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Watch: Jermell Charlo Rocks Erickson Lubin With Vicious KO Punch

The WBC super welterweight champ retains title with first-round victory at Barclays Center.

The Ronline Report Episode 57 - IFBB Pro Robby Gould

On episode 57 of the Ronline Report, IFBB Pro Robby Gould responds to Bostin Loyd’s remarks then talks about balancing active-duty US Army with bodybuilding, and his brief pro wrestling career.

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How To Have Your Carbs And Lose Fat, Too!

Here's how it works: The longer you restrict calories, and the more weight you lose, the further your leptin levels decline.[6] This decrease in leptin can intensify hunger signals, making fat loss—and sticking to your diet—much harder. Just a few weeks of dieting can have a significant impact on leptin levels, but fortunately, it only takes 12-24 hours of overfeeding, particularly with carbs, to return leptin to normal levels.[7] This is why I am such a huge advocate of weekly "refeeds"—high-carb days slightly above maintenance-caloric needs.

7 Insanely Easy Ways To Improve Your Workouts

Workouts are delicate balancing acts of priorities. If you hit squats with all you've got, for instance, everything afterward will necessarily suffer a little. This can seem like a bad thing, but it can also be a tool you use to your benefit. Here's how: Set one small goal that you simply will achieve in a workout, period. If you do it, then the workout is a success.

The Complete Guide to Bulking and Cutting | T Nation

The risk of hormonal disruption is increased during prolonged low-calorie dieting phases. To mitigate this, increase your fat intake compared to a mass phase. This isn't an excuse to go full Atkins and start chowing down avocadoes wrapped in bacon and dipped in butter. Just be mindful that you need to be in a caloric deficit while consuming sufficient fat to not feel like a bag of crap the whole time. Eat 1g/kg of fat per day.

How to Build a Viselike Grip and Massive Forearms

Whether you are a bodybuilder, strongman, or causal lifter, how important is it to have a strong grip? Obviously, when it comes to strongman training and competition, having a strong grip is essential to being successful. Grip competitions have also started to gain a lot of popularity in the last few years and it is very common to see highly competitive grip challenges at almost any fitness expo you attend.

Big, Thick, Chunky Ab Training | T Nation

But you can get the abs involved in a plethora of movements outside of squats and deadlifts. One of my favorite ways to work the ol' rectus abs is tricep pushdowns. Anyone who's ever done them this way ends up very sore from it. I actually learned this from an article where Franco Columbu talked about how he hated training his abs and simply figured out a way to train them with pushdowns.

Tip: You're Taking Creatine at the Wrong Time | T Nation

Conventional wisdom dictates that you can just take creatine before a workout. After all, we take caffeine before a boring lecture, not after. It's the same with most drugs or supplements. However, scientists at Nova Southeastern University in Florida wanted to see if that strategy was actually the best.

5 Muscle-Building Lunches You Should Bring to Work

Sunday night you should be prepping your first meal of the week: balsamic grilled chicken sandwich. Marinate the chicken in balsamic vinaigrette and then throw it on to a frying pan for about 15 minutes. Once it has cooked through, place the chicken on a slice of whole-wheat bread. Cover the chicken with roasted red peppers, reduced-fat mozzarella cheese, and basil leaves. And if you want to press it into a panini, just throw it back onto the pan for 5 minutes.

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The Perfect Omelet Anyone Can Make!

An omelet is an ever-customizable, high-protein option that is undoubtedly one of the best breakfast foods ever. But depending on your culinary skills, you may struggle with certain parts of it—that flip is all in the wrist!—that are necessary to earn the right to call your egg concoction an omelet. Get it wrong, and your omelet could be a scramble, an overcooked disaster, or just a stovetop mess.

Tip: Use This to Make Zero-Carb Sandwiches | T Nation

Personally, I use it to make zero-carb "sandwiches," or more accurately, sandwich rolls. I'll mix canned tuna with olive oil mayonnaise and carefully spread it onto a sheet of nori . The sheets are brittle, so spritz them first with some water. I then carefully form it into a roll.

