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FD Fighter Diet Deadlifts (Athlete)

When to Stretch - Stretching Before, During or After the Workout?

When to Stretch - Stretching Before, During or After the Workout? Visit- - Are you wondering if you should stretch before, dur...

San Marino Pro Highlights Mens Open (Bodybuilding) 2014

San Marino Pro 2014

Evan Centopani and John Meadows Train Shoulders - Part 2

Evan and John have thoroughly warmed up with their preceding chest workout. Here they talk about how they strategically ordered their shoulder exercises and ...

Peter McGough Interview with Berry DeMey

After 20+ years absent from the Mr. Olympia event, the Flexing Dutchman Berry DeMey returns on the 50th anniversary. It was a great coincidence that Peter Mc...


Colin Burns 200kg Clean &

USAW Champion and 2014 World Championship team member, Colin Burns, hitting a lifetime PR of 200kg in the Clean and Jerk at Juggernaut's Become Unstoppable S...

Bodybuilder Posing Routine With Ben Pakulski - Bodybuilder Posing Routine With Ben Pakulski - Even wondered how bodybuilders did their posing routines? Want to learn...

Bodybuilder Posing Routine With Ben Pakulski - Bodybuilder Posing Routine With Ben Pakulski - Even wondered how bodybuilders did their posing routines? Want to learn...

ESPN The Season - Iowa Wrestling Part 4

Iowa Wrestling Documentary. No commercials. Part 4 of 7.

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1 A Lesson Learned at Spartan HQ - Underground Strength Coach Mastermind

As we worked our way up and down “The Meat Grinder” (approx 2000 ft. elevation), through my loss of breath and the feeling of my legs being on fire, I tried to keep up to Joe De Sena (founder of Spartan Race) to engage in as much conversation as possible.  Along our descent, I decided to let my video camera roll. Almost a month later now, I finally took the time to go through the videos to see what I captured. It’s pretty cool because I was able to catch a few things of value, including this story I’ve included here:

Flex Lewis's Posing Routine at the 2014 IFBB EVLS Prague Pro

Flex Lewis's Posing Routine at the 2014 IFBB EVLS Prague Pro

Sagittarius Horoscope for Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wednesday, October 8, 2014 - It's so easy to fall in love now that the ardent Aries Full Moon Eclipse is casting shadows in your 5th House of Romance. But your current zest for life goes beyond a simple attraction to someone who excites your heart. Even if you're ready to pursue a new relationship, an intriguing idea or a creative hobby, it's smart to take your time before turning your life upside down. You don't have to put everything at risk to follow your bliss.


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17-Minute Quads

You’ll finish the workout with three, minute-long squat holds. These can be done against a wall if you’re really trashed but you should strive to perform them in open space. For your first go, get your thighs below parallel and hold. If you fail before 60 seconds, stand up, shake it out and get right back to it. Your goal should be to hold for the full 60. On each subsequent set, it’s permissible to hold your squat a little higher. Trust us…that quarter squat on your last set will feel like you’re holding 400 pounds across your back.

7 Presses for Pumped Delts

That’s because maximizing growth on all three delt heads requires some degree of overhead pressing . Overhead presses allow you to overload your delts with heavy weight, which calls more total muscle into play and increases growth hormone release. Each of your shoulder workouts – unless you are limited by injury – should begin with one or two presses. This handy guide lays out some options that you can rotate in to keep things fresh. By swapping out your presses, you can slightly alter the muscular emphasis and keep your delts from getting too comfortable.

5 Exercises to Work Your Abs to Exhaustion

Looking to push past the standard crunch? Skip the sit-ups and sculpt your stomach with these super tough exercises.

3 Full-Body Workouts for Size

Training all day, everyday, without ceasing. The hallmark of every successful physique athlete, right? Wrong. More like the hallmark of athletes with absolutely no other obligations in life, whatsoever. Not all of us have unlimited time with which to press , pull, run and rep our way to a better physique. Time economy and workout efficiency can produce staggering amounts of muscularity and conditioning – if you do it right.

