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MiGFlug - Selber Kampfjet fliegen in einem Überschall-Kampfflugzeug

12 Tips for Better Hip Thrusts - Bret Contreras

Today’s article comes from Los Angeles based personal trainer Ben Bruno. Many of you will recall Ben’s plentiful hip thrust variation contributions to the Evolution of the Hip Thrust article, but Ben has contributed numerous unique, effective methods to the strength training industry. I consider Ben to be one of the top five best trainers …

LA Fit Expo 2015 - Jay Cutler Seminar

In the third seminar from Sunday at the 2015 LA Fit Expo, 4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler opens up his time for the fans to ask questions. He covers: Where he will be throughout the year - What his workout program was like in his early years - What his training goals are these days - Fitness tips for female competitors and much more.

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Steve Kuclo | Olympia Bound Leg Training

IFBB Pro bodybuilder Steve Kuclo trains legs in prep for the 50th Mr. Olympia competition.

NPC USA's 2014 | Shawn Ray and Chris Cormier

Shawn Ray gets with 1993 overall champion Chris Cormier at the 2014 USA's in Las Vegas.

IFBB Pro Figure Bojana Vasiljevic | Delt training

IFBB Pro Figure Bojana Vasiljevic trains delts ten days out from the Tampa Pro.

NPC USA's 2014 | Overall Champion Nick Trigili

Muscular Development's Bob Cicherillo gets with the bodybuilding overall champion Nick Trigili after the conclusion of the 2014 USA's in Las Vegas.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 - You want others to see you shining brightly in the best possible light today because you believe your actions are a source of inspiration. Luckily, you can keep far enough ahead of everyone else now that you appear to be a natural born leader. Fortunately, you don't have to do anything differently from what you have already done in the past. You have the most profound influence if you consistently act on your feelings with honesty and integrity.

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Get Negative for More Muscle Gain

One effective method is tempo training. This means drawing out the eccentric for a specified amount of time. Try starting out with a 4-5 second negative, then forcefully completing the concentric. With muscle hypertrophy as the objective, the set should take between 30-60 seconds. So, if on a dumbbell bench press you take four seconds to lower the weight and one second to push it back up, you are looking at performing 6-12 repetitions total. Slowly evolve to heavy eccentrics, forced reps and different set-ups on tempo training.

Top 10 Muscle and Strength Building Moves

While everyone who goes to the gym to lift weights has their own set of specific goals, one common thread that runs through most is the desire to get bigger and stronger . Bodybuilders are unique bunch in that they look to build every muscle in the body to the greatest possible degree, while trying to make sure everything remains in perfect proportion and symmetry. Because of this they must utilize a myriad of specific and varied exercises for each body part, so that every muscle fiber and motor unit pool is exhausted at every workout.

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How does wacky weed affect fat loss and muscle building? Dude, let's dig into the science: …

12 Moves for Building Grown-Man Strength

To become a member, you have to bench press, back squat and deadlift a combined 1000 lbs. or more. For example, if you have a 400-lb. deadlift, 350-lb. squat, and a 250-lb. bench, you’re in. But you must do these exercises the competition way: descend below parallel on the back squat, pause the barbell on your chest for the bench press, and lock out completely on the deadlift. Anything less is a “miss.”

How to Design the Perfect Circuit

Whether you're crunched for time or simply need to shake up your current workout program, circuit training is your answer. Defined as performing one exercise after another with minimal to no rest in between, circuit training is one of the most effective ways to maximize your workout time. And circuit training is just as effective for the beginning as it is for the advanced since it can all be scaled to challenge you according to your individual fitness level and goals.

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The Debate Over Running While High

I ran my third marathon this past December. My goals were to beat my (younger) brother and finish under 4 hours. My brother caught me at mile 24 and we were on pace for a 4 hour finish. I figured great, we'll come in together and I will beat him by one step. But Hermes and possibly Dionysus had other plans. At mile 24 was an Irish pub. In front of the pub were several well-wishers handing out pints of Guinness to any runner that wanted one. Never being one to pass up a free drink, I stopped, and was dumbfounded when my brother continued on saying he felt good and didn't want to interrupt his pace. I drank, I drank deep. It was the most delicious pint of Guinness ever consumed in the history of Guinnessdom. I literally skipped and whistled the last 2.2 miles. Needless to say the 4 minutes it cost me was worth it many times over.

