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3 Best and Worst Lifting Shoes and Why They Matter

Jump on the right trend and give your workout a strong foundation.

Watch: Chris Jericho suffers through hot wings and talks about smoking cigars with Arnold Schwarzenegger

The legendary WWE superstar was the next victim on the 'Hot Ones' YouTube series.

Contest Prep Peak Week Mistakes | Biolayne

Layne breaks down some of the most common peak week misconceptions surrounding manipulation of water, sodium, and carbohydrates to help YOU be your best onstage.

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1 Kai Greene

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10 Daily Habits of Healthy Lifters | T Nation

It seems to be working because my kidney health markers are back in normal range and were the best they've ever been since 2012. This also coincided with me being able to get in great shape again – being capable of adding muscle and get super lean. It's my belief that when you're young, your body isn't as "used up" and you can get away with doing things that are bad for your health. But the older you get, the more health and hypertrophy become interrelated.

Tip: The Mineral for Chronic Muscle Soreness | T Nation

So what are we supposed to do here? When it comes to training, we expect a little soreness. It's kinda pleasant, and it lets you know you did some work. That's acute soreness and it fades naturally. However, if you feel like you've been hit by a truck and need to read several motivation memes just to get out of bed, that's not good. In short, being too sore for too long sucks for your health, recovery, and gains.


. @KaiGreene MAKES History! Becomes the first pro-bodybuilder (since Arnold/Lou) to join the cast of a major Hit Series - STRANGER THINGS: Season 2! Watch it today on @netflix … #GiManagement

5 Shawn Ray

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8 Fat-Loss Secrets Of The Lean Queen!

With warm weather quickly approaching, you might be feeling the burn to drop fat fast. Learn how to maximize your fat-burning potential with these 8 pro tips from Kyla Ford!

Tip: 9 Annoying Things in the Fitness Community | T Nation

Love fitness, love lifting, but feel free to hate these nine things. Coach Carter sure does.

8 Shawn Ray

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9 Shawn Ray

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STRONG Life 133 | Dr. Andy Galpin & Zach Discuss The De-Evolution of Youth Athletes & Why The Work Is The Gift • Zach Even-Esh

We're about to break hearts with Episode 133 of The STRONG Life Podcast but before I do, head on over and see the seminar / strength experience coming up with myself and Marty Gallagher HERE.

Smoking pot early in life may lead to anxiety as you get older

"Given that more states may be moving toward legalization of cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes, this study raises attention about what we anticipate will be the fastest-growing demographic of users—adults," said lead author Sherika Hill, Ph.D., an adjunct faculty associate at the Duke University School of Medicine. "A lot of current interventions and policies in the U.S. are aimed at early adolescent users. We have to start thinking about how we are going to address problematic use that may arise in a growing population of older users."

Arnold's Rise From Bodybuilding to Pop Culture Superstar

As astonishing as his bodybuilding career was, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s seventh and final Mr. Olympia win in 1980 didn’t signal retirement, but rather a metamorphosis. After hanging up the posing trunks, he became a Hollywood megastar, headlining the biggest action flicks of the ’80s. His role as Conan the Barbarian (1982) was followed by the relentless T-800 in The Terminator (1984), making his indisputable accent fodder for millions of Arnold wannabes. But Arnold’s post-O years haven’t been confined to the silver screen. After George H.W. Bush dubbed him “Conan the Republican,” in 2003 the Oak made a Reaganesque move by making it into the California governor’s mansion. With political speeches, heart surgery, ski accidents, a Kennedy marriage, and philanthropy, Arnold, now 69, has had an incredible life and career. And he’s not done: As host of The New Celebrity Apprentice next January on NBC, Arnold is once again back in the spotlight.


