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Dave Tate's Six-Week Bench Press Cure

"This is the United States of America," he bellows. "Like it or not, the bench press will always be the most popular exercise. Too bad everyone sucks at it."...

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Wednesday, December 24, 2014 - You're able to accomplish so much today that others might start to think you're a super-hero. However, there's a steep price to pay for your action-packed day. So many events are interrelated now that one unexpected blip can bring down the entire house of cards. But even a crisis or two won't stop you if you're open to starting over again and changing your course as needed. Your sheer determination is a marvel to behold.

6 Big Finishers for Every Major Muscle Group

Great endings—whether they occur in sports, on film or on your last date—are the memorable ones. Sure, what you do at the beginning of your routine when your energy levels are highest has a profound effect on how successful you are at reaching your goals. But it'’s what you do at the end that makes the difference between completing a workout that felt just good and one in which you're completely fatigued, pumped and exhilarated, having left it all on the gym floor. That's how you know you'’ve fully exhausted the muscle fibers, putting them in the best position to benefit optimally from the ensuing recuperation/repair/growth cycle. To put you squarely within that window of opportunity, here we prescribe a finishing move for each of your main muscle groups—an exercise or combo with which you complete that bodypart'’s workout and take the muscle to its working limit. We recommend isolation moves rather than multijoint exercises, allowing you to concentrate fully on the muscle in question and eliminating assistive muscle groups. In addition, we favor using machines over free weights, alleviating the worry about having to balance a weight after your stabilizer muscles have already been worked overtime.

10 At-Home Workouts to Build Muscle in Under 20 Minutes

Designed by Los Angeles based personal trainers Ben Bruno and Anthony Yeung for getting fit from home fast, these time crunch workouts use bodyweight and dumbbells to get you ripped in your room. Build muscle in under 20 minutes with these 10 effective at-home workouts.

4 Diesel Strength & Conditioning

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The Rock Serenades Kelly & Michael

During an appearance on  Live with Kelly and Michael , The Rock put on quite the show. He dominated "Here Comes Santa Claus" and even did his best Elvis Presley impersonation. Oh, and he did it while wearing a onesie and a Santa hat.

The 8 Best Things You Can Do For Your Metabolism

Metabolism is a fancy word for how your body regulates energy consumption. Someone with a higher metabolism burns more calories even at rest than someone with a lower metabolism, and can therefore get away with eating more food —even junk food. But a high metabolism isn’t a privilege reserved for a select few who were lucky enough to be born with it. You can raise yours and reap the benefits. Here are the 8 best things you can do.

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How Many Sets is Enough

The American College of Sports Medicine Journal in 2002 published “A Meta-analysis to Determine the Dose Response for Strength Development.” Looking at the results, in a number of different studies, scientists determined advanced trainees need to perform an average of four sets to make the same gains that a beginner could make with one set. A number of studies show that high-volume, multiple set protocols cause a much more favorable hormonal response contrasted to single set protocols. Recently, science has questioned the role of the acute hormonal response and its role in hypertrophy, but a 2010 meta-analysis entitled “Single vs. multiple set of resistance exercise for muscle hypertrophy” shows the superiority of multiple sets for hypertrophy, echoing the findings of “Quantitative analysis of single vs. multiple-set programs in resistance training.”

The Better-Skin Diet

Skincare is clutch, but the key to a healthy complexion starts with what’s on your plate. The right foods can improve skin’s appearance, prevent wrinkles, and protect against sun damage.

VIDEO: 14-Minute Body-Weight Workout

VIDEO: 14-Minute Body-Weight Workout

7 Popular Lifts You Can Live Without

“Just watch what everyone else does in the gym. If you do the opposite, you’ll get in great shape ,” he quipped. Some of his thoughts on certain staple lifts will likely surprise you. “There is a time and a place for all of the exercises I mention, but sometimes the risk just isn’t worth the reward, or the movement isn’t necessary."