The 20 Fittest Foods

We not only tell you which foods made the list, but how much of each you should eat on a weekly basis. So read on to see how you can make your diet more fit.

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Eight Best Dumbbell Exercises for a Six-Pack

Instead of old-fashioned bodyweight abs exercises, dumbbell core exercises allow you to quickly and easily add resistance to movements while unlocking a different array of angles and planes for better core activation. Take your core training to the next level and sculpt a six-pack by adding these eight dumbbell exercises to your abs routine.

The Three Most Important Strength Training Principles

Eat a high amount of protein, an even greater amount of carbs, and low to moderate fat. I explain this further in my book, The Truth About Strength Training, but protein supports muscle, carbs provide the energy for workouts, and fat promotes the hormones that allow for muscle and leanness.

The All-or-Nothing Arms Routine

Place a medicine ball on the floor and grab each side of it, in a standard pushup position (A). Lower your body until your chest is about an inch above the ball (B), and then push yourself back up. That’s one rep. Advanced guys: Try your pushups with one hand on the ball at a time.

3 Compound Combination Moves for Total Body Fitness

Increase power, endurance and muscle mass throughout your body with these efficient compound moves.

Fox News’ segment doesn’t show off Gasparilla’s brightest

A little national television coverage from this year’s Gasparilla parade might be considered a bright moment for Tampa, if only the city’s brightest were on display.

7 Things Coffee Does to Your Body

But that doesn't mean you should abandon Starbucks just yet. As a slew of new studies show, coffee can be a very helpful stimulant when used the right way and may actually do more for your performance outside of the office. Read on for seven things coffee does to your body and how to best use it to your advantage.

Workout Finisher: Warrior Conditioning

Whether you're a combat sport athlete, have future aspirations to be one, or just want to be conditioned like one, you've got to find a balance of endurance and power. The following finisher can be added to the end of any workout routine to help build both attributes.

Eight Essential Rules for a Clean Bulk

First things first: you can only gain weight during a caloric surplus. But gone are the days of splurging on everything in site for the sake of a bulk . Instead, target a moderate caloric surplus so you’re not adding fat. A good rule-of-thumb for calories is 16 x your bodyweight in pounds. For example, if you weigh 175 pounds, you should consume about 2800 calories (16 x 175) to gain weight. 

$200,000 Transformation Challenge Presented by Dymatize Nutrition and

Already dreaming about how you’re going to use your brand-new fit body? Maybe you’ll be the hottest thing on the beach, play with your kids without tiring out, rock your reunion or pile up some new PRs. Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by February 15 for your chance at $200 in-store credit. Tag it #200ktransform @bodybuildingcom @dymatize. Good luck!

Vegan Banana Protein Pancakes

Looking to add a little oomph to your breakfast? These banana protein pancakes might just fit the bill. Part pancake, part banana bread, they are packed with healthy, muscle building ingredients and make a delicious post-workout meal. Top with your favorite fruit, nuts, or syrup of choice and you’ll be ready to start your day!

9 Ways to Max Out Your Treadmill Workout

Create Flow Don’t go all out. “It’s one thing to push yourself to extremes, but you can actually get a better workout by tuning into what’s happening to your body during the day,” says Hadfield. If you’re following up a hard day on the trails with a treadmill run, pushing through another hilly workout will cause further fatigue and detriment. Instead, break up high intensity workouts, and ebb and flow between hard and easy to avoid hitting a point of diminishing returns. Follow a hill workout with a cross training day or easy day of flat terrain.

4 Things to Know About H20

A few years ago Michael Boschmann, M.D., and colleagues from Berlin's Franz-Volhard Clinical Research Center found that after drinking about 17 ounces of water, the metabolic rates of the study's participants increased by 30%. And the researchers estimated that if a person increases his water consumption by 1.5 liters (51 ounces) a day, he would burn an extra 17,400 calories per year. That's about five pounds just from drinking more water. Additionally, a study by Dr. Brenda Davy, an associate professor at Virginia Tech, found that people who drank water before a meal consumed an average of 75 fewer calories at that meal. 

Eight Ways to Salvage a Bad Workout

Workout rescue 911! Pluck success from the jaws of workout disaster.

