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Trap Training for a No-Nonsense Physique

Garner more respect and get more growth with one potent trap move.

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Do You Believe in Lindy?

Strong. The word had new meaning now. For years I’ve seen how building physical strength can help improve mental and emotional strength. I’ve even documented how lifting weights changed my entire life, saved me from injury and doubt, and served as a beacon of hope for so many people in the darkest of times.

The Winter Bulk Up: Chest, Shoulder, Triceps (Day 4)

The Winter Bulk Up: Chest, Shoulder, Triceps (Day 4)

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Teddy Bear🐻Stryker🐶Panda🐼 on Instagram: “#Repost @mikeohearn ・・・ At the Children's hospital today spreading smiles and lots of love with @strykersworld. I feel very fortunate to be…”

Kai Greene's BELIEVE is coming to VOD! Pre Order Now! | Generation Iron

Presented by the Generation Iron network and directed by Vlad Yudin, Kai Greene’s “BELIEVE” is a special one-man live show lifting the curtain and revealing the journey that made him bodybuilding’s most popular athlete today. Kai Greene is raw and uncut before a live theater audience in New York City. In an intimate autobiography, Kai shares the rise to his success and also plays numerous characters during his youth to document the darkest depths of his troubled past. Greene shares the deepest elements of his life for the first time ever in public. It is about fate, love, loss and perserverance.

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10 Reasons You're Not Building Muscle

Packing on muscle is no easy feat regardless of whether you're a string bean or a husky guy. And why you're missing out on gains is typically caused by a number of reasons that can be easily avoided. So if you're frustrated about being stuck in the place and at the same weight, it's time to assess what you're doing and make a change.

Mike O'Hearn 🐰🐵❤️🐻🐶🐼 on Instagram: “Thanks so much for the support today from @iconmeals @strongsnax & @npcnewsonline2015 I feel lucky to have you guys on my side ・・・repost…”

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ATTN UK! We're blowing out some of your favorite @MusclePharm products!

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@BioLayne higher reps with lower weight to keep volume? I am on reduced calories and can't lift as heavy, at least not for reps anyway.

Matt Mayberry interview - DOMINATE! - Official Website of Joe DeFranco & DeFranco’s Gym!

Joe – Thanx for introducing Matt to your industrial strength nation. His story was very inspiring – you could hear the passion in his voice with each and every sentence (much like yourself). Gr8 guest!!! Thanks to both you and Matt for taking the time to educate and inspire your audience. Thursday’s have officially become my favorite day of the week!! Hope everyone has a healthy & happy holiday!

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Sometimes Risk Is The Easy Part

We then would wonder if we would have enough air to get back up.  With all the darkness we had no idea where the water ended and air began. It was all "dark".  Once we  did get back up we couldn't see the shore and had no idea  how far it was or what direction to swim. We had to listen to the voices of those with us as this would tell us what direction to go. As we swam the voices got louder and louder and then we would  finally hit the bank and someone would toss their hand down to help us out.

17 Weekly Twitter Giveaway Terms And Conditions

ELIGIBILITY: The Twitter contest (the "Contest") is open to Twitter members who are 18 years of age and older at the time of entry ("Contestant"). Membership and enrollment in Twitter are free. Contest is open only to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia (excluding Puerto Rico, Samoa, Guam, the US Virgin Islands and any other U.S. territories and protectorates, and individuals with an APO or FPO military address). Contestants may not be members of any guild, union or other organization that may prohibit them from participating in this Contest and that would restrict, require due payment or otherwise have the right to oppose such Contestant's participation in this Contest. Employees, contractors, members, and agents of, LLC, Liberty Media Corporation (and companies owned by Liberty Media Corporation), and members of their immediate family (including spouses, parents, siblings, children and their respective spouses) and persons living in the same household with any such individual are ineligible. In order to be eligible, Contestant must follow these Rules.

Mike O'Hearn 🐰🐵❤️🐻🐶🐼 on Instagram: “Great teaming up again with my fellow Battle Dome warrior @terrycrews! #GQ #BattleDome #MikeOhearn #TerryCrews”

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Bad Shoulders or Low Testosterone?

Which format is better? First, consider that because people have such busy schedules today, they sometimes skip the last few exercises in their workouts. If structural balance is a major concern for you, perform these exercises first. To show you why, I’ll tell you about a woman I trained years ago who broke the world record in the bench press. Before she broke that record, I determined that weakness in the muscles that externally rotated her shoulders was affecting her strength. To correct this structural imbalance, I had her perform workouts in which she performed rotator cuff exercises before she bench pressed.

Cross Your Back for Shredded Abs

2. Squeeze your abs to crunch your torso off the floor, trying to bring your elbows to your knees. Pause for a second, then slowly lower yourself back to the floor.

