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Yeah, I was about to order that. Looked awesome. Got the shoes though.

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Work these ab moves from Men's Fitness into your routine 3 days a week and watch your belly fat and love handles melt away.

Expert Advice for the Over-40 Lifter | T Nation

Recovery isn't something that happens in the blink of an eye like it does with a teenage or early-twenties body. Compiling age, stress, and the odd injury, you have a much greater need to take recovery more seriously and to train just as hard but smarter for your age and mileage. And if I'm feeling this at 30, I can imagine it'll be even more apparent at 40.

6 Reasons You Should Never Open a Gym | T Nation

I don't like to complain about anything. You know why? No one gives a shit. But open a gym and all of a sudden you have to give a shit. Your members are your bread and butter. You need them. Without them you go out of business. So that means the owner (or the manager) must be accessible. You have to talk to them, shake their hands, listen to them and assuage their grievance, even if a wet naked guy corners you in the locker room to tell you how much better the door to the steam room would look if it had a row of decorative tile around it.

Chest Training: 7 Ways To Build Your Upper Pecs

In the short term—say, no more than about 6-8 weeks—doing a second chest day allows you to intensely focus on bringing up a lagging area. The idea here is not to simply repeat the same chest workout you did a few days earlier, but to provide for some new and novel exercises and techniques. In that sense, your second session might not only differ in terms of exercise selection, but also by the target rep ranges, intensity boosters, rest periods, and other training factors.

The 6 Foundational Movement Patterns | T Nation

Below is the functional progression of movement patterns in the horizontal pulling plane. This progression is based off of postural and static requirements of the pillar during the active rowing motion. From having the spine totally stabilized in the chest supported row, all the way up to needing to actively stabilize the hip hinge pattern through the pillar during the bent over row, it's clear that the majority of weak links are identified in the core, as opposed to the shoulders in the pulling plane.

The Complete Guide To Gaining Good Weight

But to successfully gain weight, you need one more thing: A good reason to do it. Just telling yourself "I want to gain weight" may not be enough to keep you on track. So think about why you're going down this path. Did a loved one or health professional tell you that you're underweight? Do you want to feel stronger and be more active, and need more bulk to add more muscle? Maybe you just want to look less skinny. Whatever your reason, think about what your ideal weight should be for you to meet your goals. Having a specific weight goal will make it easier for you to track your progress.

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Tip: The Biggest Mistake Lifters Make | T Nation

You then manipulate little variables to see how they affect your training performance, and how much you like them. Liking something in training is a major component in getting better. Because if you don't like your girlfriend or boyfriend very much, you're probably not going to be tagging them in memes and touching their butt a whole lot. Training isn't a lot different.

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Tip: Attack the Bar Violently | T Nation

The speed at which you accelerate from the initiation of the lift is a major component of making it through the sticking point, or failing there. If there isn't enough velocity to help drive the bar through that muscular transitional phase of the lift, then you'll fail. This is why it's important to start the lift with as much acceleration as you can, and CAT will teach you to drive harder because it reinforces the cue of accelerate, accelerate, accelerate – from start to midpoint to finish.

Build Monster Legs With This Workout!

First things first: You can track down the so-called "World's Best Mass-Building Leg Workout"—yes, it exists—or thousands of lookalikes, but none of them will mean squat, pun intended, if you can't push yourself hard in the gym. On leg day more than any other, effort correlates with success. In order to build bigger legs, hamstrings, and glutes, you must want to quit—and then not succumb to that wish.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Under Armour Launch USDNA Collection

Last March, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Under Armour debuted the first Project Rock Collection, which sold out in record time. Since then, Project Rock has launched some of the fastest selling and highest-level training gear the world has ever seen. Now, The People's Champ, who comes from a proud family of Military members, has called upon his respect for the U.S. Military and love of country to inspire the latest Project Rock Collection, USDNA.

Tip: Do Inclines With a Thumbless Grip | T Nation

While I don't usually recommend using the false grip on flat or decline bench pressing, it does provide a huge amount of benefit for pressing around shoulder pain on an incline. Over the last decade, we've transitioned more athletes to predominantly incline pressing with the false grip in order to nail the pecs and shoulders while minimizing unwanted joint stress.

