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Mastering the Power Clean

Develop power and strength with this explosive lift.

Crush Your Goals With Advice From A Wounded Warrior

Many service members come home with an unthinkable challenge: rebuilding their life without a limb. This Marine came back from the dead and found a way to train hard and become an athlete again.

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Thank you to our veterans

Thank you to our veterans

Vision Quest - Lunatic Fringe by Red Rider

Vision Quest - Lunatic Fringe by Red Rider

Sagittarius Horoscope for Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wednesday, November 11, 2015 - You might miss a rare opportunity to connect with someone close to you if you get lost in your desire for professional success, instead. You appear to be emotionally present and act as if you're living in the moment. But no one really knows what's going on behind your eyes today since the enigmatic Scorpio New Moon occurs in your 12th House of Secrets. Deep soul-searching could reveal that you're not yet ready to share your vulnerability with anyone else now. Trust your intuition to know when the time is right.

6 Things You Should Know About Creatine

The jury has been in on creatine for a while — it works. Here's what you should know about this muscle-building supplement.

Eric the Trainer's Triceps Workout

Lie face-up on a flat bench, holding a barbell at arm’s length over your face. Keeping your elbows pulled in, slowly lower the bar toward your forehead. Before it touches, pause then contract your triceps to press back up to the start position. Fleishman recommends this unique variation on the exercise: After lowering the bar down, move it behind your head until your upper arms are about parallel with the floor, then reverse the motion and press the bar back up.

One-Day Back Thrash

The execution of several exercises in successive fashion are employed in this shock routine. Within each giant set, you should only rest as long as it takes to get set up for the next exercise. After each set, you can rest 2-3 minutes. After a 5-10-minute general warm-up, perform 2-3 light sets of deadlifts using just the bar. From there, you'll dive right into your heaviest giant set, aiming to complete six reps on each exercise. Each of your following sets, you can lower the weight, striving to complete 10, 12 and 15 reps. Have fun, and don't forget your straps!

Flexible dieting trend leaves room for doughnuts

In reality, it's all about budgeting and spending your daily allotment of macros where the individual thinks is worthwhile, Norton said. For example, let's say a person has 150 grams of carbohydrates allotted per day. Eating one package of Pop-Tarts will knock out roughly 80 grams. It would not be the best choice to use half of the daily carbohydrate intake on sugar-filled, low-fiber Pop-Tarts, when more nutrient-dense carbohydrates like brown rice, sweet potato and oats provide greater satiety.

10 Nutrition Tips to Help You Get Huge

Take glutamine and creatine, and drink water to keep your body hydrated and your muscle cells filled with fluid. Glutamine and creatine help pump muscle cells full of water.

The rehabilitation of Michael Phelps

An abridged version of this story appears in the Nov. 16, 2015, issue of  Sports Illustrated . To subscribe, click here. For almost five days in the fall of 2014, the most decorated Olympian in history lay curled in a fetal position in his Baltimore home, crestfallen and fearful, embarrassed at his behavior and uncertain of his future. Over three Olympics, from 2004 through ’12, Michael Phelps had won 18 gold medals and 22 medals overall, each total more than anyone ever. His swimming had been transformed by NBC into a nightly television miniseries, and millions watched as Phelps splashed to victories for America over the rest of the world. His family watched at poolside, supporting players in an emotional drama that was the paradigm of Olympic success and Olympic packaging. His story had the perfect arc: In 2000 he was a prodigy; in ’04 he was brilliant but imperfect; in ’08 he was unbeatable; in ’12 he was a legend on his farewell tour, diminished but still great. Three times he emerged a celebrity­—each time a little more famous, a little more wealthy and a little more entrenched in the mythology of his quadrennial feats.

A Full Body Conditioning Workout with US Air Force Veteran Rickie Osbun

US Air Force veteran turned certified personal trainer Rickie Osbun demos a full body conditioning workout.

5 Ways To Step Up Your Workouts

Try It: Using a weight you can handle for a set of 12 on dumbbell overhead presses, alternate reps from side to side, keeping one dumbbell in the “down” position the entire time. On the next set, alternate while keeping one dumbbell in the “up” position throughout. 2. Go High Volume Typical routines call for 12 to 16 total sets for large bodyparts like back and quads and nine to 12 for smaller ones like biceps and calves. This effectively stimulates growth while keeping you from becoming overtrained. But if you stick within that set range too often, your muscles will grow too accustomed to a certain number of sets and reps to respond with any kind of vigor. A better bet is to crush a bodypart with a targeted, high-volume blast every few weeks.  Try It: Instead of your normal more-plates-at-all-costs bench routine, use a high-volume approach that focuses on relative strength. Simply rack a bar with your bodyweight and press to failure for as many sets as it takes to reach 100 total reps (resting a minute or less between sets), then go home and eat like a boss.

