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2014 FLEX Bikini Model Search, Sponsored by BPI

2014 FLEX Bikini Model Search, Sponsored by BPI

Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, October 19, 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014 - Your current desire to keep everything on track enables you to be quite productive today. You expect others to do their part and you don't want any surprises to distract you from your work now. You can increase your efficiency by making a list of the tasks you want to accomplish. Don't focus on what you can't finish; give yourself credit for what you do complete. Shifting your frame of reference helps you see your contributions in a better light.


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Action Plan: The 6-Week Expendables Workout

Not only does an action hero have to have big muscles, but they also need to be shredded. A good dose of high-intensity conditioning to finish each training session will strip unwanted body fat without sacrificing muscle. And while muscles need time to recover and grow, for the next six weeks you’ll need to a minimum of two additional weekly cardio sessions in addition to four days of weight training.

Shock Your Chest Into Growing

It’s time to throw a wrench into your  pec training  with some hardcore, intense, extreme techniques, all intended to spark new muscle growth and take your chest beyond where it’s ever been. The following 5 chest-shocking methods have been tried many times over by expert trainers, champion bodybuilders and muscle-hungry gym rats with smashing success. So give them all a try (just not in the same workout – that’s cruel) and when your pecs refuse to go back into hibernation, feel free to blame us.

The 6 Leanest Cuts of Meat

Build more muscle while keeping your bodyfat on the low.

5 Muscle-Building Breakfasts

How many times have you heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Not to sound like a broken record, but it is. What you eat in the morning sets your energy levels for the day, revs up your metabolism, and fuels muscle growth. So, what are your best options for the a.m. hours? With the help of model-turned-chef Candice Kumai , author of Cook Yourself Sexy , we’ve come up with five delicious, protein-packed breakfasts to feed those pythons.

Get Triple-sized Legs

For this routine, we will be working out five days per week: three lower-body days and two upper-body days. While overall volume of training for your upper-body will be low, it will be plenty enough to maintain your current muscle. In fact, by using larger muscles each workout, you produce more growth hormone and testosterone, keeping your metabolism high. So expect some fat loss and a better-looking upper-body by default.

40 Mistakes People Make when trying to get in shape

Stay extremely diligent and focused for the first 4 weeks of any new nutrition protocol and create the habits necessary for success. It may be tough at first, but those first 4 weeks are the most important to your success. Saying “NO” to cheat meals, missing workouts, missing meals, not getting enough sleep, etc. As much as it may seem that your goal is far off at the start, this is the most important time for your long term success.

Trainer Q&A: Why Does My Knee Crack and Pop?

Trainer Q&A: Why Does My Knee Crack and Pop?

12 Push Your Limits Six-Week Challenge Presented By And BSN -

A committee of judges from and BSN will choose two Grand Prize winners and 20 runners up who have achieved the best overall transformations. There will also be one People's Choice Winner that will be voted on and picked by customers out of the top 20 runners up who also exhibited impressive results. Winners will be chosen based upon physical improvement visible in "before" and "after" pictures and according to his/her body-composition stats submitted via BodySpace. Judges' decisions are final. Winner will be notified via email or telephone on or before December 15, 2014.

13 Healthy Recipes: 8 Delicious Protein Pumpkin Recipes! -

If summer is symbolized by surf, sun, and sand, fall gets kicked off by sweater weather, the changing of leaves, and a plethora of pumpkin. From pumpkin-scented candles to pumpkin-spiced coffee, this gourd holds center stage once autumn rolls around. It's the silver—or rather, orange—lining to darker days and cooler nights. Say goodbye to the lazy summer months the right way by indulging in these seasonal recipes that are sure to fuel your gains!

2-Day Bigger Guns Triceps Routine

Any movement that involves extending the elbow will work the full length of your triceps, but individual heads (long, lateral and medial) are activated somewhat differently depending on arm and hand position. Flaring your elbows out on triceps exercises will hit more of the lateral head, which is more noticeable from the side. Keeping your elbows in will hit the inner head and add a bit more thickness to your arms.

5 Ways to Shredded Abs

Combine these five moves in a single workout to pummel each abdominal region into submission.