MusclePharm Wreckage at - Best Prices on Wreckage!

This is by far my favorite pre-workout to date. I’ve used many & they were beginning to seem like I had simply bought nothing more than snake oil. Wreckage however is legitimately backed by science & they spared no expense on the patented ingredients they used in their forumation. The cardiovascular stamina, the muscular endurance and especially the pumps/vascularity I received just in my warm up alone was like nothing I’ve ever felt before, and the pumps stay with you ALL DAY LONG!! Definitely More intense workouts & much faster recovery in-between sets as well. Not only does it perform to expectations and beyond but sour candy is ridiculously delicious. Definitely the best Pre on the market right now, and very much so worth the wait!!

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Work your chest, shoulders, and triceps and get the full body aesthetic effect with Today's 'Crazy 8' Workout, designed by @TrooperPrince .

10 Best Muscle-Building Back Exercises!

Why it's on the list:  Since we've already covered the wide-grip pull-up, the wide-grip pull-down is too similar, so we opted for the close-grip handle for our pull-down selection. EMG research suggests that use of a close neutral grip activates the lats similarly to a regular grip, so you're not missing out on any muscle fibers.[3] As mentioned earlier with pull-ups, a closer grip does allow for a longer range of motion and increased time under tension for the lats, which is great for building muscle.

Tip: The Ultimate Shoulder Warm-Up | T Nation

Banded shoulder dislocates with an added "wrap around" are a great way to get the feel of your lats for deadlifts, pull-ups and Olympic lifts. They're also a good general warm-up for your shoulders. The reverse variation is a great way to get some pec work in, especially if you don't have any access to a cable machine.

Tip: 4 Technique Fixers for Strength Gains | T Nation

There's nothing dumber than trying to get stronger without first getting your technique right. Follow these handy guidelines.

Tip: Two Drills to Correct Forward Head Posture | T Nation

For some reason, standing up straight is hard. Many things can affect where your body naturally rests, anything from a badly designed training program, to stress, to just plain using your phone or computer too much. Shoulder pain, neck pain, and lower back pain can all stem from FHP, and if you have it then you're more likely to get training injuries.

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Thank you D. This new collection was worn tested and trained in daily by me. Desert Sand color below is …

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Fuel your recovery process to increase size, strength and speed with this novel ingredient:  @velositol


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The 5-day Upper-body Pump Challenge: Push cardio and core strength on day 3

13 Exercises That'll Floor You | T Nation

Rollouts from the kneeling position are highly challenging and they'll work the core musculature even harder if you squeeze the glutes, which produces a slight posterior pelvic tilt and prevents the abdominal wall from being stretched during the exercise. This is important because the ab wheel rollout is an anti-extension core stability exercise that strengthens the spine's ability to resist hyperextension.

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Dedication. Drive. Determination. That’s what it takes. Use code “Flex 10” to get 10% off your Gripped V3 Headphones #grippedfitnessaudio

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I’m up! Come watch my morning fitness show with lots of off topics covered always #goodmorning #fitgirl #420

Sagittarius Horoscope for Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thursday, November 9, 2017 - You’re not necessarily doing anything differently today, but everyone may see you as a natural-born leader. You’re comfortable making choices when others falter, especially if you know that you’re acting on behalf of the group, not just your own interests. Show your true colors instead of suppressing your take-charge instincts now. But monitor your actions for any trace of selfish activity for the sake of integrity. Alexandre Dumas wrote, “All for one and one for all; united we stand, divided we fall.”


Build Muscle | Easy To Digest | No Artificial Ingredients | Improved Taste

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A workout style that can add muscle while burning fat:

NPC Shawn Ray Hawaiian Classic 2017: Breon Ansley Interview

NPC Shawn Ray Hawaiian Classic 2017: Breon Ansley Interview

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FLEX is the biggest authority on everything bodybuilding. Your source on training, diet, IFBB and NPC athlete profiles, contest coverage, and more.

