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Maybe you're one of the millions of people who started the year with high hopes of making changes to your life. If so, there are a few surprisingly simple things you can do to make sure you stay on track.

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Velocity Diet® Plan - The New Science of Rapid Body Transformation - Biotest

I soon asked Chad Waterbury to write a custom training plan, specially designed just for those on this diet. To test out the latest version of the plan, I put T Nation reader Gus Pancho on the latest version of the V-Diet. Gus is 37 years old and lost 40 pounds and nine inches from his belly during and after his Velocity Diet experience.

Tip: A Common Chest Training Mistake | T Nation

Dumbbell flyes provide little to no force on your pecs when your wrists are directly above your shoulders. However, since cable flyes involve working against 45-degree force vector (the cables themselves), your pecs end up dealing with a great deal of load when your hands are directly in front of your shoulders.

The Most Important Movement Pattern | T Nation

A hip hinge is a hip hinge, plain and simple. Although much of the info here illustrated using the RDL example, the mechanics involved in any hinge movement, including RDL's, good mornings, kettlebell swings, single leg RDL's, and cable pull-throughs, remains very similar from variation to variation.

Tip: The Only Real Fat Loss Workout | T Nation

When it comes to fat loss, your nutritional habits have a bigger impact than training. In fact, weight training or metabolic conditioning routines that create massive energy deficits often stimulate the appetite so much that they cause you believe that you somehow "earned" the salted caramel cheesecake.

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Super Soldier Protocol

I have spent almost 3 decades under, behind, and fighting a stupid barbell. I've worked with some of the best minds in the world in the fields of exercise science and nutrition. I've helped to improve the strength, health, and wellness of those from all walks of life, and all shapes and sizes. From elite level powerlifters, to Olympia stage bodybuilders to stay at home moms. I've been published in t-nation,, Muscle and Fitness, Flex Magazine, and countless others.

Tip: Do You Need to Do Front Raises? | T Nation

In practical terms, you don't need to do exercises like dumbbell front raises if you've already been doing a few compound pressing exercises of different angles, especially exercises like incline presses and overhead presses.

Tip: Should I Bulk or Cut First? | T Nation

There's good news though. If you're a 40-plus noob, you're still going to get the benefit of being able to lose fat while building muscle during the first few months. But unlike the bulk and cut lifters, it's a bit more important that you use this time as the launching pad for something that's sustainable and contributes to your overall health and longevity.

7 Gym Gadgets That Actually Work | T Nation

Most people are very distracted in not only their daily lives, but also their training sessions. We try to convince ourselves that we're really good at multi-tasking and that the texts, tweets, and emails we send between sets doesn't impact our performance. Unfortunately, even if the quality of work is high, a lot of people fail to realize that the 60 seconds between sets has actually been six minutes.

Breast Implants For Girls Who Lift | T Nation

My surgeon turned down women who wanted to look like they were shoplifting basketballs. Your surgeon may have you bring in pictures of tatas you admire. I did that, but while I was under the knife, he tested out different sizes inside of me to see what would look the most proportional with my frame. Find a doctor who routinely does that.

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Podcast Episode 35: Taylor Chamberlain - Born into Bodybuilding #Bodybuildingcom #BuildYourBody Listen here:

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Shake up your usual routine with this arm workout from Men's Fitness and build muscle.

Sagittarius Horoscope for Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wednesday, February 7, 2018 - You want to maintain your positive outlook today, but discouragement may set in when you realize how much work there is yet to do. Your natural tendency is to hide your uncertainty, but negative emotions gain power if you bury them. Contrary to common sense, talking about your feelings of inadequacy actually helps you rebuild your confidence now. Acknowledging your humanness might remove you from the pedestal, but also sets your feet back on solid ground. Your vulnerability becomes your most valued asset.

The Squat Is Overrated | T Nation

Research backs this up. One such study from Fonseca et al. had a bunch of participants do a whole range of quad exercises (squats, lunges, leg presses and deadlifts), and a different bunch do squats. While the multi-exercise participants achieved growth in all four parts of the quads, the squat-participants consistently lacked growth in the rectus femoris.

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Here are @StrongSupps top 10 pre-workout supplements for 2018. #staystrong #sponsored

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FLEX is the biggest authority on everything bodybuilding. Your source on training, diet, IFBB and NPC athlete profiles, contest coverage, and more.

FLEX on Twitter

FLEX is the biggest authority on everything bodybuilding. Your source on training, diet, IFBB and NPC athlete profiles, contest coverage, and more.

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Ask The Ripped Dude: Is There A Magical Macronutrient Ratio For Fat Loss? #Bodybuildingcom #BuildYourBody Read more:

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If you're going to have a drink, make the best choice:

Let the Healing Begin!

REALLY EXCITED to be here and contribute to the community. I honestly think that the information exchanged in message boards is awesome, and a throw back to all those years I spent on them reading, learning, and writing. So many guys that are now top in the industry at what they do I go way back with on message boards. So to get my own forum here feels pretty amazing, and I am incredibly humbled to be a part of this.

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FLEX is the biggest authority on everything bodybuilding. Your source on training, diet, IFBB and NPC athlete profiles, contest coverage, and more.

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The workout might be over, but you still have a few things left to do:

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Dorian Yates' chest, back, and leg routines for intermediate bodybuilders:

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A twice-a-week back workout for major thickness and width:

FLEX on Twitter

FLEX is the biggest authority on everything bodybuilding. Your source on training, diet, IFBB and NPC athlete profiles, contest coverage, and more.