Fighter Diet News

Fighter Diet News, by Fighter Diet: Get Buff, Get Lean

5 Savory Nutrition Bars That Make Your Other Bars Look Like Candy

To help ease you into the trend, we've rounded up five other nutrition bar companies, each with its own line of savory creations. With flavors like Thai Sweet Chili, Beef Habanero Cherry, Coconut Curry, and Moroccan Spice, these bars will make your old ones look like candy.

Nine Eating Rules for Strong, Powerful Muscles

Most guys think they’ve cracked the dietary code for larger, stronger muscles: protein with a side of protein. Well, new research—especially on the connective tissue that holds your muscles together and connects them to bone—suggests it’s not that simple. Not only is all protein not created equal, but not all carbs are evil, liquid egg whites are an unnecessary evil, oysters are amazingly good for you, and one fish held in high, healthy esteem may actually be terrible for you.

The Hottest Ring Girls in MMA & Boxing

Ring girls. We take their beauty for granted, but it is fair to say that these card-carrying ladies have brightened up many a boring MMA and boxing fight. They are important to fighters too. The former unified cruiserweight and WBA heavyweight champion David Haye reportedly always chose the ring girls at his fights, as he was worried that ugly ring card girls would distract him. Well, I am glad to say that we don't have that issue on this gallery, as we feature some of the finest ring girls that the UFC, Top Rank , Golden Boy Promotions , Bellator and Glory have on their books.We kick off above with the beautiful ladies who graced UFC 167 with their presence.

Bench Press Seminar 5: Dead Bench

Before we delve into dead benches, it might be a good idea for you to ego at the door because it won’t do you much good here. In fact, your sense of pride will take a swift kick to the jewels if this is new to you because you will not be able to move as much weight on a dead bench as you do when benching regularly.

Instant Muscle: A Safer Front Squat

The safety squat bar has a pad in the center and two handles that point perpendicularly to the bar. It’s made to sit at the base of your neck with the handles pointing forward— but if you flip it around so the handles point back, you have a front squat apparatus that’s gentler on your shoulders and easier to grip.

Training to Failure: 5 Questions You Need to Answer - Born Fitness

Are you familiar with high intensity strength training? Every single set is taken out to momentary muscular failure, and typically only one set is done per exercise. Many bodybuilders such as Mike Mentzer, Casey Viator, Sergio Oliva trained this way. Many college and pro NFL teams also train in this fashion. The volume is low, which allows the intensity to be very high every time. (By the way, the proper definition of intensity is the percentage of one’s momentary ability. So if you train to failure, that is a high level of intensity, regardless of % of 1RM. You can train with a high level of intensity without ever touching your 1-5 RM weight.

Taking Stock Of Bone Broth: Sorry, No Cure-All Here

The problem is that there are precious few scientific studies of the specific healthful properties of bone broth. What's more, there is no one bone broth recipe. It can be made with different animal bones (some with fatty marrow, some without), with different added flavors (like onions and herbs) and with different cooking methods (five hours of simmering versus 24 hours or more). All of those variables impact the nutritional properties and will give you a different broth.

OSU Named America’s Healthiest Campus

In the February issue of M&F , we spotlighted Oklahoma State University on our “College Life” page because of their initiatives to prove they are “America’s Healthiest Campus.” We decided to take a closer look at what the institution does to keep its est. 20,000 students fit. As you’ll see, the Cowboys have really changed the college fitness game.

The 5 Best Deadlift Variations

Choose the deadlift(s) that work best for you and start building full-body strength.

TRX of the Trade: The Pure TRX Workout

Still think bodyweight exercises can’t give you the size you’re looking for? Add an entirely new dimension to your workouts by using a TRX suspension trainer. You can blast the areas of your body — legs, core, arms, back, and shoulders — that you couldn’t do with traditional bodyweight staples like pushups and pullups. Also, by changing the lever angle you can instantly add resistance.

Four Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Healthier Person

Claire doesn't really want a man. She wants the "right" man. She wants a soul-mate. Specifically, a soul-mate from her zip code. She assembled this guy in her mind years ago, and now, dammit, she's tired of waiting!! I didn't tell her this, because Claire has the capacity for sudden violence. But it's true. She complains about being alone, even though her rules have more or less guaranteed she'll stay that way. She has built a wall between herself and her goal. A wall made of conditions and expectations. Is it possible that you've built a similar wall?