Tip: The Ultimate Shoulder Warm-Up | T Nation

Banded shoulder dislocates with an added "wrap around" are a great way to get the feel of your lats for deadlifts, pull-ups and Olympic lifts. They're also a good general warm-up for your shoulders. The reverse variation is a great way to get some pec work in, especially if you don't have any access to a cable machine.

Instagram post by Ronnie Coleman • Nov 9, 2017 at 5:11pm UTC

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#goosegump #childrensbook helps #AirForce captain Kat Portillo who was paralyzed neck down in 2015. She needs nurses 24/7 but #military only covers 6 hours a day.... …


•    Volume is the be-all, end-all of muscle building and it should be your primary focus. The basic hypertrophy intensity range is 65 to 85 percent of the 1RM, with limited higher intensity phases. For example, train 70 percent of your workouts in the 65 to 85 percent of the 1RM range and 30 percent of your workouts trained at a higher intensity.


Hey Guys , I hope you guys have been great!! I recently went to beautiful Hawaii and I had so much fun , I wanted to share my trip with you guys !! Even though it was a quick trip and we didnt do a lot , it was still one to remmber and a fun one !! I know this video is up a little late but , I still wanted to share it with you guys !! I hope you enjoy this video! Love , Asia Monet Part 1 of 3 Social Media : Instagram - Asia Monet Ray Snpachat - Asiamonet10 Twitter - Asia Monet Ray Facebook - Asia Monet Ray

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Join us for a live Q&A with the International Society of Sports Nutrition at 2pm MST. @facebook @YouTube & @Twitch

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IFBB Pro League is Coming to San Marino Italy Nov 24-26th! Join me & GENERATION IRON we will be in The House! Follow us at: @GenerationIron @IFBBPROLEAGUE @vladar @NPCNewsOnline

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Top 10 Best Chest Exercises: The (nearly) definitive ranking of the best chest exercises ever devised.

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Striving to improve your one-rep max in a major strength lift? Don’t let these common errors derail your efforts.

'No BS' with Pauline Nordin

Welcome to NO BS with Pauline Nordin. Founder and President of Fighter Diet, Pauline discusses fitness, muscle and health related topics to give you the motivation and inspiration you need to get fit for life! -with Pauline Nordin and Jeff Bosley

John Hansen 11/9/2017

Bodybuilding Heroes and Legends – Volume One recaptures the glory years of bodybuilding. This was the era in which legends such as Schwarzenegger, Oliva, Zane, Robinson, Szkalak and Mentzer battled it out on stage for the biggest titles in the sport. These iconic confrontations are captured in illustrious detail, showcasing the colorful personalities with their larger than life physiques who fought hard won battles in the gym before displaying their bodies onstage to the delight of their limited but enthusiastic and loyal fan base. Some of the most exciting bodybuilding competitions in the history of the sport are included along with the amazing bodybuilders who became legends. Read about the iconic battles between The Myth and the Austrian Oak, the backstage politics, Frank Zane’s rise to the top of the sport, the fiercely independent Kal Szkalak and the inside scoop of one of the most controversial

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VETERANS DAY SALE! --> 25% off The Military 12 week program Ebook & FighterDiet Whey Protein <--- #VeteransDay #military #militarymuscle #armedforces #army #navy #usmc #usmarines #airforce #coastguard

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“Mind and Muscle Connection” Many years of dedication brought about the development you see now, which is why I don’t know whether to laugh or shake my head in wonder at the ignorance when someone makes the comment, ‘Oh, Kai? He's just genetics!’” . #KaiGreene @Ryderwear

NPC Shawn Ray Hawaiian Classic 2017- Danny Hester Interview

2017 NPC Shawn Ray Hawaiian Classic Open Men's Classic Physique Overall Winner Clint Riggin

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Let’s do this. @UnderArmour ’s most anticipated of 2017 is AVAILABLE NOW. Our new #ProjectRock USDNA Collection for men and women. Stay strong. Train hard. Enjoy your gear..

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89 Tip: The Coregasm is Real | T Nation
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