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2015 Fit Squad 6-Week Challenge

Join me for the Fit Squad 6-Week Challenge. $35,000 in prizes! Register today! #BBCOMFitSquad @bodybuildingcom @MuscleTech

Dario vs The Deadlift: 100 Pounds in 10 Months

By designing his training program to address each of his technical, mental, and muscular weaknesses, I was able to help Dario claim the record he deserved.

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Training Styles: Full Body

A new look at the old system of training every body part in every workout.

Take a Break...or Not?

How much time is OK to take off from the gym without losing muscle and strength?

20 Fittest Foods for Men

19) Olive Oil 119 calories per tbsp Eat 2 tbsp per day Olive oil is rich in good monounsaturated fat, making it an ideal food for heart health. In fact, studies show that replacing two tablespoons of saturated fat (found in butter and lard) with monounsaturated fat may reduce the risk of heart disease. But that's not the only reason to eat it. A study in the journal Nature reports that olive oil also has potent anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it can help reduce pain and swelling just like a dose of ibuprofen. In addition to cooking with olive oil and using it as a dressing for your salad, you can get even more in your diet by mixing a tablespoon or two into your daily protein shake.

10 Upper-Body Moves That Build Your Core Too

“Abs are made in the kitchen.” Yes, that’s partly true, but they’re made in the gym too — for any muscle to grow in size and density, it needs stimulus. To sculpt a ripped six-pack, you’ll need to target your abs with more than just a few plank holds and ab-wheel rollouts. Every exercise you do should engage the core so your trunk is stabilized in space.

Fast Blast Supplements

Consuming a high-protein diet is beneficial for helping to maximize muscle building, but your body can’t synthesize protein that isn’t absorbed by your body. By taking in digestive enzymes that help break down protein, you increase the amount of protein that enters your body as well as helping to speed up the rate at which this protein is able to be used for repair and growth. Look for the digestive enzymes that target protein absorption; these enzymes include protease, pepsin, trypsin, and bromelain.

30 Minutes to 3-D Shoulders

Sometimes there's no better way to start the work week than with a circuit. This week, we're highlighting a shoulder circuit that will help you achieve that 3-dimension look. You'll target the front, rear and side delts in 4 moves. You should complete this workout in 30 minutes after performing the 3-4 total circuit rounds. (not including warm-up)

High Bar Squat Vs. Low Bar Squat

The high-bar position lends itself to staying more upright when you squat, and that hits the quads harder and is more common among those who train Olympic lifts (snatches and clean and jerks). The low-bar style will have your torso bending forward more, but because the bar’s center of gravity is lower, you’ll be able to control it better and push your hips back farther while keeping your chest forward and not down—a key aspect of good form. You’ll likely also feel like using a wider stance with the low bar—slightly outside shoulder-width. Low-bar squatting hits the hamstrings and glutes better and allows you to lift heavier, so it’s more common among powerlifters.

5 Total-Body Benefits of the Push Press

One of the most effective ways to build this strength and power is with the push press . The push press calls on the calves, quads, core, deltoids, and triceps as prime movers and a host of other muscles that stabilize and assist. Contrary to the grinding reps of heavy strict overhead presses, this lift is explosive and classified as a “quick lift”.

Why Weights Are Better Than Cardio for Fat Loss

While it is easy to see why it’s ideal to perform both a mix of lower intensity cardio and weight training, the reality is most people are pressed for time and impatient. You want results as fast as possible with the least amount of work needed.

3 Huge Diet Mistakes to Avoid

I am going to cover the 3 biggest mistakes I see made when it comes to the nutrition of a lifter training intensely! If you are not training hard in the weight room, these recommendations are not for you.

A New Approach To Fat Loss Nutrition

What if you could eat the foods you love and still lose weight? The new approach to fat loss nutrition breaks all the rules and delivers results.

The Dieter's Secret Weapon

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter released from the hypothalamus that blocks the release of prolactin from the anterior lobe of the pituitary. One of its main functions is to act on the sympathetic nervous system to elicit effects such as: Excitement, high blood pressure, motivational energy, and impulsive behavior. For example, when a male engages in sexual intercourse, he reaches peak dopamine levels while climaxing, then immediately after intense pleasure prolactin floods his system which induces opposite effects. ■ HIGH dopamine and low prolactin ■ LOW dopamine and high prolactin When a person is meticulously dieting to achieve extremely low body fat levels, a cascade of effects begin to take place as fat cells begin to shrink. Neurotransmitters begin to plummet, which affects our mood, hunger, and social behavior. One way to keep dopamine levels consistent while in a calorie deficit is to eat smaller meals more frequently. Eating every 2–3 hours will maintain higher dopamine levels as well as keep blood sugar balanced. Another great way to boost dopamine levels is to incorporate a cheat day or cheat meal once a week.

