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Chad Wesley Smith deadlifting 804# at Core Combat Sports in Louisville, KY. This is the facility run by Juggernaut writers/coaches Dr. Quinn Henoch and Ryan ...

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, October 26, 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014 - You might have to put on your listening cap today if someone close to you really needs to talk. Thankfully, starting a conversation is easy since others want to tell you positive things rather than what is actually bothering them. Nevertheless, asking direct questions cuts right to the core issue. Cultivating clear communication channels gives others an opportunity to discuss a subject that truly matters.


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The Five-Move Anywhere Abs Workout

We don’t doubt your will to get 6-pack abs . Now, it’s time to be consistent and have them look the way you want them to— ripped . We caught up with IFBB men’s physique pro and certified personal trainer Pierre Vuala to see how he keeps his midsection shredded without even using equipment. “Whenever you do any ab workouts, it's always good to get all the air out as you squeeze at the point of full contraction,” Vuala says. No equipment ? No excuses.

The Best Anytime Workout

Set a timer for however long you have—even if you’ve got only 10 minutes.  Complete as many reps as you can of each exercise, and count them. Stop a set when your form breaks down, and rest as needed. Make note of your total number of reps for the workout. Each time you repeat the workout with the same time period, try to complete more total reps. For example, if you worked out 10 minutes on Monday and then 25 minutes on Wednesday but could manage only 10 minutes again on Friday, try to get more work done in Friday’s session than in Monday’s. Try to perform the workout four to six times per week.

The Ultimate Smith Machine Workout Guide - MuscleMag

I find, when working with new people in the gym, the smith machine is great to ensure a smoother transition to the bench. I’ve noticed guys on the bench land the bar inconsistently on their chest and often times stray too far backwards, leading to shoulder strain. By starting on the smith, they can focus on the push up, position stability and getting that back arched correctly. Doing all three for novice lifters is difficult and can slow their training.The exercise allows these same guys to build up tricep strength and lift more in that plane of movement, which accelerates their overall lifting capacity, in my opinion. Can also be super beneficial in breaking through plateaus for advanced lifters. When combined with barbell incline and dumbbells as well, it can be a powerful tool. I think it gets way more flak and far less attention than it deserves. As with any tool, it has its time and place for use.

What A Real Paleo Diet Looks Like

The most ardent Paleo enthusiasts argue that regaining our ancestral state of fitness goes beyond doing a little exercise and curbing one’s consumption of doughnuts. To get the full Paleo experience, you need to be out lifting rocks, running barefoot, and growing a beard. To say that I’ve been amused by the Paleo movement is hardly a criticism; I support any movement, or trend, that inspires people to get in shape and push their limits. But it’s been interesting to watch as Paleo enthusiasts discover “lost” principles about human endurance and fitness that hardcore hunters have lived by since the beginning of time.

10 Best Cable Exercises for Your Core

A cable machine unleashes a wide variety of core exercises because of the adjustable height and the ability to work from all angles. We’re not talking about the beloved kneeling cable crunch. Rather, these 10 standing, kneeling, twisting, and bending core exercises place your body in every plane of motion to target your obliques and lower abs. Build core strength with these 10 ab-carving cable exercises.

The Game Changer Diet

Paying attention to calories and macronutrients (protein, carbs, fat) is the bottom line when it comes to slashing fat, building lean muscle, and achieving your ideal physique. This transformative diet plan is set up to create a caloric deficit (you’ll burn more calories than you’ll consume) for optimum fat loss, while maintaining sufficient protein to build new muscle and just enough carbs to fuel the energy and recovery demands of high-intensity workouts .

8 Barbell Moves to Burn Fat and Build Muscle

In a workplace where the typical nine-to-five has become a night spent at the office, we understand that time, especially in the gym, is of the essence. To accommodate for limited gym time, try one of the best techniques to jack up your heart rate and harden your body: the complex. A complex is a series of lifts combined in a nonstop, continuous movement using the same piece of equipment.

12 Great Uses for Protein Powder

From popsicles to pancakes to creamy coffee drinks, these 12 easy recipes take the post-workout staple into dessert territory.

Fit Food: The Benefits of Broccoli

This cancer-fighting superfood is worth stalking, despite any gag-worthy memories of limp side dishes past. Here, five easy ways to get your daily dose.

