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Craig Capurso's Ultimate Leg Workout

Boring this leg day is not. But it's definitely challenging, taxing, and balls-to-the-wall. How else would Craig do it?

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Tip: Two Amino Acids That Control Appetite | T Nation

Eat more foods that contain these aminos and you'll get full faster and avoid gaining fat. Here's the list.

6 Tips for Bigger, Stronger Arms

Yes, I said every workout. I’ve heard Brando Lilly, a super human powerlifter say he’s never met a guy with a big back that was weak. Follow me here. Building a strong back requires you to have strong arms. If your arms give out before you can finish a set of pullups or rows, then you’ll never develop that power. By adding vertical pulling to all of your workouts, you build muscle and strength. I suggest doing a mix of chinups (palms facing you) and pullups (palms away from you). Integrate your pulling towards the end of your workout, after all of your other multi-joint lifts, but before arm-specific work. Vary between lower volume with added weight and higher rep sets with just body weight.

The 3 Stages of Real Strength Training | T Nation

We must stress the body only with the amount of volume we actually need. Too much and you'll overtrain and lose gains; too little and you won't stimulate an adaptation: muscle or strength gains. As strength increases, more reps are needed to continue to make gains. However, there's a point where the reps must taper and decrease in order to keep the progress going.

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How to Lose 10 Pounds of Fat, Forever | T Nation

Those who achieve their body composition goal and maintain it are those who can stick with the changes they make in the long run. Sure, you can cut huge amounts of carbs and fats, basically surviving on only protein and stimulants, and you'll lose fat pretty fast. But such an approach can't be sustained, and it'll make you feel like crap.

Tip: This Herbal Drink Will Turn You Into a Jedi | T Nation

Tea? Sure, that's coffee's weaker sister. When coffee's friends come over, coffee ties tea to the towel rack by her pigtails and shuts the door. At least that's what people think. The reality is that tea has some pretty amazing cognitive and health benefits that rival or surpass coffee's, especially when you know how to manipulate it.

Tip: How to Increase Self-Control | T Nation

Maybe you're the guy who walks into the gym a few random days every week and then decides what body parts he's going to train. You're getting your exercise in and reaping some of the self-control benefits, but you'd reap more benefits by having a set workout program: the days you train, the time you go, the exercises you do, and how you progress from week to week.

The 13 best hamstrings exercises of all time

How to do it: Lie down with your back, palms, and feet flat on the floor, knees bent. Bring one leg off the floor. Keep the knee bent and flex your toes toward your head. Hold this position as you press your working leg’s foot into the ground as you raise your hips, evenly, toward the ceiling. Keep your back straight, and engage your glutes at the top of the movement to prevent your lower back from sagging. Hold at the top for a 2-second count, then lower and repeat. Complete all reps for one side, then repeat on the other.

5 essential exercises for bigger arms

Lie back on a bench holding a dumbbell straight above your chest. Slowly allow your elbows to bend and your upper arms to come back as you lower the dumbbell. It should end up behind your head. Reverse the motion to return the dumbbell to its original position, then lower it to your chest and press it back up. That’s one rep.

The Reverse Method | T Nation

Though the pin press can be set in a low enough position to have the bar start in contact with the chest, most lifters will be better off training the pin press just above the chest when in an arched and braced position. By setting the pins in a power rack 2-3 inches above the chest, we can limit the terminal end range of motion, making this lift more shoulder friendly while also working through common sticking points.

Tip: The Butt Pump Workout | T Nation

You've seen the inspirational fitness memes out there and you've thought to yourself, "I too wish I had a butt that looked like it was eating my underwear." Okay, maybe not. But your glutes do need some work, both for looking good and for making progress in the big lifts.

Tip: How to Develop an Adonis Belt | T Nation

Most coaches say you can develop these muscles by variations of the plank, but that's largely a pipedream. Just as "making a muscle" with your flexed biceps in the mirror doesn't build big biceps, doing planks or any other essentially isometric movement isn't going to build up that ridge of TVA muscle that's adjacent to the iliac furrows.