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"Thank God I was fat shamed." Controversial message: …

The College Muscle Gym Workout

The workout is designed for body recomposition—gaining muscle while losing fat. To do that, you must alternate muscle groups and work at a brisk pace, which raises levels of lactate in your body and, correspondingly, growth hormone, which promotes muscle gain and fat burning. Training the whole body in one session burns a lot of calories and allows you to work each muscle group more frequently throughout the week (we recommend three days).

The Classic Straight Up Biceps Workout

“There’s no magic number of reps when it comes to building massive biceps,” says Ryno, who recommends doing this routine either with triceps or on its own.“The key is to include a variety of rep schemes—low reps, medium reps,high reps—into your overall program. This routine forces you to use all of these rep ranges. Be mindful to select the proper poundage foreach exercise. Going too heavy only leads to bad form, not fully stimulating the muscles and overstressing the elbows. You need to focus on the biceps working.Train the muscle, not the movement.”

The Complete Arnold: Intensity

Without a doubt, the key was focus. I really can’t emphasize this enough. If you have big goals in the gym, you must be totally focused on whatyou’re doing and what you want to achieve. When I entered the gym, even though I was thinking about being the greatest bodybuilder ever 24hours a day, my mindset changed completely. I didn’t think about what I had to do afterward or any other concerns outside of training. For the hours Iwas in the gym, training was the only thing that mattered. Think about it: What is worrying about other things going to do for you in the gym? Nothing.You can do nothing about them for that period. What you can do something about is your body and your muscles. Don’t worry. Your other tasks andobligations will still be there when you leave the gym. Visualization was key for me when I trained. I didn’t just imagine my biceps growing to 22 or 23inches—I fantasized about them expanding to flll the entire gym, as ludicrous as that may seem. My arms weren’t just big, they were mountains with vastpeaks and valleys, at least in my mind. When training, never take your mind of the muscles you’re working.

The 8 Best Ways to Switch Up Your Plank

Planks are the new sit-ups for modern-day  core training . People like numbers so instead of doing 300-500 sit-ups every night, they’ll form a statue-like creature on the floor next to their bed and be motionless for as long as possible. But, as with anything, we must apply the Principle of Progressive Overload to ensure continued progress. No one in their right mind wants to hold their planks longer and longer—thankfully, progressive overload can be applied by other means.

10 Fall Superfoods For Better Health

The weather is about to become a lot cooler and pumpkin-everything is now  in vogue. Yes, it does give you the excuse to order a pumpkin spiced latte, but an expanding waistline may come with it. Instead of running off to the nearest coffee shop to ring in fall, start piling your plate with this season's super foods. These foods will hit your hard-trained physique with an array of health benefits like an increased immune system and a faster metabolism. The bonus: they'll also positively influence your training by reducing your recovery time and raising t-levels .

5 Rowing Workouts to Get You Ripped

A great non-weight-bearing exercise machine, a rowing machine uses both your upper- and lower-body muscles to increase cardiovascular conditioning. Since you’re using your entire body, targeted muscle soreness is unlikely. Also known as an “erg,” a rowing machine is one of the most effective pieces of fitness equipment for burning fat and improving conditioning. Try these five unique rowing workouts designed by Eric Salvador, C.P.T. and head instructor of The Fhitting Room, to replace those tedious cardio sessions.

Lift Heavy for More Muscle

Get stuck in such a rut and your results are bound to level off, to plateau. At this point, it’s about time to switch things up. If you’re like me, you’re not a fan of high reps – sets of 15, 20+ – so the only other option for changing things up from a rep-count standpoint is to decrease reps, which naturally means you’ll have to go a little heavier than you’re used to with 8-12 reps.   When my routine starts to get a little stale, one thing I love doing is working in heavy sets. Not necessarily sets of one, two or three reps (I’m not a powerlifter), but rather sets of five and six reps. Going heavy like this, I feel, gives the body a different training stimulus to promote plateau-busting. Plus, I just like the way my muscles feel when they’ve handled some heavier weights – they feel stronger, of course, but also a bit harder, and I feel leaner, too. I like that.

10 Of the Most Creative Ways to Use Protein Powder

From donuts to truffles, you can incorporate whey, plant-based, and other powders in to tons of surprising foods.

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Losing fat is pointless if you can't keep it off. The plan that helps you do both:

Dorian Yates' Expert Advice on Building a Huge Chest

The 6X Mr. Olympia shares his best tips and workout routine for blasting chest

7 Unexpected Full-Body Workout Moves

Truth be told, this is the third time we’ve offered up “ Exercises You’ve Never Heard Of ” (the last time was a while back), but we just never get tired of trying to come up with creative moves for you - in this case, one new exercise for each major muscle group. We also never tire of helping you build more muscle. So introduce some novelty into your training with these seven ideas we’re betting you’ve never imagined.

