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Physis Nutrition na Expo Nutrition 2014 SP

Participação da Physis Nutrition na Expo Nutrition 2014 - SP Presenças de Rich Gaspari e Branch Warren.

Call To Action I Wake Up Call I TNT

SUBSCRIBE: About Wake Up Call: By the time Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was 23, he had multiple arrests, his family was evicted and h...

Enter The Dragon


Mike O'Hearn and IFBB PRO Nicole Wilkins Seminar Part 1

Mike O'Hearn and IFBB PRO Nicole Wilkins Seminar from the 2014 NPC 2014 NPC Natural Northern USA Championships Filmed by Jeff Binns

Bench Press

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Who gets injured most out of these four? You may be surprised: …

Plateau-Busting Arm Routine

With lockouts, you work over only the top third of the range of motion (ROM). After you complete three sets of full-range  close-grip bench presses  (hands shoulder-width apart), do partial reps with a weight that's 10%-–20% more than your one-rep max. Use a power rack with the safeties set about 4 inches below the point at which your arms are fully extended, or you may be able to use a Smith machine with the stops similarly set. Do one last back-off set in which you remove the extra 10%-–20% and do as many reps as you can.

Build a Strong Chest With the Strength Band Pec Flye

In this exercise, the traditional pec flye gets a simple twist with a set of strength bands. Rather than lifting pin-selected weight stacks in a cable crossover station or pec deck, the strength band pec flye puts your pecs under constant tension, stressing the muscle fibers of your chest in a whole new way. And as research has shown time and again, regularly changing things up is essential for sustained growth.

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The pull-through may be the best damn exercise you're not doing. Here's why: …

Build Arms Like Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s guns are arguably the most famous in human history, and rightly so. Stretching the tape to a full 22 inches, they weren’t just the biggest of his day (the late-’60s to the mid-’70s) but also the most ideally shaped. Arnold kept things basic and brutal, yet made sure to cover his bases by including exercises that he considered mass builders, and others that isolate the biceps .

The 30 Best Back Exercises of All Time

Let's face it. If you're training goals involve aesthetics, then you've likely thought of ways to get a V-Taper. High volume on exercises that recruit the deltoids, lats, and obliques are necessary parts of building a big, broad back. Training the  back muscles  does more than just make you look more manly, they also strengthen the spine and neck for improved posture, injury prevention and proper rehabilitation. Enter back country with these 30 back exercises to build strength, size and  prevent injury. 

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The 10 Commandments of Gym Etiquette

Whether you realize it or not, you and those you share a gym with form a community. Making that community an entity that can work together for everyone’s benefit means following a few sensible rules—rules that aren’t posted on the walls of your gym but probably should be. Follow this simple code of conduct to ensure the safest, most productive—and least annoying— training environment for everyone around you. Go ahead and print these pages and tape them to the wall of your gym. It’s time everyone got the message.

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#WorkoutWednesday Deal! All DVD's on sale plus free shipping at


ELIGIBILITY: The Twitter contest (the "Contest") is open to Twitter members who are 18 years of age and older at the time of entry ("Contestant"). Membership and enrollment in Twitter are free. Contest is open only to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia (excluding Puerto Rico, Samoa, Guam, the US Virgin Islands and any other U.S. territories and protectorates, and individuals with an APO or FPO military address). Contestants may not be members of any guild, union or other organization that may prohibit them from participating in this Contest and that would restrict, require due payment or otherwise have the right to oppose such Contestant's participation in this Contest. Employees, contractors, members, and agents of, LLC, Liberty Media Corporation (and companies owned by Liberty Media Corporation), and members of their immediate family (including spouses, parents, siblings, children and their respective spouses) and persons living in the same household with any such individual are ineligible. In order to be eligible, Contestant must follow these Rules.

The Only Spider On The Planet That Can Make Me Happy :-D

This sand spider is on my top five list and let me tell you, my list is long! Usually, I run in the opposite direction of anything that has more than four legs but not this guy. He’s my spider bestie!

