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8 Incredibly Difficult Exercises

Ready to take on some truly tough, muscle-blasting moves? Step up to the bar and prove it with these advanced lifts.

Do your gym ethics suck?

The best coach you could be using may be sitting right behind the desk of the gym you train at, or already training in the same gym you do.

7 Hardcore Chest Exercises for the Advanced Lifter

Be prepared to bring it with these extreme pec-thrashers.

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Top 10 Supplements for Muscle Mass

Moderate- to high-quality evidence suggests that beta-alanine supplementation increases total work done, power output, physical working capacity and fatigue threshold. Four moderate- to high-quality studies demonstrated an increase in lean mass in beta-alanine-treated groups compared to placebo groups.9 A recent dosing study published in the scientific journal of the American College of Sports Medicine suggested that ~1.2 grams of beta-alanine per day was optimal for maintaining up to 50 percent more muscle carnosine over baseline, after a six-week loading phase of 3.2 grams per day (four x 800 mg doses).10

NITRO-TECH by MuscleTech at - Best Prices on NITRO-TECH!

Never tried Muscletech protein powders before. I used to take a scoop of Gold Whey mixed with water right after workout. This time I decided to try out some new flavor and get better results. Hydrolized protein is quite pricey, so I decided to buy 2 and get 1 for free. More bcaa and whey peptides content plus creatine and the variety of flavors made me order this. I ordered 3 flavors: Decadent Brownie Cheesecake (since I completely can't resist sometimes to cook brownies and cheesecakes:)), Vanilla cake and Milk Chocolate. Haven't opened the 2nd and 3rd one yet, but absolutely amazed with the Brownie Cheesecake flavor. In my opinion this one is one of the best flavors ever! even my picky father, who hates all protein powders with additional flavors (clean MP flavorless protein is his choice of all time) he said that this one tastes just like a real thick chocolate shake. Recommend to everyone looking to archieve a better results with a really tasty protein powder!

2 Training Secrets of Jacked Olympic Lifters | T Nation

Jerk steps are best done where you have about 20 yards of space to travel forward, then back again. Twenty yards gives most people the space to do 10 or more steps in one direction. It's possible to do them without the space to walk forward, but it's harder. One of the many advantages of actually walking forward while doing them is that you have to walk back with the other leg leading the step, and the walk back has to be the same distance as the initial walk forward.

5 CrossFit Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

You'll do this workout minute by minute. So, on the first minute, you'll have 60 seconds in which to do 10 burpees. If you finish the 10 burpees with time to spare, rest until minute 2 starts. When the clock hits 2 minutes, begin doing 15 box jumps. (If you don't have a box, jump on a bench or up a step.) Try to complete 15 jumps in 1 minute. If you complete all 15 reps within the time, then rest until minute 3 starts. If you can't complete all the reps, start the kettlebell swings when the clock gets to 3 minutes. At minute 3, you'll perform 20 kettlebell swings. When minute 4 starts, you'll go back to burpees. Continue in this fashion for 20 minutes.

The Single Worst Exercise | T Nation

In case you haven't seen anyone doing this bastardized exercise, they stand on an upside-down BOSU ball with a pair of dumbbells and do dumbbell curls. In order to keep their balance, they alternate arms and pump them really fast. The effect is kind of similar to one of those spinning-top toys that toddlers play with – if the top slows down, it falls over and splashes pabulum on the kitty. Same thing with the BOSU ball curlers – if they slow down their arms, they fall over and do a header onto the glute/ham raise machine.

All Products - Biotest

Includes E-Book – The Velocity Diet is a science based, rapid body-transformation program that's so powerful and so effective that results border on being unbelievable. But this system is not for everyone.

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I'm making my dad watch this so he will understand me @Lin_Manuel @TheRock #OurMillenialLife …

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Tip: Don't Forget Your OTHER Butt Muscles | T Nation

The maximus gets all the attention, but if your other glute muscles are weak then your squat will suffer. Here's how to prevent that.

Tip: Take This at Night and Reduce Cortisol | T Nation

While the study didn't theorize as to the best time of day to take the fish oil, it seems logical that taking fish oil at dinner or even bedtime would be the best as it would reduce nighttime levels of cortisol and help you sleep.

Protein Cauliflower Cheese Bake

Sure, cheese has protein, but when it comes to fueling your gains, more is better. Add some extra pow to your diet with this delicious, protein-rich cheese bake!

