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WATCH: Casey Williams' Bench Methods and 12-Week Raw Program

These 6-week max effort and 4-week dynamic effort waves have taken Casey’s raw bench to 540 pounds. Watch as he explains his approach to chasing 600 and how you can use his methods yourself.

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The loaded carry beats everything when it comes to fat loss. Here's two ways to do it: …

Sagittarius Horoscope for Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday, October 16, 2015 – Even if you're dealing with the same confusing issues as yesterday, they might not appear to bother you as much today. However, just beneath your life-is-wonderful veneer, stresses are still at work. Don't waste precious energy trying to make your life look better than it actually is. Once others see that you have problems just like them, they'll be more inclined to interact with you on a personal level. Expressing the truth reveals your vulnerability and paves a path for authentic relationships. Your life can CHANGE in a moment! Get a 3 min FREE Psychic Reading. Call 1-888-677-9327 today!

8 Reasons Your Biceps Are Flat

Wondering why your arms won't grow? See what's missing from your diet and training regimen.

The College Muscle Anywhere Workout

Like The College Muscle Gym Workout , this workout is designed for body recomposition, so you gain muscle while losing fat. But if you’re too busy to make the trek to the campus gym, you can do this alternate routine anywhere, from your dorm room to the quad—the only equipment you'll need is a pullup bar, pipe, or tree limb. By performing a total body workout at a quick pace and alternating muscle groups, you’ll be making the most of time, allowing you to get back to campus life as soon as possible.

Fast Starts

Making a huge first impression is one of the hardest things to do in pro bodybuilding. Each year a new crop of rookies joins the IFBB Pro League, still basking in their amateur success. But the moment they step on a pro stage their expectations change. Almost all of them watch veterans pose in first callouts. Many will wait a torturously long time to hear their numbers called. However, there are rare exceptions. Check out the list of the 16 men who won their debuts in professional open IFBB contests since 1978 (the first year of an expanded pro schedule). It illuminates just how rare Mamdouh Elssbiay’s accomplishments were last year and how unique Phil Heath’s two-for-two was in 2006. Spoiler alert: They’re the only two men from the past two decades on our countdown of the 10 best rookies of all time. That just goes to show you how difficult it is to make a big first impression in the big league.

Essential Moves For Strength Training

Shoot for 5-8 reps for 3-5 sets per exercise. And don't cheat yourself—make sure that those weight loads help take your muscles to near failure on each set. When training for strength, a bit more rest is recommended. Aim for 2-3 minutes between sets and increase the weight if you are having an easy time getting to eight reps on each set. All big strength lifts should come early in your workout routine if you are using them in conjunction with other lifts for a specific muscle group. If you build a program around the following major movements, you can minimize the use of "finishing exercises" for the arms, calves and abdominals.

5 Fast Bodyweight Workouts For Weight Loss

Outside of sheer convenience, there are other reasons to add this type of training in to your routine: “Bodyweight workouts are great if you want to give your body a rest from heavy lifting or just to switch your program up,” says Rodocoy. While great for bulking up quickly, heavy lifting isn’t exactly gentle on your muscles and joints. So, a little low impact work—that still gets you serious results—can ensure you stay injury-free and healthy.  So You're Thinking About Having A Cheat Day >>>

The 10 Basic Exercises to Build a Workout

You don't need a ton of equipment, fancy  machines, or crazy new moves to get in a good workout. In fact, some of the most basic exercises are still some of the best exercises. Take the humble push-up, for example. It's a total body move that uses your body as the equipment and works your chest , arms , shoulders , even your core. Every good gym routine will use moves like that as building blocks. You can then add other, tougher variations of those moves or throw in some fancy equipment to get a little variety. But, mastering the fundamentals is key to seeing gains in the gym. We spoke to Colin Young, the Regional Performance Manager at  EXOS , to bring you these 10 basic exercises that you can use as the foundation for hundreds of strength routines.

5 Tips for Growing a Great F-ing Beard

No Shave November has become an ultimate man test: originally created as a way to spread cancer awareness, it is simultaneously a challenge to see which of your friends can become the scruffiest and scraggliest, all in the name of a good cause. But if you can stall your shaver for a month, why not go beyond that and see what you’re really made of?

