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Apollo Creed Eye of the Tiger

Apollo shares words about focus

100lb Dumbbell Challenge: Mike Rashid vs. Marc Lobliner

Muscle & Strength presents the 100lb Dumbbell Bench Press challenge! Mike Rashid vs. Marc Lobliner. 100lbs dumbbells, 100 reps, as fast as possible! We're ch...

What Is Tightness?

Dr. Quinn Henoch discusses the difference between muscle shortness and muscle tightness and what this means for your training. Learn more from Quinn here...h...

"IIFYM GIRLS" - California Girls Katy Perry Cover - The Macro Experiment

HERE YA GO. Even more ridiculous and nerdy than the first one! Happy Halloween YouTube fam! Love you guys! Special thanks to my BFF's Catie and Maye for sing...

Olympic Training Center

Olympic Training Center resident athletes Colin Burns (2014 USAW Champion and World Team member), Donovan Ford (2013 Pan Am Medalist and World Team member), ...

What Is Tightness?

Dr. Quinn Henoch discusses the difference between muscle shortness and muscle tightness and what this means for your training. Learn more from Quinn here...h...

BioLayne Weekly Training Summary:10-26-2014

This week's training summary includes a 525 squat AMRAP for 10 and a 591 deadlift AMRAP for 12 both all time PRs. Also some footage from our VIP Camp in Cana...

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Having More Than 20 Sexual Partners Reduces Your Risk of Prostate Cancer

Those notches on your bedpost, or belt, or whatever you use to tally your sexual escapades will do more than earn you a high five from your guy friends and eye rolls from the ladies. Men who have slept with more than 20 women reduce their risk of prostate cancer by 28 percent, and their risk of growing aggressive tumors by 19 percent, according to research published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology .

Sagittarius Horoscope for Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday, October 30, 2014 - Although you could be more serious in your overall approach to life now, you still have much to learn from your current feelings. Keep all avenues of communication open to avert your current tendency to remain silent about whatever is bothering you. You don't need to go to a therapist to experience the benefit of talk therapy. Sharing your most significant hopes and dreams with your friends and family helps you more than you can imagine.

30-Day Lunge Challenge

So are you using the lunge as a regular part of your athletic program? If not, you can try this simple but will-testing 30-day challenge. By performing an increasing number of walking lunges each day, you’ll reacquaint yourself with the benefits of this powerful move, burn a ton of calories and bully your legs into new size and a better overall aesthetic.

The Bio-Gro Hyper-Growth Challenge

Can you handle the Bio-Gro Hyper-Growth Challenge? Transform your body, win great prizes.

Delts to Die for

And because this workout consists of both compound and isolation movements, and if performed correctly then you should have a tingling sensation of DOMS in your shoulders the next day which means you are well on the road to having monster capped deltoids.

6 Diesel Strength & Conditioning

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Gifted Nutrition

Available Now: Represent in the gym and on the street with the latest GN apparel. Premium Quality shirts, hats, accessories, and more designed to showcase the Gifted Lifestyle!

2-Day Bigger Guns Triceps Routine

Any movement that involves extending the elbow will work the full length of your triceps, but individual heads (long, lateral and medial) are activated somewhat differently depending on arm and hand position. Flaring your elbows out on triceps exercises will hit more of the lateral head, which is more noticeable from the side. Keeping your elbows in will hit the inner head and add a bit more thickness to your arms.

Theodore Roosevelt Quotes at BrainyQuote

Appraisals are where you get together with your team leader and agree what an outstanding member of the team you are, how much your contribution has been valued, what massive potential you have and, in recognition of all this, would you mind having your salary halved.

9 Best Ways to Prime Your Muscle Pump

Achieving a crazy pump should be one of the goals you shoot for at each and every workout (along with progressive overload). So with that in mind, here are some of the best ways to prime and produce the pump.

