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Cerebral Palsy Won't Hold This Pro Bodybuilder Down

Wade McCrae Washington proved doctors wrong and became a pro bodybuilder.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson's 5 Best Sports Roles

The jacked actor puts his muscles, fists, and athletic skills to good use in these roles by butting heads with some of the top professional players in the world.

Kevin Hart Gears Up for the Comedy Event of the Year in 'Kevin Hart: What Now?'

The superstar comedian enlists Halle Berry and Don Cheadle in the trailer for the follow-up to his record-setting 2013 special.

'Game of Thrones’ Star Jason Momoa Got Absurdly Jacked for 'Justice League'

The Aquaman actor looks like a real-life superhero, while Ben Affleck drops major hints about the next ‘Batman’ film.

'Game of Thrones’ Star Jason Momoa Got Absurdly Jacked for 'Justice League'

The Aquaman actor looks like a real-life superhero, while Ben Affleck drops major hints about the next ‘Batman’ film.

WATCH: Jim Wendler Speaks at Open Underground Strength Session

As elitefts team members, we’ve seen the impact that this community and time training together has had on our lives and lifting careers — we're bringing more people into that fold.

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The 30-Day Plan to Grow Like a Monster

October is primetime for a training transition. Summer is long gone at this point and the opportunity presents itself to get off the ultra-low carb diet and high-intensity circuits and get on board with putting on mass and getting powerful. Not only does this transition work because you're swapping out the t-shirts for sweaters, but it's a fresh way to stimulate the body as well. In the grand scheme of things, you need these blocks of change. Month after month, week after week of continuous bombardment of the muscles with volume and intensity would wear anyone down. Let's use this month for size and power. And the way to do it effectively will require a change in thinking, and programming. Watch Brandon DaCruz (@bigdaddydacruz) demo his program below.

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If you spend most days slumped over a desk, rethink these 3 exercises: …

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Think every workout must be done as written? Well you're wrong. Here's when to improvise: …

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Natural lifters often try to train like pro bodybuilders. Here's why that won't work: …

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Got knee pan? Research shows this may help, immediately: …

7 Ways to Make Your Biceps Workout Harder

Heaving up heavy weight with herky-jerky form may look impressive to newbies, but those who train hard understand proper form always trumps heavy weight. ”When your form is terrible your biceps look terrible,” Friedman says. “Instead of creating a nice shape for your arms, you’ll get bulky, blocky biceps because there was no focus on the tension. Try doing five seconds with the concentric phase and five seconds with the eccentric phase. And if that’s not a challenge, try five seconds up and 10 seconds down.”

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Kevin Curry's Lucky 7 Workout

What's better than following squats with—you guessed it—more squats? Get ready to feel the burn with this full-body exercise that combines squats and behind-the-neck presses. "When you're at the very top, push up with all your might, and get that bar above your head," says Curry. Drop it down, then drop down low again, for a total of 8 reps." Note that he resets the bar on his back before each squat rep.

Chipper: The Hardest Workout in CrossFit History

Assembling a great CrossFit Chipper Workout of the Day (WOD) is a creative process, and the results are often epic workouts. The 2009 CrossFit Games’ Chipper is exactly that. Dave Castro and Tony Budding programmed this gem just minutes before the equipment was set up. In my humble opinion, it’s one of the best WODs ever. The workout is a series of Olympic lifts, gymnastic movements, and classic CrossFit skills, and completing it requires a combination of skill, stamina, strength, and mental toughness. It’s no wonder this was the final workout of the 2009 CrossFit Games, as it brings together so much of what CrossFit is all about.

Should Your Workout Kick Your Ass?

Box jumps require a bit of experience and athleticism to do properly, but sprinting up a hill is doable for almost anybody. Find a fairly steep grade and dash up it. Walk back to the bottom and, when you’re ready, charge up the hill again; repeat for about 20 minutes. (You don’t need to go again right away—in fact, this may cause you to break form and get hurt, so don’t.) While running on flat ground can cause pulled hamstrings or hip flexors in beginners, sprinting on an incline slows you down so you don’t put the same pressure on your lower body. You can still work hard and not get hurt. Imagine that.

4 Exercises for a Thick Back | T Nation

You can try these with pull-ups, but there's a high chance that your technique will be less than stellar. In the video, I had to drop the weight by more than 50 percent to maintain good form for all 8 reps. Even if someone only has to drop the weight by 10 percent, that's still significantly less weight than their total bodyweight. Hanging off a bar and trying to do the same thing with your pull-ups or chins will be even harder if you're a big dude. When it comes to isolating the muscles of the mid-back, less is usually more.