7 Surprising Sugar Bombs

So you think steering clear of soda and candy keeps your sugar intake down? Beware of these seven sneaky sources of the sweet stuff.

Is Wedding-Night Sex a Thing of the Past?

There are just a few things that get in the way—namely, men. Not to point fingers, but the reason 24% of couples fail to have wedding-night sex is because the groom is too drunk. Whether or not it means he’s mentally or physically incapable of doing the deed, it’s the top reason, so slow down on the Irish car bombs. That’s the purpose of bachelor parties anyway.

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

Ten Simple Tips to Get Bigger, Stronger, and Smarter

I’ve had a bunch of people ask me to write a simple article that their ADHD will allow them to actually get through and absorb. I suppose that some of my stuff is long, science laden, and at times a bit confusing, so I decided to go a different route. In the past year, I’ve learned so much that it would take a novel to cover it all. Between working with hundreds of new clients, speaking in depth with doctors I respect, reading daily, and continuing to soak up information from Coach X, my desire to learn and pass on is higher than ever. So here it goes. Here are some simple tips to improve your lifting and nutrition:

The Full-Scale Assault Arm Workout - MuscleMag

For most major muscle groups, crushing the bodypart with heavy weight covers a multitude of sins. But when it comes to the smaller muscles like the biceps and triceps, load isn’t nearly as forgiving. Simply put, because you’re limited to how much weight you can use for bi’s and tri’s, heaven knows it takes a smart and creative approach to answer your prayers for the best arms possible. Here are three keys to keep in mind.

Fat-Free Mass Gains

One of the hardestnutrition programs to put together is a mass-gaining plan for the formerly fat guy or the person who continually wrestles with bodyfat. The problem: whenever the individual’s mass gains start to kick in, lo and behold, he starts to balloon up and add too much bodyfat. It’s a never-ending struggle and exercise in frustration.

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VOTING OPENS 2:30pm (MTN) 10/17/14 and CLOSES 11/6/14 at 11am (MTN)

Coconut Curry Cauliflower Fried Rice - Born Fitness

It’s not secret that I love rice . And I eat it all the time because as I try to remind people,  carbs are not bad.  That said, I do realize that there are limitations on how many carbs people can eat, and when that occurs it’d be great to eat carb-like meals that offer a little more dieting flexibility. Which is why I was so intrigued when fitness journalist Olivia Langdon sent this recipe my way. And once I gave it a try, it was everything I hoped it would be. Dig in on this unique take on “fried rice.” Don’t be deceived by the cauliflower base, it’s still plenty flavorful. And for more recipes from Langdon, be sure to check out her site . Plenty of good, nutritious food. -AB

Training for Life

Sometimes those lessons are all you have to assist you in adapting and overcoming obstacles in your life. Sometimes those lessons even teach you to value what you have earned in life and show you that you have been more fortunate than others—others who may have been victim to one of life’s many misfortunes. Sometimes, too, those lessons prepare you to apply the law of reciprocity—the act of using positive actions as a response to positive actions. To reciprocate the positive actions of others who have assisted us along the way because we could not have earned our spot in powerlifting, or even in life, by ourselves. And to help build hope for others while selflessly doing so without the expectation of the favor being returned.

Periodization of Glute-Ham Raise Training

About the Author Karsten Jensen, MSc. is a strength and conditioning coach who has helped world class, Olympic, and international level athletes from 21 different sports since 1993. Many of his athletes have won European championships, world championships, Olympic medals, and ATP tournaments. Karsten is the first strength coach to create a complete system of periodization, the flexible periodization method. He is the founder of Yes to Strength, a company dedicated to contributing to the development of radically improved training methods. Yes to Strength accomplishes its goal predominantly by sharing the flexible periodization method and related resources as tools for strength coaches and personal trainers to create holistic, individualized, training programs to manifest untapped potential for the fitness enthusiast, the world class athlete, and everyone in between. For more information, visit Yes to Strength .

Men Who Do Housework Really Clean Up in the Bedroom

And while you’re in the kitchen, why not really go for the kill and toss her an apple? A recent Italian survey found that women who ate at least an apple a day experienced more sexual pleasure.

To Stretch, or Not To Stretch?