High volume, short rest weight workouts (commonly known as high-intensity or HIT) will produce a lot of metabolic stress, as will sprints and strongman exercises (see #4). For HIT workouts, use rest periods between zero and 60 seconds and don’t be scared to do a lot of sets. One study found that compared to training 1 or 4 sets of squats, 8 sets allowed trainees to get much stronger faster.

Eating For Exercise: The 5 Worst Ways to Fuel Up Pre-Workout

“Putting the wrong things in your tank before you exercise can leave you lethargic, crash your system, or cause wicked cramps,” says Jim White, R.D., a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “And going on empty can do the same.”

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

Cursing Is Useful, We Swear

Ongoing research at Keele U. shows that swearing is an actual f—king emotion—not just an off-color outburst. In the newest findings, subjects who felt riled up after playing a video game cussed more and faster than calmer subjects.“Swearing is an emotion, so it comes more easily— people are ‘better’ at it—when aroused,” says Keele’s Richard Stephens, Ph.D. It can also relieve pain, Stephens says, citing a test in which subjects allowed to swear were able to keep their hands submerged in ice water longer than those who had to watch their mouths. “It starts to explain why we swear,” says Stephens. “It gives us a release .” We can’t wait to tell Mom.

Top 5 Muscle-Building Exercises for the Back

When you see someone walking around the gym with a  big back , you can guarantee they can jump up and kill 15-20  pull-ups  without even breaking a sweat. See the connection? Pull-ups and chin-ups are two of the best mass builders for the back. Targeting the lats, shoulders, biceps and grip, these exercises have so many different varieties, you’ll never get bored.

9 Foods For Effective Clean Bulking

Bulking up your frame with ample muscle and minimal fat is a combination of increase your training volume and your calories. Just as doing leg extensions won’t add muscle like doing squats, eating the wrong foods won’t get you the muscular lean body you desire. Easy healthy bulking is all about eating an excess of the right quality foods that will minimize fat gain, maximize muscle growth, while keeping your joints, heart, and metabolism functioning in top shape. Here are 9 foods that you must eat to accomplish the easy healthy bulk before summer gets here.


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Nutrition Advice from Generation X (to Y and Z)

What I’m saying is that you spend time, money, and life energy on your training. Take the time to go grocery shopping, plan your meals in advance, and prepare your meals so that they’re at the ready. I’m not talking about fish and asparagus each and every day like a bodybuilder might have, but I will say that the bodybuilding community takes the time to plan meals. From my view, this is something that powerlifters can borrow from. The day of the extra salted, water bloated powerlifter is dead and gone. If you know a powerlifter who falls into that camp of, “Yeah, but I’m stronger when I’m 30 pounds heavier,” that’s great. But if those 30 pounds aren’t clean muscle and they put that weight on via the Golden Arches diet plan, those 30 pounds will come back to shorten their lifting career and/or work against them in the long haul over time. They can see the triple cheeseburger and fries meme with the word “gainz” by it a thousand times a day, but in the end, those buying into that “easy way out fast food” type thinking are often times working against their lifting goals and not even realizing it.

The Best Total Body Cardio Workout

101 Best Workouts Of All Time is the ultimate answer to the question "What workout should I do?" No matter what equipment you have available, from a fully-stocked supergym to a pair of mismatched dumbbells in your garage, or nothing but your body weight alone, you can build muscle, lose fat, and sculpt the physique you've always wanted.

Ketogenic Diets for Bulking

In recent years, cycling dietary carbohydrate in and out of your otherwise low carbohydrate ketogenic diet have become popular as a way of achieving the benefits of the ketogenic diet along with the ability to maximize your training efforts and muscle hypertrophy response. Often called “Cyclic Ketogenic Diets” or CKD, they are used as a way of maintaining the ability to perform high volume and/or high intensity exercise during a maximal fat loss phase of one’s diet (utilizing a ketogenic approach). Cyclical “refeeds” or “carb-ups” restock muscle and liver glycogen, as well as upregulate various hormones and thyroid activity that may be depressed during prolonged low calorie and/or low carbohydrate dieting. These glycogen stores can later be used during strength training sessions to ensure adequate stimulation and performance (8).

Vitamix - Born Fitness

At Born Fitness we believe in Random Acts of Kindness. Each month we will giveaway a product that can improve both your overall health and fitness. We also giveaway a free “Born Approved” product or service each week to the Born Fitness Newsletter. All you need to do is signup below.

