Do your gym ethics suck? Video Description

This one is debatable based on the gym owner. Some don't care how many videos and selfies you take. Others want you to leave the damn phone on the desk or locker.  I really don't care  as I've gotten a call once in my life that if I didn't answer and call 911 someone close to me would be dead right now. I have my phone next to me at all times (or in hearing range)  unless I am with my family. At the same time, it drives me insane when people film every set they do when there are experienced coaches in the gym. Many need to film their lifts for the coach they are working with so I really don't care as long as it's not distracting others or slowing a training group down. Whatever the rules of the gym are - follow them. If you don't like it, find another gym.  Personally what works for me is to use my phone to run the music through the gym and leave it on the table. If I get a call I will hear it over the speakers

Videos for 11/28/2016