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3 Types of Pull-Ups


Pauline's Week - Documentary Teaser!!!

Here is a quick teaser of the documentary that is about to be released about DeFranco's gym and their athletes.

Joe D. reads HATE MAIL!

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10 Underrated Protein Sources

Consuming enough protein is not only critical for building and maintaining muscle—it also happens to be important for maintaining a healthy nutritional profile. But that same old chicken breast can get pretty boring, whey powder only comes in so many flavors and there are only so many eggs you can eat before you start to sprout feathers—particularly if you are trying to adhere to the M&F-approved 1 gram per pound of bodyweight per day benchmark. So the next time you’re in a protein rut, consider one of nature’s alternative protein sources . Or, just consider tossing some new protein sources into your diet for some variety.

Believe It or Not, Cardio Builds Muscle

If you avoid cardio because you think it may negate or slow your  muscle gains , think again: According to a new review of 14 studies, aerobic training like running, walking, and cycling not only doesn’t diminish leg muscle mass—it actually increases it. In several of the studies reviewed, both younger and older men who did about 45 minutes of cardio  four days a week at 80% max heart rate increased leg muscle size by 5% and 6%, respectively. “Aerobic exercise, if done properly, can lead to as much muscle growth as you’d expect with resistance exercise,” says study author Matthew Harber, Ph.D. “Intensity is more important than duration, so if the goal’s growth, work up to 80% of your max heart rate.”

6 Ways to Make Your Leg Workout Harder

Those “skipping legs day” memes didn’t show up out of nowhere. So why do so many people find excuses to bail on their quads, hams, glutes, and calves? Because the challenge of shambling to the car with sweat-soaked clothes and shaky legs isn’t for everyone. But we’re willing to bet that it’s for you, right? You can get there with these tips provided by certified personal trainer, motivational speaker, and TV personality John Rowley .

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How to Train Hard in a Commercial Gym

You’ve put in a few solid years of training and you’re ready to take your workouts to the next level. Problem is there’s no sports performance facility or powerlifting gym within a 50-mile radius of where you live. So how do you get in hardcore workouts while being surrounded by cardio bunnies and dudes flexing in the mirror? Follow these 5 tips and you can turn any average, commercial gym environment into your version of muscle beach .

Hugh Jackman Deadlifts 5 Reps of 405 pounds

Hugh Jackman has been working hard in the gym. Hard. The Wolverine star is currently starring on Broadway in The River and is also working hard in the gym on his off time with the Dog Pound . The Aussie set his latest personal best on Sunday when he did five reps of a deadlift at 405 pounds. The 46-year-old was economical with his words in the caption to the video: "5 reps. 405 pounds. New personal best."

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It's legal now in some states. So how does it affect your muscle gain and fat loss goals? …

3 Ways to Torch Fat Without Traditional Cardio

The only feeling worse than realizing you’ve just inhaled two days’ worth of calories in one holiday meal is the panic that sinks in once you calculate what it’ll take to burn it all off. But don’t think jogging is the only way to go. While it’s true that raising your heart rate for prolonged periods increases calorie burn—which in turn promotes weight loss —there’s no set rule for how it has to be done.

Calf Training: Build Bigger Lower Legs

Try going through a full calf-training session and then some heavy leg curls (toes pointed up). You'll notice the leg curls will be much more difficult if you pre-exhaust your calves. To mix it up, do the initial sets with a short range of motion at the peak-contracted phase, followed by partial sets using full range of motion.

8 Barbell Moves to Burn Fat and Build Muscle

In a workplace where the typical nine-to-five has become a night spent at the office, we understand that time, especially in the gym, is of the essence. To accommodate for limited gym time, try one of the best techniques to jack up your heart rate and harden your body: the complex. A complex is a series of lifts combined in a nonstop, continuous movement using the same piece of equipment.


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5 Essential Rules For an Effective Bulking Season

Nobody cares about abs when it’s cold out. They can’t be seen through your sweater—but your chest, shoulders, and arms can, which is why winter is the perfect time to go on a bulking program. Nevertheless, eating too much too fast can leave you with a lot of weight to lose come springtime. Follow these rules for an effective bulking season so you can get big while staying lean.

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

Macronutrients for More Muscle Mass

When it's comes to building strength and muscle mass , it’s not just about the weights you’re putting on the bar – proper nutrition is 75% or more of the whole process. But even those who realize the importance of nutrition can get it wrong by overcomplicating things. You try this diet and that diet because someone recommended it but are you really examining the diet on its merits? Is it meeting your needs in terms of recovery and overall goals? Bring it back to basics by focusing on the importance of the three macronutrients and a little bit of strategic supplementation.

