Main Bench and Squat - 6 Weeks Out -With Video- Video Description

Well I'm 6 weeks out from CPU Nationals and 11 weeks out from IPF Worlds. It's time to get serious and the first half of this week was no exception. Steve programs heavy every other week and this is by far the heaviest week he's ever programmed for me. Monday was a tough day. I went in excited to be doing reps with 220, and even though Steve programs rep ranges, I always aim for whatever the highest rep scheme is, and get pretty down on myself if I don't. I only managed 4 reps on each set, failing on rep 5 on two of three sets. I know this will bother me until the next time I get to attack this weight again. I had to sweep my feelings about my bench training away by the next morning for my heavy squat training. I took my time warming up and making sure my body felt good, and it sure did. I had never done reps with more than 305 in the gym before and was excited with how fast 315 moved for triples. I think I could have gone a little lower on these squats, but otherwise I'm really happy with how they looked and felt.

Videos for 2/12/2017