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Rising Up: The Story Of Wheelchair Bodybuilder Nick Scott

A car accident left Nick Scott unable to walk, but it didn't derail his competitive ambitions. He's become a shining light in wheelchair bodybuilding and an inspiration to lifters everywhere!

Mental meet prep

Don't worry about what you can't control.

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4 Moves To Solve A Stalled Bench

Don't suffer through another subpar bench day wondering what's going wrong. Use these easy methods to target weak links and power up your bench-press strength.

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Believe it or not, training like a pro won't make you look like one. Here's a better way: …

The 30-Day Plan to Grow Like a Monster

October is primetime for a training transition. Summer is long gone at this point and the opportunity presents itself to get off the ultra-low carb diet and high-intensity circuits and get on board with putting on mass and getting powerful. Not only does this transition work because you're swapping out the t-shirts for sweaters, but it's a fresh way to stimulate the body as well. In the grand scheme of things, you need these blocks of change. Month after month, week after week of continuous bombardment of the muscles with volume and intensity would wear anyone down. Let's use this month for size and power. And the way to do it effectively will require a change in thinking, and programming. Watch Brandon DaCruz (@bigdaddydacruz) demo his program below.

7 Ways to Make Your Biceps Workout Harder

Heaving up heavy weight with herky-jerky form may look impressive to newbies, but those who train hard understand proper form always trumps heavy weight. ”When your form is terrible your biceps look terrible,” Friedman says. “Instead of creating a nice shape for your arms, you’ll get bulky, blocky biceps because there was no focus on the tension. Try doing five seconds with the concentric phase and five seconds with the eccentric phase. And if that’s not a challenge, try five seconds up and 10 seconds down.”

10 Best Muscle-Building Biceps Exercises

Quick: What's the best biceps move? If you said, "all of them," you need a little help in exercise selection. We combine science with experience to guide you on the ultimate quest for bigger arms!

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Should Your Workout Kick Your Ass?

Box jumps require a bit of experience and athleticism to do properly, but sprinting up a hill is doable for almost anybody. Find a fairly steep grade and dash up it. Walk back to the bottom and, when you’re ready, charge up the hill again; repeat for about 20 minutes. (You don’t need to go again right away—in fact, this may cause you to break form and get hurt, so don’t.) While running on flat ground can cause pulled hamstrings or hip flexors in beginners, sprinting on an incline slows you down so you don’t put the same pressure on your lower body. You can still work hard and not get hurt. Imagine that.

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Can't put on size? Burn until you're big. Here's what that actually means: …

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No matter whose workout you're doing, you're the boss. Why you need to remember that: …

Best for Boulder Shoulders

To sum it all up, the research concluded that it’s best to use several different exercises to build impressive shoulders. The best exercises for the anterior deltoid were: the Smith machine shoulder press, free-weight bench press, and pec deck. The best exercises for the middle deltoid were: the free-weight lateral raise, cable-crossover lateral raise, and reverse pec deck. For the posterior deltoid, the best exercises were: the reverse pec deck, incline lat pulldown, and seated row. - FLEX

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Chipper: The Hardest Workout in CrossFit History

Assembling a great CrossFit Chipper Workout of the Day (WOD) is a creative process, and the results are often epic workouts. The 2009 CrossFit Games’ Chipper is exactly that. Dave Castro and Tony Budding programmed this gem just minutes before the equipment was set up. In my humble opinion, it’s one of the best WODs ever. The workout is a series of Olympic lifts, gymnastic movements, and classic CrossFit skills, and completing it requires a combination of skill, stamina, strength, and mental toughness. It’s no wonder this was the final workout of the 2009 CrossFit Games, as it brings together so much of what CrossFit is all about.

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Do kettlebell swings correctly if you're going to do them at all. Here's how: …

The Diet Mentality

Whether you're trying to lose fat or gain lean body mass, remain consistent. Sporadic eating is anathema to progress. If you're a hard-gainer or have a difficult time getting ripped, the five-meals-a-day plan is the best; it stabilizes nutrient absorption while inhibiting fat storage.

5 Worst Things to Do to Build Bigger Shoulders

Although presses overhead most strongly activate the anterior (front) deltoid head, they are still the best exercises for manifesting overall muscle mass in the shoulders. I don’t know too many “delt-monsters” out there who do not include at least one form of pressing in every shoulder workout. However, like laterals, overhead pressing exercises are also performed incorrectly much of the time. In an effort to use more weight, many trainees use a very short range of motion, only bringing the bar about halfway down before pushing back to the top. Now while this might look cool, the only thing these people are accomplishing is working more triceps than delts. Another common error is leaning back (often again to be able to use bigger weights) during presses, which shifts much of the emphasis off the delts and onto the clavicular pecs. So, sit upright and always use a full range of motion!