FighterDiet 12-Week Challenge

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Tip: The Missing Warm-Up for Leg Day | T Nation

Add this simple move to your warm-up on lower-body day and you'll be ready to smoothly bang out the big lifts.

Tip: The Leg Exercise That Prevents Knee Injuries | T Nation

Lift long enough or play sports and your knees are bound to get cranky. Here's an easy way to protect them.

How to Do the Top 8 Back Exercises | T Nation

With dumbbell row, quality should be stressed over quantity. However, there comes a point where you can only use perfect form for so long before it's no longer a strength exercise. So here's the compromise – one week your form should be spot on. Make sure each and every rep is technically sound and make your inner ACE certified personal trainer happy. The following week allow your inner "Matt Kroc" to rage and go as heavy as you can for as many reps as you can.

Tip: Build Pecs with the Hex Press | T Nation

By forcing your shoulders and deep humeral and scapular stabilizers to initiate tension into internal rotation and depression, the head of the humerus will translate more posteriorly and will be more centrated in the shoulder socket. This positioning allows you to use internal tension and torque production through the shoulders and still train hard.

Here is a tip for your... - Ben Pakulski IFBB Pro | Facebook

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4 Simple Leg Workouts for Growth | T Nation

Like last week, work up to your starting weight doing sets of 8 reps, but this week hit parallel. Continue to focus on a slow 3-second descent. This week you're going to do sets of 8 with a moderately heavy weight, then a tough set of 5 like last week, and then finally a tough set of 3 (don't forget the 3-second descent). After you do the set of 3, cut your weight in half and shoot for as many reps as you can with good form! Four total work sets.

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12 Signs You're Overtraining

You take your workouts seriously. But, have you ever found yourself placing unreasonable demands on your body to the point of overtraining? Rest assured, if your commitment to gym time is in the neighborhood of about five hours per week, chances are you aren’t at risk of overtraining. However, if it’s greater than five hours per week and training is becoming a borderline addiction even at the expense of possibly doing harm, it’s probably time to reassess your goals. If you’re in this position, ideally you’ll have the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced personal trainer who can quickly help you get your training back on track. Regardless, it’s crucial that you listen to your body and know the signs of overtraining. We’ve compiled a list of 12 common symptoms of overtraining.

Tip: The Double Kettlebell Delt Builder | T Nation

This lift will build your shoulders, but your entire body will be punished too – from glutes to lats. Check it out.

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Black Friday Week Deals • Zach Even-Esh

Strength Coach Spectrum $97 $67- 50 Proven Business & Marketing Strategies for Strength & Conditioning Coaches - Details HERE

Six Perfect Post-Workout Meals

The Perks: Breakfast for dinner? Uhhh…yes. Plain egg whites just get too boring, forcing you to ditch your high-protein meal for a Krispy Kreme when you are burned out on traditional bodybuilding foods. Keep the yolks for the extra omega-3 fats, vitamins and minerals. Make them taste good with some bacon (turkey bacon is a great, lower-fat option) and increase nutrient density and texture with the veggies. Nothing says post-workout breakfast like eggs. This post-workout is perfect for those on low calories and carbs, but need the protein to retain muscle and fat to decrease hunger.

Back and Biceps Muscle-Builder Workout

Get big with this workout designed to give you an intense pump.

The Bench Press Controversy

The bench press remains a superior movement, and it may be so for you, but only if you learn these lessons, as I did. First, it’s not an ego exercise, so don’t use it to see how much you can bench; use it to build your pecs. Second, adapt the exercise to your body rather than vice versa — if you feel it more in your chest muscles when you’re on a flat bench, then that’s the position you should use; if you feel it more at a specific angle, use that angle. Third, control the movement so that you feel the pump build in your pecs, right where you want it. - FLEX

Stay Honest for Bigger Biceps

"People tend to bring their elbows forward for two simple reasons," says Ernesto Osorio, CSCS, a personal trainer with One2One Fitness in Houston. "The first is trying to achieve a greater peak contraction of the biceps. The second reason is that of pride and ego - you can typically use more weight when you're not isolating the target muscle, a nice way of saying you're cheating. And while it's okay to occasionally use cheating techniques to spark growth, doing so on every rep can hamper your progress.

