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Fighter Diet & Fitness Competitor Emily

Fighter Diet has helped me in so many ways achieve the fitness and mindset especially around fitness and in turn has allowed me to create and continue to shape and improve my physique exactly how I want it.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thursday, November 20, 2014 - Your romantic expectations may be so high today that your actual experience cannot be fully satisfying. Unfortunately, you could set a relationship up for failure as surreal Neptune squares sweetheart Venus in your visionary sign, prompting you to choose fantasy over reality. However, your fascination with a dream can also be quite inspiring as long as you understand the laws of the universe. Losing yourself in a poetic vision can be life-changing if you remember to return to earth when you're done.

Pauline Nordin

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10-Minute Triceps

Because of the weight loads used, failure is inevitable – and that’s a good thing. Even if you’re able to muscle through 15 reps on your first work segment, you will find that failure comes sooner and sooner on each subsequent set – that’s okay. Take a breath and get right back into it, have a training partner help you through a few forced reps, or continue on using partial reps. The point is to continue moving throughout the set. If none of the aforementioned methods work, try lightening the load next time.

5 Ways to Shredded Abs

Combine these five moves in a single workout to pummel each abdominal region into submission.

Marcus Luttrell: “You have to go through hell to find out what true happiness can be”

My current hope is to spend more time with my wife and kids. My biggest daily struggle is finding balance between work and family time. I absolutely understand the reason I go out and leave my family for days on end – to get the stories of my fallen brothers out to the public, to inspire, to give hope to someone who has completely lost it. I believe God gave me a purpose. Some people think because my experience is a book and a movie, it’s easy to talk about. It’s not and it never will be. The reason I do it is to motivate others and to keep my teammates memories alive. How do I pick a stopping point and close the door on my responsibility to my teammates?

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The harsh secret to success those wimpy motivation gurus won't tell you: …

The Best Upper Body Workout

DIRECTIONS  The first time you perform the workout, you’ll hit 25 reps for the main lifts by completing five sets of five, as shown. If you repeat the workout, perform six sets of four reps. In the next session, do eight sets of three. Do not perform this workout more than twice a week, and allow at least three days before repeating it. On each lift that you use the 25-rep rule for, spend the first three or four sets warming up so that only the last two are done with heavy weights.

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The stair climber is a pretty good machine, unless you break these rules: … (See 3rd section.)

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Love or hate #CrossFit , you gotta admit that Rich Froning is a beast. Here's why: …

The Best Full-Body Fat Loss Workout

Perform the first exercise as straight sets. Exercises 2A through 2D are done as a complex, so choose one pair of dumbbells and use them for each move. Use a load that allows you to complete your reps on your weakest exercise in the series. Perform six reps for each of the exercises. Rest 90 seconds and repeat.For exercises 3A through 3D, adjust your equipment and loads as necessary, but perform them in the same circuit fashion. If you choose to repeat the workout, vary the sets and reps you perform on these last four exercises each session. This will help you to continue milking gains from the circuit for months on end. Rotate between 3 sets of 10 reps, 4 sets of 5 reps, and 2 sets of 15 reps.

Is Perfect Squat Form a Myth? - Mike Reinold

What I often find is that many people are trying to squat with perfect form, or least what they believe is “perfect form.”  Perhaps they just picked up a copy of Starting Strength, or just attended their level 1 weekend certification, or just went through a foundations course at their box.  The quest for “perfect squat form” probably isn’t that simple.


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Your Top 10 Weight Loss Questions, Answered

From the best lunchtime workouts to how to eat healthy pre-flight, we've got you covered. Taken from our Ask Men's Fitness series, here are our answers to your top 10 weight loss questions.

It's Time for Humans to Take Back the Monkey Bars

“The body is one piece” has been a teaching truth of mine for decades, but it can be simplified to “Integrity.” As you train and pursue your goals, you must think of your body (mind and soul) as one piece. Your feet, even if you don’t realize it, are searching for clues from the ground to protect you from making a life changing or life altering error. You inner ear is helping out your feet by providing feedback on what is upright, and the rest of your body is sharing information to help your decision making process. 