The Beach Body Abs Workout

This highly demanding abdominal workout is specifically designed to train the core region throughout the three planes of motion and produce muscle shredding results in every muscle of the core. Celebrity trainer, Jay Cardiello has used this same routine with 50 Cent, Kevin Love and Tyson Chandler. Leave no muscle behind with this intense 13-move ab circuit engineered for getting a six-pack quick.

3 Ways to Hit a New Record 1-Rep Max Now

Also remember that fatigue is the enemy. You’re about to use all your stores of energy to hit a new 1RM, so make sure everything you do before then is strictly focused on power and explosiveness—not hitting your limit. When you can’t explode anymore, it means your fast twitch muscle fibers are beginning to drop out of the lift. That’s bad news for your workout, so keep these reps low.

VIDEO: The Arm Bomb Workout

Blow up your arms with just two moves. Find a weight you can complete between 15-20 repetitions of the dumbbell curl and dumbbell skullcrusher. Perform a set of dumbbell curls for 15 repeitions, and then a set of 15 dumbbell skullcrushers shortly thereafter (watch the video for helpful hints on correct form). Then do 14 reps of each move, 13 reps of each move, and so on until you get down to 5 reps. After that, work your way back up to 15 reps of curls and 15 reps of skullcrushers.

The Hungry Man’s Low-Calorie Diet

High-fat items fall closer to nine calories per gram (energy dense), while foods with lots of fiber and water, such as produce, soups, and salads, contain far fewer calories per gram (energy lean). When you replace energy-dense foods with energy-lean ones, the combination of high protein, fiber, and water content works to keep you feeling full for longer without adding unwanted calories and fat to your diet —and your body.


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Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

The Summer Body Project: 8 Morning-Grinder Muscle Workouts

The Summer Body Project has officially kicked off and you've finally decided to get yourself into gear. If you've been following along with the program, you're well aware of the eight-week workouts for leaning out or bulking up, designed by three certified trainers and athletes who have been in your shoes before. These morning-grinder workouts are an add-on to the regular workouts you'll be doing. The purpose of the morning-grinders is to kickstart your day, get the blood flowing, release endorphins, and get your muscles pumped.

Smitley Totals 10X Bodyweight Raw!

On Saturday, October 25 th , 2014 I competed in the RPS Lexen Xtreme Fall Classic in Columbus, Ohio. I opted to compete in this meet for a host of different reasons. I knew after my performance at Raw Unity VII, that I had the potential of obtaining my first ever raw ten times bodyweight coefficient total at 132 pounds. I missed this total on my last deadlift at Raw Unity and only due to my grip giving out on a 518-pound deadlift. After that meet, I pondered what I would need to do to reach this lofty goal, something I had dreamed about ever since discovering powerlifting, and the steps that it would require for me to bring my best performance. While doing my own needs analysis, I put my grip work and bench press training on the top of the priority list. Behind that was switching to a sumo deadlift stance, followed by more upper back work.

5 Protein Bars for On-the-Go Nutrition

The nutrition bars at the checkout have their time and place. We explain when and where.

The Dent - Born Fitness

I talk all the time with my online clients who struggle with health and fitness about how we beat ourselves up for past failures. We are all our harshest critics. At times it’s good because it propels us forward. But there’s a line we cross where self-criticism becomes harmful. We don’t allow ourselves to see a better version because the prior mistakes cast a permanent shadow. Sometimes it progresses to the point where we are incapable of seeing our own success, but always dwell and magnify failure.

Training Mistakes Part 2

There are many mistakes made by lifters when squatting. The most common of these is the mistake of not breaking parallel at the bottom of the lift, which can occur for several reasons, including:

Miami Killer Pak

You've been doing Fighter Diet for a long time to get ripped, maybe for a fitness show or a photo shoot, or maybe you're like me who just get a high from being lean and buff not only for a contest but for every day of your life. Now, how do you maintain that condition? If you've done more than one show you know that every darn time you promise yourself to stay in great shape and you actually believe you will succeed this time, but then you get hit by the dreaded post contest blues... And you just cannot sustain your great diet habits anymore. You're burned out. You might be able to maintain your condition and sticking to your leanness promoting diet, but then, it just goes straight out the window.       Why is it so hard to maintain a lean physique? Well, let's start with

