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Your 5-Point Checklist to Keeping a Strong Back

A nagging back injury will cripple your routine, stay on track with these steps.

CrossFit athletes break 44 Guinness World Records in 1 day

For 24 hours, 33 athletes worked tirelessly to demolish the most fitness world records ever broken in one day.

Wk6 Day3: Deadlift 3RM... but conventional

There is always an alternative movement that can be done to train around injury, especially when a meet is coming up. This was my replacement to sumo deadlifts.

WATCH: Dugdale UGSS Presentation — Protecting Your Joints and Life Balance

Longevity in this sport requires taking care of your body, but perhaps more importantly it requires taking care of your life.

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10 Simple Ways To Heat Up The Same Old Workout

Going in open-minded can give you all sorts of ideas on new ways to train, and a fresh pair of eyes will more than likely notice bad habits that have creeped into your form. Longer term, a personal trainer can provide just the motivation needed if you've got a particular goal in mind, whether it be a race or a physique contest. And, if you have any issues with consistency, knowing you're paying someone who is waiting for you provides a lot of motivation to get to the gym and not miss workouts.

How to Eliminate Love Handles, Man Boobs, or Jelly Belly | T Nation

You may be lean except for a noticeable round little belly that shakes when you laugh like a bowlful of...well, you know. Or you may look magazine-cover ready except for some maddening fat around the side of your waist. Maybe worst of all are the occasional flabby pecs, which, in your case, might be a charitable term for man boobs.

Tip: Wall Slides for Pain-Free Pressing | T Nation

To perform the slide, stand at a wall with your arms on the foam roller. Brace your core to prevent spinal extension, then lean into the roller as you slowly slide it up the wall. At the top, while keeping your chin tucked, slowly press your head underneath the roller to achieve maximal thoracic extension and shoulder flexion.

What All Squatters Knee'd To Know!

So good, in fact, that you must do them. I don't care if you're a bodybuilder, a powerlifter or a ballerina. Ya gotta do them! The question is, how? The answer is, as safely as possible without losing any of the benefits! Sorta like drugs, no? The art and science of medicine dictates that while using drugs, you must minimize the risks while maximizing the benefits.

Dynamik Muscle | Kai Greene

Dynamik Muscle was spawned on the creation of an idea to see a dream manifest into reality. We all sit back and dream, some even make goals and outline a plan of action, but few follow through.  click to read more

Tip: Make Your Pull-Ups Stricter and Tougher | T Nation

If kipping your pull-ups is cheating, then this little trick is just the opposite. It'll make pull-ups even more challenging and keep your form tight.

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Gain muscle and strength in 4 weeks by using the cold-weather to your advantage with this plan from Men's Fitness.

The Best Raunchy Sex Positions

Standing sex is pretty polarizing; you either love it or hate it. If you’re a fan, it can be fantastic for a naughty quickie. Catch her in the hall or in the closet. If you’re really feeling urgent, and she’s wearing a skirt, keep your clothes on but slide her underwear off. Have her lift up one of her legs and wrap it around your torso. It’ll be easier for you to penetrate her, and she can use her leg to hold on.

Feel Tired Every Time I Train

Other profiles are much more at risk of neural overtraining from high intensity work. For example Acetylcholine-dominant people need to deload after 2 weeks of heavy weights training. So each 3rd week will need to have 40-50% less volume. Serrotonine-dominant people can't tolerate high intensity work at all and if they are to do it, it needs to be in very small dose.

Democracy isn't a spectator sport

Last night, at an event about redistricting reform efforts nationwide at the USC Schwarzenegger Institute, I was asked about America's future. Here's my answer. Watch the full panel on redistricting reform, and get involved. Let's make sure that voters are picking the politicians instead of letting the politicians pick the voters. Let's hold Congress accountable. Here's the full video:

