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Rope Spread Open Pulldown

UVA's Matt Johns Connects With Andre Levrone for Great TD | ACC Must See Moment

Virginia QB Matt Johns finds Andre Levrone for an unbelievable 29-yard touchdown in the 2nd quarter. The touchdown pass was only Johns' second pass attempt o...

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014 - There's no need to let your frustration get the best of you if everything seems to be taking forever to manifest. You're on the edge of a significant breakthrough but there's no way to make something momentous happen before its natural time. Nevertheless, you still have your part to play; instead of dreaming about big changes in the distant future, take initiative right now. Some of the greatest journeys are accomplished by putting one foot ahead of the other, one tiny step at a time.


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Workout Advice from Terry Crews

“I say just go to the gym for 21 days straight,” he told Samberg. "Don’t even work out if you don’t want to. Go there, look around, spend some time, read a magazine, sit down on the recumbent bike, and just read a magazine and watch everybody work out. And then, you know what? When you’re done, go home.”

The 15 Most Important Exercises For Men

Every guy who’s into fitness has some methodology, piece of equipment, or program they like over anything else. Some like to circuit train every day, some follow bodybuilding protocols, and still others participate in any number of fitness trends and fads. However, there is a list of exercises that has withstood the test of time, and these moves have become staples in every serious lifter’s plan.

7 Superfoods to Boost Immunity

Flu season is coming at us fast. Don’t lie, whenever someone sneezes close enough to you that you feel a breeze, you wince and wonder how long it will be until you catch the bug. But we’re here to help. “Immune system soldiers need good, consistent nourishment,” says Jennifer McDaniel, R.D.N., a food and nutrition expert. Here are seven essential foods that you should fill your plate with during cooler-weather months to help your immune system work at its optimum level.

Frozen Blueberries Better for You Than Fresh

These antioxidants come from compounds called anthocyanins, which give blueberries their purple hue. The ice crystals that form when the berries are frozen disrupt the structure of the plant tissue and make anthocyanins more available.

Train Like a Linebacker, Eat Like a Bodybuilder

Harry Selkow strolled into Columbus, Ohio this April in his usual fashion: shoeless. With callused feet and a handful of chalk ready to Selkow-approve every woman in his path, he presented for elitefts™. He covers everything regarding his trademark training philosophy, “Train like a Linebacker, Eat like a Bodybuilder.”

The Best Barbell Workout

Perform the exercises as a circuit , completing one set of each in turn without rest. If an exercise feels easy using the load you have available, perform your reps slower and with more control. (Or, if you have extra weight, load it.) Another option is to choke down on the bar. Gripping it lower will decrease your mechanical advantage and make the exercise harder. After the last exercise, rest two minutes and then repeat the entire circuit. Continue for 20 minutes. You can repeat the workout up to four times per week, resting a day between sessions.

Aleksandr Karelin’s Amazing Work Ethic

But it’s not just the fact that this guy won enough metal to armor-plate a T-80 Battle Tank that makes him harder than an Adamantium boner – it’s the way he completely fucking annihilated everyone in his path without mercy in a one-man quest to take every poor chump stupid enough to stare across the ring at him and pound him into a crimson smear on the mat. For instance, Karelin is famous for a move known as the “Karelin Lift”. Basically, the way this works is that Alexander Karelin would kick the shit out of people so hard that their first reaction was to curl up in the fetal position on the mat, clutching their imploded ribcages and sobbing uncontrollably in the desperate hope that giving this guy the deadweight would prevent him from hurling them out of the ring like a live grenade, and then Karelin would respond to this nonsense by grabbing this 300-pound man, prying him up off the mat, hoisting him above his head, and then viciously slamming the guy back down again. That’s right, folks, this guy invented a fucking suplex, and then used it routinely in real-life, non-WWE situations to hurl grown-ass men around like they were giant spandex-clad stuffed animals.

3 Ways to Hit a New Record 1-Rep Max Now

Also remember that fatigue is the enemy. You’re about to use all your stores of energy to hit a new 1RM, so make sure everything you do before then is strictly focused on power and explosiveness—not hitting your limit. When you can’t explode anymore, it means your fast twitch muscle fibers are beginning to drop out of the lift. That’s bad news for your workout, so keep these reps low.

The One Hour a Week Workout

“There aren’t enough hours in a day.” Certainly sounds like a valid reason for why you're not meeting your fitness goals. You’ve got to be up at 6 AM, whip together breakfast, get out the door by 7, and stay on the grind until the end of business. Perhaps you have a project that keeps you late or other obligations that pull you away from your routine , and dedicating an hour for three to five days a week to gym sessions just isn’t mathematically possible. But it's all about priorities. And if yours include maintaining a functioning body, you just ran out of excuses. Deduct all of the times you refresh your Twitter feed and small talk, and you've got time enough for this workout. All you need is 20 minutes a day, three days a week.

3 Tips to Improve Your Cardio Work

It is common practice for many people to enter the gym, and grudgingly get on a treadmill or cross trainer for their cardio work. Let's face it, cardio work can be a drag at times. Finding ways to to get more enthused about the process can inspire you to excel during this part of your exercise routine, and also make the time appear to pass more quickly.