The Sexiest Photos from the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande performed in lingerie, and then VS models paraded down the catwalk scantily clad in creative ensembles that would cause a scandal in some countries. What more could any guy ask for? Check out some of the best photos from the night.

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

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How Many Eggs Are Safe to Eat? - Born Fitness

While the whites still offer protein, it’s only slightly more than 50 percent of the total amount. The yolks are part of what give eggs the highest possible biological value, which is a measure of how well a food suits your body’s protein needs. So if you’re looking for the healthiest way to eat your eggs, your best bet is to keep the yolk. (The exception: Let’s say you’re on a “diet” and are counting macros or keeping fat lower, there’s no problem just eating a bunch of eat whites and saving calories. Sometimes I do it myself, but the reason isn’t to avoid the yolk or for health reasons; it’s to save calories. There’s a big difference.)

The Pullup-Pushup Workout

The only caveat to high-frequency training is the risk of overuse injuries, but you can avoid those by changing up your exercises so you don’t recruit the same muscles the same way every time. That’s why each of the workouts on these pages pairs up a different variation of the pullup and pushup.

Ask Men's Fitness: How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

With shampoo, the honest-to-God truth? Only once a week. Overshampooing strips the oils from your scalp and hair. and when that happens, the sebaceous gland is going to either pump out way too much oil, which makes your hair supergreasy, or say, “Fuck this, Jack: I’m not going to pump any oil out—it’s too dry already.” Then you get dry scalp and dandruff. A week seems crazy long, but trust me. You know how, when you get back from the bar, you look in the mirror and you’re like, “My hair is finally perfect!”? That’s because it’s got sweat and natural oils in it. One thing you should do every day is use conditioner. We wash our hair mainly because of smell and dirt, right? Well, conditioner has enough of a cleansing agent to it that it’ll take those out— but it’ll leave the good oils behind. But if using shampoo less makes you feel like a bum…Well, then you’ve got other problems, brother. Shorty Maniace is the proprietor of J.P. Kempt Barber & Social in San Francisco. Send your questions to

Achieve Panini Perfection!

Though “panini” translates, loosely, to “sandwiches” in Italian, the word might as well mean “often underwhelming.” At most American lunch spots, the panino is nothing more than your traditional meat-and-cheese sandwich, toasted, and marked up an additional two bucks (for the grill marks, maybe?). Instead of suffering through another lackluster grilled sandwich, perfect the panini yourself. Chef “Bobo” Ivan has at his Santa Monica, CA, restaurant, Ciboteca , where his menu is stocked with more than 15 carefully constructed paninis. Ivan recommends grilling up a veal Milanese panini, which acquires heartiness from pan-fried veal shoulder, sharpness from whole-grain mustard, and gooeyness from Parmesan cheese. A toasted ham and cheese sandwich, this is not. Cotoletta (Veal Milanese Panini) Recipe by “Bobo” Ivan, chef of Ciboteca in Santa Monica, CA What you’ll need: 1 cup AP flour 2 whole eggs 2 cups fine breadcrumbs 2 cups canola oil 1 tsp butter 2 4-oz. slices veal shoulder, pounded thinly Salt and pepper, to taste 2 plain 7”x3” ciabatta loaves, halved 2 Tbsp whole-grain Dijon mustard 2 Tbsp shaved Parmesan Large handful mizuna or arugula leaves How to make it: 1.

Advanced Stretching

Andy Speer, a certified personal trainer at Equinox, put together five key stretches that will have you looking, feeling, and performing better. These stretches are designed to be done after appropriate soft tissue work (like foam rolling) and before your warmup. The idea is to increase tissue quality for stretching and then actively move the joints through the new range of motion after stretching. “The strongest guys and best athletes in the world do this stuff,” Speer says. Pec Stretch Most guys have tight internal rotator (pecs and lats) which leads to that ‘hunched over look.' Both the pec and lat stretch are critical for establishing proper posture during lifting and throughout the day.

