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Fitness on TV: Sweat, Inc.

Here’s the scoop on Spike TV’s new show, Sweat, Inc., which goes on the hunt for the next big thing in fitness.

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 - Unfinished projects continue to pile up at work, yet you could find time today to play a bit of catch-up. You might give yourself the luxury of relaxing later if you can stay on task during the day. But there is simply too much going on for you to check out completely. It may help to create a detailed list of everything you want to accomplish and then cross the items off one at a time. Believe it or not, the satisfaction you gain from a job well done is more gratifying now than any transient pleasures.


Fighter Diet is proud to offer superlative excellence in customer service and support to our global customer base. Our product lines are perpetually expanding and we welcome your inquiries for improvement. We value your loyalty and thank you for your continued support.

Surprising High-Protein Foods for Weight Loss | Eat This Not That

When it comes to high-protein foods, eggs and chicken are the Angelina Jolie of edibles: They pull all the focus, and that's understandable — they've got the goods. But AJ can't populate every film (would that it were so), and the best high-protein diet doesn't come from a cage. You know you need protein for a flat belly diet: It's a crucial building block for lean muscle, which in turn burns fat. But you probably don't realize how many different foods will give you a serious amount, including fruits and veggies. In fact, a number of unsung and surprising foods pack almost as much — or even more — protein than an egg. (For reference, that's 6 grams.) 1Green peas Amount of Protein: 8 g per cup (14% DV) It's enough to make Popeye do a spit take: Despite their wimpy reputation, a cup of green peas contains eight times the protein of a cup of spinach. And with almost 100% of your daily value of Vitamin C in a single cup, they’ll help keep your immune system up to snuff. How to Enjoy Them: Layer them into a mason jar salad or add them to an omelet to boost eggs' satiating power.

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8 Foods That'll Never Make You Fat

You have our permission to chow down on these low-calorie foods with reckless abandon.

Alcohol and Your Test Levels

Researchers found no change in concentration of estradiol, cortisol, or SHBG in response to alcohol intake. But here’s the shocker: Total testosterone and free testosterone were elevated significantly immediately afer exercise for both conditions. At 140–300 minutes post-exercise, total and free testosterone levels as well as free androgen index were significantly higher for the alcohol group compared to the placebo. Hold on, though, before you head to the nearest bar afer working out: Researchers suspect that alcohol actually destroys receptors that testosterone can attach itself to, which is why the concentration of testosterone in the blood rises.

Starbucks Unveils 'Beast Mode' Protein Frappuccino

To get muscular results, you're supposed to eat about 200 grams of protein a day, which is equivalent to about six chicken breasts. Consuming that much protein in one day isn’t the easiest thing to do, it's a struggle for many of us. Fortunately, you can get sources of protein from several less-than-healthy drink options (ahem, frappucino) and snacks formally seen as “junk” food. While we aren’t recommending that you get all of your protein from these sources, it's beneficial to know that that there some other protein-packed alternatives.

Fat-Free Mass Gains

One of the hardestnutrition programs to put together is a mass-gaining plan for the formerly fat guy or the person who continually wrestles with bodyfat. The problem: whenever the individual’s mass gains start to kick in, lo and behold, he starts to balloon up and add too much bodyfat. It’s a never-ending struggle and exercise in frustration.


1. How To Enter: Beginning at 12:01 a.m. (EST) on August 4, 2015, visit and follow the entry directions. Each entry must contain answers to the questions posed to qualify for the drawing. (At that time, you will also be able to follow the directions to download the 60 Day Revolution workout program PDF). All entries must be received no later than 11:59 p.m. (EST) on December 31, 2015. Only one internet entry per person and per e-mail address will be accepted. Subsequent entries will be disqualified. Subsequent attempts made by the same individual to submit multiple internet entries by using multiple e-mail addresses or otherwise will be disqualified. In the event of a dispute over the identity of an online entrant, entry will be deemed submitted by the authorized account holder of the e-mail address associated with the entry. Authorized account holder is defined as the person assigned to an e-mail address by an Internet access provider, on-line service provider or other organization responsible for assigning e-mail addresses. All materials submitted become the property of Weider Publications, LLC ("Sponsor") and will not be returned.