. @KaiGreene MAKES History! Becomes the first pro-bodybuilder (since Arnold/Lou) to join the cast of a major Hit Series - STRANGER THINGS: Season 2! Watch it today on @netflix … #GiManagement

6 health tests that could save your life

Corus CAD by Cardio Dx is a gene expression test that uses messenger RNA from a gene set in blood cells to determine whether or not patients have coronary artery blockages. Patients are given a simple blood test that delivers a score on a scale of one to 40. “If they score between one and 15 trial evidence shows that the likelihood of that person having blockage is low,” says Deborah L. Kilpatrick, Ph.D., chief commercial officer of Cardio Dx. The higher your score, the more likely you are to have blockages. This knowledge enables your physician to take extra precautions and book follow-up tests that can potentially save your life.

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@KaiGreene I was watching the opening scene to Stranger things 2 couldn't believe my eyes when I saw you man! Making big moves!

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Five Steps to Get the Results You Want

The ultimate step toward being accountable is hiring a good coach. However, I understand that isn’t always going to be feasible for everybody. With that said, you can still become answerable to somebody you trust in your gym. If you’re not doing the right things, they aren’t going to see any changes. This is why having somebody to look over you can be a great idea for increasing your accountability, because you want them to give you positive feedback only when you do things right. Just ensure this person you put your trust in A) understands what to look for and B) will tell you the truth!

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Get Your Ultimate Six Pack: IFBB pro Tobias Young shares his workout to get ripped.

Lying Tri vs. Incline Tri

Because lying triceps extensions on a flat bench involve both the lateral and long heads, they are the best version for building overall triceps mass. The incline version is better for specifically bringing up the long head.

500lb Bench Press - How Common are They?

I'll give you a reference point to work with. You can find folks who don't work out but can still bench 300. It's uncommon, but it happens. You will never, ever find a non-lifter who is capable of a 500 bench. The number of living humans who are under 200 lbs and can do it is almost certainly less than 20. You'll likely never see a 500 lbs bench presser in a commercial gym. It's an extremely rare thing. I have never seen a 500 lbs bench press in a commercial gym. Even in a hardcore gym, like the Metroflex gym I go to, you will likely only have a few members who can do it. At my gym, I'm fairly certain the number is less than 5.

History’s most famous facial hair

From sideburns symbolizing rebellion to beards that carry a massive mythology, the past proves that a man’s facial fur can take on a life of its own. So read on for MF’s take on the 13 most meaningful—or just plain memorable—sets of whiskers.

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How to read her body language

When a woman tosses her hair, it’s typically a sign she’s trying to lure you in. “Women tend to preen or groom themselves subconsciously when they’re attracted to someone, by flipping back their hair to fluff it, smoothing down their hair or clothes, or checking their lipstick in a compact,” Wood explains. And when the grooming gesture is paired with a smile or a gaze? She’s even more interested. When a woman flips her head it causes her whole upper body to move, which makes her stand out from among a group of women who are standing still. “This classic attention-grabbing move is a double whammy that combines preening and a flash of vulnerable neck,” Wood says. “It’s also a way for a woman to not so subtly show that she cares about how she looks to a man.”

The 10 Most Common Sex Mistakes

There are a number of things that can go wrong the first time you're in bed with a new partner, and most consenting adults understand that. There's a lot to feel out about another person before reaching the right comfort level and sexual rhythm. Any awkward post-sex vibes that you project will make her uneasy as well, so you're better off relaxing and basking in the glow, bro.

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Ever wondered what professional strength athletes eat? Peek inside the fridge of USAPL powerlifter Karina Baymiller!

Training Rules for Huge Hamstrings

As a hardgainer, hanging hamstrings are probably near the bottom of your wish list. In a contest, vertical-blind lines in a rear shot or half-basket- balls from the side can make the difference between first and fourth, but those not planning to pose in public typically focus much more on arms or chest or even quads, leg curling comes almost as an afterthought. Get with the program. Your hams are much larger than, for example, your biceps, and building additions to this area fills out your legs, maintains a strength balance with your quads (thus preventing injuries) and, because of their relative size, packs on lean pounds faster than some showier parts. Our huge hamstring workout gives this crucial bodypart the stimulus it needs to maximize your mass appeal.

