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American Sniper - Official Trailer [HD]

From director Clint Eastwood comes “American Sniper,” starring Bradley Cooper as Chris Kyle, the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history. In theaters Dec...

Problems I Wake Up Call I TNT

SUBSCRIBE: About Wake Up Call: By the time Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was 23, he had multiple arrests, his family was evicted and h...

High-Performance Mass Program: Lat Fatigue Loading

High-Performance Mass Program: Lat Fatigue Loading

BioLayne Product Review - SBD Knee Sleeves

In this BioLayne Product Review I talk about the SBD Knee Sleeves, why you would use a knee sleeve and why I think this is the best knee sleeve product on th...

Sideways Incline Dumbbell Lateral Raise

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Sagittarius Horoscope for Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sunday, December 7, 2014 - You're approaching the end of the road, but you are confident that another route will soon appear to take you in a different direction. In fact, you have been eagerly anticipating this change and now that it's almost here, it's quite irritating that you're still dealing with the old stuff rather than pushing off into new territory. Practicing patience helps, but it's going to be hard to finish up your current tasks while you're so busy thinking about the future. Nevertheless, doing everything in the proper order today makes it easier to achieve success tomorrow.

You can’t detox your body. It’s a myth. So how do you get healthy?

W hether it’s cucumbers splashing into water or models sitting smugly next to a pile of vegetables, it’s tough not to be sucked in by the detox industry. The idea that you can wash away your calorific sins is the perfect antidote to our fast-food lifestyles and alcohol-lubricated social lives. But before you dust off that juicer or take the first tentative steps towards a colonic irrigation clinic, there’s something you should know: detoxing – the idea that you can flush your system of impurities and leave your organs squeaky clean and raring to go – is a scam. It’s a pseudo-medical concept designed to sell you things.

6 Moves for Stronger Knees

Get into a pushup position with a roller at the base of your ankles. Turn your toe in towards the midline of your body in order to expose the muscles of the shin and address them. Press your shins firmly down on the roller and gradually inch up towards your knee. You completely control the pressure in this movement. For more intensity really lay your body weight into the foam, for less ease back on the throttle. I like trying to move my foot up and down during the rolling and search for hot spots. 45 seconds to a minute on each leg should suffice and free up those important lower leg muscles.

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The Best Upper Body Workout

DIRECTIONS  The first time you perform the workout, you’ll hit 25 reps for the main lifts by completing five sets of five, as shown. If you repeat the workout, perform six sets of four reps. In the next session, do eight sets of three. Do not perform this workout more than twice a week, and allow at least three days before repeating it. On each lift that you use the 25-rep rule for, spend the first three or four sets warming up so that only the last two are done with heavy weights.

The Best Full Gym Chest Workout

101 Best Workouts Of All Time is the ultimate answer to the question "What workout should I do?" No matter what equipment you have available, from a fully-stocked supergym to a pair of mismatched dumbbells in your garage, or nothing but your body weight alone, you can build muscle, lose fat, and sculpt the physique you've always wanted.

7 Gym Moves You Need to Master

Want to be a well-rounded athlete, then you need to think beyond the Big 3. Become a pro at these seven staple moves to dominate in everything else.

Torso Sculpting Circuit Workout

The cornerstone of this routine, which consist of mostly familiar moves, is the hand-to-thigh plank. This exercise is performed by positioning your hands and feet at shoulder width apart, arms at full extension, just as you would in the top of a push-up. While keeping your body straight and core tight, you will bring one arm at a time into slap your same-side thigh. Alternate hand slaps on each side being careful not to sway or drop your hips.

7 Reasons Your Pecs are Flat

While the Bench Press can certainly be your ticket to a Schwarzenegger-like chest , what many trainees fail to realize is that it is not a simple as lying on a bench, unracking the bar, and pushing it from point A to B. In order to properly and forcefully engage the pec-fibers, proper body positioning, range of motion, and performance technique must be meticulously adhered to.

The 5 Best Supplements for Men

There are literally thousands of pills you could be taking at any one time. Here are the five most important ones.