In Season: The 10 Most Nutritious Fall Fruits and Vegetables

Believe it or not, fall is right around the corner. (Seriously, where did the summer go?) September 23rd is the offical kick off to all things pumpkin spice, football, and your other favorite fall things. It's also the season of some of the most delicious, healthy fruits and vegetables. And it's smart to take advantage of them: When you buy foods that are in-season, they’re healthier, have richer flavor, and are generally more cost-effective. That's because food is easier to grow in its proper season, it’s more abundant, and has time to fully ripen before being plucked off the vine, bush, or tree, and brought to a grocer near you. 

Cardio & Weights Together? Does it Matter?

Cardio & Weights Together? Does it Matter?

The 21-Day Calf Challenge

This one little word is what’s holding you back from getting your calves to grow. You need to train them more than once per week in order to make them grow. This is where the 21 Day Calf Challenge originated. The premise is to challenge yourself and train your calves for 21 days straight.  If you can get through the pain, you will ignite growth in your calves that you’ve never seen before. This has been proved by guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Pearl, Steve Reeves, and Chad Waterbury.

9 Ways To Improve Your Overhead Squat

Whether you CrossFit or you’re just looking for a way to improve core strength, these tips will help you get this move right.

Gain 10 Pounds of Muscle in 4 Weeks

The second half of the program is all about maximizing size with slightly higher reps and an emphasis on intensity. Rep ranges move up to 10-12 for most exercises, which is ideal for promoting muscle hypertrophy (growth). Overall volume increases slightly during these two weeks, mainly due to the addition of isolation exercises that you’ll perform before compound movements for your chest, back, shoulders and legs. Called pre-exhaustion, this technique dramatically increases workout intensity. You fatigue the main target muscle with an isolation exercise, then hit it in this fatigued state with a compound move, which if done right will lead to your main muscle failing before assistance muscles give out. (For example, for chest the dumbbell flye hits the pecs directly, so your triceps shouldn’t end up being the weak link and cause the termination of the set during the bench press).

5 Common HIIT Misconceptions

Effective HIIT training will help you torch calories, build lean muscle,  lose fat , improve heart health, push your limits, and increase efficiency. But while the benefits of HIIT are plentiful, there are still some myths about this type of training that, if followed, can hinder your performance. Find out the truth behind these five common HIIT misconceptions to perform your intervals perfectly.

20 Foods That Seem Healthy But Aren't

A lot of the foods we snack on or eat as part of our everyday diet aren't the beacons of health and wellness we think they are if you take a look at their labels or dive more into what's actually in the food under the label. Take a look through our list of the worst offenders; these are some of the most common foods we think are healthy but really aren't. Avoiding these eats can make the difference between slight definition and eight-pack-with-sex-lines abs. 

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Bodybuilder Thomas Motherway Trains Chest and Arms at the Powerhouse Gym Downtown Tampa -!thomas-motherway-trains-chest-arms/c1xly …

Overhead Press Clinic

Big, strong shoulders are important for athletic performance, shoulder health, your appearance, and they also provide the foundation for most lifts. They are important for bench pressing, rowing, pulling and even for deadlifts and squats. While a lot of people realize that formidable shoulders are important, most people have forgotten how to achieve this. This article is going to give you three critical exercises for developing an alpha set of shoulders and will give you advice to help you maximize these exercises.

The 4 Best Exercises to Build Massive Traps

This is a classic bodybuilding exercise that works the upper trapezius (the part we see in the mirror.) Load the bar with a heavy weight (75–80% of deadlift 1RM) and shrug your shoulders straight up to your ears. Don’t roll the shoulders back, simply shrug them straight up, and think about touching your shoulders to your ears. Do this exercise for higher reps (somewhere in the 10–20-rep range.) This is a great isolation exercise for the upper traps.

5 Powerful, Protein-Rich Recovery Meals

Research has consistently shown that consuming protein and carbs after a weight-training workout can speed recovery and optimize muscle gains. But the so-called window for this nutrition doesn’t necessarily close within an hour (or even two or three hours, it turns out), as popular broscience would have you believe. According to a 2013 review, consuming a proteinrich, whole-food meal eaten up to six hours after a workout is sufficient to maximize gains, the  Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition  reported. Whip up any of the following high-protein, nutrient-dense meals in the hours following your workout, and rest assured you’re getting the most out of your training.

The Four-Move Workout for Your Lower Abs

If we were to do a poll and ask men what the hardest body part to train is, we're confident most would say their lower abs. No one wants a pooch, and though there are tips and tricks for removing the stubborn excess bodyfat, you need a workout that'll complement those efforts. This is that workout. Below are four moves that should do the trick of polishing off your six-pack. Take 30 seconds of rest between exercises and repeat for 2 to 3 sets.