Eat The Damn Dessert - Born Fitness

Learn your limits. Understand your triggers. And build a system that helps you succeed. But don’t remove all the foods you love. It’s a common recipe for disaster and one of the most common reason why so many diets actually fail.

3 Bad Habits Sabotaging Your Results

This is mostly due to, but not limited to, high cortisol levels—the stress hormone—late at night. Short of taking a blood test to measure cortisol levels, you can tell if you’re setting yourself up for high cortisol by looking into your nighttime routine. Working late is the number one culprit. The stress from working into the night increases your cortisol levels before bed.

8 Exercise Swaps for Common Injuries

EXERCISE YOU CAN’T DO: OVERHEAD PRESSWHY IT HURTS The  shoulder  joint is very mobile and allows for movement in multiple planes of motion. This mobility also makes it more susceptible to injuries such as impingement or rotator cuff tears. Muscle imbalances between the external/internal rotators and upper/lower trapezius, poor posture, improper exercise form and overuse can lead to impingement, which is a ”pinching” of shoulder muscles that can cause pain.

10 Ways to Lose Muscle

Yes, extra calories can mean extra belly fat, but if you’re lifting consistently and correctly, most of what you’re taking in should be converted to muscle. The truth is your muscles will never grow without a surplus of calories. For a lean guy looking to put on muscle mass, 2,000 calories a day won’t cut it. In fact, this kind of restricted diet is actually the ideal recipe for losing muscle tis- sue and sparing fat, as it causes the body to shift into starvation mode and shed calorie-consuming muscle. It also makes you store fat for emergency energy. And the less protein you eat, the less of a chance you give your muscles to recover after a workout.

11 Ways to Eat to Make Your Abs Pop

There's a layer of flab over your abs. Yes, you do have abs. It's just time to get your diet in check. Here are 11 nutrition tweaks you need to make starting today.

How to Lose 15 Pounds in 5 Days

To achieve rapid weight loss, you’ll have to alter your diet. Fat loss has always been about calories in versus calories out. For ultimate fat loss in five days, planning ahead is best. Slowly start dropping carbs from your diet a few weeks prior to your five-day “cut” until you’re eating less than 50 grams a day. Then, the real weight loss will happen during those days where you’re at less than 50 grams of carbs.

Declining Weight Sets for Increasing Muscle Gains

Like we said, every set is a max set. However with such a short rest and incomplete recovery between sets, our max effort will only allow us to complete sets with progressively lighter and lighter weights. As motor units fatigue, we will be recruiting different motor units to fire to continue the work. This greater than normal number of motor units being recruited is what will bring about increased muscular size. More fibers firing, means more fibers growing, means more fibers contributing to muscular size.

One Set Strategy

Feeling I’d gotten the most out of that format, I devised a three-way split in which I trained two major bodyparts per session. In conjunction with that, I reduced my workload and increased the intensity by cutting my main sets to two per exercise. With each workout lasting about 45 minutes, I was able to hit a four-times-aweek training schedule in which each bodypart was worked three times over a 14-day period. I was incorporating forced reps and sometimes rest-pause and negatives. I applied these principles only to the last set of certain compound exercises. I stuck to this modus operandi right up to winning the 1992 Olympia, after which I was looking to increase the intensity even more.

A Pain in the Patellar - MuscleMag

According to Sachin Patel, MD, an orthopedic surgeon at Garey Orthopedics Medical Group in Pomona and Rancho Cucamonga, California. “One of the first symptoms of patellar tendonitis is a sharp pain along the patellar tendon with physical activity such as squatting, leg extensions, or running/jumping.” In the initial stages, sharp pain may only appear during the beginning of physical activity or just after a demanding workout. Pain may increase more as the activity becomes more demanding, but in many cases the pain slightly subsides as the tendon/muscles warm up. In more severe cases, the pain will persist after physical activity with a dull ache after such simple tasks as walking or with activities such as going up/downstairs.