Does Deer Antler Velvet Work and Build Muscle?

Now, you’ll probably read a lot about the power of IGF-1 in many reports about Ray Lewis. And while it’s true that IGF-1 is illegal in man-made form, let’s not mistake illegal products (because they are synthetic) with guaranteed amazing results. IGF-1 can have a significant impact on your body, but it’s not that easy to get the levels you need from deer antler. In fact, given what’s in a typical bottle, it is damn near impossible.

Time Crunch Training: 10-minute legs circuit

This rapid-fire routine will provide you with a workout you can do when your schedule starts to fill up. Because, in the grand scheme of things, short, intense workouts are always better than no workout at all.

Tip: Train Legs. Then Train This Body Part | T Nation

One caveat, though. This method may not work as well, or at all, if you train legs with another big body part, like chest or back. Training legs properly, i.e., busting a nut, probably wouldn't leave you with enough mojo to properly train another big body part. Even with all that extra leg-training induced testosterone and GH, it still might not be enough to push the muscle meter to the plus side.

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“Functional fitness” diehards consider the Smith machine completely useless. They’re wrong.

Cellucor C4 - Gen 4 at - Best Prices on C4 - Gen 4!

Warnings: Not intended for use by persons under age 18. Do not exceed recommended dose. Do not consume synephrine or caffeine from other sources, including but not limited to, coffee, tea, soda and other dietary supplements or medications containing phenylephrine or caffeine. Do not use for more than 8 weeks. Consult with your physician prior to use if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you are taking medications, including but not limited to MAOI inhibitors, antidepressants, asprin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or other stimulants. Consult your physician prior to use if you have a medical condition, including but not limited to, heart, liver, kidney or thyroid disease, psychiatric or epileptic disorders, difficulty urinating, diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, recurrent headaches, enlarged prostate or glaucoma. Discontinue use 2 weeks prior to surgery or if you experience rapid heartbeat, dizziness, severe headache or shortness of breath. Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing. NOTE: Please do not use in combination with other dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, foods that are considered to be stimulants.

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Oh yeah! The legendary bodybuilder Mike OHearn joins us next @FinalRoundLV w me & @MatthewHoltVP to break down @GeorgesStPierre vs @bisping …

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35 4 Weeks In, No Change. Feeling Demotivated

So you have worked out for 4 weeks, following a more specific diet and you’ve gained a ton of strength and your weight has remained the same? This sounds perfect. This is exactly what you want. If your strength is going up, your muscle mass will follow. If your weight starts increasing then you can make some tweaks, but as long as strength is increasing and your weight is remaining the same or decreasing you’re in a good spot.

Switch up your nutrition go-tos with these 5 creative ingredients

Eat outside the lines by swapping out some of the most common (and, dare we say, boring) diet staples for these even healthier—but less well-known—taste treats.

Muscle Protein Synthesis Gets You Bigger and Stronger

Protein synthesis, in general, is removing or repairing damaged proteins and building new proteins that are replicas of the original. The new proteins are stronger, more dense, and able to handle stress better than before. Muscle protein synthesis (MPS) is the rebuilding of muscle tissue and it occurs as a result of the stresses that we place on our body, whether it is to repair injury (such as a muscle tear) or because we intentionally try to damage it (microtrauma from training). The exact process is still under considerable scrutiny, however, one thing is certain: it occurs immediately upon stress. The second you begin to exercise, MPS activates and begins to repair muscles. Usually, protein synthesis is said to occur overnight, the next day, etc., but the truth is that it starts right away and may go on for as long as 48 hours at a single damaged site before it is repaired.