The Best Time to Take Creatine - Born Fitness

While the aforementioned study insinuated that after was better, at this time the “just take it at any time” or maybe more appropriately, “take it when it works for you” is the best way to go. Many people take supplements that include creatine, so if that’s in your pre- or post- workout drink, you should receive all the benefits. Optimal dosing still appears to be between 2 to 5 grams per day. You can “load” for the first 5 to 7 days to help saturate your cells, but beyond that there’s no benefit to taking large amounts. So save your money and take the smaller dose; it’ll still offer maximum results.

We Tried It: SportSetter

My first stop was First Ascent Fitness, a 30,000-square-foot indoor rock climbing and functional fitness facility. I mention I’m using a SportSetter pass and a few minutes later I'm upstairs in the gym section checking out the variety of kettlebells, Jungle Gym XT trainers, barbells, racks, wall balls, etc. A certified personal trainer led me through two rounds of an intense HIIT circuit and then we went downstairs to get climbing. Another expert, this one in climbing, taught me the basics and gave me free reign to try any wall I’d like. After experimenting with bouldering and harnessed climbing, I said my good-byes to this metropolitan gem and headed to my next SportSetter activity: whole body cryotherapy.

Bio-Gro 8 Week Hyper Growth Program

Bio-Gro 8 Week Hyper Growth Program

3 Key Truths In Training You Must Accept - Zach Even-Esh

These videos are great! I am about to unleash these 3 keys onto my clients and set a code and standard within my studio. If a client can’t/won’t meet these standards then they are out. After watching your workout with the Lehigh boys I was just wondering how you run your group sessions? Is it just a simple rotation system of you rest whilst your partner lifts or do you have a set rest time frame?

Can't Get Hard? Your Heart May Be to Blame

The findings are important because many doctors skip the erectile dysfunction screening at annual physical visits for young and middle-age men, since ED is seen as a sign of aging. However, the quick screening will not only detect erectile dysfunction, but it could also alert you to having a greater risk of cardiovascular disease in the future so that you can take the necessary diet and exercise prevention steps now. If you discover the signs early enough, you can work on not only improving your sex life, but also on keeping your ticker healthy for the long haul.

Your Program Sucks!

The New Breed We have happened upon a new age of strength and conditioning. I have seen this coming for sometime now but tried to dismiss it as a fad. Actually, this has been evolving since the first strength coaches were put into place but have pick up speed with the popularity of personal training over the past 10 years. I began to see this first hand five years ago when I began giving seminars, but at the time it was very infrequent. Today I see it everyday. I see it on the internet, journals, magazines, TV, you name it. I have termed this new breed The Savvy Strength Specialist, or SSS for short.

Flex Lewis Back Attack

Lewis does sets of rack deadlifts with 315 and 405, and a set with 495. The bar begins each rep from power-rack supports set just above his knees. He uses straps, chalk, a belt with FLEX LEWIS on the back and his iPod. “Deads off the floor is a different exercise, and it works glutes and hams, too. Deads off a rack works lower back. I’ve always done them explosive. I psych myself up so much that I go completely blank. I don’t know what I do with reps. I have my training partners tell me.” I count for him. He knocks out 11, plates clattering, banging each rep off the supports.

The "I Just Got Dumped" Workout

Regardless, binge-watching TV shows and eating junk food at home in an ongoing depressed stupor never seemed so appealing. But resist the urge – it’s time to exhibit some willpower. Do whatever you can do get the ball rolling on your recovery – stop following her on Instagram, defriend her on Facebook, get rid of silly sentimental items or photos. And definitely, do not, by any means, act like the two of you can immediately scale it back to friend status. You need to focus on moving on and what’s important in your life – friends, family, work. And, you know, man-stuff. And of course, using your pent-up frustration in your upcoming workouts is a must – something that will provide relief and release some much-needed endorphins throughout your body. Also, even though you’re probably not ready to play the field again, you’re an available man now. You’ll want to look and feel good by the time you get back out there.