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9 Best Bodyweight Moves For Colossal Arms

Pike pushups mimic the overhead plane by getting you upside-down. Get into a pushup position and raise your hips until you have a straight line going from your hands to your hips. Keep your elbows in as you descend, drive yourself back up, and keep your hips up the entire time. To make this harder, put your feet on a box, ball or bench.

Muscle Fuel

But that doesn't mean visiting the nearest fast-food drive-through. No, because you have to eat srnart. You need protein, healthy fats, the right kinds of carbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants - and you need them in the proper amounts and in the right ratios. Fortunately, there are a select few whole, natural foods that, collectively, provide all of the above to help you gain the right kind of weight: lean muscle. The following 15 foods fall in this category. They’re the best of the best. Incorporate them into your diet, add a healthy dose of intense training and watch the muscle add up.

Week 13 Deeper Waiver Wire Sleepers: PPR Leagues

After wide receiver Taylor Gabriel scored two touchdowns Sunday against a Cardinals' defense that is no slouch against the pass, there's no denying that he has carved himself a place on this team going forward. Since scoring his first touchdown of the season Week 8 against the Packers, he's caught 13-of-18 targets for 271 yards and four touchdowns as well as rushing three times for 51 yards and a touchdown, putting him near the top of the list for most fantasy points scored among wide receivers over the past four weeks. The NFL's top-scoring team will welcome the Chiefs to Atlanta Week 13, a team that has allowed the third-most fantasy points to wide receivers this season thanks to being second in yards allowed with 2,221 and tied for sixth in touchdowns allowed with 14. He should be one of the top PPR waiver claims this week.

What 4 specific body fat percentage ranges look like on men

You need a certain amount of essential fat—3%—which is found in the vital organs and is essential for normal functioning in a guy, Jordan explains. “Consequently, the minimum healthy percent body fat a man can achieve is around 3%, typically seen in endurance athletes, but also bodybuilders on competition day.” If that sounds ridiculously unachievable, don’t freak out—all our experts agree somewhere in 10 to 15% is the most realistic for looking cut. But, decide for yourself. Click through the following slides to see visuals and read exactly what it looks like to have 5-8% body fat, 9-13% body fat, 14-17% body fat, and 18-20% body fat. Then, on the last slide, find out how to achieve each one.

Holiday party food that won't destroy your diet

Having a holiday blowout? These lower-fat, lower- calorie takes on traditional appetizers and entrées taste just like the real thing, so you can both fool your guests and save that shrink-wrapped six-pack.

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7 Tips for Burning Fat and Building Muscle

This is something that was driven home by Alwyn Cosgrove’s Periodization Design Bible . In it, Alwyn teaches how to design a sound program on the foundation that movements and movement patterns should be balanced. The volume for a push movement has to be balanced with the volume of the pull movements. This will ensure that muscle groups and joints (kinetic chain linkage) are antagonistically strong and the body creates appropriate tension when presented with the opportunity to overcome a weight.

Weekly Twitter Giveaway Terms And Conditions

Eligibility:  The Twitter contest (the “Contest”) is open to Twitter members who are eighteen (18) years of age and older at the time of entry (“Contestant”). Membership and enrollment in Twitter are free. Contest is open only to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia (excluding Puerto Rico, Samoa, Guam, the US Virgin Islands and any other U.S. territories and protectorates, and individuals with an APO or FPO military address). Contestants may not be members of any guild, union, or other organization that may prohibit them from participating in this Contest and that would restrict, require due payment or otherwise have the right to oppose such Contestant’s participation in this Contest. Employees, contractors, members, and agents of, LLC, Liberty Media Corporation (and companies owned by Liberty Media Corporation), and members of their immediate family (including spouses, parents, siblings, children, and their respective spouses) and persons living in the same household with any such individual are ineligible. In order to be eligible, Contestant must follow these Rules.


A recent study looked at whether a high-protein diet affected the immune system in response to a large volume of high-intensity exercise. Eight well-trained cyclists performed two separate weeks of high-intensity training while consuming either a high-protein diet of three grams per kilogram of bodyweight or an energy-and-carbohydrate-matched control diet that contained half the protein. Three grams per kilogram is equal to 1.4 grams per pound of bodyweight. So it’s 40 percent higher than the typical recommendation of one gram per pound daily.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday, November 28, 2016 - The boundaries between your internal and external worlds are blurred now, preventing you from knowing the truth. Nevertheless, you must confront issues you don't want to face as the inscrutable Scorpio Moon moves through your 12th House of Endings. Thankfully, you can build an inner strength that carries you far into the future if you're willing to address your doubts and fulfill your obligations. Bryant McGill writes, "When you take care of business today, tomorrow takes care of itself."