5 Easy Ways to Start Building Bigger Biceps

In addition, it can enhance muscle growth. Biceps are only maximally involved in the curl during the latter half of the range of motion (ROM). At the start of the curl, when the arm is fairly straight (180° angle at the elbow), the brachialis (deep muscle underneath the biceps) and brachioradialis (large forearm muscle on thumb side of arm) do most of the work lifting the weight up until the halfway point of the exercise, when the elbow angle is about 90°. The biceps do not do much of the lifting until just before this point and throughout the rest of the range of motion. When you load a bar with free weights you are limited to what the brachialis and brachioradialis can lift through the first half of the curl, which is often a lot less than what the biceps can lift from the halfway point and higher. This is why you can curl more on seated barbell curls, as discussed above. Using bands, however, allows you to start off with a lighter weight that gradually gets heavier the higher you curl it. This allows for maximal tension on the biceps when it counts and for maximal growth. You will feel this in the aching and burning of the biceps when doing curls with chains.

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@BioLayne love your motivational stories in IG btw. Watch em every morning!

The Shawn Ray Story Part 3

The Shawn Ray Story Part 3

How Not To Start Your Workout

If your lower back is highly fatigued, good luck keeping it in ideal position when you're attempting to do heavy bent-over rows, deadlifts, or even squats. What was already a weak link may become a weaker one, compromising both the weight you can use and the number of reps you complete, not to mention the increased risk of rounding your back.

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Metabolic Drive has its own Facebook page. Hope it doesn't post too many gym selfies. Follow here:


For advanced lifters who have been training progressively and consistently for more than five years, gains in mass are increasingly hard to come by. When you’ve used multiple methods, and all the conventional rep ranges, you can be lost when it comes to finding the next “level” up


When you work out, enormous amounts of circulating free fatty acids are driven into muscle cells for energy. However, during rest, incoming fatty acids are stored in the muscle cell as triglycerides for burning at a later time. As stated above, this action causes insulin resistance and contributes to decreased metabolism of fats and a reduced flow of nutrients into muscle cells. The paradox is that the body is trying to help supply your muscles with an extra energy source, namely fat; however, this buildup results in reduced burning of those fats, even when you are engaged in routine workout protocols. Regrettably, many resistance-training individuals experience this Catch-22, but don’t quite make the connection. Accordingly, the researchers in the study above at Columbia University state that this anomaly can be countered by increased metabolic enzyme activity. Subjects in their trial saw significant improvement in their metabolic profile (reduced insulin resistance and fat deposition), via increased activity of metabolic enzymes. Other studies of this phenomenon show that the inclusion of supplemental enzymes also enhances substrate (a substance acted upon by an enzyme) delivery to muscle tissues, as well as an increase in the nutrient storage capacity of muscle tissue.


The Italian researchers exposed gonadotropin-releasing hormone, a substance secreted by the hypothalamus that triggers insulin release, to high levels of glucose. The glucose blunted the amount of gonadotropin-releasing hormone that was secreted, thus limiting testosterone production. The level of glucose in the blood used in the test was roughly equal to what someone might experience if they binged on rapidly absorbed carbohydrates. If someone has poor insulin sensitivity and goes overboard on sugary carbs, they can easily reach the range of blood glucose that begins to inhibit testosterone production.

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02/02/2017 – London Real – Dorian Yates ‘Inside The Shadow’ BAFTAs

Dorian also opens up about his life after Bodybuilding and how he went through a mentally challenging time. Again, this is something you need to watch to understand and feel his connection to it. One of the important focus points Dorian is trying to make through the London Real interviews, is what he calls ‘The Domino Effect’. Simply put, this is when you share positive vibes with others and they then go and pass that on to others. It’s a very simple concept, so why do people struggle to do this…

7 Reasons Your Pecs are Flat

Almost as bad as bouncing the bar off the chest is the inane practice of performing half-reps on the bench press. You want massive pecs to be proud of? Then lower the bar to full stretch (which for most people will mean lightly touching the bar to the chest or to a point just slightly above) to excite every fiber, and then press the bar straight up to lockout, while consciously squeezing the pecs into a tight contraction.

The Top 20 Answers to the #1 Training Question: How Can I get Huge?

The Top 20 Answers to the #1 Training Question: How Can I get Huge?