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Pre-workout nutrition is more important that your post-workout shake. Here's why: …

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Are these 3 exercises really bad on your shoulders? This coach says so: …

Jay Cutler: The Early Years

Jay Cutler: The Early Years

10 Tips For Gaining Mass Fast

Start engaging with like-minded people, both at home and online. Watch training videos from bodybuilders and strength athletes who inspire you—they're just about everywhere these days. Chat online with a bodybuilder, or even engage their services for a month or two to help push you to the next level. Read about new workouts and techniques you can insert into your training. If none of those works for you, take a scoop of pre-workout and you'll be ready to rock 'n' roll in about 40 minutes.

12 "Zero Belly" Recipes

By that I mean real food—food with the power to reverse the fat-gene switches that are triggered by our modern processed diets and set us back on the path to perfect health. In fact, studies show that the more processed food you eat, the greater your weight—even if you eat the same number of calories. It all goes back to inflammation, and why I built Zero Belly to calm the fire and turn off the fat-storage genes that processed foods turn on.

Three 'Empty-Stomach' Workouts to Aggressively Start Your Morning

You already know the key to melting off fat is being active as much as possible, and these workouts (exclusively pulled from The Shred) produce short bursts of moderate to intense work that will help speed up the fat-burning process. It’s true, 21 days is not a lot of time, but it’s doable with some extra effort. The Morning Grinder sessions from the app and book are brief, effective ways to jumpstart your metabolism each day. Here are three sample workouts; switch and swap them, but do one every morning in a fasted state—i.e., before breakfast. Is it a pain to have

5 Ways to Beat Workout Soreness

Lifting weights damages muscle tissue—but that’s OK, because muscle damage as a result of resistance training contributes to hypertrophy (increase in muscle size) if the training is done properly. When muscle tissue is damaged, you may feel soreness within the next couple of days. While there are many theories as to why delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) occurs, most research suggests that it's a result of pain receptors being sensitized by the inflammatory response to muscle tissue damage. Luckily, there are ways to quickly recover from DOMS and get right back into getting strong. Use these strategies immediately after your workout to speed up healing so you build muscle faster.

More Inspiration from WWE Star John Cena

John Cena knows how to stay motivated, and has the videos to prove it.

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3 Basic Krav Maga Moves That Can Save Your Life

The following three defense moves should only be applied in situations of duress. “It’s important to remember that whenever you’re in danger and decide to react with force, always aim for soft spots like an attacker’s eyes, nose, jaw, ears, throat, groin, pubic bone, knees, and the Achilles tendon,” Gavish says. Just know that hitting these target areas with inflect serious injury to your attacker and should only be used when absolutely necessary.

Build A Bigger Set of Delts

Keep your rep ranges on overhead presses primarily in the hypertrophy range (8-12 reps), with the occasional heavier set (5-6 reps) mixed in. And you can keep doing what you’re doing with your laterals and front raises - just make sure overheads take precedence for the next few months. This formula should lead you to a bigger set of delts while still promoting shape and symmetry.

Easy Gains for the Hard-Loser

The best diet plan for this body type.

3 Keys to A Bigger Bench Press

Performing heavy negatives once or twice a month does wonders for building strength. Bodybuilders that don't have a "negatives day" in their routine are really missing out on huge gains. As a quick refresher, negatives are reps that concentrate on the eccentric, or lowering phase of an exercise. Our muscles can handle 30-40% more weight on the negative portion of a rep, so taking advantage of that taps into plenty of underexploited fibers in your pecs and trains your body and mind to deal with heavier weight. To perform negatives on the bench, add 30-40% more weight than you'd normally use for 10 reps (after a few warm-up sets, of course). So if you're pressing 250 pounds for 10 reps, add an extra 75 pounds (30%) onto the bar. Unrack the weight and resist the negative all the way down for a full five seconds or more. Once the bar touches your chest, have your training partner help you bring the bar back up to the starting position and repeat this for 3-5 total agonizing reps. Use this method sparingly - 1-3 sets, once or twice per month - to avoid overtraining or injury. Besides, after training like this, you'll likely be too sore to want to do it again soon.