Debunking Myths: Straight Talk on Meal Frequency, Protein & Nighttime Carbs

Debunking Myths: Straight Talk on Meal Frequency, Protein & Nighttime Carbs

Interview With "Big Bang Theory" Star Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting

Talk about "Throwback Thursday": TV's No. 1 show—CBS' The Big Bang Theory— returns to its Thursday-at-8 timeslot (on Oct. 30), so we're digging into our archives for our interview (November 2011) with the sitcom's resident girl-next-door, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting (Penny). Read on to find out whether she's ever been hit on at the gym, her advice for staying friends with an ex, and how she maintains that Bangin' body.

2014 FLEX Bikini Model Search, Sponsored by BPI

2014 FLEX Bikini Model Search, Sponsored by BPI

The Most Popular Mass Diets Explained

How do I gain the most size in the least amount of time?

35 6 Ways To Maximize Your Gains -

With his fuel stores topped off, Craig achieves a much more productive workout at night than if he trained earlier in the day without sufficient energy. If you really want to see gains, get a few meals in you before your workout, and don't skimp on the post-workout carbs—even if you train late in the evening. Placing carbs around your workouts is a great way to fuel performance and encourage recovery.

5 Ways to Beef Up Your Protein Intake

For those trying to lose body fat when consuming protein, know that your body will burn 20-35% of the calories just trying to break it down. When our bodies have enough protein we are in a positive nitrogen balanced state. The more we are in this state the more muscle we will build. However in order to accomplish that we must be consuming an adequate amount of protein each day.

Style Spot: Interview with Santino LoConte of iconic sneaker brand PONY

New York City’s favorite sneaker brand is back, and hitting the ground running with a deep and varied collection of throwback kicks. Not only are they back in the mix with a fresh take on their classic styles, PONY (which, in case you didn’t know, stands for Product Of New York) is striking up high-profile collabs that will appeal to fashionistas and sneakerheads alike, from a DKNY exclusive to a premium wool upgrade on their iconic M110 style with NYC sneaker store Atmos. To learn more, I sat down with PONY’s Santino LoConte. Because, if you’re wearing sweatpants to work, you’re obviously doing something right.

"Is it Just Me, Or Did Mannequin 3 Put On Some Weight?"

"Is it Just Me, Or Did Mannequin 3 Put On Some Weight?"

Cutler Nutrition Total Protein at

When it comes to picking the right protein that works best for you, ask yourself one single, major question - "WHAT DO I WANT TO LOOK LIKE?" – Yeah, we know exactly what you want. You want to build muscle, increase strength, and carve out a physique etched in stone. Sounds easy, huh? Well, the problem is most of the proteins on the market are over-hyped and poorly formulated. These over-hyped proteins mostly contain a lot of fillers, flavors and sweeteners that have little to do with getting the protein you need to get maximum benefit from your protocol. This is exactly why TOTAL PROTEIN™ delivers.* It provides a mouth watering generous amount of protein per serving and is the ONLY ONE that comes with the endorsement of 4X Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, himself.*†

Best Grips for Big Lats

A comprehensive study comparing three different grips for lat pulldowns.

How Can I Grow a Mustache that Won't Make Me Look Like a Douchebag?

Dude, anything goes: a horseshoe, Vandyke, muttonchops. It’s  Movember , and you’re raising money for cancer research. Just don’t grow a Hitler ’stache, have fun, and you’ll be fine. But if you’re looking for facial hair to keep for the rest of the year, know that there is no facial-hair style “of the moment.” The fact that you even ask that makes me wonder if you’re a hipster. (Never, ever, grow a mustache because you think it’s ironic or clever.)

Jessie Hilgenberg's Fitness Journey: Body By Jessie -

Take a behind-the-scenes look at how fitness model Jessie Hilgenberg built her incredible physique! Learn from her inspirational fitness journey and get motivated to build your own ideal body.