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

Golovkin Vs. Rubio: Tale of the Tape

Gennady Golovin (30-0, 27 KOs) will defend his WBA and IBO middleweight titles against Marco Antonion Rubio (59-6-1, 51 KOs) on October 18 at the StubHub Center in Carson, CA, in a contest scheduled for 12 rounds. Golovin, 32, and Rubio, 34, both have an arm reach of 70", while the champion is 5′10½″, a half inch taller than the challenger.

Top Thirty Tips to Lose Belly Fat

Know that you have complete control over what you put in your mouth. No one ever ate anything by accident.  Muggings by donuts who force themselves into your stomach are a figment of your imagination. Belly fat loss is about the following: •    Intensity and volume of training—you must train with a near maximal metabolic intensity and perform a large volume of work.

Strongman Training For The CrossFit Athlete - Juggernaut Training Systems

With The 2014 CrossFit Games airing on ESPN, you may have noticed a increased prevalence in the amount of Strongman movements being used. I think every aspiring competitive exerciser should take note of this, as I don’t think this is a trend that is changing. From the local throw down to the CrossFit Games, Strongman-style movements will be a part of your competition.


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7 Things Coffee Does to Your Body

But that doesn't mean you should abandon Starbucks just yet. As a slew of new studies show, coffee can be a very helpful stimulant when used the right way and may actually do more for your performance outside of the office. Read on for seven things coffee does to your body and how to best use it to your advantage.

Why Box Squat?

About the Author Brian Schwab has the all time highest total of 1930 pounds in the 148-pound class and is a WPO champion in the lightweight division. His total for the 148-pound class was ranked number one on Powerlifting USA's top 100 list for eight consecutive years. He won the 148-pound class in the first Bench America contest and is recognized as one of the most consistent powerlifters in the world. Brian competes equipped as well as raw (his raw total was ranked number two in the nation in the 148-pound class in 2009 with lifts of a 501-pound squat, a 325-pound bench, a 550-pound deadlift, and a 1377-pound total). Brian holds a bachelor's of science degree in exercise and sport sciences from the University of Florida and is CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) with the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association). He owns and operates Orlando Barbell (—a 24-hour card access, powerlifting friendly gym. His best lifts in the 148-pound class are a 765-pound squat (five times body weight), the highest 148-pound class full meet bench of 565 pounds, a 606-pound deadlift, and the all time highest total of 1,930 pounds.

High Protein Healthier Nachos - Born Fitness

When you think nachos, the last thing that probably comes to mind is “healthy.” Maybe it’s the chips, the cheese, the sour cream, and more topping than you can imagine. (Did I mention the cheese?) But nachos don’t have to be a bad snack. In fact, they can be a protein loaded meal, if you make them the right way and are willing to make a few substitutions that maintain the taste but sacrifice some nutritional gut bombs (the type you don’t want). These are protein packed nachos. Perfect for a snack and always good for any sporting event.

What it's like to Become Unstoppable - Juggernaut Training Systems

After being introduced to the entire Juggernaut family, BUS3 began with a talk on the five pillars of raw powerlifting success by Juggernaut figureheads Chad Wesley Smith and Brandon Lilly – They spoke on core issues: from the importance of training specificity to the necessity of redefining your expectations. We were also encouraged, among other things to have some perspective. While lifting weights may, in part, define you as a person it does not make you a bad ass. Life will throw things at you that will challenge you in ways a barbell never can so appreciate that the few hours a week you have in the gym are a luxury and make the best of it. It was a valuable life lesson from guys who have triumphed through adversity to reach the pinnacle of the sport, and a refreshing reminder that even at the very top of the food chain success is rarely, if ever, an accident.

Get Crushed: Back Squat/Front Squat Combo

Lucky for you, we’re here to help. Each week we’ll give you a tough, one-off workout that you can try when you are looking for the ultimate training challenge of just feel like you need a break from your regular routine. But be warned, this training program will leave you totally CRUSHED.

Big Bench

is to focus on the bench press.

Simply Hard Work

Tweaking and optimizing the basic formula of food plus training plus supplements gets tricky, which is why people hire those gurus, but the essential elements remain the same. Dennis James has adhered to this philosophy since the days he routinely stood on the Olympia stage. James has been successfully applying those same principles as the coach of Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay for the past two years. He walked us through their normal chest workout to show people that no scientific formula or complex routine can replace basic hard work in the gym.

Cardio & Weights Together? Does it Matter?

Cardio & Weights Together? Does it Matter?

Are You Her Back-Up Plan?

Men are usually the ones to get a bad rap when it comes to infidelity. But a new survey of 1,000 British women reveals some startling stats. Half of all women have a fallback partner picked out should their current relationship fall to the wayside. Are you listening? Fifty percent. Married men: this can happen to you. Single guys: could you be the back-up man?

Pre-Workout Nutrition

What you need to know for a great workout.

