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Pack on 5 pounds of lean muscle in just 5 weeks. You in?:

Tip: Stop Maxing Out for No Damn Reason | T Nation

I once did an interview where I said something to the effect of "just because you go into the gym and you're having an amazing day and you squat 650, it doesn't make you a 650 squatter." This was taken completely out of context and everyone missed the point, which is this: If you're setting up training cycles using some sort of periodization, you never take your true one rep max and factor that in. You use a number for your training cycles based off something you can do even on a bad day, or something that would be a very modest PR.

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Fuel your muscles with these delicious, protein-packed soup recipes!

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Lyss Remaly: From Bariatric Surgery To Bodybuilding Lyss underwent bariatric surgery, but it wasn't enough. To shed over 200 pounds, she first had to overcome a lifetime of poor eating habits. #Bodybuildingcom #BuildYourBody Listen to her story:

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Doing loaded carries for conditioning? Make sure you're doing them right to build a stronger, more muscular core. Here's how: …

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Tip: Get a Great Workout in Half the Time | T Nation

Workout time was about half in the paired set group: 8.5 minute average versus 16 minute average. Total volume for the bench and wide grip seated row was higher in the paired-set session compared to the traditional training session. The fatigue index calculated from the EMG (based on greater levels of activation) was greater for pecs, lats, biceps, and triceps during the wide-grip seated row in the paired-set group.

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Pimp your muscle-building plan with these man-sized movements for beastly size:

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In one of Kiefers articles on his website titled “7 tips for fast weigh loss”, he says to only eat carbs at night. Hahaha this seems pretty contradictory to me.

HIIT and Powerlifting

If you were to do real heavy prowler pushes, like something that makes you stop because you can’t physically push it any further, that would definitely do something for building strength and muscle. However, it’s not really specific to squatting or deadlifting so the actual carryover is questionable, but you would get something out of it. Same with farmer’s walks. But again, that would not be an HIIT training protocol (which is the subject of this thread), and if you do HIIT until you can’t physically continue it will cause a hell of a lot of fatigue and won’t be worth it. I’m also pretty sure it won’t make you stronger, unless you are weak and out of shape to begin with. There were a few times I went a little overboard with the prowler and spent 20 minutes laying on the floor gasping for air, it wasn’t fun. So for an offseason or just to mix things up once in a while if you’re not training for a meet then heavy prowler/sled/farmer’s walk/yoke/etc. can potentially have some benefit but you will have to reduce training volume to make room for it in your training.

Zach Even - Esh on Instagram: “Franco Colombu just crushing the gun Show in his backyard. / #Strong is STRONG!!”

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Squats, benches and bent-over rows are great, but here are eight “forgotten” exercises that made our list:

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Jordan Edwards' One-Barbell Full-Body Workout! Looking for a workout that's short on equipment but long on results? #Bodybuildingcom #BuildYourBody Try it out:

Strengthen Your Strict Pull-Up | T Nation

You can have the best pull-up technique in the world, but if your muscles aren't strong enough to lift your body up, you ain't going anywhere! By becoming strong at rows and pulls, you won't automatically become good at pull-ups. However, you still need to build your base of pulling strength before you can become good at using that strength on pull-ups.

Pauline Nordin on Instagram: “Now is the time to commit! The New challenges feature two distinct programs: leanness and fitness overall with new meal plans featuring…”

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5 ways a hardgainer can pack on body mass:

Zach Even - Esh on Instagram: “I saw these Casey Viator pics in 1989, when I received the high intensity training books for my birthday! / I read those books cover to…”

Zach Even - Esh on Instagram: “1984 Magazine article on #powerbodybuilding / These old magazines are the best! / Another magazine I’ll share tomorrow from decades ago…”

5 Reasons You're Not Getting Stronger | T Nation

Now, I'm not saying there aren't people who do CrossFit who aren't strong and who don't lift impressive weight, but what I am saying is that if you don't place a premium on strength and mirror your training goals to getting stronger, then who's to blame for your paltry numbers?

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MY NEW 5/3/WHATEVER PROGRAM This is my most recent program that I crafted for myself out of necessity. Vincent's blog -

Pauline Nordin on Instagram: “2007. 11 years later I still weigh the same but I got me some more muscle! Bodybuilding is a discipline that relies on repetition and…”

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These 10 expert tips can help you optimize your training (and get the perfect workout) from start to finish.

Healthier Holiday Alcoholic Drinks

As with most things, the poison is in the dose. So if you want to enjoy booze (especially during the holiday season) but spend more time eating your calories instead of drinking them, here are two options that will make your drinks a little healthier. As you’ll notice, there’s none of the common felons: added sugars or syrups, the alcohol content isn’t overdone, and the portions are controlled.

EliteFTS on Instagram: “If the bar feels heavy. Step one is to grow a set of balls. Seriously. Sometimes shit is heavy – that's why it's powerlifting. You want…”

Zach Even - Esh on Instagram: “Don’t talk about it, BE ABOUT IT 👊👊🔨🔨 / I’ve never met an excuse making, lazy living, SUCCESSFUL HUMAN BEING. / Less talk, more work 👊👊🔨🔨”

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Timeless is for the guy that just wants to go to the gym and lift. Plain and simple. It's a program that will build muscle and burn fat the way the old-school guys would do it:

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Following a few simple rules will have you (yes, you!) parading around the gym like you’re a pro! Here are eight tips for gym newbies!

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Try this intense core drill to build seriously strong abs. And, yes, the treadmill should be on. Check it out: …

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Get back to your training roots with these DIY circuits that build muscle, burn fat and improve conditioning.

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Ladies, It's Time To Kiss Spot Reduction And Extreme Diets Goodbye If you're trying to starve yourself into a better body, you've got it all wrong. #Bodybuildingcom #BuildYourBody Read more:

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"Doing maxes in the gym, and I mean TRUE one rep maxes, have no purpose in terms of creating training productivity." Learn why having an everyday max is more important and more useful than training your ego with a one-rep max: …

We had a deal. Without Sites, Temperance you’re breaking a promise

Those who wanted to eliminate any funding for water storage when the bond was being written are going back on the deal. Working through the California Water Commission – the agency tasked with selecting the storage projects that will receive funding – they are arguing that no storage project offers enough “public benefit” to deserve state investment. That is, except for one or two projects that will give more water to San Francisco, Silicon Valley and the rest of the Bay Area – where many of the environmentalists happen to live.

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I've been doing Fuerza physique program and for funzies decided to see if my strength was still there. Did a squat pr with no belt....bigger muscles move weight! Ty for your guidance and being an example! #fuerza #momstrong

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This Saturday (2/17), meet The Dragon Slayer, @richgaspari at the all NEW @AtilisG in Bellmawr, NJ!! he'll be there from 10 -1 answering your questions about training, diet & nutrition + more!! See you there!!

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