Arsenic levels in rice prompt Consumer Reports guidelines

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Consumer Reports issued new guidelines Tuesday for limits on how much rice you and your children should eat. Rice and many products containing rice have significant levels of inorganic arsenic, which is linked to cancer. The Food and Drug Administration recommends parents consider other options rather than rice cereal for their children's first solid food. Rice comes in lots of varieties, and it's a common ingredient in many packaged foods. Consumer Reports analyzed Food and Drug Administration data on more than 600 foods that contain rice and found some with worrisome levels of inorganic arsenic. "We found that hot rice cereal and rice pasta can have much more arsenic than we saw in our previous tests," said Dr. Michael Crupain, Consumer Reports. "So we now recommend that children rarely eat these foods, which means not more than twice per month." Consumer Reports recommends children under 5 years old limit rice drinks, rice cakes and ready-to-eat rice cereals. "Levels of arsenic vary," said Crupain. "We based our recommendations on the higher levels in each food group to offer consumers the best protection.

What to Say When People Annoyingly Undermine Your Healthy Choices

Do this instead: It’s frustrating to feel attacked by your fellow diners, and as tempting (oh, so tempting!) as it may be to criticize their choices in retaliation, it’s better not to be judgmental, Gowin and Joe say. Their comments often reflect disappointment in their own decisions. If simply laughing it off and changing the subject won’t work, give them some insight on why you’re eating the way you are: “The grease upsets my stomach and I’d rather feel good instead of ending up in a food coma and having to go home early!” If you’re with true friends, Gowin says, you can honestly talk to them about your lifestyle preferences and ask for their support.

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

Achieve Panini Perfection!

Though “panini” translates, loosely, to “sandwiches” in Italian, the word might as well mean “often underwhelming.” At most American lunch spots, the panino is nothing more than your traditional meat-and-cheese sandwich, toasted, and marked up an additional two bucks (for the grill marks, maybe?). Instead of suffering through another lackluster grilled sandwich, perfect the panini yourself. Chef “Bobo” Ivan has at his Santa Monica, CA, restaurant, Ciboteca , where his menu is stocked with more than 15 carefully constructed paninis. Ivan recommends grilling up a veal Milanese panini, which acquires heartiness from pan-fried veal shoulder, sharpness from whole-grain mustard, and gooeyness from Parmesan cheese. A toasted ham and cheese sandwich, this is not. Cotoletta (Veal Milanese Panini) Recipe by “Bobo” Ivan, chef of Ciboteca in Santa Monica, CA What you’ll need: 1 cup AP flour 2 whole eggs 2 cups fine breadcrumbs 2 cups canola oil 1 tsp butter 2 4-oz. slices veal shoulder, pounded thinly Salt and pepper, to taste 2 plain 7”x3” ciabatta loaves, halved 2 Tbsp whole-grain Dijon mustard 2 Tbsp shaved Parmesan Large handful mizuna or arugula leaves How to make it: 1.

The Lowest Carb “Pasta” Recipes You’ll Ever Find

Luckily there are healthier options out there, but tricking the taste buds does require some creativity. That’s why we’ve teamed up with some of the nation’s top chefs to bring you vitamin-packed “pasta” recipes with a fraction of the calories and carbs. Click through to check out six dishes that allow you to dig in guilt-free whenever a starchy craving strikes—no restaurant reservation required. Editors' Favorite Cheat Meals>>>

Lean Legs Pak 2 (Athlete)

Fighter Diet followers are becoming famous for lean legs! Yeah we're doing it! Let me take you on a tour on how to do it! Step 1: Build the dense muscle mass which gives your legs SHAPE Pauline Nordin Without muscle you can't shape up. I know you might be scared of getting bulky thighs, but you will not when you do Fighter Diet combined with my Lean Legs concept. Lean legs are not made over night. Start with sticking to it for three months without questioning 'is it happening?'. it is happening, don't worry about it. Step 2: Use a Fighter Diet diet plan which helps your body shed fat while building muscle. When you want to get tight and firm instead of jiggly, you need to provide enough good food without adding too many calories from unnecessary extras. Step 3: Melt off the layer of bod

Instant Muscle: Back and Core

Attach a single-grip handle to the pulley of a lat pulldown station and grasp it with one hand. Face away from the machine and kneel on the floor with your opposite leg forward. Keeping your torso upright, pull the handle down to your collarbone. Perform the one-arm lat pulldown in the middle of your back workout, or as an assistance exercise in your bench- or overhead-press workout. Aim for 3–5 sets of 8–15 reps with each arm.

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Ladies, there's a stage in your monthly cycle where you can eat more carbs. Lucky! Info: …

Kick-Start Your Metabolism: Part 1

In order to lose weight and put on lean muscle, the formula is pretty basic: Follow a healthy and balanced low-fat diet, rid your program of processed foods and preservatives, control your portions, and adhere to a solid workout program that includes both resistance and cardiovascular training. It sounds uncomplicated, and in most cases it is—as long as you stick to the program you’ll receive the desired results you’re looking to achieve. However, what do you do when your body and metabolism have had enough and your system shuts down, and no matter what diet you follow, no matter how long and hard you train—you simply can’t lose weight and all progress has halted?

