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Chris Duffin WorldRecord 220lb Class SQUAT - 881lbs(4x bw)

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Rozhovor s Flexem Lewisem před EVL´S Prague Pro 2013

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Former IFBB judge and founder of Protein Bites, Andrew Coulson

Former IFBB judge and founder of Protein Bites, Andrew Coulson

Sagittarius Horoscope for Sunday, October 5, 2014

Monday, October 6, 2014 - You may start off the day with high expectations, but it quickly becomes apparent that there are issues needing to be addressed. You might believe that everything will work out on its own now that the dreamy Pisces Moon is moving through your 4th House of Domestic Conditions. However, it's nearly impossible to relax at home unless you have an open discussion with everyone involved. Simply sharing your concerns lessens the burden, but keeping communication channels open will create a more harmonious atmosphere.

4 More Reasons to Load Up on Eggs

Already a bodybuilding staple, here are four more reasons why eggs should be a part of your diet.

7 Reasons Your Legs are Still Skinny

Legs seriously lagging in the muscle department? Here's where the blame lies.

Top 10 Yoga Poses for Men

Mastering these basic yoga poses will help you strengthen and stretch your muscles, improve your posture, and prevent workout injuries. So…what are you waiting for? Prepare yourself for serious challenges on and off the yoga mat.

Negatives Gone Wrong

So a better bet may be to take advantage of your “neural freshness” and do negatives at the start of your routine (after a thorough warm-up). Don’t do more than about three sets per bodypart as the overload – both to muscles and your central nervous system – can be pretty extreme. Shoot for no more than about six reps, as each rep should take at least 3-4 seconds to lower. Get a buddy to help raise the weight and rest about three full minutes between sets.

The Best Full-Body Fat Loss Workout

Perform the first exercise as straight sets. Exercises 2A through 2D are done as a complex, so choose one pair of dumbbells and use them for each move. Use a load that allows you to complete your reps on your weakest exercise in the series. Perform six reps for each of the exercises. Rest 90 seconds and repeat.For exercises 3A through 3D, adjust your equipment and loads as necessary, but perform them in the same circuit fashion. If you choose to repeat the workout, vary the sets and reps you perform on these last four exercises each session. This will help you to continue milking gains from the circuit for months on end. Rotate between 3 sets of 10 reps, 4 sets of 5 reps, and 2 sets of 15 reps.

Chisel Your Chest

To really nail your chest from all angles, we present the below two-pronged approach. On Day 1, you’ll use two isolation exercises (flyes and crossovers) as pre-exhaust moves for multijoint bench presses and dips. Later that week (Day 2), adding in some drop sets and changing the rep scheme will provide a pump that will take your pecs to the next level. Try these routines for at least four weeks for a noticeable improvement in the shape and aesthetics of your chest. And if you’re bench press one-rep max happens to drop off slightly, don’t worry. At least you’ll have chiseled pecs to show for it.

4 Ways to Use Alternating Overhead Presses

Adding weight to your presses isn’t the only way to dial up the intensity. Here’s how alternating presses can trigger new growth while increasing safety.

10 Stupid Mistakes to Avoid in the Gym

Walk onto the weight room floor and you’re likely to see guys using form or doing exercises that will make you cringe. But these obvious errors are just two of many possible ways you can screw yourself in the gym. With so many pieces of equipment to choose from, it’s hard to set up a proper routine—let alone get the warm-up and all of the other components right. Although some of these mishaps may be minor, they can actually lead to huge setbacks in terms of gains. To save yourself time, get faster results, and make your workouts more effective avoid these following mistakes.

Trainer Q&A: Why Does My Elbow Hurt During Workouts?

Performing the same routines in the gym, neglecting to train every muscle group, and lifting excessively heavy weights are the most common causes of elbow pain, all of which create muscular imbalances and increase the strain on the joint.

Injury Free: The Best Rotator Cuff Exercises

A rotator cuff injury is a major set back for athletes. Here are the best exercises to prevent shoulder injuries.