Tip: Kinky Lifting for Kinesthetic Awareness | T Nation

RA Roman used this tool on the Olympic lifts like the snatch and clean & jerk with either an empty barbell or very light loads. (It would be dangerous to throw near maximal weight on the bar and attempt a jerk with a blindfold or with the eyes closed. Don't do that.)

Tip: Straps, Thick Grips, and 40-Second Wrist Curls | T Nation

I don't hate what some consider "sissy" forearm exercises, like wrist curls and wrist extensions, but most people do them wrong. The range of motion is super short so you must use constant tension and slow the movement if you want them to work. We want each set to last at least 40 seconds, or more precisely you want maximum lactic acid accumulation.

Tip: The Ultimate Health Drink for Lifters | T Nation

Make your joints feel good, feed your good gut bacteria, and boost your overall health with one combo drink. Check it out.

These Coaches and Pros Are Pissed | T Nation

This is another aspect of investigating that doesn't take more than a few minutes of your time. Taking the time to ensure that your coach has what it takes to get you or your clients to the next level can take you a long way. You could even take your investigating to the next level. There are sites that have registries of some of the top fitness certifications, and can actually confirm your coach has the certifications they're claiming to have. You may be surprised by the results when doing this.

Tip: The Fat That Makes You Smarter | T Nation

Studies agree that excess body fat lowers intelligence, but eating a certain kind of fat can increase it. Info here.

Power Hour Workout 1


Tip: Make Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies | T Nation

Everyone's sick of pumpkin. This is what happens with food trends. They're hot for a while, we collectively go overboard, and then we can't stand them anymore. Remember kale? Even people who never tried kale were tired of kale.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Saturday, October 14, 2017

Saturday, October 14, 2017 - You may be so fascinated with a particular place today that you cannot get it out of your mind. Naturally, you travel-prone Archers aim your thoughts at distant targets and sometimes are lucky enough to pursue them in the real world. Nevertheless, you enjoy planning a future adventure once magnetic Venus moves into your 11th House of Friends. Sharing your dreams with a group of like-minded people inspires you to turn your fantasies into reality.

The best affordable workout gear under $50

When you're not shelling out a lot but still look this good, you'll have plenty to spend on a dinner date with your gym crush. (Or, y’know, more protein powder.)

The 30 best leg exercises of all time

In a squat rack or cage, grasp the bar as far apart as is comfortable and step under it. Place it on your lower traps, squeeze your shoulder blades together, push your elbows up and nudge the bar out of the rack. Take a step or two back and stand with your feet at shoulder width and your toes turned slightly out. Take a deep breath and bend your hips back, then bend your knees to lower your body as far as you can without losing the arch in your lower back. Push your knees out as you descend. Drive vertically with your hips to come back up, continuing to push your knees out.


Always consult with a qualified healthcare professional prior to beginning any diet or exercise program or taking any dietary supplement. The content on our website is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice or to replace a relationship with a qualified healthcare professional.

10 Nutrition Tips to Help You Get Huge

Take glutamine and creatine, and drink water to keep your body hydrated and your muscle cells filled with fluid. Glutamine and creatine help pump muscle cells full of water.

Tip: Make Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies | T Nation

Everyone's sick of pumpkin. This is what happens with food trends. They're hot for a while, we collectively go overboard, and then we can't stand them anymore. Remember kale? Even people who never tried kale were tired of kale.

6 Things Experienced Lifters Do Every Day

Experienced lifters look at this as a lifestyle, not just a program. They know that drinking water, sleep, eating correctly, and staying in the weight room will only pay off if they are consistent. Sure, they may miss a meal here and there and even some workouts, but they know that being consistent for the long haul is where it's at. They never totally get out of the lifting game for extended periods of time and pay attention to their diet. They think about it each day, just like taking a shower and brushing their teeth. If you are not doing something to improve your body each day, you will have a tougher time calling yourself a true lifter.

Tip: Adrenal Fatigue is B.S. | T Nation

Most people who claim to have adrenal fatigue point to a positive spit test. There are a couple of problems here. First, there isn't a medical consensus on whether saliva tests are reliable, at least as far as determining cortisol levels. The standard, accepted test is the corticotropin (ACTH) stimulation test, using blood samples.