Back to the Basics for Greater Size and Strength Gains

Lastly, some lifters do make an effort to address each of these movements in their programs but it might not be in a balanced fashion. We have a tendency to gravitate towards movements we excel at rather than ones we have more difficulty with. In addition to this, we have to consider what movements/postures we utilize throughout the course of our day not just in a gym. This is why it’s common for many trainers as an example to recommend 2:1 pull to push ratios to provide some balance from slouching in front of a computer for 8 hours. Some ways you could go about evaluating your program is comparing strength ratios across movements, total reps performed of each movement or an honest assessment of movement quality for each movement.

Keep Building Muscle as You Get Older

better lean muscle shape, and improving muscle density and quality.  If you have the self-control to do this, it pays of in a big way. I personally have found that the years from my 35th until now have been my most productive years by far. So while I haven’t been putting on massive amounts of muscle due to age as well as to engaging in other types of training (like MMA), I have in my bodybuilding training been more attendant to the quality and refinement of my physique. My training routines, as a result, have become much shorter and more efficient. I’ve been less focused on the poundage moved and more on the “feeling” of the muscle contracting.

6 Perfect Post-Workout Meals

The Perks: Breakfast for dinner? Uhhh…yes. Plain egg whites just get too boring, forcing you to ditch your high-protein meal for a Krispy Kreme when you are burned out on traditional bodybuilding foods. Keep the yolks for the extra omega-3 fats, vitamins and minerals. Make them taste good with some bacon (turkey bacon is a great, lower-fat option) and increase nutrient density and texture with the veggies. Nothing says post-workout breakfast like eggs. This post-workout is perfect for those on low calories and carbs, but need the protein to retain muscle and fat to decrease hunger.

Men's Fitness on Twitter

Travel doesn't need to mean bad eating habits. What a fit guy would order at any airport restaurant:

Tip: Build Quads Without Knee Pain | T Nation

Got knee pain or recovering from an injury? You don't have to watch your quads or your leg strength dwindle away. Try these 3 moves.

Tip: Boost Performance in 14 Days with this Vitamin - Biotest

To find out just how important Vitamin D3 is to exercise ability, Scottish researchers gave 2000 units to 9 people every day for 14 days. They noted dramatic differences in the way subjects responded to various tests, including endurance, perceived exertion, cortisol, cortisol/cortisone ratio, and blood pressure.

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Bust these myths and start shedding weight. 7 weight-loss lies people need to stop believing:

Tip: How to Make Trashcan Chili | T Nation

Toss in a handful of spinach (fresh or frozen), bell pepper strips, okra, squash, and damn near anything else. This is an easy way to sneak in more nutrition, even if you dislike veggies. It's also an easy way to clean out your fridge of odds and ends. Got a leftover carrot? It goes in. A quarter bag of frozen zucchini? Into the pot it goes. A slice of cold pizza? Yeah, don't use that.

Work Your Entire Upper Body With These TRX Moves

A five-exercise, five-round circuit that focuses on full-body pulling exercises. The one-arm rotational pull hits the arms, back, core, and shoulders as you work to stay in control while completing the movement; TRX squat curls target the biceps; hand walkouts challenge core stability; and mountain climbers ensure that your heart rate never dips.

Rare Photos of the Legend, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Take a walk down memory lane with 7x Mr. Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Find out the big secret. Scientists have discovered a hormone that helps the body burn more fat:

7 Ways to Fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt | T Nation

Those in APT should avoid sleeping on their stomachs. This will only encourage more of an extension-bias and leave you wondering why your back is in pain in the mornings. It's just not comfortable for the spine to stay locked in a position it's already too far into to begin with. So sleep on your side or back. It won't be an easy transition, but it'll be worth it when you see your posture improve.

Win Malcolm X on Blu-ray™

1. How To Enter:  Beginning at 12:01 a.m. (EST) on February 6, 2017, visit  Website and follow "Malcolm X" Giveaway entry directions. All entries must be received no later than 11:59 p.m. (EST) on March 3, 2017.  Only one internet entry per person and per e-mail address will be accepted.  Subsequent entries on a single day will be disqualified.  Subsequent attempts made by the same individual to submit multiple internet entries on a single day by using multiple e-mail addresses or otherwise will be disqualified.  In the event of a dispute over the identity of an online entrant, entry will be deemed submitted by the authorized account holder of the e-mail address associated with the entry.  Authorized account holder is defined as the person assigned to an e-mail address by an Internet access provider, on-line service provider or other organization responsible for assigning e-mail addresses.  All materials submitted become the property of American Media, Inc. and will not be returned.