Protein Peanut Butter Cups

The dessert that finally makes any diet easier to enjoy and allows you to satisfy your cravings for sweets. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. The cliche applies to most concepts in fitness and nutrition, but it’s not the case if you’ve mastered the art of healthy dessert. While you...

Live Longer By Drinking Coffee

Trying to kick the coffee habit? If you want to live longer, you might want to rethink giving up your three daily cappuccinos. A new study found that drinking coffee could lower your risk of death.

Study Connects Processed and Red Meat With Cancer

From the findings it is advised to limit the consumption of processed meats. The reports says: "Overall, the Working group classified consumption of processed meat as 'carcinogenic to humans' on the basis of sufficient evidence for colorectal cancer." It's also noted by the group that red meat can possibly be carcinogenic to humans and it has also been seen to be linked to pancreatic and prostate cancer. The IARC report defines red meat as, "unproccessed mammalian muscle meat -- for example, beef, veal, pork, lamb, mutton, horse, or goat meat -- including minced or frozen meat; it is usually consumed cooked."

Living Alone Can Wreck Your Efforts to Eat Healthy

Your skills in the kitchen are sub-par, you have no one to buddy up with at the grocery store, have no desire to spend half your paycheck on groceries. It's no wonder you have zero motivation to cook for yourself if you live alone. But, you might want to dig deep and find some. According to a new Queensland University of Technology study , people who live by themselves are more likely to have unhealthy diets .

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3 Tips for Reheating Food in the Microwave

Any experienced microwave user knows about the dangers of hot spots. They just won’t burn your tongue, those scorching areas also contain degraded nutrients. The reason: microwaves don’t heat food evenly, potentially risking your entire meal for a nutrient loss. To fix this problem, put a lid on your food, so that moisture is kept inside and keep the microwave power on low.  This will allow your food to cook rapidly, but not overheat—preventing hot spots.

The Best Time to Take Creatine

While the aforementioned study insinuated that after was better, at this time the “just take it at any time” or maybe more appropriately, “take it when it works for you” is the best way to go. Many people take supplements that include creatine, so if that’s in your pre- or post- workout drink, you should receive all the benefits. Optimal dosing still appears to be between 2 to 5 grams per day. You can “load” for the first 5 to 7 days to help saturate your cells, but beyond that there’s no benefit to taking large amounts. So save your money and take the smaller dose; it’ll still offer maximum results.

Use Giant Sets for Giant Gains

Rest = Size. Stubborn muscle growth is a problematic issue that all trainers and trainees come face-to-face with at some point. This program forces the muscles to either get big or go home. It takes the old-school volume approach and combines it with the latest scientific studies to create the ideal eight-week hypertrophy program. Giant sets will be performed for all large muscle groups (chest, back, shoulders, quads) using the standard four exercises per. (Giant sets for smaller body parts like biceps, triceps, or calves would be overkill.) The sequence of four exercises within each giant set will be this: a power move, a strength move, a stabilization move, a size/ shape move. This order of movement patterns will cut various new micro tears into the muscle fibers, allowing them to grow with proper rest and nutrition.

Best Exercises for a Complete Back Workout

The back isn't only one of the body's biggest and strongest bodyparts, it's also the most complicated in terms of being a series of interconnected muscle groups. For the purposes of this feature we're dividing the back into its four main regions: 1) the upper and outer lats, 2) the lower lats, 3) the middle back and 4) the lower back . Each area requires specific stimulation via the exercises and angles of attack used, and we'll show you the two best exercises for each. With this menu, you can customize your own workout by choosing one exercise from each category to create a total program. Or if one region is lagging, you can pick additional movements that hit that area only. Either way, fully understanding which back exercises hit which portions of your back will allow you to build shape (in particular the V-taper ), thickness and width. Note: Many of the exercises we include here do not isolate but rather emphasize certain areas of the back musculature.

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World Classic Powerlifting Championships 2015 - Men Open, 93 kg

World Classic Powerlifting Championships 2015 - Men Masters 3, 93-120+ kg

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Change is hard. And willpower is limited. So when it comes to changing your life, here's how to change your mindset and increase your motivation.

More Sleep Equates to Higher Sex Drive and Arousal For You—And Her

The likelihood of sexual activity with a partner improves by 14 percent for each additional hour of sleep you get, according to University of Michigan researchers.

Heroes for Hire

Online director Mike Simone visits FOCUS Personal Training Institute to meet with three new graduates of FOCUS' training course specifically designed for returning veterans seeking a civilian career as personal trainers. And as an extra boost, MEN'S FITNESS watched and captured the workouts of each of the men. You can find them here:

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