8 Sex Questions You’re Afraid to Ask

Same here: There’s no medical reason not to have sex while she’s pregnant, assuming you’re both healthy, disease-free adults. But again, the ball is in her court—each pregnancy is different, but many women feel most up to sex during the second trimester (after morning sickness has passed and before the baby starts pressing on all her internal organs), Werthman says. If you do happen to have an STI and she does not, it’s best to abstain until it clears up or the baby is born, because STIs can affect pregnancy and can be passed from mother to child.

10 Best Foods to Help Skinny Guys Gain Muscle

The key to crafting muscle-boosting meals with those foods is designing your plate around the proper nutrient ratios. Rosante recommends eating three meals per day and two anytime snacks. Each meal should include two palm-size portions of protein, two fist size portions of veggies, two cupped hand-sized portions of starchy carbs, and two thumb sized portions of fats like nuts, oil, or avocado. As for the snacks, the principles remain the same, just cut the sizes in half. “After a few weeks, see how you're progressing. If you’re still not gaining the size you'd like, add an extra cupped handful of carbs or thumb of fats to a few of your daily meals,” says Rosante.

The Workout Plan to Get Jacked Like Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas’ body is a lot like his career: It just keeps getting better. You wouldn’t have predicted it back in the day, but this teen singing idol has exploded into not just a Hollywood star but also a physical powerhouse—which is all the more impressive when you consider his grueling schedule and the demands of living with type-1 diabetes. Here, his get-ripped regimen.

Instagram photo by James Smith • Nov 29, 2016 at 1:57am UTC

Two Exercises for Complete Hamstrings

Better overall hamstring development is important for both symmetry of the thighs and protection against injury. In addition to quad developers like the squat and leg press, you should also be doing hamstring-specific movements such as stiff-leg deadlifts and leg curls.

Bodybuilder Biceps, Powerlifter Triceps | T Nation

  The long head of the biceps works incredibly well when you let the shoulder slightly flex and curl forward while in the standing position. Because of the strength curve, you'll have a peak contraction of the biceps around the mid-point of the lift, which coincides with its strongest position. Don't curl the barbell too high up, though (towards the shoulders), as you'll take a lot of the stress off the muscle.

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DeFranco's Gym Apparel Collection

Joe DeFranco is the founder and owner of the world-famous DeFranco's Gym (est. 2003). “DeFranco’s” pioneered the hardcore, warehouse-type training centers that are now popping up throughout the country. Their results-driven, New Jersey-based facility was built with one thing in mind – IMPROVING ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE! DeFranco’s caters to serious high school, college and professional athletes that are driven to reach their full athletic potential. Up until this point, all DeFranco apparel was reserved for DeFranco-trained athletes only. But now, DeFranco's wildly popular gear is finally available to YOU! Enjoy the store.

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Anyway, after my little pity party, the numbers look good. I was able to perform extra Joker sets for both the Squat and the Deadlift. Anything after the first three sets are Jokers. None for the bench. Those numbers seem to be dead on. The math is really screwed up by the football bar because that thing is so damn hard. I was up a good 10% on the big three lifts across the board. This wasn't planned, it just worked out that way. Everything is heading in the right direction. Just two weeks out from the NOV Meet. I need to take a beat and figure out the next move in preparation. Stay tuned.

No Need to Thank Us for This Video of the Rock Singing a Lin-Manuel Miranda Moana Song Called ‘You’re Welcome’

"You're welcome," sings the demigod Maui from Disney's Moana . And you know what? You are welcome, because Maui is voiced by the Rock and because "You're Welcome" was written by Hamilton 's own Lin-Manuel Miranda, who's also writing a bunch of other music for the film. Watch the extended video for the song now and continue to be thankful for a whole movie full of songs from all these adorable humans. Allow Miranda, the Rock, and Disney Animation to give the obvious response to your gratitude.

Dexter Jackson 1995 NPC USA Champion

Dexter Jackson (November 26, 1969) 1995 NPC USA Light Heavyweigth champion interviewed by "Uncrowned Mr. Olympia" Shawn Ray.

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