43 “Honey, I Shrunk The Kardashians!” -

Kim Kardashian's latest meme is her obsession with wearing a garment that cinches her waist as narrow as the neck of an old-fashioned egg timer, leaving impressionable fans of her endless stream of selfies to gasp and wonder about the curves flowing above and below. That's all well and good, until others start binding their waists into organ-crushing garb based on her lead.


Seven-Minute Wonders: Fast Muscle Meals

It can be hard enough to get to the gym after a long day at work, never mind banging around pots and pans in the kitchen to cook a healthy meal from scratch. You’ve probably experimented with cooking all or most of your meals for the week on Sunday, and storing everything in resealable plastic containers until you’re ready to eat. This is a fine solution but too often yields mixed results: Grilled chicken and steak store in the fridge well enough, but the moment the recipe gets any more complicated than plain meat, a once-tasty dish can morph into an inedible disaster.

Manipulate Time Under Tension To Lose Fat and Get Stronger

Manipulate the amount of time your muscles spend under tension to lose fat and get stronger. Time under tension is one of the best tools to help you reach your goals. Altering the time under tension or tempo of your training exercises can help you break through strength plateaus, lose extra fat, and increase vertical jump.


ELIGIBILITY: The Halloween Photo Instagram Contest (the "Contest") is open only to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and District of Columbia (excluding Puerto Rico, Samoa, Guam, the US Virgin Islands, and any other US territories and protectorates and/or to members of the U.S. military who reside at APO/FPO addresses outside of the U.S.), who are eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of entry ("Entrant" or "you"). All Entrants must have a publicly viewable Instagram account for the duration of the Contest. Membership to Instagram is free. Employees, contractors, members, and agents of or Liberty Media Corporation (and companies owned by Liberty Media), and members of their immediate family (including spouses, parents, siblings, children and their respective spouses) and persons living in the same household with any such individual are ineligible. Only one entry per person will be accepted. If an Entrant submits multiple entries, the earliest will be accepted and the others will be discarded. In order to be eligible, Entrant must follow these Rules.

Phil Williams - The Best Nationals Winner

Phil continued to compete as a professional bodybuilder over the next seven years but he never again attained the peak condition that brought him his victories earlier in his career. The bodybuilding world will always wonder “What If” in regards to Phil Williams. What if he went on to compete in the 1986 Night of the Champions against Lee Labrada and Ron Love? What if he competed in the Mr. Olympia that year against Lee Haney, Rich Gaspari and Mike Christian? What if he had continued on to the Mr. Olympia in 1988 after defeating Gary Strydom at the Chicago Pro Show that year? We can only speculate on the answers but the amazing physique displayed by Phil Williams in the 1980’s makes the mind wonder “What If?”

The Ultimate Warmup for Lifting Heavy

To  lift heavy weights , break records, and add slabs of muscle to your frame, you’ll need a great warmup to unlock your full potential before every workout. We don’t mean a 5-minute treadmill jog and some toe-touches followed by a 300-pound deadlift. This comprehensive warmup will get your heart pumping and muscles ready to grow fast.

50 Avoid These 5 Weight-Loss Pitfalls! -

Breaking years of bad habits is hard and can't be done overnight; you're not suddenly going to ditch pizza for rice and baked chicken. The key is to slowly start making changes you can sustain and integrate into a new, healthier lifestyle. Rather than banning certain foods completely, start by utilizing healthy substitutions. For example, if you regularly add caramel, creamer, and whipped topping to your coffee, try reaching for fat-free milk and nixing the sweet stuff. While it might be difficult at first, these small changes will eventually become habits, and you'll stop slurping down coffee that contains as many calories as a deluxe cheeseburger.

51 Beast Sports Nutrition Creature Powder at
52 Phil Heath Seminar, Part 1: Discovering Bodybuilding
53 9 Things Any Ripped Guy Can Teach You
54 EliteFTS: elitefts� Strong(her) Yoga Pants
55 Body Transformation: Jimmy Silenced His Doubters -
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57 The 30 Best Arms Exercises of All Time