10 Foods to Lower Bad Cholesterol

The leading cause of death in the United States, cardiovascular disease is the result of various symptoms and genetic predispositions. Hyperlipemia, or having high levels of lipids (fats) such as cholesterol and triglycerides, in the blood is a significant factor in developing heart disease. While weight loss, exercise, and diet can help raise HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels and lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, there are also specific compounds in foods that can work to protect your heart by promoting healthy cholesterol levels.

What Is Isolation?

Somewhere along the way, bodybuilders began to define isolation in what I call negative terms; i.e., the removal of all supporting muscles from the movement, so that only a single target muscle is allowed to contract. If other muscles are involved, they either prevent the target muscle from doing the work or they cause the body to fatigue before the target muscle is fully exercised.

Fighter Diet & Water retention

Water retention must be one of the most misused and abused conditions in the fitness world. Instead of just acknowledging "hey I am a bit fat" it feels better to blame the bulge on aldosterone, PMS, carbs, salt, stress, no sleep.


•    Since you know that humans are notorious for inaccuracy with food journals, you can make the choice to own up to what you put in your mouth and do a completely honest food journal. You don’t have to show it to anyone or feel guilty. This is raw data you need to overcome your biological drive for foods that work against your own interests.

The Best Dumbbell Only Triceps Workout

101 Best Workouts Of All Time is the ultimate answer to the question "What workout should I do?" No matter what equipment you have available, from a fully-stocked supergym to a pair of mismatched dumbbells in your garage, or nothing but your body weight alone, you can build muscle, lose fat, and sculpt the physique you've always wanted.

Is Wedding-Night Sex a Thing of the Past?

There are just a few things that get in the way—namely, men. Not to point fingers, but the reason 24% of couples fail to have wedding-night sex is because the groom is too drunk. Whether or not it means he’s mentally or physically incapable of doing the deed, it’s the top reason, so slow down on the Irish car bombs. That’s the purpose of bachelor parties anyway.

Eight Essential Rules for a Clean Bulk

First things first: you can only gain weight during a caloric surplus. But gone are the days of splurging on everything in site for the sake of a bulk . Instead, target a moderate caloric surplus so you’re not adding fat. A good rule-of-thumb for calories is 16 x your bodyweight in pounds. For example, if you weigh 175 pounds, you should consume about 2800 calories (16 x 175) to gain weight.

Even Stronger Than They Look: Chris Cormier

In the ’90s at Gold’s Gym Venice, you could witness a dozen or so of the world’s best bodybuilders toiling daily. Of those, Cormier was known as much for his strength as his physique—and that’s saying a lot. Over his 14-year pro career, the Real Deal won 11 contests, finished third in the Olympia twice (1999, 2002), and was second in the Arnold Classic six consecutive years (2000–05). Still, for those, like yours truly, who witnessed his workouts in the Mecca in the ’90s, it’s the scary numbers he put up—especially on chest and leg days—that impressed the most.

5 Unique Shrugs to Get You Yoked

Set the crash bars on a squat rack at about mid-thigh level. Unlike a conventional bar shrug the resistance will actually be behind you. This slight deviation stresses the mid traps more than a standard bar shrug. Hand placement on the bar can also serve as a way to recruit different parts of your traps. Try it with a close grip, shoulder width grip and just inside of a snatch grip to really tax the upper back from different areas. Perform 3 sets of 20-25 reps.

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There's a difference between building a bodybuilder chest and bench pressing a lot. Info: …

10 Underrated Protein Sources

Consuming enough protein is not only critical for building and maintaining muscle—it also happens to be important for maintaining a healthy nutritional profile. But that same old chicken breast can get pretty boring, whey powder only comes in so many flavors and there are only so many eggs you can eat before you start to sprout feathers—particularly if you are trying to adhere to the M&F-approved 1 gram per pound of bodyweight per day benchmark. So the next time you’re in a protein rut, consider one of nature’s alternative protein sources . Or, just consider tossing some new protein sources into your diet for some variety.

36 15 Laws Of Leg Training -

Not to be confused with the stiff-legged deadlift, which is more of a lower-back exercise, the RDL effectively targets the glute/ham tie-in. While it takes some time to master this particular movement—push your butt back, make sure to keep your back flat throughout, keep your knees bent, and don't try to lower the weight all the way to the floor—it's a great way to complement leg curls for more complete hamstring development.