Muscle in Minutes: Legs

When I think of athletes with huge quads, I think immediately of Olympic lifters. The key to their quad-bloated success? They perform a ton of fronts, heavy. So we start the week off with heavy front squats to get the quads growing and move right on to hamstrings. The hamstrings are made of primarily fast-twitch muscle fibers, so a hearty diet of high-rep sets on leg curls isn’t really doing them any favors. It’s important to with stick with heavy weight, in this case via the Romanian deadlift, which targets the muscle across two joints (the knee and the hip). By the time you get to the lunges, you are pretty spent but it’s crucial to hit the glutes, hams and quads just a little more in this short of a workout.

The Sexiest Photos from the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande performed in lingerie, and then VS models paraded down the catwalk scantily clad in creative ensembles that would cause a scandal in some countries. What more could any guy ask for? Check out some of the best photos from the night.

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The Suspense Is Over: Study Shows TRX Builds Muscle Like Weights

The TRX suspension trainer and other “instability platforms” like it are found in millions of homes (maybe even yours) and virtually every gym—but, for building muscle, strength, and performance, do they work as well as good, old-fashioned weights? The answer seems to be yes.


BSN Syntha-6 is An Ultra-Premium Sustained Release Protein Powder! Get the Lowest Prices on Syntha-6 at!

4 More Reasons to Load Up on Eggs

Already a bodybuilding staple, here are four more reasons why eggs should be a part of your diet.

The Cardio Fat Loss Plan - Born Fitness

Even worse? Oftentimes those people doing cardio to lose fat are also on a low-calorie, low-carb diet. When this happens, you’re body doesn’t have much stored glycogen (the carbs you store in your muscles) so your body goes searching for other sources of energy. One of those energizers? Protein. And when that happens, you might start tapping into your muscle stores, which isn’t exactly what you want to do on a fat loss plan.  Just to prove the point, in the same study by Wilson et al, people who did slow steady state cardio lost more muscle than those who performed the high intensity intervals.

Big Ramy's Off-Season Diet

Near the end of 2011, Mamdouh "Big Ramy" Elssbiay weighed approximately 200 pounds, having been training only a little more than a year. In May of 2013, just one week before he won the IFBB New York Pro, he weighed in at over 300 pounds!  Here is the off-season meal plan  he used to make these extraordinary gains:

Build Big Shoulders Without Pain

Don't let achy shoulders ruin your upper body training. Try these seven exercises to painlessly build big shoulders.

Running Is Good For Your Knees!

For all of you running a Turkey Trot this Thursday morning, you’re doing more than revving your metabolism for the behemoth that is Thanksgiving dinner. You’re doing a service to your knees , according to researchers at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas. And it’s a good one!

Zen and the Art of Keg Lifting

For the college-aged young man that has found his groove hittin’ the weights, but has yet to find the groove with the ladies, a surefire way to get an invite to the sorority parties, particularly ones located above the ground-level floor, is to be able to lift a keg and carry it. None of the posers in the preppy frat will be able to!

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

19 Life Lessons We've Learned From The Rock

He truly is The People's Champion. Watch as he teaches these lessons and more on TNT’s ...

How Many Eggs Are Safe to Eat? - Born Fitness

While the whites still offer protein, it’s only slightly more than 50 percent of the total amount. The yolks are part of what give eggs the highest possible biological value, which is a measure of how well a food suits your body’s protein needs. So if you’re looking for the healthiest way to eat your eggs, your best bet is to keep the yolk. (The exception: Let’s say you’re on a “diet” and are counting macros or keeping fat lower, there’s no problem just eating a bunch of eat whites and saving calories. Sometimes I do it myself, but the reason isn’t to avoid the yolk or for health reasons; it’s to save calories. There’s a big difference.)

We 'Mirin Vol 93: 20 Fitness Buddies -

Your gym buddy is more than just your spotter and motivator: They're your swolemate. Here are 20 awesome examples that prove friendships forged under the weight of iron are the strongest of them all!