Farmer's Walk Complexes

• If you plan on mixing up your farmer’s walk carry positions within your workouts, we recommend starting with the hip carry position, then progressing to an overhead carry, then finishing with the shoulder (racked) carry position. No, there’s no magic in that sequence. It’s just what we’ve found to work best for our athletes. But, if you feel more comfortable in using a different approach, we don’t see any reason to not go with what works best for you!

5 Biggest Biceps Training Mistakes

1. Not Locking Your Elbows By Your Sides Even a lot of experienced bodybuilders get this one wrong because they’re trying to go heavy and increase the range of motion. Curls are a single-joint move, but when you pull your elbows away from your sides in an effort to go higher as you raise the weight, they become a multijoint exercise. Because this shifts some of the emphasis to the front delts, they now share the workload with the bi’s. Instead, fix your elbows to your sides and don’t let them travel forward. At the top of the motion, you shouldn’t be looking directly at the bar; rather, the bar should be near the top of your chest. 2. Failing To Extend Your Elbows This one would be funny if it weren’t committed by so many trainees. Clearly, to flex the biceps you must bend the elbow, so essentially the degree of elbow bend must change by opening and closing over the course of each rep. Curiously, you’ll see guys who instead rock at the waist and lean back as they curl with almost no change in elbow bend. That’s simply not a rep, and your arms won’t grow! Instead, reduce the weight and pay attention: The angle in your elbows should approach 180 degrees at the bottom, where your arms are almost fully extended, and be decidedly less than 90 degrees at the top of each rep.

The Truth About Nutrient Timing

Your study was a pretty big deal, but probably needs more attention in the mainstream. To catch people up to speed, can you tell me: What was the established “truth” that we thought we knew about protein timing? In other words, why did we think timing was important and what benefit did we believe was accomplished by eating within the “anabolic window.”

Why The Rock Is Beyoncé for Boys | VICE | United Kingdom

How hard do you think The Rock could punch me? Obviously: to death. I feel The Rock could punch me on most of the parts of my body and I would immediately die. Would I die if The Rock punched me in the head? Yes, I would die. Would I die if The Rock punched me somewhere less vital, the back of a thigh, maybe, a lower rib? Yes, I would also die off being punched by The Rock. The force of The Rock punching me would work its way up my body and explode my heart. Agony would hum up my body like a tuning stick until my brain just up and stops. I feel, sometimes, like The Rock could punch me so hard (to death) that he wouldn't necessarily need to make bodily contact with me for the punch to kill, The Rock just punching the air I was about to inhale and it somehow killing me, the oxygen imbued suddenly with a force too powerful for my weak human lungs, my weak human lungs breathing punched Rock air and just exploding. But my favourite, when I think about The Rock punching me a single time to death, my favourite is imagining him punching me directly above the heart: a single solid thwump, an

The Cardio Fat Loss Plan

On one end of the spectrum you have the “cardio haters.” You know them as the people that believe cardio is a complete waste of time and will kill your muscles and your body. (I even saw one article go as far to say it will actually kill you. That’s a bit much.) Then there are the “cardio lovers,” they’re typically distance runner, and mileage junkies that pound the pavement—or the treadmill—and feel that running is the best form of exercise. (Expect rampant “Born to Run” references.)

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The 10 Most Awkward Exercises that are Actually Good for You

Mark Langowski, founder of Body By Mark Wellness and NYC-based celebrity trainer, compiled 10 exercises awkward enough to make some men avoid them, and created an entire total-body workout routine. Each exercise has a strategically matched superset exercise to maximize your results. Whether you want to incorporate a few of these moves into your weekly workouts, or perform them back-to-back is up to you. Regardless, you’ll improve muscle imbalances and weaknesses, grow stronger, and become more flexible. Your ego may be bruised at first, but you’ll quickly find your embarrassment weaning, and your confidence becoming bulletproof.