79 Core Crushing Exercises

For all-around fitness and health, it's vital to build a strong and stable trunk/midsection/pillar. Strengthening this part of your physique will not only help to reduce lifting related injuries, but also work wonders for developing those coveted washboard abs. Whether you're a beginner or you've been training for years, there are some challenging exercises here for everyone to move better, feel better, and look better. So pick a few and give them a try to bolster up your midsection for a rock solid core .

9 Foods For Effective Clean Bulking

Bulking up your frame with ample muscle and minimal fat is a combination of increase your training volume and your calories. Just as doing leg extensions won’t add muscle like doing squats, eating the wrong foods won’t get you the muscular lean body you desire. Easy healthy bulking is all about eating an excess of the right quality foods that will minimize fat gain, maximize muscle growth, while keeping your joints, heart, and metabolism functioning in top shape. Here are 9 foods that you must eat to accomplish the easy healthy bulk before summer gets here.

Blast Your Biceps To New Highs

However, that does not mean that each and every one of us cannot  improve  the height of our biceps if we utilize the proper exercises to get the job done! Lying directly underneath the biceps is a muscle called the brachialis, which when fully developed can literally “push” the bis a little higher, creating the illusion of greater peak. Not to mention that a highly developed brachialis will give the upper arm an overall look of greater thickness and depth from all angles.

7 Reasons You're Not Getting Stronger

Still stuck moving the same amount of weight? Any of these strength killers could be to blame.

AMP: Marc Megna's 8-Week Aesthetics Meets Performance Trainer

I know I'm not alone in these goals. I can't think of a single person who would rather look great than perform great, or vice versa. That's why I created the AMP program, or "Aesthetics Meets Performance." I want to live in both worlds, and I want you to do it with me. There's no reason to settle for anything less.

Build Muscle With Fall Foods

But is the fall season really our enemy? While seasonal affective disorder is in fact a thing—in which the autumn and winter months bring on a “seasonal depression” that saps energy and increases consumption—it is combatible with a proper diet. While it's easy to associate fall foods with high fat and calorie counts, the harvest brings a plethora of fruits and vegetables rich in fiber and vitamins.

15 Fantasy Stack Draft For Cash -

How's your fantasy team doing? If they're not exactly crushing the competition, here's your chance at redemption. Draft the right stack of supps, and you could win money, bragging rights, and even a little fame.

Live Life Lean

I am so excited for the work Pauline does on my behalf. I have purchased several e-books to spark muscle growth and tips or tricks to do things differently for effectiveness. This app goes great with the books I've purchased. The major plus is that I can see execution in a video rather looking at the pictures in my books. I absolutely love having the meals written out like they are. The fee to unlock the locked information will be worth it to me. I can not wait for better progress to come. So far, after two weeks my back and delts are happy and showing results. Two of my hardest body parts to deem results. I love my Back Attack and Delts 2 Die 4. Now to properly implement cardio and get ready to hit that stage in 2015. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the competition e-book. Now when a movement is questionable, this will be like having you there for correction.


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FLEX Online

James ‘Flex’ Lewis’ love for bodybuilding started at age 12 when he came across a book on Tom Platz. It was Platz's legs that blew away Lewis. He remembers...

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

12 Healthy Foods and Drinks That Can Make You Fat

While they’re packed with antioxidants, protein, and healthy fat, these nutrition powerhouses can pile on serious calories if you’re not careful.

20 Essential Superfoods For Every Man's Diet

First, we polled 40 of the country's most respected food experts-registered dietitians, college nutrition professors, and authors-asking them each: What are the 10 most important foods every guy should include in his diet for maximum fitness? Then, as the results rolled in, we ranked our experts' recommendations.

Hearty, Fall-Inspired Shepherd's Pie Recipe

It’s the same each and every autumn: The weather turns cool and crisp, the days get shorter and darker, and inevitably, even your iron-clad resolve to eat clean begins to wane. Cravings for veggies and chicken are replaced by a desire for richer, more rib-sticking meals—thick cream-based soups, warm bread, mashed potatoes…This delicious shepherd’s pie recipe aims to satisfy those dangerous cravings while delivering enough protein to further your training goals; and the classic mashed potato crust can be dropped altogether if you’re watching carbs. Comfort food has never been so good.