7 Fat-Torching Dumbbell Exercises

Hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides. Your knees should be bent slightly. Keep your head straight and chest up as you take a step forward with your left leg. Do not allow your back knee to touch the floor or your front knee to travel over the toes of your grounded foot. Perform a curl with your left arm and return to the start position. Repeat the movement with the opposite leg/arm combination.

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The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders 2017 Swimsuit Calendar Unveiling and Fashion Show

The fashion show showcased swimsuit designs by Meg Liz Swimwear, , and jewelry from Tiffany Lee Jewelery. The 2017 calendar was shot in Barbados. Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Monica was honored with becoming the 2017 cover girl. The Miami Dolphins represent 8 countries and became the first NFL team to host auditions internationally.

The 10 Best Boots for Men: Fall 2016 Edition

If there’s one boot that will upgrade your style game this fall it’s the Chelsea boot. The boot model is unique because it’s free of laces, making your aesthetic look minimal yet powerful, and sharp and smooth as hell. And the no-lace look also means no fuss, easy slip-on, and less bulk in your baggage. Whether you sport them in suede (one of the hottest trends for fall ) or buttery leather, these boots will look just as good with a suit as they will with a pair of jeans.

10 Training Tips for Gaining Lean Muscle

While your time in the gym is certainly responsible for creating a training effect, your time outside the gym is responsible for repair and growth. On top of making sure your nutrition is on point, be sure to get solid, consistent sleep (8-9 hours per night) and try to reduce outside stress as much as possible. You’d be amazed at how much these factors truly effect your ability to improve your body composition.

The 7 Best Workouts for Fat Loss - Biotest

Walking, however, won't raise cortisol. In fact, it might lower it because it helps you unwind and relax. While it won't burn a ton of calories, it can still make a significant difference. A fairly rapid walking pace can use up about 350-400 calories in an hour. Over a week that comes up to 2400-2800 calories. A pound of fat is about 3500 calories. While the math isn't quite that straightforward, it could amount to an extra 4-5 pounds of fat loss over a 12-week period.

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunday, October 2, 2016 - You could be obsessed with taking a creative or romantic risk today. However, your judgment may be clouded, leaving you lost in a daydream as the distance between you and reality grows wider. Although an inventive resolution might seem obvious in a spontaneous flash of genius, don't push your luck. Going to extremes can provoke a negative reaction; tone your rhetoric down a bit, or you might agitate unnecessary conflict. Keep the faith, even if it's difficult at first to tell whether you're slipping backward or making real progress.

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Can't put on size? Burn until you're big. Here's what that actually means: …

Best for Boulder Shoulders

To sum it all up, the research concluded that it’s best to use several different exercises to build impressive shoulders. The best exercises for the anterior deltoid were: the Smith machine shoulder press, free-weight bench press, and pec deck. The best exercises for the middle deltoid were: the free-weight lateral raise, cable-crossover lateral raise, and reverse pec deck. For the posterior deltoid, the best exercises were: the reverse pec deck, incline lat pulldown, and seated row. - FLEX

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Do kettlebell swings correctly if you're going to do them at all. Here's how: …

The Diet Mentality

Whether you're trying to lose fat or gain lean body mass, remain consistent. Sporadic eating is anathema to progress. If you're a hard-gainer or have a difficult time getting ripped, the five-meals-a-day plan is the best; it stabilizes nutrient absorption while inhibiting fat storage.

5 Worst Things to Do to Build Bigger Shoulders

Although presses overhead most strongly activate the anterior (front) deltoid head, they are still the best exercises for manifesting overall muscle mass in the shoulders. I don’t know too many “delt-monsters” out there who do not include at least one form of pressing in every shoulder workout. However, like laterals, overhead pressing exercises are also performed incorrectly much of the time. In an effort to use more weight, many trainees use a very short range of motion, only bringing the bar about halfway down before pushing back to the top. Now while this might look cool, the only thing these people are accomplishing is working more triceps than delts. Another common error is leaning back (often again to be able to use bigger weights) during presses, which shifts much of the emphasis off the delts and onto the clavicular pecs. So, sit upright and always use a full range of motion!

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What every bodybuilder and athlete needs to know about creatine and water weight: …

10 Week Plan for Getting Huge and Strong

Getting stronger now means that when you return to your normal workouts, you’ll use more weight than before, thus placing greater overload on the muscles for more growth. Just take a look the thickest and freakiest muscled bodies on IFBB Pro League stages — men such as Ronnie Coleman, Johnnie Jackson and Branch Warren, to name a few. The majority of the most massive physiques in bodybuilding have their roots in powerlifting and it’s no coincidence that these men sport muscles that really are as strong as they look.

