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High-Performance Mass Program: Biceps Fatigue Loading

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Sleep It Off to Shed More Fat

When you’re sleep deprived, your body suffers from metabolic grogginess, a term coined by researchers at the University of Chicago, who analyzed what happened after just four days of poor sleep (a typical week for busy guys). In that time, your fat cells become up to 30% less sensitive to insulin. This leads to your storing more fat, particularly in your liver, and puts you on the road to type-2 diabetes. And there’s bad news for your muscles too: Getting fewer than six hours of sleep for a week can cause testosterone to drop by up to 15%.

Bodybuilding Winter Nutrition Tips

I tend to believe that most people would benefit from letting go of the hard diet and just taking it easy for a couple of weeks; it does the adrenals some good. But most people will train harder prior to and during the holidays to compensate from the higher calorie intake, thus beating up the adrenals. My take would be to not see the winter season as a bulk up phase, but a chillax phase. Without considering reserving a permanent parking space at McDonald's, stick with the basics. This it might be the best time to try out some new food.

Save Your Wrists from Injury

Knowing how to treat wrist pain before it gets worse could save you a doctor's visit and an MRI.

6 Things to Give Up to Get Rid of Your Gut

Kick these bad habits you probably don't think twice about doing.

Trainer Q&A: Why Does My Elbow Hurt During Workouts?

Performing the same routines in the gym, neglecting to train every muscle group, and lifting excessively heavy weights are the most common causes of elbow pain, all of which create muscular imbalances and increase the strain on the joint.

11 Green Foods for Every Dude's Diet

A fast and easy way to get your greens: down ‘em in juice form. Our go-to pick when we’re flying from point A to point B: a freshly-squeezed blend of kale, apple, pineapple, and chia seeds at Jamba Juice (190 calories for 12 ounces). The gluten- and dairy-free drink is 100% juice and a good source of vitamins A, B6, C, and K. Find Out How to Score Free Juice and Smoothies at Jamba Juice>>>

The Facts About Sugar in Smoothies and Juices

And since the average American isn’t eating nearly as many fruits and vegetables as she should, I recommend consuming two to four servings of fruit and three to five servings of vegetables each day (the USDA recommendation) in whatever nutritious ways you can. And if that means fruit juice and smoothies, go for it—just be picky about your ingredients.

De-Stress: Check Your Email Less

Researchers from the University of British Columbia studied 124 adults of various professions. Participants were either instructed to limit how often they checked their email to three times daily for the week or told to check their email as often as they could (which turned out to be about the same number of times they normally checked their email). The instructions were reversed during a subsequent week.

FDX2 Build Muscle Burn Fat (Athlete)

Hey Pauline Nordin & Fighter Diet, i've attached some pictures for you...I have, gosh, many of your ebooks...the Fighter Diet cardio, pyramid, butt bible 2, badass vol.2, and Fighter Diet fdx2 build muscle burn fat book..  I have put on few pounds of muscle in such short time with that plan...and of course I freaking lift heavy as hell... i recently entered a powerlifting competition..and got first in my weight class... ohhhh the power of veggies, what can I I get sooo many compliments from all walks of life and the only thing I can thing of is how awesome that makes me feel, how awesome you are for sharing all this with us... ur the best, ur the shit and I'd like to call myself P Jr. If that's ok with Anyways, i cannot stress how great all your stuff are! I

FD Fighter Diet Pro

Hi Pauline Nordin & Fighter Diet, I participated in the unofficial 12 Week Fighter Diet challenge put together by Manny Travieso  I even joined in his madness and did a Tough Muddler with him! So, I not only have YOU and Fighter Diet to thank, but also Manny for inviting me to this challenge. I didn't think I could commit and look now, I won and I'm still at it. I did a combination of FDX2 Build Muscle Burn Fat Diet plan and Fighter Diet Pro Fat loss diet plan during the challenge, and currently I am doing Back to the Roots workout program! I am so thankful to Fighter Diet for being in the best shape of my life at 46! Fighter Diet Pro Diet Plan This meal plan could be subtitled the “Focused Fat Loss” plan of Fighter Diet. The emphasis is on the mental aspect of eating right. Oh

8 Movies You'll Be Forced to Watch This Season

If you tend to be on the losing side of arguments or take the gentlemanly route and let her choose, then take solace in this roundup. Here’s a list of eight movies you’re probably going to be dragged to—tomorrow, next week, in the next few months—and their redeeming qualities. These flicks may surprise you, your chick will adore you, and you, my friend, might even enjoy yourself!

My 3 Favourite 'Offseason' Recipes

The ‘offseason’ is a great time for me to loosen up a little, though I rarely allow myself to ‘completely’ take my eyes of the prize. I’m therefore always on the lookout for GREAT tasting meals that may be a little off the menu in the final stages of contest prep, but remain aligned with many of my goals so that I can enjoy them often during the offseason without throwing off my progress.

Strength and Fortitude

Dave Henry pretty much has it all right now.  He’s an Olympia 202 Showdown winner, he’s on the verge of retirement from the military at the ripe old age of 39, he has a beautiful wife and a young daughter, he never does any cardio for a show, and he has plans for a second career on the East Coast, where he’s building a house. Henry is driven in all facets of his life, and has little time or patience for those whose work ethic or integrity don’t match his own. Not only is his physique getting better as he gets older, his strength consistently improves year after year—a rarity once one hits the pro ranks and the amount of weight lifted becomes secondary to aesthetics. He’s called the Giant Killer for a very good reason. But he’s made some big changes over the past year, which paid dividends at the 2013 Olympia 212 Showdown.

Gift Guide 2014: Gifts That Really Score

Here at Men’s Fitness we used our expertise, experience, and unadulterated love of awesomely cool stuff to choose the very best gifts in sports, entertainment, and outdoor adventure this holiday. These are for you.

Big Louie

The original mass monster, Ferrigno’s competitive heyday was the mid-1970s. During this, the sport’s golden era, bodybuilding’s “Big Louie” battled it out against the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Serge Nubret, and Sergio Oliva. He left competitive bodybuilding when his acting career took off, but made a comeback to the Olympia stage in the early 1990s. The names in the game had changed to Dorian Yates, Kevin Levrone, and Flex Wheeler, and Ferrigno found himself in arguably the most competitive era of the sport. At the 1992 Mr. Olympia, where a 41-year-old Ferrigno placed a respectable 12th out of 22 competitors, the men he beat included 1983 Mr. Olympia Samir Bannout and future eight-time champ Ronnie Coleman. In 1994, he placed second at the inaugural Masters Olympia.

TNA Knockouts Champ Gail Kim

Before TNA started its women’s division, the Knockouts, Kim felt her career stagnating. Her passion for wrestling was so low that she considered leaving the business. At her lowest point, one of her male colleagues told her, “You’re talented and wrestling is the name of the sport, so hang in there.” As fate would have it, TNA called and reignited her passion for wrestling by starting its now immensely popular Knockouts division. According to Kim, “When I see someone who wants to pursue wrestling, once they take a few bumps you know whether they’ll stick around. I prefer to wrestle women because we just move differently.”

FD Bak 2 The Roots (Athlete)

"I just love back to the roots. My body is changing and my muscle are growing. The program is what define me and what i like to do in the gym, old style

Victor Martinez on Twitter

The Top Iron Maidens of 2013

We pay tribute to the beautiful ladies that lit up our site this year!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Pack at

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