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Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Training Young Athletes - Zach Even-Esh

Zach's inspiration in training comes from the Golden Era of Bodybuilding & Days of Old School Strength. His mission is to help You kick ass & take names in Life AND Lifting without the hype, fancy fads or gimmicks. Zach's Commitment To Your Success Is Unmatched. He Knows What It's Like To Go From A Weakling To An Unstoppable BEAST In Charge Of His Life, Business & Destiny. Zach Made It Happen Through The Iron and Now it's Your Turn!

The Muscle Matrix Workout

Perform this workout at least six hours before or after your normal training. For example, if you lift weights at night, complete this routine in the morning. Perform four sets of 15 reps for each exercise, moving slowly so that it takes five seconds to complete each repetition.

Everything's BIGGER in TEXAS

It fits the persona of the Lone Star State, that cowboy ethic of rugged individualism, brutal labor void of pretense and yet a trio of Texans has taken hardcore to another level of suffering: Ronnie Coleman, Branch Warren, and Johnnie Jackson. They move metal, rep after rep, sometimes toiling at the same time in the same small gym. They are also three of the strongest competitors to ever saunter onto an Olympia stage. We journeyed deep into the heart of Texas and watched these three champs train and what transpired was the true meaning of hardcore Texas style.

12 Foods to Remove from the Fridge Forever

Not only is fresh poultry lower in calories, salt, and saturated fat than lunch meat, it’s also less expensive: “Buy an all-natural rotisserie chicken, or chicken breasts, and roast or poach them all at once, then keep them on hand for the week,” Geagan suggests. You’ll get leaner, and going natural will help you reach long-term health goals, too. Your cardiovascular system will stay resilient (read: less prone to heart disease), and by avoiding nitrates, you’ll reduce your risk of colon cancer.

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2014 Bikini Power Pro Show Moscow, Part 2

2014 Bikini Power Pro Show Moscow, Part 2

A Spotlight on Training Frequency

As a result, triceps training will go from a total weekly volume of 13 sets,

4 Things to Know About H20

A few years ago Michael Boschmann, M.D., and colleagues from Berlin's Franz-Volhard Clinical Research Center found that after drinking about 17 ounces of water, the metabolic rates of the study's participants increased by 30%. And the researchers estimated that if a person increases his water consumption by 1.5 liters (51 ounces) a day, he would burn an extra 17,400 calories per year. That's about five pounds just from drinking more water. Additionally, a study by Dr. Brenda Davy, an associate professor at Virginia Tech, found that people who drank water before a meal consumed an average of 75 fewer calories at that meal.

10 Rules to Eating for Mass

Pssst! Come here. C’mon . . .closer. We’ve got a secret for you — a diet secret that will allow you to add loads of sinewy mass to your physique, the way the pros do. In fact, it’s a secret all the pros already know and the one that, if you ever hope to get to their size, you need to know, too. The secret is . . . there ain’t no secret. Sorry if that disappoints you. But when it comes to eating for mass, there are no clandestine shortcuts or magical elixirs. You just need to eat foods that you’re already familiar with and you need to consume them in large quantities.

Ramp Up Your Strength and Cardio

It’s a proven fact that “anaerobic training translates aerobically but the inverse doesn’t necessarily apply.” With that being said, a runner would be a fool to simply run mile after mile in an attempt to gain any strength or power. In fact, according to this rule, the heavier the anaerobic capacity is, the more improved the aerobic capacity can be as well. That’s not to say that a 500lb. deadlift equates to a 5min mile, but if u look at it this way: Running miles after miles won’t necessarily help your 100m sprint. However, running 100m sprints should help you get up to at least a respectable mile time. Same thing for weightlifting: a 500lb. 1RM deadlifter will rep out 275lb. far easier than someone who’s worked up to 275lbs. for reps as the top of their programming weight.

Kris Gethin: Train, Torture, Break, & Build - Google+

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5 Fitness Measurements Every Athlete Should Know

“You want to be able to figure out what your strong points are and what your weak points are,” McArdle says. Not just to know how healthy you are, but also to know if the workout program you are using actually works. “By testing regularly you can see if the things you are paying for are actually giving you a quantifiable result.”


