FD Butt Bible Volume 3 (Athlete) Video Description

Hi Pauline Nordin, Fighter Diet,   Some stats (I wish I had taken measurements) I started at 123 and am now 128 but my clothes still fit looser than before (I am 5'7").  I have gained so much knowledge, strength, and confidence.  Thanks!  for everything.... I am 39 years old and a proud mother of 2 beautiful girls, almost 3 and 1.5 years.  I discovered your Butt Bible DVD while between pregnancies.  I've always been obsessed with my butt (I know you can relate!) and was bored of the DVD I had been doing so looked around and discovered yours.  I expected another aerobics type of routine that included a lot of body weight squats and lunges....not a weight based workout. I loved your attitude from the start - hard work does pay off and I really found it refreshing that you didn't b

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