Many studies have shown that stretching a muscle can increase IGF-1 levels. That rise is desirable because IGF-1 has been shown to slow the process of protein breakdown. Bodybuilders have also been told to stretch before, during, and after workouts to stretch the connective tissue surrounding muscle cells. Some trainers have advocated that the muscle connective tissue is like a pillow cover. If the pillow cover is tight, the pillow can’t expand to its full size. Stretching is thought to expand the muscle sheaths, which will allow the connective tissue to expand and allow for more growth of the muscle bellies.

H2O for the Bodybuilder

As an athlete or a healthy person—you know soda is not the best choice for a beverage, but drinking plain water sometimes seems more like a chore rather than the right thing to do for your body. More and more people today are “hooked” on diet sodas and carbonated beverages than ever before. Bodybuilders on a contest diet like to drink it, as the carbonation keeps them full and they like the taste better than plain water. It also feels like a treat to have a diet soda in a world of plain, unseasoned contest foods. But not only can diet sodas hinder weight loss and upset your digestive process, they can also prevent your body from ridding itself of excess water. The hardest part of getting on the “drink water” bandwagon is getting of the soda roller coaster. Rather than going cold turkey and moving straight to plain water, I have a plan that I use with many athletes and clients that either have difculty getting enough fluids in or for those trying to kick the habit of carbonated drinks and sodas. If you are used to drinking diet soda and carbonated beverages, the easiest way I’ve found to kick the habit is to wean down.

Commitment for Bodybuilding

I personally believe that “grass is greener” thinking stems from the idea that things should be easy. Marriage should be easy and, when it becomes difficult, there must be something wrong with the marriage, right? Nope. Is training or bodybuilding a linear graph leading to success? Nope. Biblically, marriage is related to the cultivation of a garden. I don’t have a garden, but I remember we had one growing up. Gardens are tough. They require quite a bit of attention. If you get a bunch of rain, your garden will need weeding shortly thereafter. Not enough rain and you will need to do the watering yourself. Pruning, fertilizing…the list goes on and on. It’s a long way from planting a seed to an apple tree bearing good fruit. This isn’t unlike marriage or bodybuilding. Expect to put in hard work. The end result will be far more valuable than you can imagine.

Haney's Shoulder Cycle

I’ve been on the same basic program for about six months. Would it be OK to mix things up at this point?

Salmon Savvy

When it comes to protein,salmon holds its own compared with other food sources such as beef. However, salmon delivers the nutrient without a lot of saturated fat. For example, a six-ounce serving of cooked farm-raised Atlantic salmon has 38 grams (g) of protein and a little more than 4 g of saturated fat; a same-size serving of porterhouse steak has just 2 g more protein, but four times the saturated fat.

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Lou Ferrigno's Tips for a Hulking Back

While thickness of the erector spinae muscles are key to a powerful back, it's the development of the lats and all the smaller muscles that add immeasureably to the detail and awe-inspiring sight of a fully-developed back. And in order to achieve that detail, you need proper form. Too often, builders focus on power when building a muscle like those in the back. That's a shame, because all that pain—and maybe even injury—is for nothing. When power wins over form, you'll be disappointed with your results.

30 CT Fletcher: Bigger, Badder: CT Fletcher Speaks, Part 1 -

Somewhere out there, CT Fletcher is disappointed in you for not doing more, being more, and especially lifting more. Learn the way to Mt. Bicepius from the man who made a 225-pound strict curl look easy!

Dymatize Elite 100% Whey Protein at

Elite Whey provides 25 grams of 100% Whey Protein per serving powered by Whey Protein Isolate. Whey is considered to be the best source of protein to build muscle and recover from training due to its high Biological Value (BV), Amino Acid Profile, and fast absorption.* At Dymatize, we do not include inferior sources of protein in our products, and Elite Whey uses only whey proteins derived from cross-flow microfiltration processing to preserve the many important whey protein fractions including lactoferrin and immunoglobins which can be lost in other forms of processing.* Furthermore, we only claim actual protein on labels and do not consider added amino acids (e.g., glycine, taurine) or creatine as protein (nitrogen) on our labels.