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What every bodybuilder and athlete needs to know about creatine and water weight: …

8 Sex Questions You’re Afraid to Ask

Same here: There’s no medical reason not to have sex while she’s pregnant, assuming you’re both healthy, disease-free adults. But again, the ball is in her court—each pregnancy is different, but many women feel most up to sex during the second trimester (after morning sickness has passed and before the baby starts pressing on all her internal organs), Werthman says. If you do happen to have an STI and she does not, it’s best to abstain until it clears up or the baby is born, because STIs can affect pregnancy and can be passed from mother to child.

10 Week Plan for Getting Huge and Strong

Getting stronger now means that when you return to your normal workouts, you’ll use more weight than before, thus placing greater overload on the muscles for more growth. Just take a look the thickest and freakiest muscled bodies on IFBB Pro League stages — men such as Ronnie Coleman, Johnnie Jackson and Branch Warren, to name a few. The majority of the most massive physiques in bodybuilding have their roots in powerlifting and it’s no coincidence that these men sport muscles that really are as strong as they look.

Instagram photo by Craig Productions • Oct 2, 2016 at 3:16am UTC

10 Nutrition Tips to Help You Get Huge

Take glutamine and creatine, and drink water to keep your body hydrated and your muscle cells filled with fluid. Glutamine and creatine help pump muscle cells full of water.

Kevin Curry's Lucky 7 Workout

What's better than following squats with—you guessed it—more squats? Get ready to feel the burn with this full-body exercise that combines squats and behind-the-neck presses. "When you're at the very top, push up with all your might, and get that bar above your head," says Curry. Drop it down, then drop down low again, for a total of 8 reps." Note that he resets the bar on his back before each squat rep.

Instagram photo by Shawn Ray • Oct 2, 2016 at 9:13pm UTC

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Ronnie Coleman Contests and Giveaways

Ronnie Coleman Contests and Giveaways

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunday, October 2, 2016 - You could be obsessed with taking a creative or romantic risk today. However, your judgment may be clouded, leaving you lost in a daydream as the distance between you and reality grows wider. Although an inventive resolution might seem obvious in a spontaneous flash of genius, don't push your luck. Going to extremes can provoke a negative reaction; tone your rhetoric down a bit, or you might agitate unnecessary conflict. Keep the faith, even if it's difficult at first to tell whether you're slipping backward or making real progress.


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Boston Red Sox announce that nobody will wear 34 for the team ever again.

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#TOUCHDOWNSeahawks !! Tanner McEvoy's first NFL catch counts for 6! #SEAvsNYJ

5 Recovery Soaks That Soothe Sore Muscles

There’s more gain to your pain than you might think: While it’s a sign of an effective workout, it’s also a one-way ticket to a soothing recovery soak.

7 Ways to Burn Fat Without Losing Muscle

The ability for you to burn fat and build muscle boils down to your diet and exercise habits. Within M&F and outside of it, there are plenty of fitness enthusiasts who've accomplished these goals simultaneously, serving as anecdotal evidence that it's possible to achieve body recomposition. Follow these seven tips to burn fat without losing hard-earned muscle.

Phil Heath's Olympia-Winning Chest Routine

Five-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath wasn’t known for his chest early on in his professional career. The knock on Heath was that his arms and delts overpowered his pecs. People forget, however, that “the Gift” turned pro a little more than a year after he began competing—and that was only three years after he began lifting for the stage. “My first few years as a pro,” he says, “I was creating more roundness, creating more of what people saw of me at the 2006 Colorado and New York Pro shows.” (He won both.) This future Mr. Olympia filled out his physique as he rose to dominance in the pro ranks. “I think [in 2006] I showed people I had a good physique, that I was more on the aesthetic side,” notes Heath. “Now I’m a hybrid who can beat up on larger, structurally bigger guys.”

10 Ways to Get Better Results in Half the Time

If you really want to maximize your time spent in the gym, you've gotta go back to basics. Seedman's first—and most important—tip is to master form, technique, and movement mechanics. "The better your form is, the more muscle stimulation you’ll create with each repetition of every set," he explains. Poor technique does the opposite. Lifting improperly not only increases your risk for injury, it minimizes the effectiveness of your training sessions. It's not exclusive to machines and free weights either. "I commonly see individuals perform pullups or chinups with faulty posture and incorrect shoulder mechanics, making the movement very ineffective for targeting their upper back," Seedman says. "They have to perform an almost-endless number of sets before achieving any significant stimulation in their back muscles." Ask a trainer in the gym (or a buddy who knows his stuff) to watch you while you perform a pullup. Correct any errors in your posture, grip, and execution. With proper technique, a few sets of pullups will be intense, for one, and more than enough to stimulate strength and size gains to the targeted muscles.

