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Capitol Creative Dept. accepts Eden xo "Too Cool To Dance" DARE

Are YOU too cool to dance? Take Eden xo's dare at and win a trip to LA to be in her next music video! Special thanks to Asia Mo...

The Beast : Obama breaks bread with Congress before Allah is praised on House Floor (Nov 15, 2014)

Video Response: The Beast : The Muslim Brotherhood worship Allah In DC’s National Cathedral (Nov 15, 2014) News A...

2014 USAPL Southeastern Championships

I don't think I've ever been so frustrated and encouraged at the same time. Simply didn't have it on squat. Managed 634. Bench felt good but due to some adve...

DieselSC Quick Tip #1 : Hip External Rotator Stretch Without Knee Pain

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Shawn Ray runs the preview of the 2014 NPC National Championships taking place Nov 21-22 in Miami, Florida.

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FD Fat Loss By Mind Power (Fitness)

“Before reading Pauline Nordin’s Fighter Diet blog and subsequently purchasing e-books (I currently have FDX2, Fat loss By Mind Power, Fighter Diet Concept, I thought I knew enough about exercise and nutrition to sculpt the body I wanted. I didn’t realize I was so bogged down with “broscience” from fitness and health websites, personal trainers, magazines etc, that I was relying solely on my genes to stay a small size (not yet realizing I was the dreaded skinny-fat body type!) and not pushing myself hard enough to MAKE my body change. I had lots of rationalizations as to why my body wasn’t changing but didn’t realize they were just excuses; not enough time to work out or prepare healthy food, too tired, too stressed, too sore from yesterday’s workout blah blah blah. I t

Sagittarius Horoscope for Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 - You are standing at a turning point and the circumstances that were holding you back just last week now begin to fade into the past. Your enthusiasm is on the rise but it's not realistic to think that everything will automatically shift overnight. Nevertheless, you can feel strong winds of change blowing into your life and extra patience is necessary as you move through the current transformation. Have faith; the waiting is the hardest part.

Master the L-Sit to Get Stronger and Shredded

The L-sit hold is a deceptively brutal exercise with benefits that go beyond merely the visual. Not only will this exercise help fill out your sleeves and chisel your abs , it will improve the health of your shoulders, help you with your deadlift, and build functional core strength as well. How do you do it? The L-sit hold is best done on a pair of parallettes. They look like a tiny version of parallel bars (hence the name) you’d find in a gymnasium or outdoor park. Most CrossFit gyms will have a few of them lying around, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find one in a commercial gym. However, nearly every gym has dip bars, and you can even do L-sits on a pair of pushup bars, on kettlebells, yoga blocks, or even on a pair of benches. You just need two sturdy and secure platforms of the same height that will lift your butt off the ground when you lock your arms pushing down in between them.

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3 Best Exercises for Building Badass Wings

Wide-Grip Pull-Up: This old-school exercise has been used for generations by some of the biggest, baddest men around. Wide-grip pull-ups are one of the best back exercises you can do, and they hit the lats especially hard. Grip the pull-up bar with an extra wide grip and hands pronated (palms facing out). As you do your pull-up, keep your elbows flared out, so you minimize biceps involvement and maximize lat activation.

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VIDEO: 25 Exercises You've Never Tried in Your Life

Maybe you've been working out forever. You've got your routines down, and at this point it's just getting it in and getting out. But at some point boredom is inevitable and change is needed. We dropped by FOCUS NYC to meet up with trainer Ryan Heffernan for him to give us the quick run-through on 25 exercises you probably have never tried in your life. And if you have, well, congratulations.

Master the Windshield Wiper for Amazing Abs

Hang from a pull-up bar and raise your legs until they’re perpendicular to the floor while keeping your torso parallel to the floor. (You’ll make an L shape with your body.) This will require you to pull your body closer to the bar, bending your elbows and contracting your upper back. Rotate your legs side to side. You can make the move easier by bending your knees. Add the workout below to your training to build up to doing the full hanging windshield wiper.