Kai Greene on the Philosophy of Bodybuilding & Training Partners

At this point, they’re very crucial to me. I need someone to spot me and watch my form, and it also helps to have someone who knows me so well that they can encourage me just enough so
I get in those extra reps. But training partners are not essential. A lot of bodybuilding you have to do on your own. When you do have a training partner with you who is in tune with what you’re trying to accomplish it can be a wonderful vehicle to help you, but when you don’t have it you’re still going to have to be accountable for reaching your goals. - FLEX

The Fix For Lagging Hams

For all five years of my pro career I have been conscious of my lacking hamstring development. I started to notice it more after my quads started growing but my hams never took on the same thickness.  When I look at my leg, I feel that it is the missing depth I really need and thickness in the hams would solve that problem.

7 Gym Moves You Need to Master

Want to be a well-rounded athlete, then you need to think beyond the Big 3. Become a pro at these seven staple moves to dominate in everything else.

Fighter Diet Extreme Plus Volume 2 (Athlete)

Do you want to get lean before holidays but bored with your old meals? My new Fat Loss Diet plan is finally here! My brand new HIGH FAT cycling days combined with the classic Fighter Diet menus. The past months I've experimented with higher fat days, I even tried a keto diet for a few weeks to change it up, but that was not for me. The NEW Extreme PLUS volume 2 is the result of this and features high fat days and regular Fighter Diet days! But wait, that's not ALL. WORKOUTS are included too! A complete fat loss program! I'm very excited to launch this program since we ALL get the same taste for fats after days of a strict diet.  Do you love bacon? Eggs? I do! And there IS a place for them! But before you indulge... You gotta know HOW to incorporate them properly! There are benefits to rea

38 Body Transformation: Joseph Went From Hiding His Belly To Rocking His Abs! -

There were plenty of challenges, work being a major one, with long hours, being on-call 24/7, and no set schedule. Working nights and weekends had me stopping at fast-food restaurants or gas stations and being tempted to buy junk food. With determination, I started preparing my meals in advance. I now make small portions, label them, and freeze them, so that when I go to work I can just grab them and go. I do the same with healthy snacks by prepping them in advance in snack-size Ziploc bags.

Winter Strongman Challenge 2015 at Bluewater Glow


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Nutrex Lipo-6 Unlimited at

LIPO-6 UNLIMITED stands for infinite possibilities. We call it UNLIMITED as it comes without restraints, limits or restrictions. Its unique formula supports powerful weight loss results, powerful resolve to eat less, more energy to train harder and empowers your mind with focus to break through plateaus.* Dieting can be very difficult and makes even the strong-willed weak at times. LIPO-6 UNLIMITED helps to lift these boundaries by delivering a potent fat loss response along with feel good support. Think UNLIMITED and define a new you!*

6 Pilates Moves for a Shredded Six-Pack

Do you have a gut or a tight, lean midsection ? As a master Pilates instructor for 10 years, I can comfortably say that I know what’s best when it comes to your core. Strength, stamina, and posture are the keys to solid abs. On the following slides, you’ll find five quick and easy Pilates exercises you can do anywhere— even in front of the TV while you watch ESPN highlights. Each exercise will hit the major core muscles: transverse abdominis, internal and external obliques, serratus anterior, latissimus dorsi, spinal erectors, and, of course, the rectus abdominis.

Tap into DNA to Lose 33% More Weight

How sci-fi cool is this: You scrape the inside of your mouth with a cotton swab, mail it to a lab in England—and two weeks later, you’re poring over a DNA report detailing your optimal diet; the best and worst foods for your body; how sensitive you are to gluten, milk, eggs, and alcohol; and even how to exercise to maximize your body’s potential. 14 Best Things You Can Do for Your Body>>>


2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro

Janelle Saitone-McGuire - 2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro

Abs! Let me explain ...

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Study: Does Fat Make You Stupid?

Researchers tested the mice as follows: "We used a treadmill training paradigm in which mice were exposed to daily training sessions or an immobile belt, with motivation achieved by delivery of compressed air on noncompliance." What they found was that the mice with less body fat quickly realized that it would be better to comply with the testing rather than get an express delivery of compressed air. The fatter mice, however, took noticably longer to figure this out.

Two-Time World's Strongest Man Brian Shaw Attempts 'Grace'

MHP brings in the brute force to try this popular challenge.