Power Surge for Bigger Lifts

Hinging at the hips means initiating movement with them by bending your hips back before your knees bend. this puts a stretch on your glutes and hamstrings, loading them for a forceful hip extension—the most powerful move the body can make. here are three ways to learn this motion better and strengthen your hips even further.

Modify Your Military Press for Better Results

If you’re dealing with a shoulder injury and pain when pressing overhead, changing to a double underhand (supinated) grip on the bar and using a EZ Curl bar (instead of a straight barbell) may help alleviate stress and strain on the shoulder joint, shift more of the focus to the front delts and improve your ability to press fully overhead with weight. Along with underhand military pressing with an EZ curl bar, Arnold Presses with dumbbells may also be a safer and more comfortable alternative for your shoulders.

Hulking Biceps

For example, let'’s say I a’m doing barbell curls, which is usually my first biceps exercise. I'’ll start with a light weight and do 10 quick reps (still using good form) just to get the biceps warmed up. My next set will again be 10 reps, with a weight that gets difficult to lift on the seventh or eighth rep. For my third set, I'’ll add another 20 pounds and shoot for eight reps. Then, for my final set, I'’ll add another 20 pounds and go for eight again. I struggle to get eight on the third set, so when the fourth set comes around, it'’s a real test of will, after having increased the weight, to try to equal the same number of reps.

Crush Grip Training

Using fat-grip training can help you build phone-book tearing crush-grip strength while also helping you to pull more poundages on other lifts.

Ask Men's Fitness: What's a Great 10-Minute Exercise?

We have one you can do in four minutes. Professor Izumi Tabata, a researcher at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo, found that brutally intense interval workouts lasting just four minutes improved endurance better than more conventional interval training—and they even increased fat burning . Known as Tabata training, this technique is now used by athletes across the globe. “You need only one exercise,” says Men’s Fitness training director Sean Hyson, C.S.C.S., who suggests burpees: Perform reps for 20 seconds, then rest 10 seconds. Repeat for four minutes. You’ll get a burn going!

Fixing Common Mistakes in the Big Three Lifts

There are a few issues here. The main problem I see with intermediate lifters, is ego. They just don’t want to take a step or three back to attack their ultimate goal. Though the cerebral lifter sometimes focuses way too much on perfection. I’m not talking a total breakdown, just a little thing that they think is preventing them from going up in weight…like maybe, they loosen their grip a little as approaching lockout in bench…many will stay at a weight because it isn’t an absolutely perfect lift. So the fuck what? If you can lift 10 more pounds with only that little flaw, I say quit being scared to succeed…in a couple months after adding more total weight to the bar you’ll have a perfect rep at that previous weight. It’s like the first time you benched 225…first time I bet it wasn’t perfect, but I guarantee it is now. Anther problem, which isn’t necessarily their fault, is the lack of advanced or elite level lifters to help diagnose any breakdowns. I great coach is invaluable. Finally, wanting to get stronger before entering a contest.

Lessons from Zane

Here I am after six weekly massages, able to train without pain and a shoulder that seems better than it has in twenty years. I’ve learned new exercise and stretching techniques. My biggest revelation came when my massage therapist told me that many of my tendons were more bone like than tendon like. She compared my hamstring tendon to a chicken bone. She said that all the tendons in my right rotator cuff were a mess. Not torn but not flexible. She attributed it in part to age but more to overuse and abuse. Too many years of baseball, football, rugby, tennis and racquetball have contributed to a trashed shoulder. Surprisingly, she didn’t attribute it to powerlifting. Also, with additional research (I ask people), I found that tendons, by reason of age and overuse, tend to calcify like arthritis of the tendons. It even has a name—calcific tendonitis. I don’t care if its name is Bob. It’s still insidious. What to do?