Carb Loading: Find the Formula For You

When it comes to contest prep, one of the trickiest aspects is the carb-loading process

Safety Bar Squats for Jacked Quads

Basically, you get the advantage of continuous tension on the muscle throughout the entire range of motion like a cable offers, but while squatting! Compounded by the fact that one needn’t use their hands to hold the bar on the shoulders eliminates wrist, shoulder and elbow discomfort, and that’s a good thing. The pad on the safety bar ads an element of comfort; heavy squatting is not about comfort, but it certainly doesn’t take away from the experience. Because you can use your hands to regulate body position, your posture under the bar can be adapted to suit your leverages so that you can literally “tailor” your squatting style to afford maximum overload.

M&F Iron Maiden: Jamillette Gaxiola

In high school, I used to be picked on a lot because I was this tall, awkward, lanky looking thing so I was an easy target. You can only take so much and after a while, something takes off. I was in so much trouble. My mom is this cute little lady, but she runs the house like the military. I wasn’t able to see sunlight for a few months.

MuscleTech Phase8 at

The main protein component in PHASE8 has the unique ability to release amino acids in your bloodstream for 8 hours after taking it.1 Because of these sustained-release properties, it’s a highly anabolic and anti-catabolic protein that helps create a muscle-building environment for longer periods of time.*

8 Reasons Your Biceps Are Flat

Wondering why your arms won't grow? See what's missing from your diet and training regimen.

5 Reasons Your Deadlift Sucks

Unfortunately, many folks performing the greatest strength training exercise in existence are doing it wrong; let’s take a look at five reasons your deadlift sucks and what you can do to pull yourself out of that rut.

7 Reasons to Put Fat in your Protein Shakes

Protein. Every bodybuilder cherishes protein. We cherish it so much that we drink it. We drink a lot of it in the form of protein shakes. But what if I told you that you could add another vital nutrient to your shake that would make the shake healthier for you, make your protein work better for you, up-level your performance, and allow you to think with more clarity and focus? Now here's the kicker: what if I told you that that nutrient was fat? Don't go crazy on me. I know, despite the idea that there's a carb phobia, most of you are still also afraid of fat. Well, here are 7 simple reasons why you should consider adding some healthy fat to your next protein shake:

Be a Stronger and Leaner Bodybuilder with Strongman Training

Incorporate these strongman training moves into your routine to become a better bodybuilder

6 Tips for Bigger, Stronger Arms

Bigger, stronger arms not only look great, but they also play a critical role in getting stronger in your main lifts. Biceps are frequently referred to as beach muscles because it’s common to see bros at the gym skipping leg day once spring hits, focusing primarily on curls . However, there comes a point in your training program where you have an opportunity to work on assister muscle groups that will ultimately help push those deadlift and bench PRs. Now’s that time.

Hardcore Nutrition: Are Artificial Sweeteners Killing Your Shred?

Sweetness, as far as how the body detects and reacts to it, is something we’re only just beginning to understand. One discovery that seriously challenges our assumption that NNS’s can’t make us fat is the revelation that mammals, including humans, possess receptors for sweetness throughout key parts of our digestive tract. Your body can determine if something’s sweet in your gut the same way it can for your mouth. It’s possible, then, that eating something sweet—even if it has zero caloric value—could cause a hormonal reaction, priming your body to get fat.

25 Tips for More Muscle and Superstrength

3. Train delts to shrink your waist:  Want to look leaner without dieting? Develop the taper from your shoulders to your waist with this shoulder shocker: Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Now perform a lateral raise with your left arm. Keep your arm held up while you do a lateral raise with the right arm. Lower the right arm a quarter of the way down, raise it back up, then lower it all the way. Perform 10 reps like this. Rest three minutes, then switch arms. Perform one set first thing during your workout twice a week for four weeks.

Sandow-Sized Delts

Yet, save for a few sets of dumbbell lateral raises, you won’t see Phil Heath busying himself with long-held traditions of tendon-straining free-weight work or lifting at his redline to satisfy his fans or our lenses. Most of his routine consists mainly of machine work, all within proven, muscle-building rep ranges.

Iron Brotherhood

Most friendships aren’t based on competition; they’re formed over common interests. But bodybuilding friendships are fortunate enough to have both. People who train together form bonds not unlike soldiers who are forced to share a foxhole. They help each other through adversity and share both triumphs and defeats. They push each other to be better and check each other’s egos. So if you’re not satisfied with the relationships in your life, find someone to go to the gym with. Maybe in another 40 years, they’ll be taking pictures of the two of you still training together. – FLEX

Health Nuts

Athletes and bodybuilders are increasingly relying on plant protein for well-rounded nutrition. There are many protein supps available that are derived from plant sources, and while it’s a good idea to include these, you still need whole-food plants to boost protein and healthy-fat intake. In fact, several recent studies support the health benefits of consuming pistachios and other nuts. Here’s a rundown on what the science says.

Supplement Your Mass

We know why you’ve neglected to step it up – with so many different supplements on the market today, you don’t know what to take, when to take it or how much of it to take. Well, leave the planning to us. Here, we give you a supplement plan for gaining mass that starts simple and progresses steadily, brining you to a hardcore mass supplement program while building big time muscle along the way.

