Fighter Diet Pak (Athlete) Video Description

Your diet is spotless, your workouts are intense, but fat loss is nonexistent! Why is that?... It's a very common question I  receive. Most often the answer is really simple because it is almost always due to one of the 3 reasons below: Your daily energy intake is too big Listen, it does not matter the calories are from healthy foods only! Your body uses good calories as good as bad ones when it comes to keeping your weight in balance. You sneak in a healthy add-ons here and there in your diet to make it exciting But what you end up with is no calorie deficit and thus no weight loss. You have just been dieting nonstop without breaks for less than a week or two You cannot diet for a few days, then go off, splurge and then wonder why you are stuck. It takes consistency day in and day out!

Videos for 12/16/2014