The 6 Best Ways to Recover from Your Workout

A lack of proper recovery can lead to overtraining otherwise known as under-recovery or  over-reaching . Exhaustion can ensue if the training stimulus is too high or too frequent – so maxing on your bench every week is a big no-no! Worse yet, Overtraining Syndrome can develop if fatigue is not addressed, which can lead to a host of physiological and chemical changes. To put it simply, building fatigue upon fatigue results in the inability to adequately adapt, resulting in more fatigue, inflammation, missed lifts and shitty workouts.


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This Simple Measurement Is Better Than BMI

As the Daily Mail reports , researchers arrived at the formula by analyzing statistics for 300,000 adults. They found that every inch of flab over the 50% mark indicated lower life expectancy. Men with waistlines that are 80% of their heights, for example, can expect to die 20 years sooner than those with the healthy 50% ratio.

The Beach Body Chest Workout

To defintely avoid a hunched posture, which places extra stress on the spine, organize your training program by alternating horizontal push and pull exercises within your workout. For example perform dumbbell bench press followed by a set of bent over rows, says Blackwood. Build a big and broad upper body fast with this five-move push and pull chest workout.

Muscle in Minutes: Back

So we’ve established that pull-ups and deadlifts are essentially the keys to the kingdom for back-building. Where people go wrong with these exercises is going too light, or doing too many reps. Pull-ups and deadlifts produce the best results when done with a heavy load and low-reps. In my experience, five-rep sets produce some great strength gains, as well as thickness and overall mass in the lower back, lats, and upper back. The machine row is also great to utilize when trying to go heavy. If you go too heavy on bent-over barbell rows, you are likely to use poor form and risk throwing out your back. Because it offers a supported and fixed range of motion, the  machine row is perfect for heavy weight and lowering the risk of injury when using heavy loads.

Live Life Lean

I am so excited for the work Pauline does on my behalf. I have purchased several e-books to spark muscle growth and tips or tricks to do things differently for effectiveness. This app goes great with the books I've purchased. The major plus is that I can see execution in a video rather looking at the pictures in my books. I absolutely love having the meals written out like they are. The fee to unlock the locked information will be worth it to me. I can not wait for better progress to come. So far, after two weeks my back and delts are happy and showing results. Two of my hardest body parts to deem results. I love my Back Attack and Delts 2 Die 4. Now to properly implement cardio and get ready to hit that stage in 2015. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the competition e-book. Now when a movement is questionable, this will be like having you there for correction.

Setting Up Westside for the Raw Lifter

Now, before I get into percentages, think about this: Some people are faster than they are strong, and vice versa. Not everyone can lift 60% at 0.9- 1.2m/s. If you’re having a bad day, that 60% can be more like 70%. The correct percentage for you will have to be determined by your bar speed on the day. So, if you’re a “grinder” and you need to use 35% to be fast, then stay with it. Just remember what speed work is about and why you’re doing it.

The FatBusters Analyze Dietary Trends

I’d like to point out though – We do know that not all produce manufacturers and packagers follow all the rules all of the time. It is against the law if these guidelines aren’t followed, but most every company will only get a fine unless it’s habitual. Even then, you could run into something like e-coli 157 that could potentially kill you.


In addition, most people consume too much of the omega-6 fats that vegetable and seed oils contain, making it prudent to avoid these oils in favor of a variety of less processed fats such as olive oil, butter, and coconut oil. If you have a skewed ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats, disease risk and obesity increase significantly.

Born Fitness Recipes: Banana Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes - Born Fitness

Adam, these taste fantastic! I used regular peanut butter instead of chocolate, though. And, the egg whites made the batter too thin (probably because they were liquid not whole), so I made protein crepes. I threw on some thawed organic strawberries and a little whipped cream for good measure. This one’s going in the “keep” pile!