Instagram post by Shawn Ray • Oct 17, 2017 at 6:52pm UTC

Tip: The Cold Hard Truth About Nutrition | T Nation

You aren't fat, but you'd like to lose about 10 pounds to better show off those muscles. Here are the best tips from our experts.

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NITRO-TECH by MuscleTech at - Best Prices on NITRO-TECH!

Nitro-Tech is a scientifically engineered, enhanced whey protein formula designed for all athletes who are looking for more muscle, more strength and better performance. Nitro-Tech contains protein sourced primarily from whey protein isolate and whey peptides – two of the cleanest and purest protein sources available. Other whey protein supplements might have only a few grams of these highly bioavailable and easily digested proteins. Nitro-Tech® is also enhanced with the most studied form of creatine for even better gains in muscle and strength.*

How To Choose The Best Yogurt For Your Fitness Goals

In many ways, a bowl of yogurt is a near-perfect snack for fitness fanatics. It has clearly passed the test of time, having been first consumed somewhere between 9000-6000 BC. This ancient food is created by fermenting milk with a starter culture containing lactic acid-producing bacteria, such as Lactobacillus bulgaricus. When fully fermented, each spoonful of yogurt offers up muscle-building protein, bone-benefiting calcium, and lots of probiotics—beneficial microorganisms thought to have a positive impact on your digestion and immune system.

Biolayne | The official website of Dr. Layne Norton

Get access to premium content from Layne and some of the best authorities on building muscle and burning fat! Not only will you get access to premium articles, you will also have the opportunity to attend live webinars, videos, and Q&As with Layne and other experts. Take your knowledge to the next level!

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The top 20 meat proteins

Meat from fish, chicken, beef, and wild game offers its own specific array of vitamins, nutrients, and protein profile. A workout warrior looking to build muscle should keep these top protein sources stocked, or at least on rotation throughout the year.

10 Reasons You're Not Building Muscle

To put on size, you can’t eat salads all day. You need to have a slight calorie surplus to support muscle growth. This includes all energy expended from physical activity and internal processes. As mentioned earlier, eat whole fresh foods. Put time into planning your meals so you don’t have to resort to eating junk. Avoid sugary drinks and all fast food. Try to eat organic meats and drink organic milk. Eat healthy fats such as avocados and coconut oil. If you’re inclined, diets such as the “Paleo Diet” or “Perfect Health Diet” work really well for putting on size while staying lean. Ensure your growing body receives the nutrients and building blocks it needs and remember that eating junk equals junk results.

Squats vs. Box Squats

There is no debating the fact that the free-weight squat is the king of all leg exercises. One method of doing barbell squats that has caught on particularly among powerlifters is the box squat.
 To do this, you place a box or a bench behind you, at a height that allows your thighs to be parallel with the floor in 
the bottom position of the box squat. Then you simply squat down until your glutes touch the top of the box, then squat back up. This form of squatting allows you to perfect the squat as it also teaches you to really sit back. Plus, many world-class powerlifters swear by it for increasing their squat strength.

9 Times Gym Crush Solci Perez Was the Fittest Weather Girl on Instagram

Solci Perez technically holds the title of weather girl on the Argentinian channel TyC Sports, but she clearly has the figure to dabble in some fitness endeavors in her spare time. If you take a scroll through her Instagram account , you’ll see countless workouts and perfectly posed pictures showing off her toned  abs , legs, and glutes . Perez has amassed more than 2 million followers on Instagram, and it’s clear why.

10 smoky recipes to fire up your next tailgate

If you're the type of guy who likes to start your tailgating half a day ahead of the game, and you happen to be in the heart of salmon territory—looking at you, Seahawks fans—this recipe is for you. Whip together a tangy marinade (with a bit of kick, thanks to the bourbon), soak it up with salmon, and toss it in the smoker to get the perfect texture and taste of freshly smoked fish.