6 Tips for a Ripped Six-Pack

Stop neglecting your abs training. These six strategies will help you retool your training to get the midsection you want.

The Best Swiss Ball Ab Workout

25 Ways to Make Your Brain More Efficient

4. Keep Your Blood Sugar in Check Even if you aren’t diabetic, large fluctuations in insulin levels in the body can dull your brain’s response times and inhibit peak performance. Some researchers even speculate that insulin resistance caused by consistently high levels of insulin in the body over time may be a precursor to Alzheimer’s disease. On the flip side, if insulin levels are low, or the pancreas stops production of the hormone, the memory may suffer as well: A study conducted at Brown University found that insulin-resistant rats were more likely to become disoriented and have trouble finding their way out of a maze. Two ways to keep blood sugar stable: Eat carbs on the low end of the glycemic scale, and avoid both skipping meals and bingeing.

The Terry Crews Workout

Work out like movie star and funnyman Terry Crews and you might just muscle your way into the cast of an 'Expendables' movie.

Legendary Backs

It’s more than just the pairing of immense mass with intricate details that makes the best backs such crowd favorites. It’s their unpredictability. When someone unfurls a lat spread or locks in a rear double biceps, the potential permutations are vast, as a mélange of muscles big (lats, traps, spinal erectors) and small (teres major and minor, infraspinatus, rhomboids) jockey for attention. Our collection of LEGENDARY BACKS embody this variety, coming in all shapes, but mostly the largest sizes. Some are wider, thicker or more deeply divided, some are freakier, others more elegant. With their every movement, though, each of them awed audiences in their own unique ways. -  Greg Merritt

VIDEO: Mix Up the Best Bloody Mary

At my Nashville restaurant, Chauhan Ale & Masala House, we do a spin on the traditional Bloody Mary called the "Meat and Three." You see, a popular way to serve lunch here in Nashville is called the "meat and three," where you choose a meat—like fried chicken or fried catish—served alongside three side dishes. So this is essentially the "liquid" version of that concept. The "meat" in this drink is bacon—and yes, you can sub in turkey bacon.

Rookie Mistakes: The Pullup

Mistake 4: You’re staying straight as an arrow Many cues out there claim that the body should be held completely straight from head to toe in order to perform a good pullup. This sets an honest-minded trainee on the wrong path. We know pullups are intended to be a back developer, and we’ve learned that hitting the back requires the shoulders to be retracted and set to engage the posterior muscles. Try pulling your shoulders back without mildly arching your back. It’s not possible. To hit your back properly during pullups, think of raising the rib cage toward the bar. Arch the back, and set the shoulders . You’ll feel the difference.

The Two-Move Workout

When you’re busy there isn’t always time for a workout. One or two exercises maybe, but not a whole routine. Most of the time you skip it altogether; after all, what good is just a half-hour session? But that’s a mistake. A short workout forces you to perform only the most essential exercises—the ones responsible for most of your gains—with an increased focus and intensity that revs your metabolism harder and keeps your heart rate elevated. Spend the holiday season mastering those cornerstone movements with this routine. When your calendar clears up again in the New Year, you’ll wonder who needs all that “extra” time anyway.

Compound Your Growth

You’ve been known to use a technique called “compound-compounds.”  I know traditional compound sets are two exercises for the same bodypart  done back to back. What version are you talking about?

Retro Athlete: Mustafa Mohammad

The mysterious tale of one of the thickest physiques ever

The Ultimate Ceviche Recipe - Born Fitness

It’s a snack. It’s a meal. And it goes great with chips. There are few options that are both as healthy and flavorful as ceviche. This simple recipe  loads up on the protein and allows you to cook this in about 20 minutes. The hard part: Waiting for it to marinate in the fridge without digging in prematurely.

Is Fruit Good for Bodybuilding?

Depending on whom you consult, which diet you’re following, or what studies you read, fruit is either a healthy indulgence or a sugar-laden diet wrecker—nature’s own fat-promoting candy. We rounded up some of the fitness industry’s top nutrition experts to determine once and for all what place fruit has in the diet of a guy who wants to get big , strong, and lean.