The Effects of Mild Cycles | T Nation

Still, the debates rage on, even if the users do not. What is a "mild," "moderate," or "intelligent" cycle of steroids? What effects does it really have? Some say that the effects are profound. Others will say that mild usage produces minimal results. The answer? Let's look to science.

Tip: Don't Lose Muscle While Dieting | T Nation

If you don't eat a certain amount of protein while dieting, you'll lose as much muscle as fat. Here's how many grams to shoot for.

Tip: Get Rid of Lifter's Belly | T Nation

Answer these three questions, drop that last bit of flab, and make sure it never comes back. Start here.

6 things you need to know about Nitrosigine

Recovery can start before you even walk in the gym with the help of Nitrosigine. You can prepare your muscles for the hard work you’re about to put in. Nitrosigine has been shown to significantly reduce markers of muscle damage from exercise such as creatine kinase. Clinical research showed that Nitrosigine reduced creatine kinase levels after exercise by 56%. 1 Nitrosigine’s impact on muscle damage due to exercise can help you get back to the gym and stay in the game.

Animal Whey by Universal Nutrition at - Best Prices on Animal Whey!

An impressive Supplement Facts box wouldn't be enough, however, it would have to live up to hype in the field—on the weight room floors of the most hardcore gyms in the world... In the shaker cups and blenders of the most committed lifters out there. It would have to mix with ease and taste great, making drinking multiple shakes per day a pleasure, not a painful chore. Because let's face it, if your protein powder tastes like shit, it is less likely you will drink it as much as needed to hit your daily macronutrient goals. Unacceptable. To be worthy of the Animal aegis, it would have to taste as good as it worked. And once again, in this regard, Animal WHEY is a triumph.

Bodybuilding Might Make You Smarter

This study, published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport compared the effect of two different resistance exercise workouts on BDNF levels. One group performed a strength- focused workout (5 reps x 5 sets with 3 minutes’ rest between sets). The other group performed a hypertrophy-focused workout (10 reps x 3 sets with 1 minute’s rest between sets). To measure BDNF levels, blood samples were collected before warmup, immediately after the workout, and then 30 minutes later.

Tip: How to Develop an Adonis Belt | T Nation

Most coaches say you can develop these muscles by variations of the plank, but that's largely a pipedream. Just as "making a muscle" with your flexed biceps in the mirror doesn't build big biceps, doing planks or any other essentially isometric movement isn't going to build up that ridge of TVA muscle that's adjacent to the iliac furrows.

Tip: Fix Your Stiff Neck in 5 Minutes | T Nation

Improve your posture, get rid of that headache, and relieve your shoulder and upper back pain. Try these simple stretches.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, September 18, 2017

Monday, September 18, 2017 - Your master plan for professional success has taken nearly everything into account. However, circumstances still diverge from your strategy as unexpected twists and turns bend reality. It might be disheartening to discover that much of your preparation is of little value now that so many things have changed forever. Don’t let sloppy thinking slip back into the equation while you recreate a new approach that’s more relevant to the current landscape. Author Robert Rolih wrote, “Knowing the right details gets you a great return. Ignore them and you just crash and burn.”

The 10 best running shoes of fall 2017

Levitate is a stiff, springy shoe that, according to Brooks, has "the most energy return of leading performance running shoes." Translation: A polyurethane-based cushioning system wakes up your stride and makes running feel just a bit easier—whether you're getting in a few laps in the park or logging a 20-miler. Basically, the material expands underfoot when you strike the ground. Coupled with a knit upper that lets your foot expand on impact, this makes the whole experience more comfortable. The outsole's arrow pattern rolls your foot from heel to toe, making every stride more efficient. The Levitate fits true to size, and is best suited for those with medium to high arches.($150, )

Thrash-Your-Guns Arm Routine

Usually, drop sets are done wrong. You don’t have to drop half the weight to do a drop set properly. It was proven that decreasing the weight by as little as 5-10% is the ideal drop and still respects your repetition range. For example, do tricep pressdowns with 100 lbs. for 10 reps, drop it to 90-95 lbs., and you’ll be able to crank out another clean 8 to 10 reps.