This is a big head game. You gotta be mentally ready for this. It's a tough workout, but I've got faith in you. If I can do this, anybody can do this. But, this is about you. It's not about the contest you're doing, the judges, your friends, your parents, your girlfriend or your boyfriend. It's about you. C'mon man, dig deep. Get into the gym. Make it happen. Try this out.

43 CPPS Level 1 Certification – January 24-25, 2015 | CPPS Coaches

The comprehensive CPPS Level 1 certification will help any coach, trainer, physical therapist, or fitness enthusiast understand, develop, and implement effective training programs for their clients, athletes, or themselves by teaching the proven strength development model outlined in the complete Athletic Strength Development System , including athletic assessments, breathing fundamentals, pre-movement preparation, mastery of the fundamental movement patterns, strength training, power and speed development, program design, and sports psychology.

The Pros of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are a group of compounds that “fight” free radicals, which are harmful to the immune system and other physiological functions. Several different substances are grouped together and categorized as antioxidants. Some of the most well known include beta carotene (closely related to vitamin A), vitamin C and vitamin E. In addition, several minerals, including copper, magnesium, selenium and zinc, also function in an antioxidant role. Many bodybuilders use antioxidants for their potential to enhance recovery from training or other athletic endeavors.

The Easiest Dip You've Never Made

Put down that container of premade dip. Yeah, that’s right I see you. I know you’re in a rush, and you hate dishes (I do too), but you can make your own dip in five minutes. Really. And it won’t be your run-of-the-mill dip either. This recipe comes from Ethan Stowell, executive chef of Chippy’s Fish and Drink in Seattle. What makes it so delicious? Three ingredients: clams, bacon, cream cheese. The only small snag: finding smoked clams. (They should be in the canned tuna aisle at the supermarket.) No biggie if your store doesn’t stock them—grab some smoked oysters or plain chopped clams instead. Then you pretty much just dump everything in a bowl and mix it together. Garnish with bacon or green onions, if you like; then dig in. You could use chips or veggies, but I won’t judge if you eat it off a spoon. Smoked Clam Dip Recipe by Ethan Stowell, chef/owner at Chippy’s Fish and Drink in Seattle, WA What you’ll need: 2 (8 oz) packages cream cheese, room temperature 1 (16-oz) container sour cream 2 Tbsp Crystal or Tabasco hot sauce 2 Tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice 1 tsp pepper 4 (6.

Get Crushed: The Fat Torching Muscle Blaster

For “The Demon” the goal is to load your bodyweight on the barbell for the barbell back squat and the trap bar deadlift and half your bodyweight for the barbell push press (so, if you weigh 200 lbs, put 200 lbs on the bar for the squat and deadlift and 100 lbs for the press). Obviously you can adjust the weight up or down as needed. When you get to the pullup, you want to bang out as many reps as possible without coming off the bar. Your “score” is how many pull-ups you manage in total at the end of the four rounds. Try to beat your training partner or improve your score the next time you attempt the workout -- if you dare (insert evil laughter)!

One-Dimensional Attack

“One” has a bad rep. “One-dimensional.” “One-sided.” “One-trick pony.” We’re constantly told that “one” lacks depth and that “two” is twice as good as its fellow integer.

Gift Guide 2014: The Best Holiday Gifts for Your Girlfriend/Wife

Gift Guide 2014: The Best Holiday Gifts for Your Girlfriend/Wife

MusclePharm Combat Powder at

FOR MEN: As a dietary supplement, mix 2 scoops (providing 48 grams of protein) with 8-12 fl oz of cold water or any beverage you prefer. Consume 2-3 times a day for optimal muscle growth. To increase your protein intake per serving and achieve a delicious milkshake taste, use skim or low fat milk instead of water.

5 Healthy Holiday Recipes -

I love the holidays. I get to visit my grandparents in Louisiana, enjoy some downtime, and experience some epic southern-style food. My grandmother's southern recipes are truly special. This year, I used them as inspiration for my own take on holiday foods. I've recreated delicious traditional dishes with more protein and less sugar.

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