Big, Burly, Badass Biceps

Begin the movement at a dead hang, with your arms completely straight. At the peak of the concentric portion of the rep your chin should rise just above the bar (no half-reps please) as you squeeze your bi’s hard. Try to lower yourself very slowly, taking up to four to six seconds to get to the bottom position. When you can get 10 to 12 reps with your bodyweight, add some extra resistance with a belt designed to hold plates and/or a dumbbell around your waist. Once you’re doing clean reps with 50 extra pounds attached to you, your biceps will have all the mass you could ever want.

2 Great Shoulder Exercises for Stronger Delts

The shoulder is an extremely dynamic joint with an incredible range of motion and the power to throw, punch, push and more. But just putting on shoulder mass isn’t the answer: For strong and healthy shoulders , you must regularly perform some maintenance exercises to ensure equal development, coordination of the smaller stabilizing muscles and prevent injury. Here are two exercises that’ll help make sure your deltoids are the picture of health.

Blow Up Your Forearms in Four Weeks

Sure, every guy wants to get a sculpted six-pack for the summertime. But when winter comes and all those long-sleeved shirts come out, all that hard work goes undercover. Fortunately, you can always roll up your sleeves—and that means showing off your sculpted forearms. They're one of the few muscle groups that get attention year-round, and since they’re all anybody will be able to see for the fall and winter seasons (without getting to know you better first), it makes sense to invest in them.

10 Rules to Eating for Mass

However, although there may not be any secrets to eating for size, there are rules — 10, to be exact. Know and live by these rules and you will gain the mass you want. And when we say live by them we mean live by them. Bodybuilding, after all, is a life- style, not a part-time hobby. You shouldn’t expect to grow following a diet only some of the time, any more than if you hit the weights only some of the time. It’s about a commitment to the body- building lifestyle that counts, which means 24/7/365 focus, discipline and drive. Remember: every time you eat a meal, you are bodybuilding. So, eat well and eat often.

Build More Home-Grown Muscle

One popular misconception (read: excuse) for people who train at home is that you really can't add any serious mass without the benefit of the fancy equipment and unlimited poundages of your local gym. Because of that, they resign themselves to a life of lesser workouts. "I'll just do what I can," they rationalize. "But I don't expect to really gain any muscle." Well, we have good news - and a bit of a wake-up call - for these gloomy trainers: You can drastically impact your overall body composition training at home. All you need is a barbell, a few dumbbells and the will to push yourself a little harder. These four techniques can be employed at home and will pay big dividends in the long run.

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Time to Man Up

Some supplements provide temporary benefits to help get you through your workouts. Others help you achieve long-term goals— and a third category can aid both. Testosterone boosters fit into this third category. The right T-boosters can help you power through workouts, increase muscle mass, and also help stave of the more noticeable—and unwanted—signs of aging: lower sex drive, greater body-fat accumulation, and reduced lean mass. If you’re at an age when you’re starting to worry about your T-levels, the supps at right can help.

Universal Nutrition Animal Whey at

An impressive Supplement Facts box wouldn't be enough, however, it would have to live up to hype in the field—on the weight room floors of the most hardcore gyms in the world... In the shaker cups and blenders of the most committed lifters out there. It would have to mix with ease and taste great, making drinking multiple shakes per day a pleasure, not a painful chore. Because let's face it, if your protein powder tastes like shit, it is less likely you will drink it as much as needed to hit your daily macronutrient goals. Unacceptable. To be worthy of the Animal aegis, it would have to taste as good as it worked. And once again, in this regard, Animal WHEY is a triumph.

The Only Way to Get a Rockin' Six-Pack

When we get our meal plan in order and we are eating in a caloric deficit our bodies will sense that it needs to release some fat from our fat cells to burn off for fuel. When our bodies do this we begin to lose body fat (that fat we see in the mirror). Let’s say your 25% body fat and your goal is to lose your love handles. If you combine basic weight training, cardio and start tracking your calories your body will sense this and begin to bring that body fat number down lower. After a couple of weeks you maybe 20% body fat. You just lost 5%, which is a huge amount of body fat off your frame. That is when you will begin to see a difference in your physique. Will your love handles be gone? Maybe it depends on your genetic makeup but if they aren’t you might have to keep trying to bring your body fat lower. You may need to get down to 15% in order for you to be happy with what you see. That is based on you and your genetics. The bottom line is spot reduction doesn’t exist because our body will only lose fat from all over our bodies not from a single area. If you really want to focus on seeing your six pack maybe you should focus more on what you’re eating as opposed to how many hours of situps you are doing.