The 12 hardest arms exercises of all time

While it may be tempting to conquer all 12 moves right this minute , remember that these maneuvers are highly complex. To avoid injury and ensure effective, muscular hypertrophy, Deibler advises focusing on correct technique, proper recovery time between workouts, and adapting these moves to your fitness capabilities. To help you do the latter, we've added a "Scale It Back" tip for each move. Put your fitness to the test and add these 12 grueling arm-focused exercises to your arsenal. For maximum benefits, do one or two at a time at the beginning of your workout before your arms are fatigued, one to two days per week.

The 10 best supplements for weight loss

The sunshine vitamin does more than just ward off depression— Italian research  earlier this year found that a  vitamin D  deficiency is associated with a higher risk of obesity. And, since some 40% of American adults are deficient in the stuff, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it may benefit your midsection to supplement, particularly during winter. Vitamin D is necessary for the proper function of receptors all over your body, including ones that tell your systems whether to store or burn fat, whether you're hungry, and what you're craving. In fact,  a 2009 study from the University of Minnesota  found that those who start a diet with healthy levels of vitamin D actually lose more weight than those who try and change their eating habits with an empty D bank.

10 Pics of the Hottest Model You’ve Never Heard of

Kate Compton—get used to the name because with sizzling pictures like this, it’s only a matter of time before the world catches on.

The 10 best workout challenges to put your body to the test

Let's put whatever workout routines you're following to the side right now—it's time for a challenge or break from the typical grind. These one-off workouts will test your muscular strength and endurance, and push you past pain thresholds. Sound a little too intense? That's OK. Take on each workout at your pace, focus on your form, and gradually make progress. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or workout-lunatic we're got a challenge to fit your abilities.

Meet the Sexy 'Despacito' Star Zuleyka Rivera

Despite the fact that the video isn't even for the Bieber version, everyone seems to be watching it, and we think we know why: Zuleyka Rivera. You may not recognize her name, but you'll recognize her as the gorgeous star of the "Despacito" music video.

The best 45-minute biceps workout

Perform 3 sets of the following exercises, 8-10 repetitions each, with 90-120 seconds rest in between sets. Increase the weight by 10 pounds in each set. For the best results, allow your biceps to rest for at least two days before re-training.

7 Cutting Mistakes Even the Pros Make

Low carb diets seem to be a trend of anyone having to drop bodyfat. I am not going to say low carb diets do not work. There is a time and place for everything. The main question you have to ask yourself is, “are low carb diets optimal?” Low carb diets, if done incorrectly, can lead to muscle loss and even metabolic damage. Carbs are your body’s primary source of fuel. If you cut carbs too drastically, your muscles will flatten out, increasing the risk of losing muscle mass. The more carbohydrates you consume when dieting, the fuller your muscles will stay and the more anabolic you will remain during your diet. Reduce your carbohydrates at a slower rate. Never make a drastic cut to your carbohydrate intake.

The Wolverine Workout: 4 Weeks to Shred Like Hugh Jackman

Main lifts are based off a percentage of your 1-rep max in that lift, and the percentage changes each week (see the percentage charts to determine what weight you should use). Rest between sets is listed in seconds. Flexibility work such as static stretching and foam rolling should be performed at the end of each session.

The best bodyweight abs workout

Strengthen your core and make your abs pop with this four-move workout.

9 manly cocktails that are actually good for you

Shake with a small piece of cracked ice, and strain into a chilled Collins glass over a Collins spear. Garnish with ginger candy. “187 calories, contains vitamin C, and the ginger has been shown to combat nausea and diarrhea,” says Present. “Also, on a historical note, you’ll be drinking the cocktail that brought vodka to the masses.”

Instagram post by Andrew Wary CSCS • Oct 17, 2017 at 12:14am UTC

9 Problems Fit Guys Have and How to Solve Them

When squatting, your hip joint should pass your knee. If it doesn’t, then you’re most likely lacking flexibility in the hips and ankles. Over time, joints stiffen if they’re not exercised properly, and when we spend most of our time sitting—at our desk, on a couch, in a car—chances are good that your joints could be next. That’s a problem since “ass to grass,” or ATG squats, recruit more muscle fibers, better stretch the muscles, and are safer on your knees because sinking closer to the ground increases hip drive, taking some of the load off of that area. Use the fixes at right to get your squat up (or down) to par.

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