This Trick Will Help You Reach Any Fitness Goal

Sharing this goal publicly only raises the stakes by further linking your social identity - which, let’s be honest, most of us care a lot about - to the accomplishment of your goal.  In his best selling book, Influence , Cialdini writes that:   “Once an active commitment is made (publicly), then, self-image is squeezed from both sides by consistency pressures. From the inside, there is a pressure to bring self-image into line with action. From the outside, there is a sneakier pressure – a tendency to adjust this image according to the way others perceive us. And because others see us as believing what we have written, we will really experience a pull to bring self-image into line with the written statement.”

Bench Press Seminar 5: Dead Bench

Before we delve into dead benches, it might be a good idea for you to ego at the door because it won’t do you much good here. In fact, your sense of pride will take a swift kick to the jewels if this is new to you because you will not be able to move as much weight on a dead bench as you do when benching regularly.

Pullups: The King of Back Development

An easy way to begin to add these to your regimen is the Pyramid Method.  To do this you pick a top number, for a beginner it may be ten. You start by doing one pull-up, then rest 30 seconds, then do 2 pullups, then rest 30 seconds, then do 3 pullups, and so on until you get to ten, then you start heading back down the pyramid by doing 9, then 8, etc. until you are back down to 1.

Farmer’s Squats: A Leg Blasting Change of Routine

Farmer’s squats are a great tool to have in your training toolbox, but, because of the extreme fatigue induced, they should be used sparingly.  They should be used as a changeup to your normal leg routine during the accumulation phase. At most they should be used once every 6-8 weeks or so. The weight is obviously very light, in the 50% range, but it will differ from athlete to athlete based on individual conditioning levels, mental toughness, etc.

10 Things Guys Do on Social Media That Girls Hate

The Fix:  Paw your way out of the dog house by reminding your significant other just how public social media is, suggests Senning. “Explain that your love life is something you like to keep private, which is why you’re active with your buddies on Facebook but don’t post love notes to her wall.” That reasoning should make sense to her. Dating Rules for the Digital Age>>>

11 Green Foods for Every Dude's Diet

A fast and easy way to get your greens: down ‘em in juice form. Our go-to pick when we’re flying from point A to point B: a freshly-squeezed blend of kale, apple, pineapple, and chia seeds at Jamba Juice (190 calories for 12 ounces). The gluten- and dairy-free drink is 100% juice and a good source of vitamins A, B6, C, and K. Find Out How to Score Free Juice and Smoothies at Jamba Juice>>>

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The Two-Move Workout

When you’re busy there isn’t always time for a workout. One or two exercises maybe, but not a whole routine. Most of the time you skip it altogether; after all, what good is just a half-hour session? But that’s a mistake. A short workout forces you to perform only the most essential exercises—the ones responsible for most of your gains—with an increased focus and intensity that revs your metabolism harder and keeps your heart rate elevated. Spend the holiday season mastering those cornerstone movements with this routine. When your calendar clears up again in the New Year, you’ll wonder who needs all that “extra” time anyway.

9 Surprising Foods Spiked with Caffeine

From hot sauce to sunflower seeds, dozens of packaged foods are catching a caffeine buzz. But are they worth trying? We asked experts to weigh in on what’s safe—and what’s better left on the shelf.

The 5 in 5 Gain Plan

There was a time not so long ago that a bodybuilder in mass-gain mode resorted to a high-protein, high-carbohydrate, high-fat diet to increase muscle and add pounds. A common mantra was, “I’ll put on all the weight I can, then whittle away the fat later.”

Zone In: The Right Way to Do the Mediterranean Diet

Best-selling author and nutritional researcher Barry Sears, Ph.D., reveals how you can turn your health destiny around in this exclusive adaptation of his new book, 'The Mediterranean Zone.'