Jailhouse Strong: 100 Bodyweight Squat Challenge

Here is the Jailhouse Strong challenge to you. Do this complete sequence three times, rest two minutes between sets. Complete each set in four minutes and you are physically fit. Do it in three minutes and the warden will call you sir.

Go Back to Basics to Crush Your Strength Records

The answer is to vary the intensity. You can train all three lifts in a workout and repeat them several days a week if you change the sets, reps, and weights you’re using every time. The goal is to feel fresh at each workout so you ingrain good technique that allows you to handle heavy weights proficiently when you test your maxes. Be prepared for it to feel too easy at first. The weights and volume will increase each week, so even if you’re not leaving the gym feeling crushed, trust that your training is working. You’ll know for sure in four weeks when you lift weights that would have flattened you before.

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Whey or casein? Choose wisely for muscle gains. Here's what you need to know:

A Better Way to Build Bigger Shoulders

Our Advice: The problem here isn’t so much this workout as the overall workload in your week. You’re training five days per week, back to back, with an average of 20 sets per session. Unless you’ve already qualified for the Mr. Olympia, that much training is going to be tough to recover from. We suggest knocking the volume down by about half—try 12 sets per workout—and training four days per week. As for your shoulder routine, you’ve picked appropriate exercises and volume, but avoid redundancy. Your front delts get worked by all presses, so the front raise is only adding extra stress you’ll have to recover from. The lateral raise is ok, but a better option is to do it with a cable. This will keep tension on the muscle even in the down position (where it normally rests in conventional lateral raises).

7 Signs She Really Wants You

So if your friend never seems to leave the party or the night on the town before you do, she’s probably into you—or she’s the world’s best "party friend." This counts double if she makes things happen such that the two of you will be alone at the end of the night (e.g. asking you for a ride home).

Creactor – Creatine Comes Clean

Creactor features a 1:1 ratio of creatine hydrochloride and free-acid creatine. Each serving of Creactor has 1500 milligrams from the two forms of creatine, and it has twice the amount of creatine of the leading competitor. With Creactor, you’ll have a daily dose of creatine — two servings in a day — and you can easily mix it with your favorite protein shake or BCAA drink. As mentioned before, Creactor is composed of 100 percent pure creatine HCL and free-acid creatine — containing zero carb fillers, carbs, or impurities.

8 Stupidly Easy Breakfasts You Can Make in 60 Seconds

That’s why we set out to create ten stupidly easy breakfast recipes that’ll fill up your stomach, but not your a.m. schedule. Our only criteria: Each recipe has at least two ingredients (for maximum nutrition) and a prep time under 60 seconds.

Navy SEAL Lifestyle - Inspiration w/ Movie Combat Scenes [HD]

A compilation of David Rutherford's missions on the way to success. Soundtracks: 19 Lone Survivor - Lone Survivor 02 Waking Up - Lone Survivor Movies (in order): Act of Valor (recruitment video) (Black Hawk Down) Zero Dark Thirty Seal Team Six Lone Survivor Speaker: (What is Froglogic - 2:58 min) (Self Confidence - 4:23 min) (Team Life - 4:56 min) "A man can only be beaten in two ways: if he gives up or he dies." "You absolutely have to have self confidence in order to succeed. So, what we have to do initially every single day, we have to develop that self confidence, we have to forge that self confidence, we have to make sure that that self confidence is inpenetrable to all the outside influences in our life. The comfort zones, the fear that comes and creeps in our minds, that inhibits us from achieving. You've gotta have a positive attitude. Every single day you wake up you have a choice: you can either be negative or positive.

Underground Strength Coach Certification

Program Design, Underground Strength Coach Style : Learning how to properly perform exercises is one thing, understanding the method behind the madness and delivering incredible results will take your success & the results of your students to a whole new level. During this time you will not only learn our program design system but you will also go through hands on exercises and create various Underground workouts from different scenarios. We will put them to the test via “mini workouts” while getting feedback on whether or not these are safe AND effective workouts to be implemented in the real world.