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Top 10 natural anabolics for 2017

Anafuse is so potent (and reordered so often) it also made the Top 10 Bulking Supplements List, the only natural anabolic to do so.  But unlike many on that list, Anafuse produces its results without influence on your hormones and with virtually no side effects. Anafuse combines the two most effective natural anabolic ingredients on the market today (Epicatechin & Laxogenin) with the addition of absorption enhancers. The customer feedback and reorder rate on this anabolic has been so stellar that is on pace to become one of the best-selling supplements ever. Certainly worthy of its No.1 position among the Top 10 Natural Anabolic Supplements this year. Read all the reviews here .

3 Fatty Foods You're Free To Love!

In a world obsessed with all things thin, foods associated in any way with the word "fat" can be quickly and erroneously consigned to the rendering vat of history. So it is with some degree of jubilation that we reach into that bowl and pluck out three foods that belong back in your diet.

6 Reasons You Should Be Using Whey Protein

Whey protein isn’t just the fuel of big-bodied muscle heads. Don’t get us wrong, if you’re getting good quality workouts in and sticking to a diet full of lean protein, fiber- and vitamin-rich veggies and fruits, and good-quality carbs, and still not seeing the results you want, whey protein will help you gain greater results. But that’s not the only reason it should be a part of your daily routine. We narrowed down the top six health benefits tucked away in your tub of whey.

Tip: Hit the Right Squat Depth | T Nation

Once your pelvis starts to tilt under your body (butt wink) you've gone too far. Proper depth for you is the point right before you get butt wink. This may or may not include having your knees parallel to your hips, or having your hips drop below your knees. If your butt starts to get winky before your hips are parallel to your knees, however, you should really address your mobility.

The Sexiest Celebrity Halloween Costumes of All Time

I can only imagine how many necks Abigail Ratchford and Lindsey Pelas broke that night. As a model all eyes are on you anyway, but these two took it to a new level on Halloween dressed in sexy genie costumes.

5 ways to beat brain fog and boost creativity

The chances of an epiphany coming to you from the depths of a blank Word document? Not high, Schooler says. One of his recent studies found that when students had a period of time to think before completing a task that required creative thinking skills, they outperformed students who were asked to complete the task right away. Mind-wandering lets the brain disengage from the present and retrieve associations from the past, to better imagine how events could unfold in the future—to “play” with ideas, Schooler says.


Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional prior to beginning any diet or exercise program or taking any dietary supplement. The content on our website is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice or to replace a relationship with a qualified healthcare professional.

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SciVation Xtend Go at - Best Prices on Xtend Go!

Recently I've made a lifestyle change and I was looking for a better alternative to rockstar energy drinks that I was consuming every day; it got pretty bad. I actually first sampled this product at gnc and loved it and bought 4 of these the next day from bodybuilding. I love that I can drink this throughout the day and continuously get the energy I need and still consume 7g of BCAAs. Overall I probably consume one scoop with about 140 ounces of water throughout the day. Definitely helps with water intake if you're looking to add some taste to water and not get that huge rush of drinking 200mg of caffeine at once. It's definitely helped me maintain my focus and it's nice that it contains some added glutamine as a plus. I will definitely continue to use this product.

Tip: Don't Bother With Multivitamins | T Nation

Unfortunately, the only viable alternative, at least at this time, lies with eating a good diet, but you knew that. Besides, it's easier said than done. Hell, that's why people take multivitamins in the first place. It doesn't have to be daunting, though. We can go super minimalist and try eating regularly from the following short list of super-nutrient foods:

Saturday Leg Training

*I cannot do back squats due to my lower back, but this exercise serves as a good alternative.  Really control the rep tempo here and sink deep into your hips at the bottom.  Slow reps will seriously tax your legs and cardiovascular capacity; especially when doing 8 sets with 20 second rest breaks.

Huawei Band 2 Pro Review: The best fitness band for under $75?

The Huawei Band 2 Pro (yes, the name is a bit of a mouthful) is a $70 fitness tracker with a number of significant highlights. It not only has the typical heart rate tracking and step tracking, but also includes advanced features like GPS, waterproofing, and the option for continous heart rate tracking to measure VO2 max. In particular, continuous tracking is almost unheard of for a tracker under $100. As a result, I was excited to give the Band 2 Pro a try to see if it lived up to its promises.

