor tires has to dispose of them and pay to do so; you are considered a blessing to take what they consider a liability off their hands. Their liability can be one of your biggest assets in building a stronger, more powerful physique .

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean


At Team Flex Wheeler, our mission is to provide expert knowledge and advice for people to develop a lifestyle, exceed their goals, and feel great about themselves. We want to eliminate excuses and defeated mindsets by using each individual's strengths and weaknesses to make them successful. Living a healthy lifestyle is what we are passionate about and helping people whether you want to lose weight, gain muscles, or to be healthy for your family. We provide a service that's not just one-of-a-kind, but legendary and we want to pay forward all of our years of education and experiences so that you are successful in obtaining your health and fitness goals. 

Men's Fitness

I have only been able to read the first issue of my subscription. New issues do not appear on my iPad Air running iOS 8. I have followed all suggestions on their FAQ and still new issues do not appear. That's $10 down the drain.

Extreme Eats

For those who just want to get down to business, cut to the chase, and build muscle, the world of bodybuilding nutrition can be a daunting place. Even with the greatest dietary supplements, pre-workout elixirs, hormone boosters, pump enhancers, and secret formulas that promise the world, absolutely nothing will ever substitute for proper eating. When it comes to building extreme muscle, there are some fundamental rules I teach. Here’s a sample of five rules I consider golden. 1. Eat Frequently If extreme muscle building was all about what you eat and not when you eat it, then bodybuilding for serious brawn would be easy and you could get it all out of the way with one big meal each day. Just eat half a cow and your biceps would blow up. But this is clearly not the case. In fact, when you eat may be as important, if not more important, than what you eat.
 One of the biggest mistakes a bodybuilder who wants massive muscles can make is to ignore this fact in favor of narrowly focusing on protein quality at the neglect of what I call “meal cadence.” This term refers to the rhythmic frequency of meals throughout the day needed to build muscle.

Big & Lean: Back-Blasting Workout

When it comes to training, Mehmet Edip will do almost anything to get bigger and more shredded. Name the method, he’s tried it. “I do German volume training , occlusion, dropsets, and pyramids,” says Edip. (And if you don’t know what any of that is, keep reading M&F—we’ll get to it.) “Pyramid sets, where you increase weight as you lower reps, are the most beneficial,” Edip says, “because they increase strength and keep you lean.”

How Many Eggs Are Safe to Eat? - Born Fitness

While the whites still offer protein, it’s only slightly more than 50 percent of the total amount. The yolks are part of what give eggs the highest possible biological value, which is a measure of how well a food suits your body’s protein needs. So if you’re looking for the healthiest way to eat your eggs, your best bet is to keep the yolk. (The exception: Let’s say you’re on a “diet” and are counting macros or keeping fat lower, there’s no problem just eating a bunch of eat whites and saving calories. Sometimes I do it myself, but the reason isn’t to avoid the yolk or for health reasons; it’s to save calories. There’s a big difference.)

6 Great Shoulder Savers

Take a lacrosse or tennis ball and position it between a wall and the back of your shoulder blade. From there, move. Keep the arm straight and it over your head (flexion), down (extension), towards the midline of the body (adduction), and out towards the wall (abduction). Fix the ball in place and see what kind of pain free range of motion you can muster. Get creative. You can even form a 90-degree angle in your elbow and internally and externally rotate the shoulder. After moving the joint through every manageable position, move the ball slightly and try it again. Search for hot spots, “floss” the areas that don’t feel great and get ready to feel and move better.

A Unilateral Approach to Muscle Mass

Is one of your arms stronger than the other? I am guessing the answer is yes. We all have strength imbalances from one side to the other. While doing bilateral exercises we can trick ourselves into thinking we are symmetrical; the stronger limb can pick up some of the slack of the weaker one. This is impossible to do with unilateral exercises, if one side is weaker the weight will not go up. With unilateral lifts we can attack our asymmetrical weaknesses.

5 Tips for Growing a Beard

No Shave November has become an ultimate man test: originally created as a way to spread cancer awareness, it is simultaneously a challenge to see which of your friends can become the scruffiest and scraggliest, all in the name of a good cause. But if you can stall your shaver for a month, why not go beyond that and see what you’re really made of?