The Breakdown Training Protocol

Dr. Squat was not just a writer dreaming up theoretical programs with the masses as his proverbial guinea pigs. Hatfield was also a world-record setting powerlifter, and he trained eight-time Mr. Olympia, Lee Haney, as well the legendary former Mr. Universe and Mr. USA, Mike Quinn. Crowned Mr. Universe at the age of 22, “the black sheep of bodybuilding” was a highly outspoken competitor and a veteran of more than 100 barroom brawls. He even tore his pec one time against a Russian enforcer in a knock-down drag-out street war of fisticuff fury. Many pundits believe Quinn would have achieved even more titles in the sport but a downward spiral ended his career prematurely.  What’s the point of sharing Quinn’s story? To show you that this workout isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes a street-fighting mentality to get the most out of the training he thrived on.

10 Reasons You're Holding onto Body Fat

If you’re not shedding belly blubber fast enough, then chances are you’re flubbing one of these training or nutrition tactics.

Top 10 Energy-Boosting Foods and Drinks

It's not easy getting eight hours of sleep per night. For those of us who are overstressed and sleep-deprived, there’s a healthy way—10 actually—to boosts energy and fuels workouts without the pending sugar crash that comes along with energy drinks. Lisa Moskovitz, R.D., founder of The NY Nutrition Group, shares 10 top energy-boosting foods that are probably already in your kitchen. 5 Weird Things that Make You Bloated>>>

The Best Dumbbell Only Shoulder Workout

The first exercise, a neutral-grip overhead press , is the safest way to do any pressing movement. If you’ve backed off of shoulder work in the past because it hurt to execute, relief can be as simple as turning your palms to face each other. In this position, your upper-arm bones can glide through the shoulder joints without risk of impingement.You’ll follow this up with a variety of shoulder raises, ending with a crucifix hold, in which you keep your arms raised for  time. This is an exercise popular among strongman competitors , whose shoulders are the size of pumpkins. Finally, the workout ends with seated dumbbell cleans. If you’ve ever done power cleans, you know what exploding a weight up from the floor to shoulder level can do for your shoulders, and this variation isolates them more. It’s as simple to do as it sounds: heave the weights up. Brute force builds big shoulders.

The Muscle-Building Standards: Build a Big Chest

Guys have been tossing around weights to build mass for quite some time. A lot has changed since back in Arnold's day, but a lot has also stayed the same. The Standards are bare-bones muscle-building tactics. Straight sets, moderate rest, and traditional exercises.

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

8 Ways to Get In a Workout on a Busy Schedule

Can’t miss your favorite TV show or the big game? Instead of sitting on the couch with your favorite snack food, mix up a tasty branch chain amino acid blend and exercise during commercials. Use bands, dumbbells or your body weight and select a quick exercise circuit. Every commercial, do as many reps or exercises as you can. In a 30-minute sitcom, you can get up to 9-minutes of exercise in.

Get Symmetrical for More Muscle

Loaded carries are a very underused form of strength training. No other exercise transfers over into real life more than a loaded carry. No matter what our age or background is, at some point, we will have to pick up and carry heavy objects. The suit case carry mimics carrying a heavy load in one hand by our sides. You simply pick up a dumbbell or kettlebell that would be tough to carry for 40 meters, or so. The suit case carry helps improve core, oblique, upper-back and grip strength all in one. As you carry the load the key is to not favor one side. Instead, keep good posture and look as symmetrical as possible. 3 sets walking 40 meters or so each side.

10 Signs You're Bad in Bed and Don't Even Know It

Fix it: “Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay—I can’t say it enough!” Morse says. You may be ready to go the second you get home, but you have to remember, sex is mostly mental for women. They have to be warmed up, physically and mentally. “Most women not only enjoy foreplay, but we need it in order to get aroused before actual intercourse,” Morse says. Foreplay can even start hours before you're through the door. Send her a text about how much you can’t wait to see her or how beautiful she looked this morning. Then when you get home kiss and caress her before you start taking her clothes off. Foreplay isn’t a suggestion; it’s a requirement for most women.

10 Essential Rules of Good Health

When it comes to achieving overall well-being, you need to balance many key aspects of health, including diet, exercise, sleep, professional care and socialization. Even just remembering to smile is a way to stay healthy and keep your blood pressure down, notes Dr. Steven Lamm, director of the Preston Robert Tisch Center for Men’s Health at New York University Langone Medical Center, and author of No Guts, No Glory: Gut Solution—The Core of Your Total Wellness Plan.