The Team elitefts Original Soundtrack

Boring and predictable, I know. I probably listen to these songs 80% of the time I train. When I train legs I listen to “Till I Collapse” over and over for every set on every single leg day.  I have had terrible back injuries so since the last one about a year and a half ago this song reminds me that no matter what, I will continue to train and find a way around my injuries. I almost feel that this song protects me for some odd reason and if I play a different song, I might injure myself again. Hey, it works for my psyche. I have also posed to “Lose Yourself” many times for shows. The words for all of these songs speak to my training or how I approach my training and bodybuilding. As often as I hear these songs, they never get old. My second online training DVD that I will start filming this winter will be titled, “Till I Collapse”.

7 Ways to Shred Body-Fat in 7 Days

We’re not saying it’s CGI or Photoshop that’s responsible for creating these onscreen bodies. Rather, it’s a secret, weeklong get-shredded strategy that separates people who make their living with their bodies from guys like us who just want to eat popcorn and watch them dodge bullets. The movie stars, the underwear models, the pro bodybuilders—they don’t look like that all the time. They can’t. But when it’s go time, they’re ready with Hollywood’s biggest get-shredded secret.

Even Stronger Than They Look: Tom Platz

If we’re talking Tom Platz, we’re talking wheels. And if we’re talking Platz’s wheels, we’re talking squats—narrow stance, below parallel, for mega reps. Perhaps no one has ever journeyed further into the pain zone of take-noprisoners squatting. Platz, who finished third in the 1981 Mr. Olympia (which many thought he should’ve won), claims to have squatted 15 reps with 635 and 52 with 350, and to have squatted for 10 minutes straight (more than 100 reps) with 225 on numerous occasions, always while weighing less than 230.

The 30 Best Abs Exercises of All Time

The 30 Best Abs Exercises of All Time

In the Crosshairs: Brachioradialis

Lagging forearm muscles are a common weakness. It’s often difficult to find the time to work in forearms, so most guys forego the forearm training in hopes that all the back and biceps work will stimulate enough growth. Yet, even if you do throw in some forearm work, you may not be doing it properly. The brachioradialis is the large major muscle on the top of your forearm. To hit it properly, you should be doing reverse-grip curls. But to make sure you place less stress on the brachialis (upper-arm muscle deep to the biceps) and more on the brachioradialis, you want to be sure to do reverse-grip barbell curls with a thumbless grip.

The Bedrock of Bodybuilding

DORIAN: Your problem is not unique. It’s often easy to be blinded by the blizzard of advice from professional bodybuilders on sets, reps, weight, diet and other tactics. What you’re not seeing, and what they may not be explaining, is the road they took to get from beginner to pro level — the gritty straightforward basics of training and nutrition.

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Metabolic Modifiers

Getting cut and defined is not all just calories. It’s not. I promise. When it comes to getting ripped, calories certainly play a major role. However — and this however is huge — you need to use and implement a few strategies that alter your metabolism. Most people think of altering the metabolism as “boosting it,” but there are things you can do that also change the way the body handles food. Here are five ways to do so.

The Hangover Workout

One bottle of beer is about 100 worthless calories. It offers no value—it's just junk. Throw back two, three, or four more and you're putting an awfully big dent in your recommended total caloric intake when you add them on top of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But the followers and believers of balance and moderation like to chill out and have a beer here and there. And if you're a bro, you probably like to pound 30-packs with your fellow brosephs, bromies, and brodudes. Regardless of whether you're a clean-eatin', non-drinkin' fitness freak, or a habitual party-hoppin', liquor-lovin' lunatic, this workout is here to help you wipe the slate clean. Is it probably a better idea to take the day off, pound water, sleep in, and save the training for another day? Probably. But, whatever, just work off the crap now.