7 Ways to Make Your Workouts Harder

Two simple ways to create tougher workouts are to recruit a training partner or to hire a personal trainer . However, for those of us who A) train at odd or inconsistent times, or B) don't have the disposable income to hire a professional, we need a plan C, which is, we need to get our own asses in gear by scrutinizing every facet of our training program.

29 Satellite Cell Activation: Boost Muscle Growth On The Cellular Level -

Gains don't just appear. They're the result of hard work, proper nutrition, dedication, and sweat. But that's all on the surface. Dig deeper and see how muscle is built on a cellular level!

Kai Greene Trains One Week Before the 2014 Olympia

Kai Greene Trains One Week Before the 2014 Olympia

WATCH: Mike O’Hearn and IFBB PRO Nicole Wilkins Seminar

Watch all six parts of the Mike O’Hearn and IFBB PRO Nicole Wilkins Seminar from the 2014 NPC Natural Northern USA Championships

Genetic Differences in Carb Metabolism

Genetic Differences in Carb Metabolism

2014 IFBB/NPC Ft. Lauderdale Cup

2014 IFBB/NPC Ft. Lauderdale Cup

Phil Heath's 2014 Post-Olympia FLEX Photoshoot

Phil Heath's 2014 Post-Olympia FLEX Photoshoot

Dymatize Elite Casein at

With 25g of 100% Micellar Casein, Elite Casein™ helps keep your muscles supplied with a steady stream of amino acids, the building blocks of muscle. This helps avoid the catabolic state of muscle protein breakdown that begins when your muscles are deprived of the right nutrients. Casein is a unique protein derived from milk that breaks down slowly in your digestive system, keeping you fuller longer and providing a sustained release of muscle building amino acids. Elite Casein™ only uses Micellar Casein that is cold filtered to preserve purity and maximize effectiveness by avoiding denaturing of the protein. This makes Elite Casein™ the ideal choice any time you are not able to consume protein at least every four hours such as when you know you are going to go for a long time between meals at night while you are sleeping.

Comparisons - Men's Open - 2014 IFBB Nordic Pro

Comparisons - Men's Open - 2014 IFBB Nordic Pro

10 Advanced Tips to Boost Your Strength

If you already have a good level of strength , the age-old tips of “lift heavy” and “eat big” are limited. Why? Because when you’re already very strong and nearing your maximal genetic potential, it’s much harder to make consistent gains—in fact, when you’re deadlifting almost three times your bodyweight, for example, adding another 5-10 lbs. can be an enormous accomplishment.

Sqor Sports


Muscle Meal: Chopped Steak Recipe with Mushroom Sauce

I’ve never known a man who didn’t have an occasional craving for diner grub, no matter how dedicated he is to his physique. That’s where this chopped steak with mushroom sauce recipe comes in. It allows you to satisfy those greasy-spoon cravings without undermining your progress. The key to success with this recipe is not overmixing the beef, which creates a dry, unpalatable dish. Using quality ingredients and fresh herbs adds flavor, too. The mushroom sauce is made without cream, which helps keep the fat content down. For even less fat, use ground turkey . It’s not fancy, but it’s loaded with protein and, perhaps just as important, a ton of flavor. Enjoy!

Roelly Winklaar - Men's Open - 2014 IFBB Nordic Pro

Roelly Winklaar - Men's Open - 2014 IFBB Nordic Pro

Fighter Diet FAQ

Complaint 15: "I like berries, lard, beef, fruit, nuts and fish. I don't touch sugar or dairy. I've been following this diet for 5 months but can't lose any flab" Solution: That sounds like Paleo diet to me? I guess it's time to change what you're doing. I'm not a fan of Paleo and when I say I'm not they tell me how many studies there have been done who show people lose fat on this diet. OF COURSE they do when they go from eating TOO many calories, TOO much sugar, TOO many carbs combined with TOO much fat and chronic surplus of calories. However, did they lose fat or did they lose fat and muscle plus got skinny fat? All diet methods have pros and cons, but Paleo isn't the holy grail and so are no other. ALL methods will have drawbacks. The key is to find the approach YOU get results with that you can maintain and the approach you enjoy.

What Sofia Vergara Wants in a Man—and a Workout

“People in America are very into working out and being healthy, so I said, ‘You know what? I think it’s time for me to start doing something.’ And I did.” To work around her hinky knees, Vergara took to the Megaformer, a low-impact, full-body fitness machine. “I really got into it,” she says. “With this machine, I was able to figure out a way to work out that worked for me.”

Epic Olympia Showdown: JACKSON vs. CUTLER, 2008

Two-time Olympia champion Jay Cutler narrowly lost to razor-sharp Dexter Jackson who became the sport’s highest champion.

Build Big Shoulders Without Pain

Don't let achy shoulders ruin your upper body training. Try these seven exercises to painlessly build big shoulders.


7 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

So you want to lose weight ?  It’s a commendable goal and the benefits are plenty (self-esteem, energy, quality of life, preventing disease, longevity, and lower health costs). With an epidemic of obesity, people are looking for ways to obtain or maintain a healthy weight, yet their goals are being hijacked. Many of the saboteurs are controllable and easy, yet they are elusive.





51 Top 10 Moves for Fast Pec Growth