5 Ways to Get Faster Results in the Gym

You wake up, shower, eat a light protein-packed breakfast , and head to the gym. You spend an hour fast-walking on the treadmill, bulk up on the chest press machine, do a few sets of curls, lunge to exhaustion, and head home. You repeat that same routine daily. And you—get this—may not even see the results you want. “People who just go through the motions, doing the same workout over and over again each week, don’t make progress,” says Craig Ballantyne, CTT, owner of CB Athletic Consulting, Inc. “In order to see results your body needs a new training stimulus.”

Pimp Your Dumbbell Pullovers

When we apply this reality to performing dumbbell pullovers on a flat bench, we quickly see that the point of maximal loading is when your arms are directly overhead. In other words, your muscles are working the hardest when your arms are parallel to the floor, because this is the point where the lever arm is at its longest. And when performing dumbbell pullovers on a flat bench, the exercise gets easier, and your working muscle get less stimulation the closer your arms get to being perpendicular to the floor. This is why performing dumbbell pullovers while lying on a decline bench can be a great complement to using a flat bench.

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Why Losing Weight Is Hard - Born Fitness

I have very few people that I consider “mentors” in my life. My parents are obvious, but outside of my family there is one man that stands above the rest: Ted Spiker. I say this with as much gratitude possible; if it wasn’t for Ted Spiker, I don’t know if I would have ever made it in the health and fitness industry. In fact, writing about Spiker deserves it’s own post, but right now I want to focus on Spiker’s latest contribution to the health industry, Down Size . In this excerpt from his new book, Spiker keys in on the real reason why so many goal driven plans (for weight loss, exercise, diet…really anything) oftentimes fail. Grab a cup of coffee and get ready to learn. This one’s on the house and it’s worth your time. -AB


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FD Fat Loss By Mind Power (Fitness)

“Before reading Pauline Nordin’s Fighter Diet blog and subsequently purchasing e-books (I currently have FDX2, Fat loss By Mind Power, Fighter Diet Concept, I thought I knew enough about exercise and nutrition to sculpt the body I wanted. I didn’t realize I was so bogged down with “broscience” from fitness and health websites, personal trainers, magazines etc, that I was relying solely on my genes to stay a small size (not yet realizing I was the dreaded skinny-fat body type!) and not pushing myself hard enough to MAKE my body change. I had lots of rationalizations as to why my body wasn’t changing but didn’t realize they were just excuses; not enough time to work out or prepare healthy food, too tired, too stressed, too sore from yesterday’s workout blah blah blah. I t

Beginners Guide For MEN

Fighter Diet is proud to offer superlative excellence in customer service and support to our global customer base. Our product lines are perpetually expanding and we welcome your inquiries for improvement. We value your loyalty and thank you for your continued support.

Editor Obsession: Five Fall Socks

If socks are one of the last things you think of when choosing what to wear for the day ahead, it’s time to change that. So much more than an afterthought, your socks are one of the rawest sartorial indicators of your mood—and a simple way to crank up your comfort level in the colder months. Sure, they might be hidden for the majority of the day—uh, if you were a mannequin. But you’re not (we assume). You move. Your pants move. People see your socks. This is the world we live in. So let’s liven up your fall look a bit, shall we? Fortunately, you have a lot of options. Like, a lot. And we’ve already gotten to work for you, picking out our favorite feet-gloves for fall. From socks made of bison down (yup, real thing. Who knew?) to crazy patterns that would knock a bison down, click through the slideshow for our favorite picks of the season.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Super Intense

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Super Intense

Ask Born: Do Organic Foods Help Fat Loss? - Born Fitness

That’s not  to say organic foods are bad (As I said before, they are part of my diet). They are a great source of nutrition and tend to be farmed in a more responsible manner. The question here is about pure fat loss. Organic sources of sugar are still sugar. And organic products loaded with 1,000 calories are still 1,000 calories. If you want to reduce the potential of anything bad entering your body, feel free to purchase organic products but still keep an eye on the label if your primary goal is fat loss.

Born Fitness

potential.  Born Fitness represents a mentality where every workout should be enjoyed as much as every dessert should be savored. If you hustle relentlessly and live passionately, but also relax, laugh, and allow yourself to seek happiness instead of perfection, then you are Born fit. For the first time ever Born Fitness is releasing the Be Born Fit t-shirt to the public. This isn't a movement or a lifestyle. It's a state of mind. #BeTheChange

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AvaIlable on News Stands Now! Jan 2015 Issue! @MuscularDevelop @TheBranchWarren

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