5 Go-to Ab Exercises

Why I Like It : This is a great exercise to strengthen your entire core. When done correctly it's taking the benefits of the plank and magnifying them. This exercise is great for building your serratus, which runs along the sides of your abs. When developed it really frames in your six-pack and makes you look extra fit. How to: Start in a kneeling position. As the wheel rolls forward, you want to work toward a fully extended position. The more extended you are, the more challenging the exercise. Using your abs (not your arms) bring the wheel back to the starting position. Focus on a crunching motion, or "curling" your trunk. If you keep your back straight you will work more of your arms, lats, and shoulders. If you don't have access to an ab wheel you can use a straight bar with 10-pound plates on each side.

10 Reasons to Dump Your Gym

Before deciding to get your membership, you had a look around the gym to see what kind of machinery and equipment they had. You didn’t join thinking you would never be able to use some of it. As soon as something breaks, the staff should take notice and take strides to get it fixed as soon as possible. Even if it isn’t a piece of equipment you usually use, or if there are other working machines, it reflects poorly on a gym if something is out of commission for more than a few days. “Nowadays, you can get parts over night and service people in a day or two,” trainer Mike Duffy says. “So if your treadmill is out for more than a week or your lat pull-down cable has been twisted around the weight stack for weeks it's time to look for a new gym.” Duffy goes on to say that this is often a sign of an apathetic gym owner or of a gym that simply cannot afford the repairs and may go under soon. Either way, it’s a sign to take your workouts elsewhere.

Fast vs. Slow Reps for Muscle Growth

We routinely write about the benefits
 of using super-slow reps for gaining
 muscle size. This style of training — 3 to 10 seconds on the positive part of the rep and 3 to 10 seconds on the negative part of the rep — has been shown to produce good muscle growth. But we also preach constantly changing up your training. One study from the National Institute of Health and Nutrition (Tokyo) found that when subjects followed 
a super-slow leg-training program for 13 weeks, it increased their leg muscle size but decreased their muscle force during a cycling test. In other words, while super-slow training may be beneficial for muscle growth, it can compromise muscle strength to some degree. So be sure to change up your training style at least every 4 to 6 weeks to maximize muscle growth and strength.

Bio-Gro 8 Week Hyper Growth Program

Bio-Gro 8 Week Hyper Growth Program

The Best Swiss Ball Ab Workout

The Swiss ball gives some distinct advantages over other pieces of equipment or bodyweight  alone. It can extend the range of motion on the crunch, activating more ab muscle. It can also create instability, which forces your abs to contract harder to brace your body, and even serve as a source of resistance itself—like a weight—if you lift it. (Don’t think it’s heavy enough to give you a good workout? Try the V-up and pass on the next page and then tell us.)

70 Ways to Eat for Muscle

2. DON'T OVERDOSE ON PROTEIN Some bodybuilders develop a mentality that if some is good, then excessive amounts are better. If you're eating more than 2 g of protein per pound of bodyweight each day, then you're probably consuming more protein than your body can use for muscle building. Excess protein will simply be broken down and burned as energy (or stored as bodyfat). Protein is difficult for your body to break down because it's a complex molecule, so it's an inefficient source of energy. Keep protein consumption high, but don't go overboard. Rely on other good bodybuilding foods, including carbs, to keep weight up during growth phases and watch the mirror for signs of excess.

Boost Testosterone Levels with Coffee

When most bodybuilders drink coffee, all they think about is the fact that it contains caffeine. But in addition to caffeine, coffee also contains hundreds of other components, including chlorogenic acid, quinides, lignans, and trigonelline, which significantly improve insulin sensitivity or glucose levels.

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For sleep, melatonin works... but it stops working. Z12 works every night:

Increase Your Bench Press

The three-month upper body workout I’m about to share with you will help you 
get your bench up, along with packing on some size to your chest, shoulders, and upper back. Perform each of these workouts once every five days for a total of six workouts.
 So, you’ll perform six workouts from Phase
 1, then six workouts from Phase 2, and 
finish with six workouts from Phase 3. Each workout builds upon earlier workouts, so it’s important to perform them in this order.