The Rock Has a New Baby Girl, and One Epic Year

Dwayne was very emotional and excited seeing his newborn daughter for the first time, says an insider, adding that the proud dad is thrilled for mom (Lauren Hashian) and baby to both be doing so well. Both parents are said to be beyond happy for this next chapter in their lives.

Bench for a Stronger Core and Abs

One of your favorite exercises can help give you a six-pack while pumping up your pecs.

The Hardcore Smolov Squat Program

Perform the 13 weeks of our modified Smolov squat program without taking time off between phases. The weight you squat is always a percentage of your one-rep max, or 1rm (see our calculator if you don’t know it); Weeks 4 and 5 add specific poundages to that percentage. Do not go heavier than prescribed—don’t add extra exercises, sets, or reps. Heavy squatting is demanding work, so you could easily experience central nervous system burnout if you push it too far. Finally, the stretch/foam roll days are not off days: foam rolling and dynamic stretches like spidermans are hugely important, as your hips, hamstrings, quads, and glutes will all need TLC to overcome chronic soreness.

5 Ways To Increase Your Training Intensity

The same idea can be applied to many exercises. For example, you can do an entire workout as a circuit by performing five exercises, one after the other, without rest. Only rest when you complete the last exercise in the circuit. Training circuit-style often means you'll have to use a little less weight because the intensity is so high. It also means you're giving your body one hell of a cardio workout while you're pumping iron.

12 Tips To Pack On Mass

Protein provides the amino-acid building blocks for muscle growth. Shoot for 1.2 to 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight as part of your mass-gaining diet. For a 180-pound person, this would equal 216 to 270 grams of protein daily. As a reference, 3 ounces of chicken breast provides 18 grams of protein, while two large hard-boiled eggs deliver 12 grams. If you’re training very intensely, aim for the upper end of this range to help offset any muscular breakdown. Varying your protein sources throughout the day helps ensure you get a good balance of the necessary amino acids to fuel growth. Smart options include poultry; grass-fed beef; eggs; game meats like venison, bison or elk; fish; beans; pork; dairy; tofu; and protein powders.

Apple Bacon Roasted Brussels Sprouts Recipe

On the nutrition side, Brussels sprouts are loaded with fiber, are a great source of the B vitamins, and contain glucosinolates, which show promise in fighting cancer. Need another reason? One word for you: bacon. We use turkey bacon in this version, but the original stuff works just as well.

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Even if you train hard and eat right, these 4 avoidable things can make you fat and weak: …

The Workout to Make Your Forearms Pop

10 Exercises That Work Your Arms to Exhaustion >>> But if you really want to increase forearm vascularity and size, Valentin put together a strategic routine which will hit every angle of the muscles within the forearm. "You'll trigger the main muscles of the posterior side (the back of your hand or on top of your arm): the flexor digitorum superficialis (which is attached to all fingers except the thumb), and the branchioradialis (which comes down into the thumb). Then again on the anterior side (palm side of your hand or bottom of your arm): the flexor carpi ulnaris and flexor carpi radialis (which attaches to all of the muscles in your hand), and the palmaris longus (which attaches to all of the tendons in your hand)," says Valentin. So add the following workout to your arsenal twice a week on non-consecutive days or to the end of your upper body or full body routine to watch your muscles below the elbow finally grow.

5 Ways to Tell She's Cheating on You

Still, if you and your partner haven’t quite been in sync as of late and think something may be wrong, here are some signs that she may be cheating on you. The key word here is "may." If you can relate to a few of these, consider confronting her about it in a calm way—and definitely don't immediately accuse her. “To stay in a good place: Listen without judgment,” Orlando says.  We Asked 25 Women: What Do You Hate About Men at the Gym? >>>

Clean Eating for A Shredded Physique

Diego Sebastian didn’t always sport the chiseled physique you see here. The first time he stepped in a gym he was a 5'2", 105-pound 14-year-old who wasn’t interested in lifting. “I didn’t really get into training until college,” he says. After his sophomore year, he hit 165, but he still needed to get stronger if he wanted to reach his goal of becoming a firefighter. “After four years of school, I went up to 200 pounds, and then I was a firefighter for three years,” he says. “But then I blew out my knee. So I just continued with the fitness stuff — training people and modeling.”

47 on Instagram: “Frog Fitness partner and fitness legend @mikeohearn spent the day giving back at the Los Angeles Shriners Children's Hospital with his dog…”

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Once you go ripped you never wanna go back. Free diet and training ebook:

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Which hand position is best for the front squat? Quick video: …

10 Tips to Follow Before Starting a New Gym Membership

All gyms are not created equal. Just because you join the gym down the block it does not mean it’s the ideal gym for you. Joining a gym in line with your goals is extremely important for maximizing your muscular gains . These 10 tips will help you weed out the crappy gyms and help you uncover the optimal environment for you.

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