32 28 Laws Of Lifting For Muscle -

When devising your training split, be careful about training a given muscle group on consecutive days because—say it with us—a muscle grows when it's being rested in the presence of good nutrition. If you train chest on Mondays, shoulders on Tuesdays, and triceps on Wednesdays, your split doesn't allow ample recovery time. Training back or biceps on consecutive days is also a sign of a poorly designed split. Use rest days and leg days to break up your upper-body training days.

Branch Warren Guest Posing at the '14 NPC Midwest Central USA Championships

Branch Warren Guest Posing at the '14 NPC Midwest Central USA Championships

Defat America

Add tax to the grocery aisles containing chips, cookies, candy bars and ice cream. As soon as you walked into that artery clogging danger zone you know it would cost you about 50% extra. That tax money would go into reducing the cost on cabbage. And mustard. :-)

BSN Syntha-6 at

SYNTHA-6™ is an ultra-premium lean muscle protein powder, BSN's best-tasting protein supplement on the market. Its formula features multiple quality proteins resulting in a nutritious and multi-functional protein supplement that ensures an athlete's muscles a quality supply of protein building blocks.* As any athlete knows, high-quality protein is essential for building and maintaining lean muscle mass.* SYNTHA-6™ is the ideal solution to any active individual's protein needs, designed to perfectly suit a variety of diets and lifestyles. And with SYNTHA-6™, that high standard of quality comes with taste to match, thanks to BSN®'s exclusive flavor technology.

The Rock is Set to Star in 'Baywatch' Movie

Dwayne Johnson is set to save lives and look damn good doing it in the new 'Baywatch' movie.

On the Flight to the 2014 IFBB San Marino Pro

On the Flight to the 2014 IFBB San Marino Pro

Terry hollands 2014 wsm finals shirt

My 2014 world's strongest man finals shirt. Can be signed if required. The shirt I wore when breaking the record for most consecutive finals ever at wsm

Biceps & Triceps Muscle Tips

Answer: Oh, I know that! The body is never exactly symmetrical and from my own experience it's quite tough to even it out after you've done the basic "only train unilaterally". I actually don't have a protocol that kills all asymmetry, but what I do recommend is to let the bigger muscle set the pace and match with the smaller one. Maybe do a few pump up sets to get more blood flow to the smaller one, but seriously don't have an exact science on this.

40 Body Transformation: Brittany Bennett, Fitness Immunity -

I have been sick most of my life. I spent most of my years in and out of emergency rooms, doctor's offices, hospital beds, and specialist' offices. I had surgery after surgery. I almost didn't graduate school because I missed so much time being ill. I have Lupus, an autoimmune disease where your body attacks itself. No part of you is safe. It attacks your skin, eyes, mouth, organs, bones, and joints. It affects my lungs and kidney function, but my joints have it bad. There are times when I cannot even walk. I was taking 9-to-11 different medications daily, chemotherapy included.

Blast Your Biceps To New Highs

However, that does not mean that each and every one of us cannot  improve  the height of our biceps if we utilize the proper exercises to get the job done! Lying directly underneath the biceps is a muscle called the brachialis, which when fully developed can literally “push” the bis a little higher, creating the illusion of greater peak. Not to mention that a highly developed brachialis will give the upper arm an overall look of greater thickness and depth from all angles.

STRONG Life Ep 38: Simple Strength, Dr. Ken & Jim Wendler - Zach Even-Esh

The other day I got an awesome text message from Jim Wendler. Jim’s text messages are awesome to the effect that you feel like you just read a new book even though it’s only a text.

Ultimate Iso Whey

ULTIMATE ISO WHEY™ raises the standard of excellence. With a 100% absorption rate, it is the most cutting-edge whey protein we have developed. Our advanced cross-flow micro filtration process produces ultra pure whey protein isolates, which are rapidly absorbed to help your muscles recover from training. NON-FAT • GMO FREE • GLUTEN FREE • LOW-GLYCEMIC • LOW LACTOSE • KOSHER • NATURAL SWEETENERS

Seven Practical TIps for Getting More Done in Less Time

Seven Practical TIps for Getting More Done in Less Time