4 Benefits of Sleeping Naked

People who sleep in the buff have happier love lives, according to a survey of 1,000 British adults by a bed sheet company this year. This is not totally surprising, but 57 percent of nude sleepers were happy with their relationship, compared with 48 percent of pajama wearers. It’s not that taking each other’s clothes off isn’t sexy or fun, it’s just that being naked kind of takes the middleman out of the equation. Pardon the expression, unless there truly is a middleman in your bed—in which case, carry on.


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5 Unique Shrugs to Get You Yoked

Set the crash bars on a squat rack at about mid-thigh level. Unlike a conventional bar shrug the resistance will actually be behind you. This slight deviation stresses the mid traps more than a standard bar shrug. Hand placement on the bar can also serve as a way to recruit different parts of your traps. Try it with a close grip, shoulder width grip and just inside of a snatch grip to really tax the upper back from different areas. Perform 3 sets of 20-25 reps.

Go Back for Bigger Triceps

The most popular triceps exercises are skull crushers, pushdowns , and dumbbell kickbacks —all of which emphasize development of the lateral and medial heads of your tri’s. Those two form the outer part of the muscle, the area most visible when people look at you from the side. But the long head is equally important, and makes up a considerable portion of the upper arm. If yours is lacking, you can target it directly by moving your arms overhead—and that’s where the overhead cable extension comes in.

Zone In: The Right Way to Do the Mediterranean Diet

Best-selling author and nutritional researcher Barry Sears, Ph.D., reveals how you can turn your health destiny around in this exclusive adaptation of his new book, 'The Mediterranean Zone.'

Saturated Fat: Fact vs. Fiction

Your grandparents never thought twice about eating foods that were loaded with saturated fat. Not long ago, people drank milk with cream on the top, ate whole eggs for breakfast, and enjoyed steak for dinner—and led normal, healthy lives. Yet today, despite all the warnings we’re told to heed about saturated fat and its deleterious effects on the heart, cardiovascular disease is more prevalent than ever. We corralled some of our most trusted nutritionists and asked for their best advice on saturated fat.

What's the Right Way to Drink Whiskey?

My first experience with the brown liquors was Jack Daniel’s, but it just got me twisted and made me angry. I eventually moved on to bourbon, because I liked the complexities. For a while I was hooked on Woodford Reserve, a great and affordable domestic bourbon.But whatever you do, don’t ever buy your whiskey from a bar that tries to charge you $2 for a “neat pour.” It actually happens, and it’s fucking ridiculous. I’d rather drink whiskey out of a paper bag than pay $2 for a goddamn glass without ice. Shorty Maniace is the proprietor of J.P. Kempt Barber & Social in San Francisco.

Ask Born: Do Organic Foods Help Fat Loss? - Born Fitness

That’s not  to say organic foods are bad (As I said before, they are part of my diet). They are a great source of nutrition and tend to be farmed in a more responsible manner. The question here is about pure fat loss. Organic sources of sugar are still sugar. And organic products loaded with 1,000 calories are still 1,000 calories. If you want to reduce the potential of anything bad entering your body, feel free to purchase organic products but still keep an eye on the label if your primary goal is fat loss.

The Sport of Beer Drinking While Running was Legitimized Last Night

Time to pause and think about that for a moment. The fastest chuggers in the sport take about seven to eight seconds to chug each beer. Since you cannot run while gulping, that means the world record holder James Nielsen, dropped about a 4:20 mile with 48 ounces of breaded carbonation in his stomach.

Bodyweight Workouts For Fat Loss: Do They Work? - Born Fitness

By now, most of you know that high intensity interval training (the ever popular “HIIT”) is great for fat loss. But there are some rules for really making it work. You’ll read all about effective forms of HIIT lasting as short as 4 minutes (the Tabata method) and topping out around 15 minutes. The reasons being the workouts are effective because of the intensity and not the duration.

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Editor Obsession: Jogger Pants

If there is any one thing you can thank the gods of style for it's this: sweatpants are trending. Gone are the days when your most comfortable bottoms were just for Sundays, yard work or sick days. Taper sweats, now known as "jogger pants," are making it OK again to rock out with your sweats in public. 

Pumping Iron on Digital HD

Now available on Digital HD for the first time, fans of Pumping Iron will be introduced to content never-before-released in the US, including “Still Pumping,” featuring newly recorded interviews with ‘The Austrian Oak,’ who talks about what it takes to succeed — both mentally and physically — in the highly competitive world of professional bodybuilding. Also featured is The Hard Science of Bodybuilding , with tips from Schwarzenegger and top bodybuilders on how to sculpt your perfect body.

The 10,000 Step Workout to Build a Killer Body

If you're looking for a well-rounded workout to suit all of your needs, this is the one. By combining running, sprinting, body weight exercises, and resistance exercises, this workout will build muscle, burn fat, and boost your endurance and stamina. And we tracked our progress with the new Fitbit Charge. (Enter here for a chance to win one) . For more of our test-runs of the Fitbit, check out our Longest Day Ever .