6 Moves for Sick Lats

The breakdown: By supinating your palms (i.e. going with an underhand grip), you will activate your biceps muscles more than in any of the other pullup variations because your elbows remain close to your body and the range of motion is significantly longer than with other pulls. The lats fire from top to bottom on this move as you pull with the upper portion of lats at the beginning of the movement when arms are fully extended and then down through the lower lats as you reach the top position. The movement also targets the mid-back, traps and rhomboids making this exercise one of the very best for overall back development. Additionally, it may be one of the easier moves of the bunch because it involves so many muscles at that optimize mechanic positioning for pulling. A well-rounded back routine includes both overhand and underhand pullups. Try performing reps without your thumb wrapped around the bar to keep as much focus as possible on the lats instead of the biceps.

10 Training Tips for Gaining Lean Muscle

While your time in the gym is certainly responsible for creating a training effect, your time outside the gym is responsible for repair and growth. On top of making sure your nutrition is on point, be sure to get solid, consistent sleep (8-9 hours per night) and try to reduce outside stress as much as possible. You’d be amazed at how much these factors truly effect your ability to improve your body composition.

The 10 Best Boots for Men: Fall 2016 Edition

If there’s one boot that will upgrade your style game this fall it’s the Chelsea boot. The boot model is unique because it’s free of laces, making your aesthetic look minimal yet powerful, and sharp and smooth as hell. And the no-lace look also means no fuss, easy slip-on, and less bulk in your baggage. Whether you sport them in suede (one of the hottest trends for fall ) or buttery leather, these boots will look just as good with a suit as they will with a pair of jeans.

The Top 30 Muscle-Building Foods

Fermented dairy products like kefir are a little-known magic bullet for muscle building. Kefir is the perfect addition to any muscle-building blender bomb, providing distinct nutritional advantages over water or regular milk. If you usually use water in your shakes, 1 cup of kefir will add 150 calories to your diet. Compared to regular milk, kefir will allow your meal to be more easily digested due to the presence of probiotics (up to 10 billion good bacteria per cup). These healthy bacteria will help keep your digestive track running at peak condition so it can break down and assimilate a maximum amount of calories and nutrients from your meals.

6 Healthy Alternatives to Tap Water That Taste Great

Sold in about 1,300 locations in the Northeast (soon to enter the Southwest via Whole Foods), Drink Maple water is made from maple tree sap. That's the stuff that farmers typically tap and boil down to make maple syrup. But in its raw form, maple sap is really just ground water a tree has, well, drunk first. It boasts 46 nutrients—such as manganese, which controls blood sugar levels, and other prebiotics, electrolytes, antioxidants, and minerals—has a light maple taste, is low in calories (30 calories per one 12oz serving) and sugar (5g), is gluten free, and non-GMO. While the water is filtered prior to hitting store shelves, no other ingredient is added at the processing plant. (Plus, it’s helping to encourage “responsible forestry,” and who could argue against the benefit of sustainability?)

Rock Solid Arms

Most bodybuilders’ nicknames are a bit of an exaggeration, purposely intended to conjure up images of sheer size and/or portray an individual as inhuman or even immortal. There was “the Oak” (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and “the Myth” (Sergio Oliva) in the 1960s and ’70s, and now we have “the Big Bad Wolf” (Dennis Wolf) and “the Gift” (Phil Heath) in the current crop. Impressive physical specimens, all of them, with monikers that progress their legends even further. One current competitor, however, has a nickname that, while substantial, seems to fall short of his stature. They call Frenchman Morgan Aste “the Big Rock,” but most stones don’t weigh 350 pounds like Aste does in the off-season. (He competes at just under 300 pounds.)

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Gaining 5-10 pounds of powerful muscle mass in 30 days starts with day one of the MONSTER plan:  via @MensFitness

M&F's Top Ten Beach Bodies

Need some extra motivation as you prepare to show off your physique this summer? Then check out M&F’s top 10 beach bodies.

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Lou Ferrigno's 10-Step Guide to Monster Mass

Just as Bruce Banner mutated into the Hulk, TV’s original not-so-jolly green giant, Lou Ferrigno transformed himself into bodybuilding’s ultimate mass monster. At 6'5" and 275 while in his early 20s in the early ’70s, he was the hugest human to ever crunch out a most muscular. Even now, the legend—who gained 100 lean pounds in the five years that took him from high school to the Mr. Olympia stage—has many lessons to teach about sizing up. To go big, let’s think small. By analyzing how a single set of Lou’s monster-making workouts progressed from before the first rep to just after the last, we can learn how he built a physique capable of hulking out on bodybuilding stages and TV screens.

Instagram photo by Mark Dugdale • Oct 3, 2016 at 3:27am UTC

Instagram photo by Mr. Olympia LLC • Oct 3, 2016 at 3:18am UTC

Day Two Conditioning / Volume

Training was followed up by lunch and about an hour podcast where I had a blast talking shop with Alex, CTP, and Mike. Stay tuned for the podcast and fun training video!

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