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Modify Your Military Press for Better Results

If you’re dealing with a shoulder injury and pain when pressing overhead, changing to a double underhand (supinated) grip on the bar and using a EZ Curl bar (instead of a straight barbell) may help alleviate stress and strain on the shoulder joint, shift more of the focus to the front delts and improve your ability to press fully overhead with weight. Along with underhand military pressing with an EZ curl bar, Arnold Presses with dumbbells may also be a safer and more comfortable alternative for your shoulders.

Foam Rolling: Total Body Benefits

The first thing to do to start seeing results is to foam roll your calves. Most of the things we do negatively affect our calves. From the shoes we wear to the way we sit in a chair, our calves are in a shortened position most of the time. This limits the range of motion of the ankle and reduces function up the rest of the body. To address this, begin by placing one leg on the roller, then place the other leg on top of it. Raise the hips and slowly begin to roll to the knee. If you find an extra tender spot, stop and hold. After about 20 seconds continue to roll through the area four times. Then set the hips on the ground and rotate the leg four times side to side.

Eccentric Pause for Expanded Muscle

When we pause the bar and no movement whatsoever is established, yet the muscle is still under tension, we allow for the optimal amount of cross bridges to be engaged. It’s important to understand that eccentric-pause exercises have a significant function in overall force production. Any exercise that you conduct in a standard weight lifting fashion on its second day can be applied in an eccentric-pause methodology. The eccentric count should occur slowly and the pause should come between the transition of the eccentric and concentric phases.

Kissing Helps Boost Your Immune System

Turns out your 5-year-old self was right all along: Girls do have cooties. But so do you. And for every 10 seconds you spend kissing, you pass along 80 million bacteria.

Improve Your Workouts With This 'Don't Quit' Music Mix!

There's even a science behind the songs he picked! A song's tempo and rhythm are determined by Beats-Per-Minute (BPMs). BPMs create the timing for the movements and each of Jake’s compilations is produced to match the level of intensity of a particular workout. When the user's pace coincides with the BPMs, it increases endurance, thereby producing a stronger and longer workout.

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Ask Men's Fitness: At What Age Does a Person's Metabolism Start to Significantly Slow?

Your metabolism—the rate at which you burn calories—slows down much earlier than you might think. When you’re just 25, it starts its inevitable decline—as much as 2–4% each year—according to celebrity trainer and fitness expert Obi Obadike. But that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to grow old and fat. Yes, there are a lot of theories out there—for example, that eating hot peppers, drinking green tea, and skipping meals can speed up your metabolism—so it’s tempting to look for shortcuts.

VIDEO: The Arm Bomb Workout

Blow up your arms with just two moves. Find a weight you can complete between 15-20 repetitions of the dumbbell curl and dumbbell skullcrusher. Perform a set of dumbbell curls for 15 repeitions, and then a set of 15 dumbbell skullcrushers shortly thereafter (watch the video for helpful hints on correct form). Then do 14 reps of each move, 13 reps of each move, and so on until you get down to 5 reps. After that, work your way back up to 15 reps of curls and 15 reps of skullcrushers.

11 Ski Sweaters For The Winter Season

Winter is here. For many of us, a great plan is to wear one of the trusty favorites of the season, the ski sweater. For almost 100 years guys have been wearing these durable heavy wool sweaters straight from the powdery slope to the toasty lodge allowing for a seamless transition from sport to style. An effortless way to take full of advantage of the apres-ski cocktail hour is to show up dressed and ready to go.

Train Chest Hard & Smart with Zack Khan

At 5'11" and an off-season 310 pounds, “King Khan” says his favorite body part to train is chest. From the sheer size of him—60- inch chest, 24-inch arms—you might expect Khan to be bouncing 600 or more pounds off his chest. But this is a man who has been hurt and knows better. When Khan tore both tendons above his kneecaps hack squatting in mid-2010, the injury postponed this 2009 British Championships super heavyweight and overall winner’s pro debut all the way through 2013 (where he placed seventh at the Dallas Europa Super Show). When he trains anything these days, he trains hard, but he trains smart.