MuscleTech Anarchy at

Warnings: For adult use only. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Do not use if you have had a myocardial infarction (heart attack). Inhalation may amplify the inflammatory airway response in people with asthma. Consult a medical doctor before starting a diet or exercise program or if you are taking any medication(s). One serving of this product contains up to as much caffeine as 2 cups of coffee. Caffeine sensitive individuals may experience the following symptoms, including (but not limited to) restlessness, nervousness, tremors, headache, anxiety, palpitations, increased heart rate, or difficulty sleeping. Do not combine with other sources of caffeine or stimulants. Some individuals may experience a harmless tingling sensation from the concentrated performance dose of beta-alanine. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

4 Ideal Food And Booze Pairings for Fall

It’s one thing to know your way around a restaurant menu in the presence of female company. It’s quite another to cook a delicious meal from scratch and pair it so perfectly with a libation that she starts to wonder if you moonlight as a sous chef-slash-bartender in your spare time. I’m talking food-and- booze combos that are actually worth staying in for, like homemade sushi rolls served with crisp Japanese beer, or pulled pork pizza expertly complemented by a glass of pinot noir. After 10 years of writing cookbooks, cooking in restaurants, competing on Top Chef , and judging Iron Chef , I’ve built up an arsenal of comfort-food recipes that pair perfectly with specific, equally satisfying beverages . So, whether it’s date night or the morning after, surprise her with a meal you’ve paired up like a pro. (And don’t feel compelled to tell her where you learned how to do it—we can keep this article our little secret.)

The Fastest Way to Do More Pushups

If your pushup score is lower than you’d like, there’s a quick fix that will help make your upper body more powerful and explosive. Follow this pushup protocol, trying to perform each rep as fast as possible, and after 8 workouts take the test again and see how you improved.

5 Moves for Leaner Abs and A Stronger Core

Lay on your back with a kettlebell in your right hand. Raise the kettlebell up, positioning it above your shoulder, and bend your right leg keeping foot on ground. Push the kettlebell into the air with your right arm, lifting chest and upper back off ground while shifting your body to let your left elbow and forearm rest on the ground. Raise left side of body up by pushing up with left hand and right leg. Swing left leg behind body and rest left foot and knee on the ground. Raise up off left hand using core to support and stabilize. Now, stand up straight by pushing down with right leg bringing left leg forward. Finally, slowly reverse all moves until you are laying back on the ground again.

5 Everyday Benefits of Stronger Abs

“Exercises that cause you to stabilize teach your body how to react in sports performance or life situations where you need it–running, jumping, and any other situation that requries a quick reaction,” says Hinds. “Crunches or situps, although they make muscles burn, aren’t going to help athletic performance because the body isn’t put in an unstable environment where the upper and lower abs are engaged together.”

Back Training with Eduardo Correa

“Your core has to be strong to make a lot of improvement in the back and legs,” Correa says. Powerlifting provided that core, a foundation and base for Correa to build upon. “Powerlifting is a very different sport from bodybuilding—the routines, the diets, the cardio—but because I have that foundation I know how to show some sensibility and not hurt my body.

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7 Diet Tips to Look Better Naked

Put the finishing touches on your physique with these smart eating tips to get ripped.

4 Sex Positions That Won't Get Her Off

The female orgasm can be an elusive thing—don't make it more so by constantly having sex in these four positions.

3 Technique Fixes For A Bigger Squat

The Solution: The box squat exercise can help fix this. For this exercise you need either a bench or a tall box, ideally about knee height. Position it in the squat rack. Begin with the bar on the back of your shoulders, just like in the squat. Step back until your heels are in contact with the box. From there, push your hips back until your glutes touch the box, then forcefully reverse directions. Do not rest on the box and do not bounce off it. This can be done for the same set and repetition scheme that you would use on the back squat.

Wheat Belly Deception: Understanding Wheat, Insulin, and Fat Loss

It’s one of the most popular books on weight loss. But here’s why Wheat Belly is a stomach full of weight-loss deception. Editor’s note: This is part II of a combined post about common misconceptions on fat loss and weight gain. To read the first part, click here. To help you understand why wheat isn’t...