10 Best Moves to Lose Your Love Handles

You’ve tried situps, cardio, and dumbbell side bends, but nothing seems to get rid of that stubborn belly fat on your sides. Commonly called “love handles,” this area of your torso is part of the waist-to-hip ratio, an indicator of overall health. If you have too much cushion around your waist, ask yourself, "How hard am I really working in the gym?" To get the best moves for a slim torso , we asked Sadik Hadzovic, IFBB Men’s Physique professional for his 10 favorite exercises to keep love handles away. "This workout is effective because it's fast paced and designed to target both the rectus abdominals and the transverse abdominals," says Hadzovic. "To burn fat you must do more then just crunches and situps; You need to recruit your entire body to enter a thermogenic state that leads to an accelerated rate of fat loss." Complete your dream physique with these 10 moves that will carve up your core fast.


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Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Do You Train Too Hard?

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Do You Train Too Hard?

Three Tools for Tricking Out Your Smartphone's Camera

Your smartphone’s camera is good enough for Instagram, Snapchat, and even some very high-quality editing—after all, last year we used Nokia’s 41-megapixel Lumia 1020 model to shoot a special Men’s Fitness cover with Super Bowl–winning Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson . But you’d be amazed by what your smartphone can do with the extra photographic punch packed into a new, high-quality lens appendage. Or, if you really want mega-quality from your megapixels, try a standard camera. Yes, they still exist!

King T.U.T. Shoulder Workout

In this particular shoulder workout, we put time-under-tension dumbbell presses at the end of the workout. Doing so demolishes the ego and forces you to use light weight to ensure perfect form. You’ll be sore as hell, but you’ll start growing fast.

"Quadzilla" Paul DeMayo

Anyone who was following bodybuilding in the ’90s remembers the ground-shaking impact Paul DeMayo made. But they probably forget he did so entirely as an amateur. The Massachusetts native rocketed to prominence in 1991, beating Kevin Levrone to win the Jr. Nationals (at 23) and then finishing third behind Levrone and Flex Wheeler at that year’s Nationals (ahead of Ronnie Coleman and Chris Cormier). It took him three more tries (and years) to secure pro status, but DeMayo’s legend, like his physique, grew. In winning the 1994 NPC Nationals, the 27-year-old was 255 lean pounds at 5'10". He had enough size to hang with anyone.

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Stronger in 60 Seconds: Wrists and Forearms

To take your shoulders out of play, lean your forearms on something solid. The spotter bars of a power rack are perfect for this purpose. Set one side at chest height, stand outside the rack, and raise and lower the weight with your hands inside. Because your arms are supported, you’ll also be able to focus heavier loads on your forearms.

Workshop -Los Angeles -

“In the past year I have been to 5 training seminars.  I can say with 100% honesty that Tony and Dean surpassed the others by epic proportions!  I learn more in 2  days with Tony and Dean than anywhere else, but what surprised me even more was what I learned from the others attending the workshop.  This seminar changed me as a trainer in the best possible way.  If you want to be great, you have to surround yourself with greatness, and that’s exactly what this seminar brought to the table.  Hands-down the best seminar I have been to.  Don’t miss an opportunity like this!!!!”

Joe Rogan says Bodybuilders are Designed all Fu**ed Up Today. Schwarzenegger Had It Right - Spot Me Bro

When he’s not single-handedly smoking a forest’s worth of marijuana or interviewing people about chem trails on his podcast, chances are that Joe Rogan is in the gym so this renaissance man’s opinion about bodybuilding might mean something to you, or it might just piss you off. Take a look at what Joe Rogan had to say about bodybuilding and let us know what you think about it.