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The Secret of Change - Born Fitness

Tired of bad and misleading health information? You’re not alone. Now you can learn: What workouts will work for your body. How to eat and live the way you want. When you should be worried about the latest health study. You’re one step away from a better approach to health. Sign up, and Born Fitness has your back.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Do You Train Too Hard?

Overtraining happens; here's how to avoid it.

8 Easy Eating Changes to Expose Your Abs

But our body needs a wake-up call every once in a while. It needs to be challenged and catered to just like our muscles. You don’t do the same workout every day and expect constant progress (and if you do, consider this your wake-up call to change that up, too.) Adapt these 8 eating strategies to keep your body guessing and your abs growing.

Dwayne Johnson on Twitter

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3 Rules For Building Bigger Arms - Born Fitness

Everyone’s first year or so of training should be spent learning movement patterns and developing a base level of strength. But once you get past these beginning stages, if you want to reach a specific goal, you have to get very specific about your training. This goes for growing bigger arms, pulling a 500-pound deadlift or getting on stage in a Speedo and a deep tan. Be a generalist and you’ll get mediocre results. Spend your hours in the gym working towards one main goal, however, will yield results much more quickly than you might expect. So, if you want freaky-deaky pipes, don’t be afraid to lay off the Olympic lifts and improving your mile time for a while and focus on the task at hand.

Skulpt Aim Lets You Know Your Muscle Quality

Let's try one I know I can win: my right arm. I navigate through the Skulpt Aim's menu, toggle to "Measure," then "Single Muscle," then "Biceps," then "Left." The device, no larger than a cell phone, doesn't have a touchscreen; it has buttons you push on the side. It gets some getting used to. In any case, the device has a dozen sensors on the back. Sprits them with water and attach it to a bare part of your body that you select, and you get your muscle quality (measured, like IQ, from 1-200) and fat percentage. Biceps: MQ 115 (Fit), Fat 13.3% (Average).

Mike O'Hearn Power Bodybuilding Back -

To learn more about Mike O'Hearn's Power Bodybuilding Program click here: This back workout is centered on some crazy-ass, heavier-than-hell deadlifts and only two secondary lifts: one-arm rows and pulldowns. After you finish these deadlifts, that's all you're going to have left in the tank. Trust me. This is one example of a Power Bodybuilding workout. Your weights and reps will change depending on where you are in the 12-week program. Follow that program to the letter, and you too will end up with a big S stamped across your chest. The deadlift is the best lift in weightlifting. It hits EVERYTHING. It's the superhero lift, the beast lift, the man lift. You can cheat a squat by not going deep, but with the deadlift, there's no cheating. You just grab hold of that bar and rip it from the ground like a freakin' caveman. Take your time. Warm up slowly. Conserve energy. Don't rush through this. Save your energy for the heavy weights. Wait till you hit the working sets before you really work it. I don't use straps. You can't use 'em in competition, why use 'em here? I switch grip every set.

FD Beginners Guide, 90 Days to Fitness (Fitness)

At the beginning of 2013 I was a chunky size 12. I had made it my New Year's Resolution to lose the weight. I started running and as you easily can guess, the fat came off BUT I was stuck with a skinny fat, saggy body. I still had fat to lose and was frustrated that my body didn't look the way I wanted it to. I found you in August. With the help of The Beginners Guide, FDX2, The Pyramid, Got Guns, Absession, and your Deadlifts ebooks I'm happily in a size 4. I have gained enough muscle to fill in my saggy, lifeless skin and feel amazing. I lift heavy and know that I have a long way to go, but thanks to you...I know how to get there. I know my results could be better, but my 11 yr old daughter is an awesome baker and I confess to having a sweet tooth! I guess I'm proof that even if you do

5 Moves for Six-Pack Abs

Just because you can't get to the gym doesn't mean you have to neglect your exercise. One of the easiest body parts to work on without going to a gym or needing fancy workout equipment are your abs. With just a few simple basic exercise tools, you'll have everything you need to get in a solid workout that targets these very important muscles of the midsection. What's even better is this routine only takes a few minutes, so you can get the job done no matter how busy your schedule.

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