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10 Nutrition Tips to Help You Get Huge

Take glutamine and creatine, and drink water to keep your body hydrated and your muscle cells filled with fluid. Glutamine and creatine help pump muscle cells full of water.

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@BioLayne Ordered, std delivery, Salted Caramel 3 pm Sunday; received 2 pm Monday. Tastes great!

Wrestling Strength Training Gone WRONG & Wrestling Strength Training Gone WRONG - stay away from the fads and gimmicks, the basics will always deliver. Subscribe for 3 FREE Training Courses: The Bodyweight Bodybuilding Basics (Special Report), Top 11 Bodyweight Bodybuilding Exercises Video & FREAK Strength Training Course ======================== TRAINING COURSES: Join my Online Team & Coaching Program: Or Here: High School Strength & Conditioning Workouts: Access to my Membership Site: The Underground Strength Academy https://www.undergroundstrengthcoach.... Bodyweight Bodybuilding Workouts Get Stronger, Tougher & Faster WRESTLING Strength & Conditioning - FREE Wrestling Strength Newsletter ============================= STRENGTH COACH BUSINESS COURSES: Underground Strength Coach Certification: Become an Underground Strength Coach & LIVE Your Passion http://UndergroundStrengthCert.

'Westworld' Director Jonathan Nolan on the Future of AI and Why Humans Are So Weird

JN: That's a great question. Having seen the original film, I knew that you had to embrace both genres, and that's one of the things I was most excited about. It's a Western, so it is a genre film, but it's also a science-fiction film that's questioning why we like watching Westerns. What is it about genre storytelling that is so appealing and enduring, and why, in addition to the economics of Hollywood, why is it that we get so interested in one form of storytelling? We burn through these things. The western, it's still an enduring genre, but it had its heyday in the '30s, '40s, and '50s. Now it's superhero movies. So you're sort of asking: "What are the questions that we're trying to get at by way of this lens of genre? What is it about the good guy and the bad guy and the open frontier?" There are some really interesting analogues between the two. They're both about heading out into uncharted territory, and the perils of that. It was great fun to play with the juxtaposition of both genres, really.

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Ronnie Coleman Contests and Giveaways

Ronnie Coleman Contests and Giveaways

Instagram photo by James Smith • Oct 2, 2016 at 12:24pm UTC


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What's Your Favorite Dynamic Warmup Exercise?

With that being said, I'm curious to see some of your favorites. Any type of dynamic warmup exercise... For Oly Lifts, Sprinting, Upper body day, Lower body day, anything. A good example is one of my favs: Inchworm-Pushups. I do this for lowerbody and upper body day. A great way to lengthen the hamstrings and increase the blood flow throughout the body.

Row to Grow

Rowing motions give your back depth and thickness. The way I look at it is that the chinup (which starts of every back routine I do, and for which I do the most sets of any back exercise) tends to work the back from the outside in. In other words, it hits mainly the muscles on the edges of the back just under the armpits, which are primarily the outer-upper aspect of the latissimus dorsi muscles. On the other hand, a row tends to focus the stress from the inside out, punishing those cords of muscle that make up your mid- and upper-inner back muscles, which include not only the inner portions of the latissimus dorsi, but also muscles like the erectors, teres, and rhomboids.

The 15 Hottest Photos of Olivia Munn

The beautiful actress showed off her action chops as the superhero Psylocke in X-Men: Age of Apocalypse, deftly slicing and brawling her way through epic battles. Munn trained for multiple hours per day to get her moves down, and she stayed in shape with boxing, tae kwon do, and karate to prepare for the film.

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The Oak's Unique Lifts

You know a lift is unique to you when it bears your name. Arnold presses are dumbbell shoulder presses with a crucial twist. Hold a dumbbell in each hand at shoulder level with your palms facing you and your elbows near your sides (as if at the top position of dumbbell curls). Your thumbs are facing out. Then, as you press the dumbbells up, rotate your hands so that your thumbs point toward each other. In the top position (just short of lockout), your palms are facing forward. Reverse the twist during the descent. Schwarzenegger did these for the greater range of motion they afforded, stimulating the front delts, in particular, from a different angle.

Investigative Report: Your Smelly Feet

The bacteria on your feet is actually the same as what lives all over your body. So why are perspiring pads so much stinkier than, say, a sweaty forearm? You have more sweat glands on your feet—250,000 on each foot, in fact—which means more perspiration to turn into odor, explains Jane Andersen, DPM, communications committee chair for the American Podiatric Medical Association and podiatrist at InStride Chapel Hill Foot and Ankle in North Carolina. Plus, your feet are typically kept in an enclosed environment (socks, shoes), and less ventilation means more perspiration, she adds.

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