Why Do I Think of Other Women While Having Sex with My Girlfriend?

I love my girlfriend, but for me to reach orgasm I need to think of other women while we’re having sex. What does this say about me? —Chris O., Fort Wayne, IN This is way too complicated a topic to address in full detail, so let me ask you a single question: How much porn are you watching? Believe it or not, we can train our responses to certain stimuli, just like we train dogs. I know a guy who did an experiment in which he jerked off only to porn with obese women. After a while, when he’d see obese women on the street, he’d start to feel aroused.

10 Signs You're Whipped

We’ve all seen it in action, and we most certainly know the victims: the submissive brother and the compliant co-worker, the passive neighbor and the obedient best friend. Being ‘whipped’ knows no age limit, nor any other boundary of such kind. All a (domineering) woman needs to do is plant her roots and the freedom days are over. But take a look at your own relationship. Would you be able to tell if you were her whipping boy?

50 Ways to Boost Your Energy

What do booze, an aching back , and a bad mood have in common? They all suck away your energy. But you can fight back. We mined hundreds of specific studies and interviewed dozens of experts to compile 50 of the very best tips to rev your engines—right now!

Protein Cycling for Compensatory Growth

Protein change theory states that in order to see an impact from increasing protein intake, you have to increase protein to a sufficient extent beyond what is habitually eaten. The average change in habitual protein intake in studies showing higher protein to be effective was +59.5% above normal versus +6.5% above normal in studies showing no ef ect of increased protein. In other words, increasing protein intake by ~10% will do nothing for you. Increase it by at least 50%, however, and you will see an increase in protein deposition. Another thing that we can gather from protein studies is that just because you are eating a relatively high amount of protein already doesn’t mean you’re getting all the anabolic potential from that protein. Your body will adapt to high protein intake by increasing the amount of protein you lose each night. If this were not true, you would continue to grow and grow just from protein alone.

Flex Lewis On: His Plans for 2015 & His Battle with Food Allergies

There's nothing "typical" about a day in the life of an IFBB pro bodybuilder, but when you're 3X Olympia 212 Showdown Champion Flex Lewis, "typical" can include spending your 31st birthday doing your last stage appearance of the year as the featured guest poser at the 2014 NPC East Coast Bodybuilding Championships! Watch Flex Lewis celebrate his birthday by inspiring others on Saturday November 15, 2014, and keep checking for more on "A Day in the Life of Flex Lewis", sponsored by BSN .

We 'Mirin Vol 95: 15 Bodies That Rock -

Scroll through this volume of We Mirin' while you down your pre-workout supp! It's the perfect combo for a killer workout.

Best Exercises For Huge, Chiseled Hamstrings

Best Exercises For Huge, Chiseled Hamstrings

Revitalize Your Abdominal Workouts

There's a strange thing about abs. Schizophrenically, they’re either overemphasized or ignored, and sometimes both, intermittently, by the same bodybuilder. Ab definition is widely regarded as the best visual indicator of leanness. Yet, unless you’re shirtless, your abs can’t convey anything to anyone; and, if you’re not buff, they still remain unseen even when you’re in the buff. For the latter reason, even many pro bodybuilders skip ab training until the final weeks before a contest.

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How to Save Face in 8 of the Season's Most Awkward Situations

If you occasionally feel “shy” in social gatherings, you’re not alone—researchers say near 50% of Americans identify as being shy. Before you attend any party, read the paper and brush up on what’s going on in your town, the country, and the world. Then, practice how you’re going to introduce yourself. “Tailor your introduction to every event to give others context of who you are, why you’re there, and what they could talk to you about,” says RoAnne. If it’s a business event, say the benefit of what you do. (If you’re a realtor say, “I put roofs over people's heads.”) This gives the other person the opportunity to ask you the first question, and then they’ll feel like they started the conversation.

Physique Pro Jeff Seid Exercise Tip - Straight Bar Curls

Everyone utilizes the barbell curl, but you might not know you're doing it wrong. Men's physique pro Jeff Seid shows you how to perform the barbell curl properly.

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