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Six Reasons You Need Vitamin D

With summer long gone, are you finding it increasing difficult to get out and enjoy a little fresh air and sunshine? If so, chances are you’re like most Americans who find themselves deficient in what’s commonly referred to as the sunshine vitamin – vitamin D. But, while seasons may change, our basic needs do not. And, regardless of whether we’re blessed with the beautiful, scorching days of summer, or the dreary, often chilly days of fall, it’s extremely important to get vitamin D. Why? We’ve compiled a list of six of the most important reasons. 10 Dairy-Free Ways to Get More Calcium>>>

Fit Food: The Benefits of Broccoli

This cancer-fighting superfood is worth stalking, despite any gag-worthy memories of limp side dishes past. Here, five easy ways to get your daily dose.

Behind the Scenes: Terry Crews' November 2014 Cover Shoot

Everyone here at Men's Fitness is pretty psyched to have Terry Crews-star of FOX's hit cop comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine -on our November 2014 cover. But perhaps not more excited than the man himself. "I finally made it!" Terry says in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video. " Men's Fitness ...Terry's the perfect combination!" So, what else can you learn about Terry from his cover shoot (other than how much of an absolute physical specimen the former NFL athlete-turned-actor is): The hardest-working guy in the biz shares insight into his work ethic, the importance of fitness in fashion, and what game-changing event became his life mantra.

Size Secret #2: Super Slow Reps

DENNIS JAMES: “When something doesn’t work or I hit a plateau in my training, I always implement very, very slow reps. I’m talking super slow, as in 5–10 seconds up and 5–10 seconds down on every rep using 30%–50% of the weight you’d normally use. And you don’t have to limit this to just one exercise in your workout; you can do it for every exercise. It takes you much longer to get through the set, but I guarantee one set will make up for 5–6 regular sets.

Bad Shoulders or Low Testosterone?

Which format is better? First, consider that because people have such busy schedules today, they sometimes skip the last few exercises in their workouts. If structural balance is a major concern for you, perform these exercises first. To show you why, I’ll tell you about a woman I trained years ago who broke the world record in the bench press. Before she broke that record, I determined that weakness in the muscles that externally rotated her shoulders was affecting her strength. To correct this structural imbalance, I had her perform workouts in which she performed rotator cuff exercises before she bench pressed.

Ask Men's Fitness: Does Beet Juice Really Improve Endurance?

Ask Men's Fitness: Does Beet Juice Really Improve Endurance?

Instant Muscle: Abs & Delt Blast

If you’ve got a strong core already, side planks are a joke to you. But combine them with a lateral raise and both your shoulders and abs will be shocked—especially because you don’t need a heavy weight for either.


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The Shakedown Episode 3: Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake

One of the most popular shake combinations, we give you a quick and delicious recipe for a chocolate peanut butter post-workout shake.

7 Reasons Your Rotator Cuffs Hate You

With the amount of stress you put them through, it's no wonder your rotator cuffs are angry.