Why You Should Be Doing These Six Exercises

How:  Stand with feet shoulder-width apart. Lower your body into a squatting position, placing your hands on the floor in front of you. Kick your feet back so that you are in pushup position. Keep your hands firmly on the ground to support your body and lower your chest to the floor. Bring your chest back up. Kick your feet back to their original position, outside of your hands, stand back up by coming back through the squat position, and complete the move by jumping into the air.

Time for Football! Time for NFL Cheerleaders!

Preseason is in the tank, your fantasy football team should be drafted and the first game of the season is almost here. No doubt, this year will be filled with hard hits, breakaway runs, incredible catches and of course beautiful women cheering on their team from the sidelines.

Fit Girls We Love on Instagram

Instagram is great for all sorts of things: sharing fitness motivation, inspiration, tips and videos. And occasionally we happen to stumble across some eye-candy in the process. And there's nothing wrong with that. Hard work in the gym should be both flaunted and celebrated. So today, we're going to celebrate the women who motivate us all to live a healthier lifestyle and look pretty damn good while doing it. 

Bio-Gro 8 Week Hyper Growth Program

Bio-Gro 8 Week Hyper Growth Program

Go Unilateral for a Balanced Back

To start, use about half the weight you normally do on bilateral exercises, adjusting as necessary. You'll also want to watch your rest periods, cutting them by about 30 seconds. Since one side is already resting while the other is working, a full-length between-sets rest period is probably too much. Keep your body stable with a solid foot position and use your free hand for balance and support. For traps, a great unilateral exercise is the one-arm Smith machine shrug, standing sideways to the bar. Finish with some one-arm, small-angle training on the incline bench, going from a steeply inclined bench to a lower incline. Shrug your shoulders directly up against the force of gravity, not simply toward your ears (as you'd do with the standing version). These small-angle adjustments will mean big changes in your traps.

44 Train Your Pecs Like An Animal: Roman Fritz Workout -

I use the second option for dumbbell pullovers in the video. As soon as I feel like I can't perform another rep, I hold the dumbbell above my chest and shift the load onto my triceps and front delts. This gives my pecs a little time to recover—no more than 10 seconds—until I can grind out another couple reps. During some very heavy sets, I might have to take several pauses until I reach the target number of reps.

Intracellular Nutrition, Part 1

Intracellular Nutrition, Part 1

Why Casual Sex Is Good For Your Body In More Ways Than One

Casual sex is good for your body in more ways than one. Researchers asked a group of willing (duh) college students to document their sexual encounters for 12 weeks, and monitored their overall well-being. In the end, those open to “sociosexually unrestricted” relations—aka sex with someone they didn’t know well and weren’t emotionally attached to—reported a higher sense of well-being and less stress after sex than afterno sex at all, says the study’s Zhana Vrangalova, Ph.D.

Your Nutrition Problems Solved

Taking zinc and magnesium supplements is one way to be sure you’re getting your fair share of two minerals that are critical for normal testosterone production and response. However, both minerals are often not absorbed efficiently, especially when taken with calcium. One way to ensure that you are absorbing the maximum of both minerals is to take a supplement such as ZMA (zinc and magnesium aspartate, plus vitamin B6). Research also supports the notion that this supplement boosts testosterone levels in athletes.

Fighter Diet FAQ

Complaint 15: "I like berries, lard, beef, fruit, nuts and fish. I don't touch sugar or dairy. I've been following this diet for 5 months but can't lose any flab" Solution: That sounds like Paleo diet to me? I guess it's time to change what you're doing. I'm not a fan of Paleo and when I say I'm not they tell me how many studies there have been done who show people lose fat on this diet. OF COURSE they do when they go from eating TOO many calories, TOO much sugar, TOO many carbs combined with TOO much fat and chronic surplus of calories. However, did they lose fat or did they lose fat and muscle plus got skinny fat? All diet methods have pros and cons, but Paleo isn't the holy grail and so are no other. ALL methods will have drawbacks. The key is to find the approach YOU get results with that you can maintain and the approach you enjoy.

The Anatomy & Biomechanics of Developing Barnyard Shoulders

If you are doing a squat, you would squat down in a controlled manner, taking 4 seconds to do so. You would not pause at the bottom, but come right back up in 1 second. Then you’d pause for 1 second at the top, in the original start position, and then lower the weight counting 4 seconds to do so.


51 Smart Bombing