17 Best Foods to Stop Hair Loss | Eat This Not That

The human body can do a lot of crazy stuff, like turning sunlight into bone-strengthening vitamin D. Something it can’t do, however, is make omega-3 fatty acids . “Omega-3’s are anti-inflammatory. They can help if you have inflammation that’s causing hair shedding,” says Jacob. It’s best to get omega-3s from natural sources, such as salmon and cold-water fish like sardines and mackerel. In addition to helping you stay fit and disease free, omega-3’s enable you to grow hair and keep it shiny and full. According to Debé, both male-pattern balding and female hair loss is often associated with insulin resistance. Salmon is one food that helps the body process insulin more efficiently.

Why Losing Weight Is Hard

I have very few people that I consider “mentors” in my life. My parents are obvious, but outside of my family there is one man that stands above the rest: Ted Spiker. I say this with as much gratitude possible; if it wasn’t for Ted Spiker, I don’t know if I would have ever made it in the health and fitness industry. In fact, writing about Spiker deserves it’s own post, but right now I want to focus on Spiker’s latest contribution to the health industry, Down Size . In this excerpt from his new book, Spiker keys in on the real reason why so many goal driven plans (for weight loss, exercise, diet…really anything) oftentimes fail. Grab a cup of coffee and get ready to learn. This one’s on the house and it’s worth your time. -AB

The Benefits of Sleep According to Recent Research

Skip sleep, and the next day you’ll eat too many calories from fat and too few from carbs, according to a UPenn School of Medicine study. When subjects were kept from sleeping, a brain region called the salience network, which regulates emotions and bodily sensations like a racing heart, lit up and raised their fat cravings. By the way, if you do pig out, just don’t do it late at night: Eating when the body’s usually asleep can hamper learning, damage memory, hurt the immune system, and even lead to type-2 diabetes, UCLA researchers say.


One of the biggest reasons that beginners quit a new workout program is that they make easily avoidable mistakes. These mistakes are often due to the fact that they just don’t have all the information they need in order to use the most effective workout strategies.

More Sleep Equates to Higher Sex Drive and Arousal For You—And Her

The likelihood of sexual activity with a partner improves by 14 percent for each additional hour of sleep you get, according to University of Michigan researchers.

The Specifics: Five Moves to a Massive Back

Back. The muscle group that when built well can make a 150-pounder look 170. And a 190-pounder look downright scary. Personal trainer, physique competitor, and HUMANFITPROJECT network contributor Joey Frad pieced this routine together to get you there.

Beyond Bread: Why Some People Can Eat More Carbs Than Others

Unfortunately, determining insulin levels isn’t an easy process and requires blood work. But you can see how your body reacts to higher carb meals. The simplest test (although far from perfect) is consuming carbs in a post workout period. Do you feel great or do you feel miserable and more bloated? If it’s the latter, either insulin sensitivity isn’t great, or you just ate too much.

4-Week Fat Loss Lies

You want abs in 4 weeks? Let's be honest, it's probably not going to happen. Here's how to see around fat loss lies and realistically transform your body.

Ronda Rousey on How to Throw a Punch

In another video from the same shoot, Rousey talks how she motivates herself every day. She also talks about the challenges she faces in the run up to the fight, the mindset she adapts to overcome these obstacles and the drive that sees her back in the gym just three days after a fight. It's pretty motivating stuff:

The 'Timeout for Muscle' Mass-Gaining Workout

When it comes to designing training programs, we tend to focus on things like sets and reps, exercise order, and weights. The training variable that most often gets short shrift in this equation, however, is rest. Typically speaking, we don’t give too much thought to the downtime during gym work. Taking a minute or two to muster the strength to knock out the next set is de rigueur for most gym rats; and while they may switch up the moves in their routines regularly, their rest periods remain static in perpetuity. It’s time to rethink this strategy. Because, by playing with your rest times, you can improve the results of your training in terms of size, strength, and fat burning.

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4 Things You Must Do for Your Face This Fall

Autumn is upon us which means transitioning to cooler gear. And just like you pick up new clothes for the cooler months, your skin requires different products as well. That’s why we asked Annet King, Director of Global Education at the International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica, to focus in on what's important when the changing weather forces us to change our skincare routine. Here are four things you need to do skin care-wise this fall.

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