The Five Toughest Yoga Positions for Guys

Stiles identifies five advanced yoga positions that every guy should strive to achieve. “These five will probably present a challenge for most guys because of tight hamstrings, shoulders and backs,” she says. “These poses require and promote even balance in the body so it's especially great for guys to open and strengthen evenly." If you're a new entrant into the world of yoga, we advise you pick up a few classes before you try diving headfirst (literally) into these moves.


Musicolio is a collaborative community of people working together to even the playing field for aspiring artists and music professionals

8 Unexpected Muscle-Building Foods

We all know that what you eat can either make or break your fitness goals. By providing your body with the raw nutrients it needs, you can ensure that your muscles are getting fed correctly in order to grow. Every bodybuilder knows the usual  “ bodybuilding foods ” like the back of their hand— chicken breast , salmon, eggs … and the list goes on. However, there is an array of unconventional food options that fit-minded individuals can benefit from. Here is a list of 8 unexpected exercise foods that can help you build muscle and stay fit.

8 Stubborn Muscle Groups (and How to Grow Them Again)

There are obviously too many variables at play to give a short answer but one common denominator would be that most people move weights instead of training their muscles. Yes, they do the exercises, often with a good amount of weight on the bar, but the actual work is done by joints, ligaments, inertia - in short everything but the target muscle. As an extreme example you can look at the guy who seems to be entering the "how low can I go contest" when curling a barbell. He might be curling 60 lbs, but his biceps only move around 30 lbs whereas his elbows get hit with 100+lbs. Result: blown out elbow and no growth.

The Guy's Guide to Makeup Sex

Fighting brings out the worst in everyone—and, at the end of the day, the only behavior you can really control is your own. But there are things you can do to turn a potentially destructive argument into a productive, healing meeting of the minds—and get to that make-up sex a whole lot quicker.

Deadlift More Weight Now

This got me thinking. In theory, the same technique could be used with the deadlift. When your glutes lockout a deadlift, like the vertical jump, they are opposed by the hip flexors. You can weaken the opposition the same way.


Learn the secrets about performance training that will make you faster, stronger, more explosive and better conditioned than your competition. The Juggernaut Method 2.0 offers total strength and athletic development for anyone from the Elite level power lifter, strongman, football player, fighter, or anyone looking to become unstoppable.

DJ and Big Ramy Train Arms 2 Weeks Out from the NY Pro!

Dennis James takes Mamdouh 'Big Ramy' Elssbiay through an arm workout, just 2 weeks before the 2014 NY Pro. Video sponsored by Team GAT .

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Give yourself a Christmas present, even if you've been naughty.

Back on Track

In 2008, FLEX editors undertook a rather daunting task, journalistically speaking —they gathered to choose the 20 bodybuilders who, in their estimation, represented the best back development of all time. The list was stacked with greats, from Ronnie Coleman and Dorian Yates at the top of the heap to Melvin Anthony and Albert Beckles snagging the final two spots. You could argue vociferously for a favorite who didn’t make the list (and have a valid point), but all told, no one could debate the quality of the final 20. They were giants in a sport that boasts more than its fair share of larger-than-life physiques.

Giant Gains with Giant Sets

Q: I’m looking for a great total-body muscle-building workout. I can train five or six days a week, and one of those being a Sunday isn’t an issue. After two years of training, I need something to jump-start my muscles and give me a great pump.

Cold & Bold: The 10 Best Winter Scents for Men

Cold & Bold: The 10 Best Winter Scents for Men

15 Fit Tips for 2015 -

When I say a support group, I don't necessarily mean a circle of strangers talking about feelings, but more like a network of family, loved ones, and close friends whom you truly trust and who want to see you succeed. There can be many barriers to your goals, including people who will try to sabotage you. Identify those saboteurs from the outset and connect with those that have a bigger stake in your success. The right support network will keep your head in the game when all you want to do is run away and quit. People like your personal trainer or online coach, your healthcare provider, your significant other, and close, trusted friends fit this role perfectly.