Be Instantly Better in Bed

Sex should be fun and, every once in a while, you’ll get yourself into ridiculous situations. Maybe your neighbors start yelling at you two through the wall, you get your pants caught around your ankles and fall over, or you accidentally shoot some whip cream in her eye. Please don’t try to “pull it off.” Just laugh about it. Not only is a sense of humor incredibly sexy, but by not taking yourself too seriously, you’ll put her at ease, Fleming says. And, hey, even if something goes awry, she’ll have a great time.

The Perfect Pre-Race Breakfast For Any Distance

There’s no magic elixir in elite runners’ breakfasts (we’re not counting the doped-up cheaters who eventually get caught); no essence of cow heart or beetle-wing extract with mysterious performance benefits. The perfect breakfast is simple—boring, even. “Simplicity is king,” says Brendan Gregg, a professional runner and coach with the Hansons-Brooks Original Distance Project, who has a PR of 13:46:49 in the 5K. The rules for the perfect pre-race meal according to Gregg? Keep it high in carbs, easily digestible, and familiar, and eat it at least an hour before the gun goes off. With that in mind, try this nutritionist-backed and runner-approved meal to nab a PR at any distance.

Should Your Workout Kick Your Ass?

If you were to ask me to choose the one thing most people could improve in the gym my answer would be “Intensity.” Problem is, when I suggest workouts need to be harder, most interpret that as meaning more sets, reps, or hours in the gym. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Intensity doesn’t hinge necessarily on what you do (although it can), but oftentimes it’s how you do it. Your focus, your energy, and your devotion to push past barriers and challenge your body. To help you understand the difference between working harder and training smarter, I interview Sean Hyson, C.S.C.S, fitness director for Men’s Fitness and Muscle & Fitness, and the author of  The Truth About Strength Training . You won’t learn any new exercises or magic bullet secrets, but the strategy you’ll gain will be as valuable as any other lessons you’ll find.

FreeMotion vs. Standard

A study from Globe University (Shakopee, Minnesota) found that subjects training on FreeMotion machines for 
16 weeks increased muscle strength by almost 60% more than subjects training on standard weight machines. The Globe University researchers also found that the group using FreeMotion machines increased their balance by about 200% more than the group using standard weight machines.

The 15 Best Pullup Variations

There are few others exercise as timeless and effective as the pullup. But, though tried and true, they can get a bit boring. That's where variations come in. These 15 pullup alternatives will challenge your upper body to score you new levels of muscle growth. But before we get into the exercises, let's cover some basics.

9 Diet Traps to Avoid

Just like training, healthy eating is much more complicated than knowing the basics. Sure, you probably realize by now that a deep-fried onion blossom is not exactly conducive to maintaining a rock-solid midsection . But what about all those lesser-known acts of food sabotage that could be creeping into your everyday eating habits? Some, like eating too fast, could seem rather benign at first, but in fact can be a big reason your physique is more doughy than chiseled. Read on for nine surprising—yet all-too-common—diet traps.

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Cellucor Super HD at

Warnings: THIS PRODUCT IS ONLY INTENDED TO BE CONSUMED BY HEALTHY ADULTS, 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER. Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing. Before using this product, consult a licensed, qualified, health care professional, including but not limited to, if: you are taking antidepressants such as a MAOI (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor) or SSRI, blood thinners, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, pseudoephedrine, or you are taking any other dietary supplement, prescription drug or over-the-counter medication; or if, you suspect you have or have been treated for, diagnosed with or have a family history of, any medical condition, including but not limited to: high or low blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety, cardiovascular, psychiatric or seizure disorders, cardiac arrhythmia, stroke, heart, liver, kidney or thyroid disease or difficulty urinating duet to prostate enlargement. This product contains caffeine and should not be used by individuals wishing to eliminate caffeine from their diet or in combination with caffeine or stimulants from other sources, including but not limited to, coffee, tea, soda, or other dietary supplements and medications.