USPA Drug Tested California State Powerlifting Championships | Day 2 - Blue Platform

Welcome to the USPA Drug Tested California Powerlifting Championships. Raw, Classic Raw and Single-Ply. ► Shop Bodybuilding Signature Supplements: ► Premium Fitness Plans: USPA Drug Tested California State Powerlifting Championships - Day 2 – Blue Platform Date: Saturday, February 10, 2018 Competitors: Men's 52kg to 82.5kg Location: SCU of Health Sciences – Whittier, CA ► Athlete Roster: | Sponsors | ► Iron Rebel: ► ► Granite Supplements: ► Ivanko Barbell: | Visit Us | ► United States Powerlifting Association: ► USPA Apparel: | Follow USPA | ► Instagram: ► USPA Facebook: | Signature Supplements & Clothing | ► Signature 100% Whey Protein: ► Signature Pre Workout: ► Signature Amino Plus Energy: http://bbcom.

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It's time to put the tradition of bad Valentine's Day gifts to bed. Here are the most thoughtful gifts every woman wants this #ValentinesDay :  @ftdflowers

Shawn Ray - AESTHETIC MONSTER | Bodybuilding Motivation

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AJAC: In the strength and conditioning world, there is a concept called “bilateral deficit.” Basically, this means that if you have one side of the body that is grossly stronger than the other side, you have a strength deficit, and you should fix it. Is this concept “true”? It can be, as some people do have a significant strength difference between the left and right side. Typically, this is also accompanied by a difference in hypertrophy as well. If this is you, it would be advisable to make about one-third of your movements unilateral ones for eight to 12 weeks to even this out. If this isn’t the case, and your right and left sides are relatively equal, then there isn’t a real need to add in unilateral exercises. Incorporating split squats and one-arm dumbbell rows covers most people’s “deficit” without needing to do much else.

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Not getting the size you want? Here's how to build quality muscle. #nutrition #training #workouts #TrainHard 6 ways to pack on more pounds: 

Episode 6: Do Synthol Freaks Give Bodybuilding A Bad Name? | The Breakdown

People need to stop lumping in synthol freaks with the word bodybuilding. Synthol Freaks - wether you love them, hate them, or love to hate them, you've probably seen these strange distorted people on your social media feed or YouTube in the past. Men and women who use synthol oil injected into their body parts to create the illusion of massive muscle. And we're not talking about realistic mass monsters here... we're talking about full blown cartoon-sized lumps across the body. Is this due to some addictive disorder or just plain stupid people doing stupid things? It's impossible to tell without deeper research but one question stands out for our industry - do synthol freaks give bodybuilding a bad name? True bodybuilders and fans know that these kind of people have no connection to professional bodybuilding. They hardly have any connection to the term bodybuilding whatsoever. But what about the average public? Do they blindly see these strange synthol abusers and use that as another mark against the "freakish" world of bodybuilding? Shawn Ray, Tifanny Urrea, and Mac Trucc dive in to decide just how much of a mark these strange sensational people make on the bodybuilding industry.

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Beef up your chicken legs and take your leg development to a whole new level in just 45 minutes a week.

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The way in which we train are tools used to build shape, symmetry, and size. That is the desired end result. The rest is a process, just keep putting in the work and stay in tune with mind, body, and spirit. @GrippedAudio . Use Code —> KAI10

Tip: The Anabolic Herb | T Nation

The mice that ingested the most apigenin performed the best on the treadmill test while the group that received a middlin' amount of the compound did the next best. Additionally, the mice that got the most apigenin grew the biggest quads. For some reason, though, the other muscles measured didn't reflect similar growth.

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Shawn Ray Back Workout For 2000 Mr Olympia

Shawn Ray Back Workout For 2000 Mr Olympia

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Christian Thibaudeau explains the idea of "interval dieting", not interval training, for better fat loss results: …

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Don't forget to add these movies to your workouts—and watch your chest grow. The 30 best chest exercises of all time: 

4 Mistakes Men Still Make in The Gym | T Nation

I once did an interview where I said something to the effect of "just because you go into the gym and you're having an amazing day and you squat 650, it doesn't make you a 650 squatter." This was taken completely out of context and everyone missed the point, which is this: If you're setting up training cycles using some sort of periodization, you never take your true one rep max and factor that in. You use a number for your training cycles based off something you can do even on a bad day, or something that would be a very modest PR.

Tip: Why Lifters Are Going to Live a Long Time | T Nation

So, if you want to live a good long time, you have some things to take into consideration. If you plan on never needing surgery or getting sick, don't care about looking good for the ladies, don't mind not having the physical strength to open a bag of low-calorie seaweed (or whatever tasteless thing you've resigned yourself to eating), and don't mind having a maddening, gnawing hunger torturing you every waking minute, go the calorie-deprivation route.

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Tip: Practice Hara Hachi Bu | T Nation

It takes your mind about 20 minutes to receive the signals from your stomach that you're full. So eliminating distractions will help you slow down, increase awareness, and eat until you're satisfied, not stuffed. It also helps to prevent you from random cookie binges by encouraging you to eat at set times and with others, rather than snacking mindlessly on whatever's within reach.

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62 Tip: How to Look Good for the Ladies | T Nation
63 Believe in YOUnicorns! #DreamBigWithClaires
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70 Tip: Are You Ready to Olympic Lift? | T Nation
71 Beyond The Freaks: More People Use Synthol Than You Know | The Breakdown Clip
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95 Deadlift compilation-Arnold Prep 2018
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