Dynamic Effort Squat Cycles That Work

I just found this in a file from many years ago when I was still training at Westside Barbell so I would date this at 2004. I was working on a Squat Manual similar to the Bench Manual we currently sell. This project got kicked to the curb because the time invested in the manual wasn't conducive to my time spend working on other aspects of elitefts. This became more clear and months and years went on (based on the profit generated from the Bench Manual). There is a lot of value in these training cycles that I wanted to pass on instead of letting them die on my hard drive. Here you go.

Bench Press

The Ultimate Ceviche Recipe

It’s a snack. It’s a meal. And it goes great with chips. There are few options that are both as healthy and flavorful as ceviche. This simple recipe  loads up on the protein and allows you to cook this in about 20 minutes. The hard part: Waiting for it to marinate in the fridge without digging in prematurely.

Straight-Up Delt Workout for Massive Shoulders

It’s pretty standard practice to begin your shoulder routine with some heavy over- head presses. Done standing or seated, overhead presses build crazy strength by bringing your triceps, upper pecs and even your abs into play to help you move more weight. The goal here, however, is beefier delts and, sometimes, a simple reduction in weight is advisable. But that doesn’t mean you have to scale back the intensity. By simply alternating sides with each rep, you can create a new stimulus for growth. But here, we’ll dial it back yet another step by keeping one dumbbell stationary—either in the up or down position—to further increase the total time that your delts are under tension. This increases the time the delts work for, fatiguing your muscles in a different way than with normal presses, and igniting that deep burn you haven’t felt in a while.

Here's What to Do When You Accidentally Sext Your Ex — And She Starts Sexting You Back

I’m all for recycling, but even if your breakup was amicable, the fact that she’s sexting you means she probably still has feelings for you. I know it’s fun to get your ego stroked by an old flame, but the more evolved version of you would come clean—if not about the sext, then at least about your feelings for her (or lack thereof). Who knows, your integrity might make her want to sleep with you more!

5 Things Guaranteed to Lead to Workout Injuries

Make sure to pay attention to these five things that can lead to injury during a workout, train smart and listen to your body.

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Unconventional Moves, Extreme Strength and Muscle Gains

Strongman training—as its name implies—can improve your strength immensely. Some of my favorite strongman training tools are the farmer’s walk, the big tractor tire, the prowler/sled, and the log. The farmer’s walk is a great way to work grip strength, and the stronger your grip, the more weight you can handle. The tractor tire and prowler are great for improving your posterior chain explosiveness and power. Using a log instead of a barbell, on the other hand, is a completely different beast. Those with a history of lower back pain might have a hard time with it since it requires you to lean backwards to avoid hitting your chin.

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When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

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When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Kai Greene on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

25 Things Every Woman Hates

You're going to do and say some things that your wife, girlfriend, lover, or even female cubicle buddy will find downright deplorable. Okay, maybe not deplorable, but it’s going to strike a nerve deep in her brain that will irk her to no end. She may not say it then, to avoid seeming like an irrational person who only points out your flaws, so we’re going to do it for her. We’ve rounded up 25 of the most common faux pas you’re likely to commit in your lifetime. And we’re willing to bet most women hate them in addition to the ones in this particular sample...

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Here's The Exact Percentage of People Who Sleep Naked

A new survey uncovers U.S. sleep habits and preferences from how much sleep the average American logs to what they wear to bed.

Pipe Dreams

The key is to use an advanced training technique called rest/pause. Load the bar with a weight that you can get six to eight reps with. But you won’t be stopping there. No, your goal is to get 15 reps in each set. How is that possible? Well, you’ll start lifting, and when you reach muscle failure, which should be around or possibly just beyond the eight-rep range where you would normally stop, put the bar down. Rest 10 to 15 seconds and then pick the bar back up and do as many reps as you can until you hit muscle failure again. Repeat this process as many times as it takes until you get 15 reps. Then the set’s over. Rest two to three minutes between sets to give your poor arms a break before beginning the onslaught again.