11 Ways to Eat to Make Your Abs Pop

There's a layer of flab over your abs. Yes, you do have abs. It's just time to get your diet in check. Here are 11 nutrition tweaks you need to make starting today.

How Not to Behave and Why

If there is one thing that irks me, it’s these guys. They drive me nuts! I understand how bad you want to win and get your players fired up, but there is no reason (other than some personal vendettas against the opposing team) that you cannot come out and shake hands with the other team’s strength coach during warm ups. Head football coaches, head athletic trainers, head equipment managers all do it…but we can’t? I think it is so unprofessional when an opposing strength coach won’t even look our way during warm-ups. How do you know that I don’t have an assistant job open for one of your interns? What if you might need a GA from me? If we do not band together and look out for each other, then it’s the profession that suffers. We get a bad enough reputation from all of the crazy things some of us do, at least we can try to help change people’s perception of this profession. There are enough examples of the opposite. It really is too much…and you do not need to wear sunglasses at night.

Chin Master

Interestingly, to build that great expanse of sinew, Schwarzenegger anchored his back training with an exercise that’s frequently ignored by today’s muscle set: chins. From the very start of his bodybuilding career, the Oak made chinning a priority in his workouts. Chins to the front and behind the neck, with a narrow grip and a wide grip, with a V-bar and a straight bar—Schwarzenegger was a chinning connoisseur, dabbling in the exercise the way a master painter plies his oils, with a little of this, a little of that, all to create a masterpiece.

Resistance Training Boosts Memory, Study Says

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology took this body of research to the next level with a new study about how resistance training affects episodic (long-term) memory. Published in Acta Psychologica , the study divided people into two groups, one tasked to remember if they had seen certain images after they lifted weights and another that attempted to recall the images without exercise. On the first day at the lab, study participants were shown 90 images before the exercising. Then, study participants performed a leg extension exercise for 6 sets of 10 reps after warmup sets.

9 Ways to Max Out Your Treadmill Workout

Create Flow Don’t go all out. “It’s one thing to push yourself to extremes, but you can actually get a better workout by tuning into what’s happening to your body during the day,” says Hadfield. If you’re following up a hard day on the trails with a treadmill run, pushing through another hilly workout will cause further fatigue and detriment. Instead, break up high intensity workouts, and ebb and flow between hard and easy to avoid hitting a point of diminishing returns. Follow a hill workout with a cross training day or easy day of flat terrain.

Jason Huh and Lamar Byrd Jr. Train Legs

Jason Huh trains Lamar Byrd Jr. in preparation for an upcoming show.

The ABC's of BCAA's

Besides boosting energy levels by providing a direct fuel source, BCAAs also enhance energy through another mechanism — one that involves the brain. French researchers discovered that during exercise, an amino acid metabolite known as 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) signals the brain that the body is fatigued, causing it to reduce muscle strength and endurance. The amino acid tryptophan is responsible for producing 5-HT in the brain, which the BCAAs, namely valine, compete with for entry. Several research studies have confirmed that taking BCAAs before workouts lowers the amount of tryptophan that gets into the brain, thus lessening 5-HT levels and fatigue. Therefore, BCAA ingestion can help to prevent feeling fatigued during workouts, which will allow you to train harder and longer, encouraging greater muscle growth. BCAA supplementation can also help to enhance mood and brain function by reducing brain fatigue through this same mechanism.

DISHED: New England Patriots' Rob Gronkowski Shares What's on His Plate

It was fitting when New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski caught a short pass that would put Tom Brady over 50,000 passing years for his career. The connection had been made so many times when "Gronk" was becoming a star in Foxboro back in 2011. This time, the crowd would be chanting Brady's name. But the catch was also big for Gronkowski, who finished a Sunday night, 43-17 blowout win over Cincinnati with 100 receiving yards and a touchdown on six catches, the 25-year-old's best game so far in 2014. Gronkowksi is finally healthy after recovering from offseason knee surgery. He acknowledged that being on the shelf, of course, forced him to pay special attention to his eating habits. So he shared with us exactly what's on his dinner plate in this edition of DISHED, a series in which top athletes tell us what they're eating and why.