Torso Sculpting Circuit Workout

The cornerstone of this routine, which consist of mostly familiar moves, is the hand-to-thigh plank. This exercise is performed by positioning your hands and feet at shoulder width apart, arms at full extension, just as you would in the top of a push-up. While keeping your body straight and core tight, you will bring one arm at a time into slap your same-side thigh. Alternate hand slaps on each side being careful not to sway or drop your hips.

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MY GOAL: I Can't Do a Pull-up But I Want To

Start by doing iso-eccentric pull-ups. Grab onto a bar and jump up so your chest touches it. Try to hold that position for five seconds. If you can, take five seconds to lower yourself back down. (If you can't, keep working at the hold until you can.) If you can lower yourself with control, perform another rep. When you can bang out 10 reps in this fashion, you'll be able to do atleast one regular pull-up.

One-Dimensional Attack

“One” has a bad rep. “One-dimensional.” “One-sided.” “One-trick pony.” We’re constantly told that “one” lacks depth and that “two” is twice as good as its fellow integer.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Back in the Day

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Back in the Day

8 Things You Should Know About Protein

Get the scoop on this essential macronutrient for optimal muscle gains and training performance.

Bi's Like Kai's

Looking through this Kai Greene biceps-training article, you might notice one key element is missing. Sure, you’ll see the requisite photos of the 275-pound Brooklynite, showing of a physique that might just earn him a Mr. Olympia title next year. You’ll also read plenty of information about work-outs, and even a few key biceps exercises you might want to take advantage of.

Kissing Helps Boost Your Immune System

Turns out your 5-year-old self was right all along: Girls do have cooties. But so do you. And for every 10 seconds you spend kissing, you pass along 80 million bacteria.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Makes Fans' Dreams Come True By Helping With Proposal

Arnold Schwarzenegger Makes Fans' Dreams Come True By Helping With Proposal

Walk this Way for More Muscle

Farmer’s walks can be part of a legs or back day. If you really want to try something wild, do an entire strongman events day. Furthermore, farmer’s walks can aid in taking your physique and functionality to a fundamentally new level. For the bouncer at the king and stab honky tonk to the lady that wants to improve her tennis game, look no further than the farmer’s walk.

6 Moves for Stronger Knees

Get into a pushup position with a roller at the base of your ankles. Turn your toe in towards the midline of your body in order to expose the muscles of the shin and address them. Press your shins firmly down on the roller and gradually inch up towards your knee. You completely control the pressure in this movement. For more intensity really lay your body weight into the foam, for less ease back on the throttle. I like trying to move my foot up and down during the rolling and search for hot spots. 45 seconds to a minute on each leg should suffice and free up those important lower leg muscles.

The Good, The Bad, and the Iffy

A grocery truck full of food news came down the pike this month— here’s a breakdown.

Why We’re Jealous of Liam Hemsworth

“I love junk food,” he says. “I gain weight. My brother Chris will be like, ‘What’s up with you, dude?’ I can see it in your face.’ That’s what’s so weird about this job: When you know you’re not working for another couple months, what stops you from just drinking and eating everything? Nothing.”

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Big & Lean: Back-Blasting Workout

When it comes to training, Mehmet Edip will do almost anything to get bigger and more shredded. Name the method, he’s tried it. “I do German volume training , occlusion, dropsets, and pyramids,” says Edip. (And if you don’t know what any of that is, keep reading M&F—we’ll get to it.) “Pyramid sets, where you increase weight as you lower reps, are the most beneficial,” Edip says, “because they increase strength and keep you lean.”

The "I Ain't Got Time" Workouts

We know how much you work, how many appointments you have, and how many people you need to meet. We get it – you’re a busy man who just doesn’t have time for jack sh*t. Well, if you’re looking down the barrel at a string of particularly crazy days, or even weeks, you’d be much better served working out fast rather than not at all. Here are two workouts so brief and effective that you will not be able make an excuse to skip them. Find a way to fit it in somewhere!