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The solutions you need. The most common sexual problems you can face—and what to do for them:

Your Three-Month Plan To Outgrow Those Beginner Legs

When you're a beginner doing full-body workouts, the focus is usually on getting familiar with movements, nailing down your form, and hitting some basic strength benchmarks. Once you graduate to a split like upper/lower or push/pull/legs, it's all about building up  your muscular foundation, and no other leg exercise does that better than barbell squats. While it's tempting to want to find a less difficult option, every workout here includes some version of the squat—usually first in the workout—because they can't be beat for building leg strength and size.

8 Ways to Burn More Fat

Most think of altering the metabolism as “boosting it,” but there are things you can do that also change the way the body handles food. For example, simply by taking a fiber supplement, you can alter the way your body handles carbohydrates. Fiber stimulates carbs to bypass fat storing pathways, which in turn means they ultimately head down other pathways for muscle fueling or building. There you go — a simple nutrition step to modify your metabolism.

Tip: Turn the Muscle-Up Into a Muscle Builder | T Nation

The muscle-up looks cool, but if you're using bad technique then it's just a trick. Here's how to make it into an effective exercise.

Hollywood's 25 hottest fit celebrity women

At 47, the Charlie's Angels star  looks amazing , thanks to a very intense Pilates regime she's followed the past decade—which, in turn, has motivated her to eat healthy, with a focus on nothing but freshly squeezed juice before noon or perhaps a breakfast burrito with spinach and egg, then usually steamed fish and veggies for dinner. She's also said that she runs at home on a treadmill while watching Downton Abbey, pushing up her speed to intense levels, then dialing back down. Seems to be working!

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Think outside the box (or the bedroom). We Asked 20 Women: Where's your favorite place to have sex?:

Reduce Your Heart Attack Risk by Eating Breakfast

The researchers found that those who regularly eat breakfast have a lower risk of heart disease, and that the estimated 20–30% of people who skip a morning meal are more likely to be obese and have diabetes. The studies they looked at also suggested that eating earlier in the day is better for heart health, and that the body’s metabolism is more dynamic when the sun is out, which is when food and nutrients are better processed by the body. They also noticed a connection between intermittent fasting—every other day or 1–2 times a week—and weight loss in the short term.

On Trial: Sprinting vs. Slow and Steady

Sprinting for only 6–9 minutes per week doubled the amount of fat subjects burned off compared to those who were doing slow-and-steady cardio for 90–180 minutes per week. The slow-and-steady group did up to 30 times more exercise per week, but only lost half the amount of bodyfat. Sprinting is the clear winner due to the better results and the reduced amount of time you need to devote to it.

Rob's 2017 Contest Prep Thread

@julenissen - Thank you for following along! Interesting question about the creativity and composing. It wasn't affected earlier on when I started dieting and cardio October/November, but it is starting to affect me more, specifically if I'm not well rested, which happens more and more as the prep continues. Especially as a composer of primarily original music, lack of creativity/mental energy is a serious problem. It was an extreme challenge last year while prepping and also teaching full time, waking up at 4:45 every morning for cardio before work. Fortunately this year, now that I'm home writing full time, I have the ability to counteract that with naps as needed, and lately I've been "sleeping in." I typically wake up with my wife at 6am to do the morning routine, she goes to work and I head upstairs. She's a morning person, I'm not, my body hates waking up at that hour, no matter what. This past week I slept until 8am, and felt much better mentally and was able to crank out a lot of music. So, I'll probably wind up waking up later more consistently to be able to stay as creative and energized as possible.

Men's Fitness on Twitter

Remember @aamir_khan and his amazing body transformation? The actor says he did it without any 'substances' at all:

Tip: Cuban Press for Shoulder Health | T Nation

Men need it, but if you have too much your health risks skyrocket. Oh, and you'll be a pudgeball. Here's how to keep estrogen under control.

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75 Carbon by Layne Norton Recover at - Best Prices on Recover!
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