Tip: Try the Primary-Secondary Mover Split | T Nation

Primary movers and secondary movers are old-school terms that are useful when describing these splits. When training chest, your pecs are the primary movers. They should be doing most of the work. The triceps help out though, so they're the secondary movers. With back training, the various muscles of the back do most of the work as primary movers. The biceps would be the secondary movers.

Instagram post by Shawn Ray • Oct 28, 2017 at 1:57am UTC

Velocity Diet® Plan - The New Science of Rapid Body Transformation - Biotest

I soon asked Chad Waterbury to write a custom training plan, specially designed just for those on this diet. To test out the latest version of the plan, I put T Nation reader Gus Pancho on the latest version of the V-Diet. Gus is 37 years old and lost 40 pounds and nine inches from his belly during and after his Velocity Diet experience.

The Pyramid Of Muscle Building

Manage your excesses. You don't have to subscribe to the "cheat meal" approach to gain muscle. But let's face it: It's difficult to eat clean 24/7 and gain weight, simply because the foods you'll be favoring are relatively low in calories, and you won't always want to eat large amounts of them. It's OK to loosen the reins at times! Just do it on a hard training day, and make you're still hitting your protein benchmarks.

Lighten Up, Dude!

The activation of the chest peaked before reaching 100% 1RM. This tells us that the most efficient way to train the chest is not with maximum loads. To put the focus on building the chest, 75 to 85% 1RM is best. The authors of the study also con rm that to protect the shoulders from injury while maintaining the effectiveness of the exercise, the bar should be brought down to the nipple line, and the hand placement should be within 1.5 times the biacromial width, or the width from the far end of the right collarbone to the far end of the left.

Top 10 Natural Anabolics for 2017

Anafuse is so potent (and reordered so often) it also made the Top 10 Bulking Supplements List, the only natural anabolic to do so.  But unlike many on that list Anafuse produces its results without influence on your hormones and with virtually no side effects. Anafuse combines the two most effective natural anabolic ingredients on the market today (Epicatechin & Laxogenin) with the addition of absorption enhancers. The customer feedback and reorder rate on this anabolic has been so stellar that is on pace to become one of the best-selling supplements ever. Certainly worthy of its No.1 position among the Top 10 Natural Anabolic Supplements this year. Read all the reviews here .

How to Overcome Lost Motivation

This might seem like a joke, but the facts are undeniable: there are countless studies showing how making a commitment—and preferably writing down your intentions in specific details—make it much more likely that you’ll not only stay on task but also achieve your goals. It’s behavioral psychology 101, but it’s skipped for training and meal plans. And yet, making these simple changes will enhance the effectiveness of any workout or diet.

10 Moves She's Begging You to Make During Foreplay

Foreplay isn't just a game of “grab ‘n go.” She’s wants you to try one (or all) of these pre-sex moves on her.

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Why should you be doing double unders? They suck, but here's how exactly to prep yourself for the task.

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Happy to help here and spread the word for your sister who’s battling cancer. What inspiration you have to run. #BostonMarathon #Lynnfield …

10 quintessential fall cocktails you'll want to drink through the holidays (and all year-round)

Whether you're manning the bar at your family's holiday party, or cozying up for a night in with your girlfriend, these cocktails are just what you need to keep the spirits high.

Muscle & Performance on Twitter

The Bulgarian split squat can be a tough move to master, with serious repercussions for poor form! Here's how:

Shoulder Saturation

With Bonac, his Y3T program will always introduce new angles into his workout to not only add width and fullness to the area but also emphasize the tie-in across his posterior deltoids into his upper back. This is an area where we’ve really focused on this year, as it will add more maturity and width to Bonac’s physique. For instance, one Y3T workout might consist of using conventional lateral raises superset with partial lateral raises. The next workout might focus on lying cable incline lateral raises. The point is, to maximize shoulder development there must be a varied use of angles to target the same muscle using the same exercise. Another important thing to consider in relation to angles is range of motion. I will often shorten the range of motion Bonac is doing in order to keep the target area under tension.

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