Tabata Triple Threat

You will perform three Tabata protocols in this workout, each with different movements. A Tabata is a four-minute circuit consisting of eight 20-second work intervals, interspersed with 10 seconds of rest. Though short, Tabatas have been shown to be equal or even more effective at improving conditioning than long bouts of cardio. The reason for that fact — and the catch — is that the 20-second work intervals must be balls-to-the-wall all-out efforts, with nothing held back or saved for later. Between each Tabata you will complete a quarter-mile (400-yard) run before moving on to the next circuit.

11 Ways She Knows You're Insecure

Confidence is often seen as one of the most sought-after attributes women want in a man. A less attractive guy with more confidence can often beat out the better-looking dude when it comes to jobs, women, and more. But we all get a little (or extremely) insecure now and again. Even the most confident guy takes a hit—whether or not they let you know it is another story. But can you tell when your anxiety gets the best of you, and you're wearing your insecurity like a full-blown billboard? You know, when everyone else is thinking "Oh, he's acting that way because he's insecure," but you think you've got the wool over everyone's eyes?

IIFYM Muscle-Building Weekly Meal Plan

With this diet, incorporating whole foods is a priority because that will help build the foundation to indulge on other foods like burgers. It's simply a balancing act. To ease your way into becoming flexible dieter, we've outlined a comprehensive 5-day meal plan. This sample meal plan is based of a 180-pound lifter who is looking to lean out -- totaling 2,300 calories a day, 225 grams of protein, 220 grams of carbs, and 55 grams of fat.

The Blond Bomber: Why We Do It

The smiles on the beaches were hard earned, and their payment was gained in the dark confines of gyms filled with heavy iron. Barbells and dumbbells were the source of resistance that built the muscles that built the men that built the magazine. We lifted the cold and noisy metal not for a moment on a page of paper, but for reasons, wonderful reasons, too numerous to count. Oh, heck! Let me give it a try.

7 Celebrities and Athletes with the Weirdest Eating Habits

Usain Bolt's chicken nugget diet and 6 other celebs who eat a bit unconventionally.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger: Take a Dip

One of the simplest moves for chest and tri’s is also one of the most effective.

Chris Hemsworth's Instagram is Our New Favorite Thing

The "Thor" actor trains with toddlers and has one solid home gym.

Close-Grip vs. Wide-Grip Upright Row

Researchers from Memphis University measured muscle activity of the front, middle, and rear deltoids, as well as the upper and middle traps during upright rows performed with a close grip (half of shoulder width), a shoulder-width grip, and a two-times wider-than-shoulder-width grip. With the two-times shoulder-width grip, the muscle activity of both the middle deltoid and even the rear deltoid increased by more than 20% compared with the close grip. Also, the wider grip increased muscle activity of the upper traps.

7 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

So you want to lose weight ?  It’s a commendable goal and the benefits are plenty (self-esteem, energy, quality of life, preventing disease, longevity, and lower health costs). With an epidemic of obesity, people are looking for ways to obtain or maintain a healthy weight, yet their goals are being hijacked. Many of the saboteurs are controllable and easy, yet they are elusive.

3 Tips to Get the Most From Your Cold-Weather Workout

“It’s easy to overheat in the cold if you’re dressed inappropriately,” says Air Force search-and-rescue specialist Doug Kechijian, D.P.T. “Dress for how you’re going to feel five minutes into training.”

Push Up Your Bench Press

Use a continuous-loop exercise band—the Pro Light band sold at is ideal. Grasp an “end” in each hand and wrap the band around the back of your shoulders. Get into pushup position and press your palms into the floor to anchor the band. Perform pushups, tucking your elbows close to your sides as you descend.

Protein Almond Snack Balls

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner always seem to be the easiest meals to figure out. (With lunch tending to be the most the difficult to keep “healthy.”) But for most people, especially those in the working world, finding healthy snacks is oftentimes a frustrating challenge. Whether it’s the deceptively unhealthy “100-calorie” packs, or offices providing fuel that tastes greats and leaves you feeling like crap a few hours later, it’s not easy to find what your body needs…and enjoys. Enter protein almond balls. This no-bake recipe, created by Liv Langdon , can be made quickly at home, stores easily at work, tastes great, and fuels your body with the type of nutrition you want and need during the day.

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