The 20 Dumbest Things Ever Said by Bodybuilders

Oh, boy! We’ve all done this at some point, myself included. But thankfully I know better now. As much as it would be nice to work my lower biceps or lengthen my biceps, preacher curls do not do this, and neither do any other exercises. They may overload the lower portion of the strength curve, thereby making you stronger in that part of the range, giving you the misperception that you’re lengthening your biceps. In reality, you’re just getting overall thickness in your biceps.

Top 5 Chests of the 1980's

The 1980’s comprised two bodybuilding eras. The beginning of this decade was a continuation of the lightweight era (1976–83), during which the only over-200-pound Mr. Olympia was a downsized version of Schwarzenegger. The rest of the decade was filled by six of Lee Haney’s eight years of mass-with-class dominance.

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Optimal Approach to Postcontest Rebound

If you have been involved in competitive bodybuilding for any length of time,  I am sure you have witnessed what many refer to as “the postcontest rebound.” You may have witnessed someone go from a granite-hard, shrink-wrapped, work of art to a puffy, doughy, and water-retentive catastrophe!

Is Exercise Making You Fat?

In other words, they pig out and bum around after getting home from the gym. So no, exercise is not making you fat. It’s actually making you healthier and happier. But this research indicates that for weight loss, exercise is not the only magic bullet. No doubt it’s a very important factor, but so is the kitchen .  This means you can't use your training as an excuse if you really want to lose weight. It doesn't compensate for poor eating.


At Team Flex Wheeler, our mission is to provide expert knowledge and advice for people to develop a lifestyle, exceed their goals, and feel great about themselves. We want to eliminate excuses and defeated mindsets by using each individual's strengths and weaknesses to make them successful. Living a healthy lifestyle is what we are passionate about and helping people whether you want to lose weight, gain muscles, or to be healthy for your family. We provide a service that's not just one-of-a-kind, but legendary and we want to pay forward all of our years of education and experiences so that you are successful in obtaining your health and fitness goals. 

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Strong overhead pressers lift with violence and hate. Here's all the technique cues you need: …

10 Ways To Jump-Start Your New Year's Resolution! -

A strong support network and a great coach are some of the most underrated drivers of fitness success, but if you're not sure you want to part with your cash, heed this pro tip: "The months of October, November, and December are slow months for everyone in the fitness business, as most clients are out shopping, partying, and going about their holiday activities," says James Pulido. "This means you can take your time and shop around, ask plenty of questions, and get an amazing deal on personal training sessions."

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Rears in High Gear

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Rears in High Gear

The Best Healthy Fats

Fat used to be considered the other F-word for bodybuilders. This was due to the common misconception that if you eat fat you get fat. And while fat may be more calorically dense than the other two main macronutrients—protein and carbs—it’s not the devil it was once made out to be. In fact, getting in more of certain healthy fats will actually enhance fat loss, not to mention provide a plethora of health and performance benefits. Yet it’s difficult to ensure that your meal plan is rich in the right kinds of healthy fats every single day, so it’s always a smart idea to supplement your diet. Consider stacking these three fats for ultimate health, performance, and physique.

The Man's Guide to Haggling

But before I even started bargain hunting that day, I’d already upped my chances of landing a discount. The best time to haggle is invariably when a store is tallying its figures and starting to sweat its sales goals — which is always at the end of the day, week, or month. If you’re shopping for a chair at a furniture retailer, for instance, hit the store near closing time on the last Saturday of January or July, when it needs to rotate out the previous season’s wares. In the case of J.Crew, where promos usually begin on Wednesdays and end on Sundays, I went on a Sunday evening, when they want to off-load more items than usual.

MET-Rx Quik Creatine Powder at

Directions For Quik Creatine Powder: For adults, take one (1) scoop (0.75 g) one hour prior to working out with 4-6 ounces (120-180ml) of water. Quik-Crete™ can be taken with food, mixed with your favorite protein, or on an empty stomach. Creatine should be consumed within 10 minutes after mixing. As a reminder, discuss the supplements and medications you take with your health care providers. Training: 1 serving per 100 pounds of body weight. Additional Support: 1-2 servings per 100 pounds of body weight. Rest Days: Can take 1 serving per 100 pounds of body weight.

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