Dwayne Johnson Rocks a Onesie and Sings Christmas Songs—Watch!

Johnson showcased his holiday spirit earlier this week as well, sharing on Instagram what appears to be a fan-made, Christmas-themed photoshopped pic showing a  throwback photo  of himself wearing a fanny pack that had gone viral back in July.

Why Holiday Diets Cause Failure

I'm pretty worried right now. The holidays are here and there are so many parties. How many can I go to? And do you have any diet guidelines for Christmas and New Year's?

The Best Dynamic Warmup for Any Workout

A  dynamic warmup  is a series of movements designed to increase body temperature, activate the nervous system, increase range of motion, and correct limitations. Gregory Robins, C.S.C.S., a trainer to several professional baseball players at Cressey Performance in Hudson, MA, always starts his clients with a full-body warmup—whether they're doing lower- or upper-body training. "To gain range of motion at your joints and fire up the muscles that you're going to use for that day’s workout, you need to do mobility and activation drills," says Robins. "The dynamic warmup is going to  increase your performance  if you do it correctly," he adds. So get your muscles loose and ready for lifting with this major-league warmup that you can do just about anywhere.

Lean and Fit: Holiday Damage Control

If, like me, you don’t have much time, and prefer the old school ways of bodybuilding, this one is the best option. It’s the ‘’all you can eat’’ kind of workout. You can split it in many ways -- one or two body parts a day and even pack in two sessions a day.

Sexy Supermodel: Samantha Hoops

SH: I have never been good at school, and not because I’m not smart or anything. I just really do not care to waste my time in a class [where] I’ll learn something and then forget it in a year. I just don’t like to waste time like that. I always knew I was going to do something else. I always told myself I wanted to be a GUESS model, and every night before I went to bed I would “put it out there.” I was definitely a party girl in school—I seriously wasted my parents’ money at Penn State. It just got to a point where I wasn’t going to graduate anytime soon, so I decided to drop out and pursue my modeling career. The whole experience has been crazy. Every day is a new challenge. I’m just winging it...and it seems to be working.

Taking the Confusion Out of Muscle Confusion

The total number of reps is not dependent on what exercise you’re doing, unless it’s a bodyweight

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The Top 20 Answers to the #1 Training Question: How Can I get Huge?

The Top 20 Answers to the #1 Training Question: How Can I get Huge?

5 Tasty Ways to Enjoy Oats

Cook 1 cup black beans and 1 cup white beans. Mash and mix with 1½ cups oats, 1 cup roasted bell pepper, ¾ cup water, and dashes of black pepper, chili powder, and cumin. Form patties. Bake at 350° for 20 minutes.

Compound Your Growth

You’ve been known to use a technique called “compound-compounds.”  I know traditional compound sets are two exercises for the same bodypart  done back to back. What version are you talking about?

Welsh Wheels

You won’t find the McLaren F1 in the showroom of your local car dealership. Unlike the mass-produced vehicles—your Fords, Hondas, and Toyotas—that dominate the roads today, it didn’t roll of an assembly line, just one of a million others like it, with interchangeable parts and snap-together technology.

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Dorian Yates on Twitter

I'v worn worse .... Happy holiday everybody .... Peace

Big Wide Nasty

Ever since Lee Haney, a big, detailed back has been an Olympia requisite.  Eight-time champion Haney, six-timer Dorian Yates, and eight-time winner Ronnie Coleman each upped the ante in dorsal development, pushing the boundaries of what was possible (and what came to be expected) when we’re talking Olympia-level back building. The Mr. Olympias since—Jay Cutler, Dexter Jackson, and Phil Heath—have built on and refined what the TotaLee Awesome One, the Shadow, and the Big Nasty ushered in.

Magnum Nutraceuticals Mimic at

Magnum MIMIC® is a Pharmaceutical Grade formulation that can create bigger fuller pumps, encourage fat loss, improve carbohydrate sensitivity, shorten recovery time, drive nutrients into your muscle tissue, increase your ability to access carbohydrates for energy and reduce the amount of carbohydrates stored as body fat.*

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