38 Edge Of Tomorrow Giveaway -

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Hugh Jackman Poses with His Pack at the Dog Pound

It turns out that Hugh has become the ultimate training partner to some like-minded gym rats who meet every day (with a Sunday rest day) at 5:45 in a New York City gym to work out. If that doesn't motivate you to get up for a 5:45 am workout, we don't know what will. A recent piece on Vulture talks about the genesis of the group and all its members. Turns out that some of the guys have kids at the same school as the Wolverine . The men hail form all walks of life and include Tom Farley, the President of the New York Stock Exchange and a couple of Olympians. The group is called the dog pound after Jackman's dog Dali, who was in this tweet Hugh directed at The Rock, inviting the Hercules star to join them:

Get Bigger Arms With Heavy Weights

Building mass in your arms isn’t any different than it is with larger muscle groups like your chest or quads. Like those muscles, your arms respond to both heavy weight and high volume, but they also need time to recover for sizable gains.

60 Seconds to Fit - Gain Muscle and Stay Lean

What's the best way to build muscle while maintaining your lean physique? Our expert breaks it down.

Ask Men's Fitness: What's the Best Running Route App?

Matt Johnson, the head coach at the Chicago-based Runner Academy, likes MapMyRun for its “integration with popular watches and fitness trackers” — like Nike+, Garmin, and Polar — and its “searchable database of routes to run in your city or when traveling, making it easy to plan workouts.” It reports your stats in real time, using voice prompts to keep you informed of your progress. And if you decide midway through your run that you need something a little shorter, it’ll instantly devise a new route.

On Trial: Overhead vs. Lying Tricep Extensions

Use a variety of overhead extensions in your triceps workouts. Consider starting your workouts with dumbbell or barbell overhead extensions, while you’re strongest, to place the most emphasis on the long head. Then, after doing exercises that hit the lateral and medial heads, consider adding another exercise for the long head, such as one-arm dumbbell overhead extensions or cable overhead extensions.

Deadlifts & I... a Workout love story!

I threatened myself every time that if I did not do more reps and more weight each week I would lose all I had. That drove me crazy so I kept on moving all this weight. I did 20 sets of deadlifts every week. I did them stiff legged, wide stance, negatives. I started doing those by adding to 360 lbs and just lower the bar. I got someone to help me put it up after each rep or I stripped off all weight and started over each rep for ten... I was dedicated! All this kept on on and on to november 6th 2009. I felt I was too thick around my lower back. I had lots of muscle tissue there. It was hard to pose, it was STUCK. And when I posed I got a big bump on my lower back. I realized it was due to my years of abusing the deadlift instead of using proper technique from day 1.

7 Ways to Make Your Workouts Harder

Two simple ways to create tougher workouts are to recruit a training partner or to hire a personal trainer . However, for those of us who A) train at odd or inconsistent times, or B) don't have the disposable income to hire a professional, we need a plan C, which is, we need to get our own asses in gear by scrutinizing every facet of our training program.



The Renaissance Diet

Dr. Israetel, Dr. Case and Dr. Hoffman not only have PhDs and are actively serving as professors and researchers, they are also high level competitors and coaches in powerlifting, bodybuilding, rugby, and combat sports. This combination of scientific knowledge and practical experience is the best in helping you achieve your goals.

Alana Shipp's Post-2014 Olympia Photo Shoot

Behind the scenes at a photo shoot with 1st year IFBB pro Alana Shipp, who placed 4th in the 2014 Olympia.

Midnight Mass

What you eat before, during and after you sleep can make your physique an overnight success.  Bodybuilders need sleep to grow. The optimum amount is eight hours for most hard-training bodybuilders who want to continue adding muscle mass. During this time, you may not burn as many calories as you do at other times of day, but you nonetheless still burn calories. If you’re a typical trainer, you don’t get up to eat in the middle of the night. Your body turns to muscle mass for energy while you sleep, burning up the precious muscle you worked to acquire during the day. It’s a conundrum. Sleep means growth, but it also means the breakdown of muscle tissue for energy.

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