Walk With Me

Shawn Rhoden’s social media feeds often contain inspirational sayings like, “Live each day to the fullest—no regrets, no could’ve, should’ve. In the end when your story is written, let it be known you did with all you got.”

Secrets of a Big Back

These days, guys like to use rowing machines and dumbbells to train the back, and these are good options. But I’ll always prefer the old-fashioned bentover row because it’s a much harder exercise. When you use a barbell, you can work with heavier weights than you can with any other implement. Rowing from that bent position trains your lower back and abs at the same time, so you develop tremendous strength throughout your torso that carries over to other exercises like the deadlift and squat. The only thing holding your body up is its own muscle, not a bench or a hand or a weight machine. When my friends and I trained at Gold’s Gym and the Muscle Beach weight pit, we often made rows even more difficult. Balancing on the narrow benches forced us to keep our feet closer together, which made the lift even harder to stabilize. It also allowed us to get a better stretch in our lats as we lowered the weight between reps.

How to Use Social Media to Lose Weight

This is where the cutting edge work of clinical psychologist and health behavior expert Dr. Sherry Pagoto comes in. Pagoto studies the impact of social media on health, and what she’s finding is fascinating. In a recent research project , Pagoto asked people trying to lose weight about the support they received from their “virtual” friends (i.e., Twitter and Facebook) versus their “real” friends (i.e., physically present). Those in her study rated their virtual friends as significantly more supportive and less negative than their real friends. (Note: Twitter seems to be the best place for encouragement, slightly edging out Facebook.) What’s more, there’s evidence that the virtual support really works: participants in Pagoto’s study that used social media for weight-loss goals shed more pounds than they had in their most recent prior attempt.

20 Weird Side Effects of Working Out

Aerobic activity speeds up circulation, helping the vaccine travel away from the injection site, and toward other parts of the body. But make sure you hit 90 minutes to get the maximum benefit. Think that’s torture? Watch a movie on the treadmill, or imagine how awful it’ll be to have the flu. That should keep you moving.

Phil Heath on Brining Up Your Legs

But each of those body parts can take that much work. In my prep for this year’s Olympia, I trained legs twice every six days. Everything else got trained once. So I hit legs every third day, and double-split them: quads in the a.m., and hams and calves in the p.m. I wanted them round and full. My upper body’s been growing really fast the past couple of years, and I wanted to make sure my legs stayed in balance.

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5 Healthy Holiday Recipes -

I love the holidays. I get to visit my grandparents in Louisiana, enjoy some downtime, and experience some epic southern-style food. My grandmother's southern recipes are truly special. This year, I used them as inspiration for my own take on holiday foods. I've recreated delicious traditional dishes with more protein and less sugar.

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The Muscle Matrix Workout

Perform this workout at least six hours before or after your normal training. For example, if you lift weights at night, complete this routine in the morning. Perform four sets of 15 reps for each exercise, moving slowly so that it takes five seconds to complete each repetition.

Men's Fitness Holiday Gift Guide 2014

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The Predator's Mean Greene Back Workout

Not Greene. Greene won the jackpot in the back genetics lottery and milked it to the max. His lats are wide and thick, inserting so low into his waist it almost looks like he doesn’t have a waist from behind. He’s got so much muscle tissue back there his lower lats actually hang over his spinal erectors and glutes. Greene’s wide shoulders only help his front lat spread match his rear lat spread; when he hits the pose from the front, he’s got meat hanging down of his frame. In a Kai Greene back double biceps pose, things come alive, fibering out, jumping of back there: his back is crisp, detailed, gnarly—add your own adjective. Greene’s back has been a strength for him since back in the day when he was placing in the top 3 at the NPC Universe, the show he’d win in 2004 to earn his pro card.

Reebok Signs Kendrick Lamar

Reebok, the official sponsor of the CrossFit Games, has also partnered with hip-hop stars Swizz Beats and Rick Ross in the past. Lamar’s work with Reebok started with a short film created to honor is hometown of Compton, CA, and was directed by acclaimed director Anthony Mandler. The video, titled “Reebok Presents Kendrick Lamar,” is narrated by the rapper and includes a verse called “Kendrick Lamar – I AM.”

Bio-Gro 8 Week Hyper Growth Program

Bio-Gro 8 Week Hyper Growth Program


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How & Why To Squat For Strength, Muscle & Leanness

To give you a full understanding of the benefits of squat training, this tip will start by addressing three myths about squat training, and then tell you why and how to squat for best results.

5 Front Squat Variations You Must Try -

There's no replacement for spending some time with good old-fashioned heavy front squats, but if you've been hammering away at them for a while and seemed to have stalled, changing things up temporarily may be your answer. Rather than switch to an entirely different lower-body exercise though, try making some slight changes, abiding by the idea of "similar but different," so that you're still working the front-squat pattern, but in a way that will help address your specific weaknesses.

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