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How to Eat Before and After You Lift

Using common sense, or perhaps even bad personal experiences, the gist of this one isn’t tough to figure out – don’t chow down on burgers and shakes within an hour of a workout or all that hoisting and jostling will induce queasiness and shift your focus to keeping your lunch down, as opposed to trying to, you know, get stronger. “Avoid foods that are high in fat or fiber,” Perkins says. “Ideally, you’ll want a carb-protein-fat breakdown of about 40-40-20.” Perkins says that grabbing a meal 90 to 120 minutes prior to a workout is a solid timetable for most people, although digestion rates vary from person to person. A snack in the range of 200 to 250 calories in the last hour before a workout is also helpful to satisfy cravings and keep hunger pangs from ruining your exercise session. Perkins, of course, recommends Promax Original or Pro Series bars to tamp down food urges late in the game.

MuscleTech Anarchy at

Warnings: For adult use only. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Do not use if you have had a myocardial infarction (heart attack). Inhalation may amplify the inflammatory airway response in people with asthma. Consult a medical doctor before starting a diet or exercise program or if you are taking any medication(s). One serving of this product contains up to as much caffeine as 2 cups of coffee. Caffeine sensitive individuals may experience the following symptoms, including (but not limited to) restlessness, nervousness, tremors, headache, anxiety, palpitations, increased heart rate, or difficulty sleeping. Do not combine with other sources of caffeine or stimulants. Some individuals may experience a harmless tingling sensation from the concentrated performance dose of beta-alanine. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Killer Arms in 6 Work Sets

What if I shared a strategy that can help you achieve the arms of your dreams with only six work sets? That’s not a typo—six work sets. High-intensity training is the key to opening the gateway to growth. Get a partner—because it would be a crime to have this kind of fun alone. Plus, you’ll need a spotter.

10 Resolutions You Won’t Break Before the Super Bowl

Sure, you have good intentions—heck, great intentions—when you form New Year's resolutions. But your ambitions need a little more than an end goal if we really want to succeed. You may want to lose 20 pounds this year or stop drinking so much coffee, but how exactly do you plan on doing that? Licensed clinical therapist and certified personal trainer Matt Lawson explains that in order to reach your goals, you must create resolutions that you can commit to, that you have the means to commit to, and that you’re able to develop effective strategies to achieve. It’s a new year, and as he puts it, “in order to get better results you have to try a new way.” You don’t have to toss your resolutions out the window, just tweak them a bit. Here are ten resolutions you won’t break before February 1.  Forecasting 2015: Our Predictions for the Top Fitness Trends for the New Year>>>

7 Best Carbs to Build Muscle

FLEX has compiled this list of seven great high-carb bites that bodybuilders--especially hardgainers--can use to enhance muscle recovery and pack on muscle mass. Keep in mind, these foods are best for bulking and aren't considered to be foundational carbohydrates for precontest bodybuilders or those trying to rip up.

A History of Power

Many within the fitness industry are familiar with the Powerhouse Gym name . With many gyms worldwide, the PHG brand is a well-known leader in providing high-quality facilities that cater to bodybuilders, athletes, and general fitness enthusiasts. However, many people don’t know the humble beginnings of the brand that continues to build upon its success in the fitness world. The original Powerhouse was founded by brothers Will and Norm Dabish in1974. Prior to opening the gym, they ran a martial arts store named Detroit Karate & Judo Supply Co. When the brothers moved the store to Detroit, in a building that was once the first Ford dealership in the country, the Dabish brothers had a gut instinct the location would make an extreme impact on the public. The business plan for Powerhouse was simple. “We’ll open the best gym we can and invite all our friends to train,” said Will Dabish. “Powerhouse will either take off as a success or we’ll just have our own private place to train."

8 Tips to Improve Your Pre-Workout Meal

You're about to hit the gym and you have a big day ahead. Well, what do you eat ? Most of us are super concerned with the post-workout window of opportunity that we forget about pre-workout. Your pre-workout meal is just as important as your post-workout meal. You need to make sure you fuel your body before your workouts. Training fasted is not optimal for muscle gains . Without adequate fuel your workouts will not be as productive or intense as they should be.

Do Sprints for Better Health and Performance: Lose Body Fat Without Losing Muscle

Do sprints to get healthier and lose fat without losing muscle. A new study shows that an effective short-sprint workout can be done in half the time required for an endurance running program, and it produces better results.

Tesco scraps scheme to build in Lowfield Street, Dartford, and redevelop store in Cuxton Road, Strood

The company had also dithered over plans to treble the size of its Cuxton Road store in Strood, after apparently pulling out an agreement to help build a £1m community hub on the town's former Bryant Road library in 2013.

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