Is your penis normal size?

You may also feel reassured by this fact: Penis size doesn’t correlate to age, body mass index or foot size. Except height does matter. Odds are, the taller you are, the longer your penis may be.

11 muscle-building vegan recipes

Here, we called on some of the top plant-based nutritionist to provide us with 11 muscle-building vegan recipes fit for any guy who hits the gym on the reg and wants to get shredded. Whether you are a full-on vegan or someone who is looking to incorporate more vegetables and plants into their diet, these recipes will not disappoint.

10 Best Foods to Help Skinny Guys Gain Muscle

The key to crafting muscle-boosting meals with those foods is designing your plate around the proper nutrient ratios. Rosante recommends eating three meals per day and two anytime snacks. Each meal should include two palm-size portions of protein, two fist size portions of veggies, two cupped hand-sized portions of starchy carbs, and two thumb sized portions of fats like nuts, oil, or avocado. As for the snacks, the principles remain the same, just cut the sizes in half. “After a few weeks, see how you're progressing. If you’re still not gaining the size you'd like, add an extra cupped handful of carbs or thumb of fats to a few of your daily meals,” says Rosante.

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A Forgotten Gem

Lie across a bench with your shoulders resting on the bench top and your feet flat on the floor. Grab a dumbbell and hoist it to arms’ length above your head, with both hands pressed against the underside of the inside plate. Then, with just a slight bend to the elbows and keeping the arms rigid, lower the dumbbell slowly behind your head toward the floor. As you lower the dumbbell, try to drop your hips a little toward the floor to increase the stretch. Once you have lowered the dumbbell as far as possible and achieved maximum stretch, return through the same arc to the starting position (dumbbell straight above the chest) to commence the next rep.

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45 Is The Art Of Posing Dead? | Shawn Ray Unleashed

Shawn Ray talks about the state of posing in bodybuilding and he isn't too impressed. A veteran competitor himself, Shawn Ray has a few words to say to all the bodybuilders out there that aren't taking their posing seriously. Take a look at the video above to get the full details on his opinion. Bodybuilding, fitness, weight training - all on the Generation Iron Fitness Network! Try our GYMOJI bodybuilding emojis on the app store: Be sure to subscribe to receive updates from the GI Fitness Network: Check out our official website: Check out our Facebook: And follow us on Twitter:

The 4-move workout routine to train your lower abs

Second, you'll need to sculpt the tough-to-reach section of your rectus abdominus. Technically, your abs are all one muscle, but with the right targeted workout, you can hit the tough-to-train lower section.

Tips From Every Mr. Olympia

Only 13 men have won the previous 51 O’s. In their honor, we’ve assembled advice from each victor—from Scott’s initial two to Phil Heath’s five straight. Like tweets, no tip is longer than 140 characters and affixed to each are hashtags related to that year’s Olympia. This guidance and hashtag history lesson demonstrates that some things have changed while others have stayed the same over the O’s time.

10 workouts to burn off your beer belly

Workout 9: Based on your own experience running and performing body-weight exercise, chose a distance you’d like to run: 1, 3, 5, or 7+ miles. Set a tracker on your phone to alert you every time you've run a quarter-mile. At each quarter-mile mark, perform a set of exercises in sequence—pushups first, situps next, and so on.

49 Is The Art Of Posing Dead? | Shawn Ray Unleashed - YouTube

Shawn Ray talks about the state of posing in bodybuilding and he isn't too impressed. A veteran competitor himself, Shawn Ray has a few words to say to all the bodybuilders out there that aren't taking their posing seriously. Take a look at the video above to get the full details on his opinion. Bodybuilding, fitness, weight training - all on the Generation Iron Fitness Network! Try our GYMOJI bodybuilding emojis on the app store: Be sure to subscribe to receive updates from the GI Fitness Network: Check out our official website: Check out our Facebook: And follow us on Twitter:

Pump Quiz: Are You Doing The Romanian "Frankenlift?"

Do you know the difference between Romanian and stiff-legged deadlifts? Here's a quick quiz to see if you're doing them correctly or mixing them up.

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