Optimum Nutrition Essential AmiN.O. Energy at

Everybody wants a lean, muscular physique. Like anything worth having, wanting it isn't enough. You have to commit to a rigorous diet and training program that will tax your strength mentally as well as physically. To help you satisfy both of these demands, ON's Essential Amino Energy combines a powerful ratio of rapidly absorbed free-form amino acids with natural energizers and N.O. boosting ingredients to help you reach your next level - including muscle-building BCAAs and arginine to help support intense, vascular pumps.* At 10 calories per serving, it'll make a big impression without denting your diet. Mix up Essential Amino Energy anytime you want to dial up mental focus, physical energy N.O. production, and recovery support.*

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Your Bodybuilding Dream

the key variables involved in getting results.

Double-Duty Supplement

Since weight training also has been shown to increase GH levels, scientists from Baylor University (Waco, Texas) designed an experiment to test the combination of melatonin supplements and weight training on GH levels. Sixty active, college-aged men and women were assigned to receive either melatonin or a placebo one hour before a workout. Blood tests were taken a few times before the exercise session. The subjects performed seven sets of high-intensity leg presses to stimulate natural GH release. The results showed that even before the workout began, the men receiving the high-dose melatonin supplement (5 mg) had elevated GH levels. After the training session, men in the low-dose (0.5 mg) and the high-dose (5 mg) groups had elevated GH levels when compared to the placebo group.

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Some people are non-responsive to creatine monohydrate, but malate works for them: … #creatine

4 Killer Moves for Bigger Quads

The barbell step-up is a great exercise for overall leg development and especially the quadriceps. To perform this lift, set up a box, bench or stack of plates to a height of 18-24”. Put a loaded Barbell on your back and step up with your right foot. Place the right foot on the bench. Stand up on the bench by extending your hip and knee of your right leg and place left foot on bench. Step down with the left leg by flexing your hip and knee on your right leg. Return to original standing position. Start the next step up with your left leg, switching between right and left between each rep. Do 6-10 reps on each leg (for a total of 12-20 reps) for 3-5 sets.

7 Advantages of Dumbbell Training

Let’s lose the mindset of waving around three-pound dumbbells, shaking your keister to some dance music and calling that serious training. Dumbbell training has many advantages over barbell training. The great Benjamin Franklin, in letters to his son, wrote that, “I live temperately, drink no wine, and use daily the exercise of the dumbbell.” Serious strength and mass goals can be achieved by training with dumbbells. I will even say that to fully maximize strength and hypertrophy , dumbbell training must play at least a partial role in one’s training regimen. Let’s take a look at seven advantages dumbbells have over the almighty barbell.

11 Ski Sweaters For The Winter Season

Winter is here. For many of us, a great plan is to wear one of the trusty favorites of the season, the ski sweater. For almost 100 years guys have been wearing these durable heavy wool sweaters straight from the powdery slope to the toasty lodge allowing for a seamless transition from sport to style. An effortless way to take full of advantage of the apres-ski cocktail hour is to show up dressed and ready to go.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron CRE3 at

Introducing a scientific breakthrough: molecularly modified creatine, better known as "SUPER CREATINE" Nitrate. Featuring cutting-edge ION-3 Nitrate Technology, Creatine Nitrate is the result of the fusion of highly-soluble nitric acid and creatine. Thanks to the addition of nitric acid, this unprecedented formulation improves the effectiveness of plain creatine molecules by fueling more efficient pathways into the muscles.*

For a limited time, LaserAway is giving new clients free laser hair removal treatments (worth up to $150!).

2012 Winner of Best Laser Hair Removal Company in Orange Country

CT Fletcher: Bigger And Badder Than The Rest Part 2 -

Why fight it? You know you want more CT Fletcher in your life. If you're one of his 'iron addicts' or want to challenge him to a bench battle, read our second interview with the man himself!

Cortisol Revisited

levels. If you think this is a problem, check the research, but it runs

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My strongest asset is not my body, my mind is. I worked years to be tough, to be disciplined. #fitnessmotivation

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